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Monday, December 12, 2011

Watching Dr Oz 12/12/11: Rachael Ray Saves Holiday Dinner!, Step Three in Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation, Salt Therapy, Brown Seaweed

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: December 12, 2011
Rachael Ray Solves Viewers' Biggest Holiday Disasters

-  Rachael Ray saves the day!
- Step three in Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation is to gather your family health history
- Secrets from the ocean: salt therapy and brown seaweed
There's a problem that Dr. Oz can't help you with. And that's holiday cooking. Instead, Dr. Oz invited Rachael Ray to the show to fix your cooking disasters. She's going to make a healthy and unforgettable holiday meal the whole family will love.


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She's a sensation. Rachael Ray has authored 18 cookbooks, food and travel shows, magazine, talk show host. Today, she chat's with Dr. Oz and help viewers fix their holiday meal disasters.

Why is there so much stress over holiday meals?
Ms. Ray says that people set the holiday meal bar too high and try to make the magazine cover meal. Instead, she encourages people to make what they know. There's no law that says you have cook a turkey or a ham or any of the other “traditional” holiday meals. Make what you like and make it ahead of time instead of running around the kitchen missing out on the holiday.

Ms. Ray says she stays away from baking. She tried to make a cake for her mother when she was about 12 that ended up being a disaster. Thirty years later, she tried again and made a pastry for her mom that turned out great.

Three viewers were invited on the show to share their holiday cooking disasters and to learn from Rachael how to save the meal.

First Cooking Catastrophe - Vegetables
She says she's horrible with vegetables. Her spinach is mushy and her broccoli is like mulch.

Ms. Ray says that the easiest and most surefire way to cook vegetables and keep their texture is to roast them. If you overcook the vegetables there are a few items that should be in everyone's pantry that can turn the catastrophe into healthy and delicious vegetable soup.

Dr. Oz shares that people who eat soup tend to eat less calories overall.

Rachael says to place the over cooked veggies into a food processor with salt and pepper. Whip up a little mac & cheese sauce. Then add the pantry staple – stock – into the food processor and then add the mac & cheese sauce. Whip it, whip it real good until it's is a smooth, creamy soup. For the cheese sauce, Ms. Ray encourages viewers to use full fat cheese instead of low fat which contains more fillers, most likely sugar.

Second Cooking Catastrophe – Potato Latkas
Ms. Ray said the viewers latkas were the most gruesome thing she had ever seen. They didn't look like latkas but were small, white, oblong disks. A traditional latka are a crisp potato pancake. Ms. Ray adds a little something special to her latkas that increase the flavor, the parsnip. She calls the parsnip a carrot with attitude and adds a little to every recipe that calls for potatoes. Dr. Oz says that parsnips are high in potassium which supports healthy blood pressure.

Third Cooking Catastrophe - Charred Roast
Ms. Ray says there are many things that say holiday are a roast is not necessarily one of them especially if it's better suited as a hockey puck. If you're going to make a roast, she recommends using a beef chuck roast and you must put liquid in the bottom of the pan to steam the roast and provide liquid for the meat to draw on. But, Ms. Ray cautions, if you're unsuccessful with roast than stop cooking them and go for a stew.

The over cooked can be fixed with some time and a hot tub. [No, really, I'm being serious and conveying the details provided on the show!] Slice up the charred roast and soak it in a bath of beef broth on the stove. Ms. Ray called it a hot tub for the beef! The meat will warm and soak up the moisture, tenderizing the meat a

Number One No-Fail Holiday Meal

Ms. Ray shared her mom's cider beef stew. Her mom has been serving it up her whole life. She says you can't screw it up. Take a cut of beef chuck and a few ingredients, a little prep and about three hours in the oven you've got a hearty beef stew. Served with parsnip and potato mash = Yum-O!

Ms. Ray is teaming up with, fellow Food Network star, Guy Fieri called Celebrity Cook-Off. [Read more about the upcoming show in a Huffington Post article from last month.] Ms. Ray calls the show a dancing with the stars style cooking show were celebrities compete to win $50,000 for their favorite charity.

Step Three of Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation – Know Your Family Health History

In three months, over 500,000 people have signed up to get healthy and for a chance to win $1 million with Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation. Step three of the Transformation Nation is to learn your family health history. Dr. Oz wants viewers and participants to make this the year you talk to your family about their health history. What better time than the holiday's when families come together? It could safe your life.

Why is this important? Dr. Oz says that knowing your family's health history is the most powerful screening tool available. This statement was backed up by Thomas Frieden, Director of the CDC. The CDC is working on a campaigned to help prevent heart attacks and stroke by educating the population on exercise, healthy eating, and to get people to stop smoking.

96% American's believe that knowing their family history is important yet only 1/3 will write down their family history.

Dr. Oz says to start with the people who are most important, the key people on your family tree:
parents, brother, sister, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Dr. Oz has put a Family History Worksheet on his website. [He said it includes a family tree but that's not up on the site, maybe it will be there tomorrow?] Use the family history worksheet to learn if your family members have experienced specific diseases and when it was experienced. Then take this information to your doctor and begin a conversation. Between you and your doctor, access your health risks and determine a course of action for optimum health.

Take advantage of this time of year when families gather for the holidays to talk to your relatives about their health history.

Sign up today for Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation and you could be entered to win one of 5,000 Zappos Body Shape Tape Measure.

Secrets From The Ocean: Salt Therapy

Dr. Oz is talking about the health benefits of salt – and not by putting it on your food. Dr. Oz says the anti-bacterial and anti-viral healing properties of salt has been know for centuries. From skin conditions to respiratory support to help with colds, Dr. Oz calls salt the miracle mineral that heals. Hippocrates recommended it in his day.

Dr. Oz showed an audience member sitting with what looked like a huge funnel hanging from her neck. [Apparently, the device sends air infused with salt which is breathed in where it goes directly into the lungs for optimum health.] He says the Home Buddy could soon be available across the country. [It looks like it's for sale right now, for a price!]

Salt Inhaler
Inhaling salt with a salt inhaler could be supportive during a cold to clear the mucus out of the respiratory system. Inhale the salt through the mouth then exhale out the nose. Sucking in with mouth, Dr. Oz demonstrated, sends the salt through the mouth down the throat and into the lungs. All along the path, there are villi, little hairs, that become congested with mucus. The salt removes the mucus out of the respiratory tract. [Click here to learn more about the brand of salt inhaler that Dr. Oz used on his show.]

Salt Bath
Salt baths are recommended for skin conditions. Mix ½ cup sea salt with ½ cup colloidal oatmeal into a warm bath. The salt hydrates the skin and decreases inflammation, explains Dr. Oz, and softens the skin. The oatmeal contains healthy fats that are also soothing and moisturizing.

Secrets From the Ocean: Melt Away Fat

Dr. Oz says he is going to unveil the best new belly busting supplements.

Brown Seaweed
Brown seaweed has potent powers to burn belly fat, if you eat it in pill form. Containing fucoxanthin, brown seaweed is supposed to super charge the metabolism.

[Dr. Oz says that this is new, however Garden of Life has been selling a product called FucoTHIN for years which contains fucoxanthin. Brown seaweed is not new, it's new to Dr. Oz.]

Dr. Oz recommends taking 500mg of brown seaweed daily to support losing belly fat, liver fat and support healthy cholesterol levels in the blood.

[ has an article about brown seaweed extract with a caution for people who experience blood clotting issues. Brown seaweed slows the body's abilit to clot. Read more here.]

Licorice Extract
Paired with brown seaweed, Dr. Oz says that licorice can help give an extra boost to the metabolism as well as blood sugar balancing. He shared a study that showed participants using 2ml of licorice extract daily lost one pound per week. Note: red licorice doesn't count and licorice candy doesn't count. If you have high blood pressure do not take licorice as it will raise blood pressure.

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  1. Here is some more information from with a caution for people who experience blood clotting issues. Brown seaweed slows the body's abilit to clot. Read more here