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Monday, December 19, 2011

Watching Dr Oz 12/19/11: Hottest Holiday Gift Give-A-Way, Avoid Holiday Bloating and Gas, Santa Taste-Tests Healthy Cocktails, Healthy Holiday Cookie Contest

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: December 19, 2011
12 Days of Christmas Hottest Holiday Gifts

  • A holiday extravaganza: Dr. Oz gives away 12 gifts to support your health
  • Slow down at the table with three tips to avoid gas and bloating at the holiday meal
  • Drink yourself skinny with healthy holiday cocktails

Dr. Oz has put together a super-spectacular-gift-give-a-way on today's The Dr. Oz Show. Audience members received each of the 11 gifts listed below. Aren't there 12 days of Christmas? Yes, yes there is. The 12th gift is a chance to visit The Dr. Oz Show and have lunch with Dr. Oz. Read on for more details.

Dr. Oz also gave away thousands of gifts on his website today. The last hour to try to win a gift passed just after the show aired in my time zone. It took me six minutes to log on and by the time I got through, all the prizes had been given away and I even started to log on before the designated top of the hour. So, alas, all the give-a-ways have already been given away! But enjoy the information and perhaps you'll get an idea for a last minute gift or something to buy yourself that you'll really like after you exchange the items you received those gifts that you really don't like!

[I don't often break out in song but I got in the spirit here today! Happy Holidays!]


And stay up-to-date with


On the first day of Christmas...Dr. Oz shared with me, healthy cooking for the whole family!
Start cooking healthier for your family
Cooking healthy meals at home can help you and your family get healthier and may even help you lose weight. Add fruits and veggies to your diet with the Vita-Mix 5200. Make the Dr. Oz Belly Blasting New Year's Soup in your Vita-Mix, or a pot on the stove and a blender to puree it at the end.

One the second day of Christmas...Dr. Oz shared with me, the importance of sleeping.
The optimum amount of sleep that experts recommend is 7 to 8 hours per night. Getting the proper amount of sleep each night can be part of a weight loss program. The Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe Gel Pillow provides cool comfort to help you sleep better. The pillow is worth $70.

On the third day of Christmas...Dr. Oz shared with me, how to look younger instantly!
Dr. Oz gave away the Peter Thomas Roth Instant FirmX Eye Tightener. He demonstrated the dramatic effects on a previous show. [Dr. Oz talked about the Peter Thomas Roth Instant FirmX Eye Tightener on a show that aired back in November – read that blog post here.]

FirmX pulls moisture into the skin and a starch in the cream tightens the skin for a noticeable difference in under eye skin.

On the fourth day of Christmas...Dr. Oz shared with me, the importance of exfoliating!
With the Philosophy Microdelivery In-Home Vitamin C Peptide Peel, Dr. Oz says you can exfoliate dead cells and support collagen production. [On the episode How Old is Your Skin from 10/5/11, Dr. Oz talked about Philosophy's Philosophy Miracle Worker Dark Spot Corrector. 

On the fifth day of Christmas...Dr. Oz shared with me, the need for allergy-free cleaning!
To keep your home clean and reduce allergens such as mold and dust mites, Dr. Oz recommends the Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum that features a HEPA filter, antimicrobial protection, and a cyclonic cleaning system.

On the sixth day of Christmas...Dr. Oz shared with me, the benefits of coffee!
Dr. Oz explained that coffee contains antioxidants that can support a reduced risk of type two diabetes. [A cup a day keeps diabetes at bay?] Starbuck's gave away gift cards.

On the seventh day of Christmas...Dr. Oz shared with me, ideas to boost the memory!
To improve your memory, boost brain power, and protect the aging brain, Dr. Oz recommends playing brain games like crosswords puzzles or if you were in the audience today, you can play games on a new Sony S Series Tablet. On the Sony Tablet, you can play games, watch movies, read books, listen to music, and more.

On the eighth day of Christmas...Dr. Oz shared with me, a necklace to keep me exercising!
The eight day of Christmas prize is designed to keep audience members motivated and stay on track to obtaining their weight loss goals. A Dogeared brand gold necklace with a heart and key charm is the design chosen by Dr. Oz for his Transformation Nation customized jewelry.

On the ninth day of Christmas...Dr. Oz shared with me, omega-3's to keep my heart healthy!
For heart health, Dr. Oz always recommends taking omega-3 supplements. He says that omega-3 can help reduce inflammation. With the holidays and being around families, our tempers tend to rise. Dr. Oz showed an animation of detailing plaque buildup in the blood vessels which blocks blood flow leading to serious health consequences. Dr. Oz encourages viewers to take omega-3's to reduce plaque buildup risks and to support healthy cardiovascular function and healthy circulation. To audience members, he gave away a year's supply of Nature's Bounty Mini Softgel Fish Oil.

On the tenth day of Christmas...Dr. Oz shared with me, the importance of getting moving!
To win Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation Million Dollar You, he is encouraging everyone to get up and get moving. To help audience members get moving, he gave them the Reebox RealFlex running shoe that provides a flexible sole to give you cushioning while running, jumping, and generally being active.

On the eleventh day of Christmas...Dr. Oz shared with me, healthy desserts that are also yummy!
When on a weight loss plan, not feeling deprived is essential to success. Dr. Oz encourages viewers to stop struggling and give yourself healthy desserts with Yonana's frozen fruit maker. Freeze fresh fruit and some toss into the YoNana's dessert maker, out comes a creamy pureed treat for the whole family.

On the twelfth day of Christmas...Dr. Oz shared with me, that we are all deserving!
Dr. Oz encouraged viewers to realize that they are worth it – worth putting in the effort to lose weight and get healthy. There is nothing better on the road to success than getting support. Win a trip to The Dr. Oz Show and have lunch with Dr. Oz where you can talk about support all afternoon over your meal. Write an essay telling Dr. Oz why you are worth it and why you deserve a trip to meet Dr. Oz. Click here to enter.

Avoid Over Eating This Holiday
What happens in your body when you over eat? 

The act of eating begins when you bring food to your mouth where it mixes with saliva. The food is broken down into smaller parts of starch and sugar then goes into stomach and mixes with acid. The stomach secrets hormones from the stomach wall. Those hormonessend important messages to the brain to eat or not to eat. Rapidly eaten food cannot not completely digest in the stomach, so bacteria in the intestines jump on that food letting off gases creating gas and creating bloating giving you that food coma causing you to take a nap on the couch. It's the undigested food in the intestines that causes that uncomfortabel gas and bloating.

Dr. Oz says the most important thing to do during the holidays is to slow down when eating. Instead of having to unbutton your pants at a holiday meal try these three tips to not only your meal but be more comfortable after.

Slow Eating Tip #1 - Add one extra serving of veggies between helpings
Eat your veggie plate before the rest of your meal. Vegetables will help you feel fuller sooner and give you the nutrients you need.

Slow Eating Tip #2 - Use a teaspoon for serving
Instead of using a big serving spoon, studies show that you can eat as much as 15% less food if you serve up your portions with a teaspoon.

Slow Eating Tip #3 - Play mellow music
We tend to eat at the same pace as the music that is playing around us. Fast music will lead to faster eating and, possibly, over eating. Create a calm environment and slow down your eating with calm and slow music.

Another tip from Dr. Oz is to dance around for 15 minutes after eating a meal. Rock around the Christmas tree to help reduce the chances of experiencing gas and bloating.

Drink Yourself Skinny with Healthy Holiday Cocktails

Santa joined Dr. Oz on stage to do, what else, toast the holiday's with healthy holiday cocktails. Darryl Robinson, aka DR Mixologist, showed Santa and Dr. Oz how to make these low-calorie drinks for the holiday that won't set back your weight loss goals. They made Santa happy!

Seasonal Sangria at only 150 calories.

Merry Martini at only 150 calories.

[It looks like Santa's having a lot of fun tasting those cocktails. Who's driving the sleigh home tonight? I don't think it should be Santa!!!]
Holiday Cookie Swap Contest

Dr. Oz asked viewers to submit their healthiest holiday cookie recipes and shared them today to help everyone stay on track this holiday while still enjoying the yumminess. Dr. Oz invited Cookie Monster onto the show today to help taste test the cookies in the Cookie Swap Contest.

With applesauce, flax seed and cranberries, this makes for a healthy and festive cookie. [I love cranberries in my cookies!]
Cookie Monster: yummy
Dr. Oz: delicious

Instead of butter, the viewer contestant used chickpeas and to that she used soy eggnog and cinnamon.
Cookie Monster: Cowabunga!

Cookie Monster and Dr. Oz crowned the maker of the Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies the winner of Dr. Oz's first holiday cookie swap contest. [Surprisingly, Cookie Monster voted cranberries over his favorite chocolate chip cookies. I think the Egg Nog Chocolate Chip Cookies will be a fabulous treat for Santa this year and I think I'll use my new favorite egg nog: Coconut Egg Nog by So Delicious.

Remember that even Cookie Monster calls cookies a sometimes food!

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