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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Watching Dr Oz 12/6/11: Miracle Energy Drink or Scam? Winterize Your Skin, Bizarre Foods with Health Benefits, Flat-Belly Foods

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: December 6, 2011
Dr. Oz Miracle Energy Drinks: Do They Really Work?

  • The truth about" miracle" energy drinks
  • Oz-approved energy drink alternatives
  • Support your skin during the winter
  • Bizarre foods to support health
  • Flat-belly foods

One of the fastest growing drink segments in America: energy drinks. They have been marketed to teens for all-night energy, to boost brain power and reverse fatigue. Now, the marketers are turning their sights on moms-on-the-go in need of a quick energy boost. Do energy drinks provide what they claim? Or is this a $9 billion industry trying to make more money? Find out what Dr. Oz thinks about energy drinks.


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Dr. Oz Miracle Energy Drinks: Do They Really Work?

Before the show today, Dr. Oz gave the audience energy drink shots. Then, during the show he asked how they felt after drinking the shot.

How fast did it work? A few seconds.

How did you feel after taking the drink? Energized. Compared to coffee, it doesn't give you the jitters. The audience member said they felt energetic.

How did it taste? It had a plain taste, it tasted like seltzer water.

Well, said Dr. Oz, there's a reason it tasted like seltzer water. The drink he gave the audience was purely seltzer water, nothing else.

Dr. Oz duped the audience to prove a point. He wants everyone to know what you are putting in your body. He returned to the same audience members who said they felt energized and they said they still feel energized even after they learned it was only bubbly water.

If the audience felt better, it wasn't from the drink. Surprisingly, no one in the audience asked what was in the drink they took. Dr. Oz said it was nice that the audience trusted him however it could have contained an ingredient that could cause a side-effect. Ask questions.

The point Dr. Oz wanted to make is that marketers are labeling products as vitamin and energy drinks, people take the product but are not looking at the labels to know what is inside. He was duped himself by a drink he thought was a liquid vitamin. That night he couldn't sleep and the next morning he felt terrible. What he drank was an energy drink with caffeine and not a vitamin like he thought.

Keri Peterson, MD with Women's Health Magazine, joined Dr. Oz to talk about the dangers of these mass-marketed energy drinks.


Dr. Peterson explained that many of these energy drinks contain ingredients which can cause side-effects especially if someone is taking medications. Ingredients in energy drinks are not regulated by the FDA as they fall under the label of herbal supplements. If people are not aware of the ingredients, the drinks may not be what you think they are.

Energy drinks come in three forms: cans or bottles, shots, and powders. Cans and bottled energy drinks are pre-mixed and may contain more than one serving per can/bottle. Shots are sized to drink all at one time and will cause a hard and fast-paced hit to the system. Powders can be mixed in water and then sipped throughout the day.

Caffeine content in energy drinks can vary widely by product from as little as 80mg to as much as 300mg per serving. Consider that there may be more than one serving per can. Herbs may be added to the drink to enhance the effects of caffeine or act themselves as a stimulant like caffeine.

Sort the drinks by caffeine content! Assemble the drinks and food into highest to lowest caffeine content: energy shot, tea, espresso, coffee, dark choc, soda pop.

Per serving:
Dark chocolate is the lowest in caffeine content with only 20 mg.
Soda is next with 30mg.
Tea comes in with 50mg.
Espresso rates lower than coffee at only 100mg.
Coffee beats expresso with 135mg.
The highest caffeine drink/food in this list is the energy shot which may contain as much as 300mg of caffeine per serving.

Dr. Oz The Truth About Energy Drinks

Just because it's natural, does not always mean it's safe. Side-effects of high caffeine intake can be a jittery feeling, body tremors, raised heart rate, and increased blood pressure. Dr. Oz says if you experience high blood pressure then do not go near these energy drinks.

Too much caffeine and stimulants can cause so much talk and chatter in the brain that memories are not laid down in the brain.

Dr. Oz Energy Drink Truth #1: B Vitamins
There are eight vitamins in the B Vitamin family. Many energy drinks contain massive amounts of B vitamins under the guise of providing energy however, says Dr. Peterson, B vitamins don't boost energy unless there is a deficiency and people typically get plenty of B's in the diet.

In excess, most B's are not toxic they are water-soluble and will flush out of the body through the urine. Two B's can cause problems when taken in excess. Niacin, or B3, in excess can cause blurry vision, upset stomach and flushing of the skin. Excess B6 can cause damage to the nerves in the hands and feet causing tingling and numbness. Dr. Peterson cautions that interactions between B's and medications have not been studied.

Dr. Oz Energy Drink Truth #2: Natural Stimulants
In addition to caffeine, energy drinks may also contain other stimulants such as guarana and ginseng. Both are plant extracts and are considered natural. Guarana is a natural form of caffeine that is twice as strong as caffeine as coffee. Ginseng is recommended to support brain power but only when taken above 200mg, according to Dr. Peterson, which most energy drinks do not provide. These herbal ingredients can possibly interfere with blood thinning medications and could potentially have other interactions but they have not been studied for that criteria, says Dr. Peterson.

Dr. Oz Energy Drink Truth #3: Sugar
Here's an eye-opening demonstration about sugar. Energy drinks can have up to 14 teaspoons of sugar per can. In comparison, soda contains, on average, 11 teaspoons of sugar. Keep in mind that the American Heart Association recommends a daily limit of sugar at 6 teaspoons.

When high levels of sugar are consumed, blood glucose levels spike providing an energy boost along with an equal or greater sized crash. Many energy drinks also contain artificial sweeteners while they may reduce overall calories yet they have a down-side. Artificial sweeteners do not provide a feeling of satisfaction and people may end up craving more sugar-tasting foods. [Read Dr. Oz's experience and insights on intake of artificial sweeteners vs. straight up sugar from the 10/4/11 episode Five Eating Habits Making You Fat.]

Dr. Oz's take on energy drinks: energy drinks provide a stimulant rush then a hard crash. These drinks aren't necessarily going to cause damage, according to Dr. Oz, unless there is a drug interaction. He recommends not to use energy drinks regularly but only in an emergency when you need the energy and can temper the use. At the end of the day he would rather you use something that is more healthy such as the three natural energy examples discussed next.

[Hold on! I've got to say yes there are negative health implications with regular consumption of energy drinks that contain high levels of caffeine and/or sugar. Certainly taking in 14 teaspoons of sugar daily from energy drinks alone will rack up some damage over time from insulin resistance, belly fat, and the potential for pre-diabetes or even full-blown diabetes.

Long-term caffeine use is associated with adrenal fatigue. The adrenal glands are responsible for regulating our response to stress and when depleted the body is no longer able to respond to stress in an appropriate manner. Feeling overwhelmed, continually tired, lower brain power are all potentialities of a depleted adrenal glands and can lead to lower productivity and reduced mood.

The statement that energy drinks are not necessarily going to cause damage is a relative statement, in my book.]

Dr. Oz-Approved Energy Drinks

Lisa Lynn, weight loss and metabolism expert, joined Dr. Oz in created energy drinks that do not deplete the system and that can provide longer lasting, more gentle energy than mass-marketed energy drinks. Ms. Lynn explains that a true energy drink must be able to provide hydration. True energy drinks must provide dehydration or they are just going to deplete the body

Dr. Oz-Approved Energy Drink #1: Yerba Mate Tea
Yerba Mate is a South American herb that has long been utilized as a stimulating drink without all the negative aspects associated with caffeine although it naturally has caffeine. The big difference is that Yerba Mate contains an alkaloid called theobromine that naturally boosts mood.

[According to the Guayaki website, a brand that sells Yerba Mate tea, the herb also contains: vitamin – A, C, E, and B's; minerals – calcium, maganese, iron, selenium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc; additional compounds – carotene, fatty acids, chlorophyll, flavonols, polyneols, antioxidants, and tannins. And there's more than that, surprisingly. All the powerhouses of nutritional health appear to be in Yerba Mate Tea.]

Yerba Mate has an earthy flavor and most people drink it without sweetener. Dr. Oz recommends brewing a pitcher of Yerba Mate tea on the weekend and drink it all week long, bring it to work in a thermos.

Guayaki Yerba Mate 25 Bags
from: Best Price Nutrition

[Wisdom of the Ancients sells a Yerba Mate with stevia blended right into the tea bags and loose leaf tea. Their website wasn't working tonight so try visiting later tonight or tomorrow.]

Dr. -Approved Energy Drink #2: Super Energizer Smoothie
Mix up this smoothie with glutamine to support brain power and fuel metabolism. This smoothie includes whey protein, look for a whey that also contains glutamine, along with granulated coffee for a smooth energy boost that won't leave you drained. Ms. Lynn recommends that people age 45 and older to take at least 500mg of glutamine a day. She says this smoothie is the reason she gets out of bed in the morning, it tastes so good to her.

Fr. Oz-Approved Energy Drink #3: Sweet Spritzer
This is miraculous water at its best. Dr. Oz shared two fruit-infused waters with the audience today. Mix up a batch of this water and refrigerate over-night for the best flavor, sip all day. Water is the best hydrating drink and these add a boost of vitamins too.

Dr. Oz Secrets To Winter-Proofing Skin

Do you change your skin care regime with the change of the seasons? Many people do not make any change when it comes to skin no matter the season. Winter can be rough on the skin and Dr. Oz has three solutions to winter-dry and winter-dull skin.

Dr. Oz: Winter-Proof Your Lips
Don't: lick your lips
Do: use lip balm with beeswax to protect the delicate skin of lips from the elements and provide moisturizers.

Our lips are unique in that they do not have sweat or moisturizing glands. Licking the lips strips away moisture and skin cells. Over-time the lips can become chapped, cracked and even bleed. Don't lick your lips for moisture, apply a good lip balm to support the health of your lips.

Dr. Oz Winter-Proof Your Face
Don't: use creams with salicylic acid, a natural form of aspirin, which will exfoliate the skin. In winter, the skin on the face does not need as much exfoliation as other seasons of the year.
Do: use creams with kinetin that adds moisture and promotes cell and collagen growth.

In the dry winter months, the skin cells on the face can start to fall apart like little paper discs when the skin is dry and when salicylic acid is applied to the skin. Add wind to the mix and the skin can become flaky.

[The has published their opinion on kinetin in facial creams:
As a plant growth factor, kinetin may improve the appearance of wrinkles and uneven pigmentation with minimal irritation. It's unclear how it works, but it may help reduce wrinkles by helping skin retain moisture and by stimulating the production of collagen. It may also be a potent antioxidant.

Major name brands with creams containing kinetin are Olay and Estee Lauder.]

Dr. Oz Winter-Proof Your Body
Don't: take a long, hot shower. Dr. Oz says this is the most important tip he can give, even better than any lotion tip.
Do: take a short, warm shower and apply moisturizer immediately after getting out of the shower. Only use soap on the parts of the body that have odor. Soap will dry the skin.

To illustrate the drying power of soap, butter was brought in to the play the part of the natural oil that lives on top of our skin. Hot water was poured over the butter. What happened? Dissolved, gone, disappeared, all of it, no more. Next to that tub, Dr. Oz poured warm water over the star, butter. Some of the butter was removed but the vast majority remained to maintain moisture for another day.

Dr. Oz Bizarre Foods To Help Look and Feel Younger

Chef Andrew Zimmern, [food writer and] host of the Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods, brought, you guessed it, bizarre foods that also happen to be healthy for Dr. Oz and a member of the studio audience.

Chef Zimmern wants you to challenge your palette because it's worth it to make you feel younger. He shares foods that are unfamiliar in the U.S., but in other countries these foods combined with healthy lifestyle choices helps the population stay healthy and young. He feels that incorporating some of these bizarre, yet healthy foods, could help support our country's common health issues.

Today's audience taste testers says she keeps things basic. The craziest food she has eaten is shrimp. [Shrimp? Crazy?]

Dr. Oz Bizarre Food #1: Natto from Japan
Natto is fermented soy that is also slimy. The U.S. likes crispy foods and the Japanese like slimy foods. The tester says it smells nutty. Chef Zimmern says most people call the smell something close to the scent of a dead body. Mixed with radish, tuna and okra, bring on the slime and the nutrition. Fermented foods are very healthy and natto provides a healthy source of protein. Dr. Oz shared that natto is high in Vitamin K which is supportive of bone health and can help reduce aches and pains as you grow old.
Taster declaration: honestly, it's not that bad.

Dr. Oz Bizarre Food #2: Geo duck clam [pronounced gooey duck] from Seattle, Washington
Chef Zimmern used a torch to cook it which made it shrink! Chef says it has a sweet taste, like sugar, and is one the healthiest foods on the planet. Dr. Oz explained that geo duck contains lots of iron. Geo duck is available in fish markets and can be ordered online.
Taster declaration: it looks like a penis. She gave it sour food squish face and body shake and said tastes like it just came out of water. [I'm thinking it's not a winner in her food book. I would stick with shrimp.]

Dr. Oz Bizarre Food #3: Octopus from Greece
Chef Zimmern says octopus is available frozen in markets. Octopus is nearly all muscle with a little fat. Cook it in a pot for 2 hours with veggies and broth. Then slice and serve with vinaigrette. Octopus can be used as an alternative protein and reduce the consumption of commodity chicken and feed lot beef.

Dr. Oz Best Flat-Belly Foods

Game Show Time! Jeopardy-style!

This diamond shape nut is often used in a paste.
What is almond?
Almonds are full of fiber with some saturated fat that can help you feel full.

This canned food could be the pits but in Mediterranean they love cooking with it.
What are olives?
Olives contain monounsaturated fat that provides support to cholesterol levels and blood sugar too.

This breakfast food contains good bacteria which helps combat belly fat.
What are probiotics?
Probiotics [the good bacteria in the stomach and intestines] promotes regularity and helps reduce bloating which contributes to a big belly.

To flatten your belly, opt for this relative of milk chocolate.
What is dark chocolate? Milk chocolate gives you fat and calories but dark chocolate has less sugar and a little caffeine to support the metabolism.

Today's final Jeopardy category is flower power.
Oil from this flower may help flatten your belly and lower cholesterol.
What is sunflower oil?
Sunflower oil is rich in monounsaturated fat to support a reduction in belly fat and contains Vitamin E to support healthy cholesterol levels.

Place your vote for this week's quiz
and return on Saturday for the answer.

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  1. I liked the idea of the #2 Energy Drink - Super Energy Drink - but the ingredients only were given and no amounts of each ingredient, so I still don't know how to make it. Please post the complete recipe so that I can make it. Thanks,

    M. Kranich

  2. Hi Margaret, I provided a link in the post. The link is attached to name of the shake. Here it is again:

    Let me know what you think of the shake and if you agree that it provides energy.