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Monday, November 14, 2011

Watching Dr Oz 11/14/11: Body Image Bullies, Tyra Banks Shares Bullying Experience, 28-Day Plan to Beat Carbohydrate Addiction, No More Female Mustache, Embarrassing Skin Problems

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: November 14, 2011
Dr. Oz: Supermodel Tyra Banks Takes on Body Image Bullies

  • Tyra Banks shares her experience with bullying
  • Body image bullyies
  • 28-Day Plan to Kick Carbohydrate Addiction
  • Get rid of unwanted facial hair
  • Learn ways to get rid of embarrassing skin problems with a game of Jeopardy!

Today Dr. Oz takes on the topic of body image bullies. They could be classmates, friends, co-workers and even your spouse. Tyra Banks shares her experiences of bullying from her grammar school days and even as an adult in the modeling industry. She has taken on the critics and become a role model for women who embrace their shape and their body no matter what anyone has to say.

Find out what she has to say to bullies and learn what you can do to prevent and stop bullying.


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Dr. Oz: Supermodel Tyra Banks Takes on Body Image Bullies

As a pre-teen, 11-years-old, Tyra Banks said she grew three inches and lost 30 pounds in three months. She was a before that point bully then overnight she herself was the victim of bullying. It wasn't just kids who said mean things to her it was adults as well. Tyra hid her face behind books so they wouldn't see her. Years later she was modeling big name designers on international runways.

An agency gave her mother, Tyra's agent, a list of designers that wouldn't hire Tyra because of the size of her hips, butt, and bust. Instead of going to the gym they went to the pizza restaurant and celebrated Tyra's curves, celebrated that Tyra was becoming a woman and her body was changing accordingly.

Tyra encourages everyone to find one thing you like about yourself. Come back next month and find something else that you like about yourself.

Everyone has something about them that they don't like. Tyra says bullies are people who find the vulnerability in others and use that to help themselves feel better about their insecurities.

Dr. Oz brought his audience into the discussion by asking them to write down what they don't like about themselves and hold up the cards.

Insecure – she says she's insecure about her arms, and her stomach with stretch marks. Tyra says in her industry there are women with stretch marks and cellulite. The only difference is they do things like squeeze into Shape Wear to hold everything in.

Ugly – she drew a picture on the “U” of a girl with big hair and a big nose. She says she feels ugly most of the time and usually when she's around her best friend. Her friend tells her when she doesn't look her best in certain clothes and tells her change. The friend said maybe somewhere deep down she is trying to make herself feel better and didn't realize the negative effect of her words. She meant well.

Dr. Oz says the power of words can make you feel differently about yourself.

Tyra and Dr. Oz sat down for some on-stage therapy.

When Sara met her husband, David, she weighed 115 pounds and now she weighs 180 pounds. David says things that hurt her. Sara calls his behavior bullying.

David says she's not consistent. She'll start a diet and three days in she gives up. He admits he picks on her but tries to justify his actions by saying she needs to hear these things so she can be motivated to change. David says he wants the woman he married back.

Tyra asked David why he wants her to lose weight. What are the issues he thinks she needs to address?
David thinks Sara will be more confident and go out more with him.

Tyra and Dr. Oz both felt David was lying and believed his motivation for wanting his wife to lose weight because he wanted to be seen with a thin wife and not a fat wife.

Dr. Oz questioned whether David has any concern about his wife's health. Perhaps David was more concerned with being see with a thin woman on his arm.

Sara was asked how does she show David how to treat him? Sarah says she's very emotional when it comes to discussing her body. She shared that she would rather not talk about her weight her husband, she would rather not hear it from him.

How do you tell a bully that what they are doing is hurting?
Tyra says to tell the bully how you feel. She firmly states that how you feel is your truth. Tyra wants Sara to tell David her truth, how she really feels.

Through tears, Sara told David when he tells her she shouldn't eat something of she needs to go to gym or shouldn't wear an outfit that it hurts and makes her want to do the opposite.

Tyra schooled David with this issue, telling him he needs to be in a supportive role for his wife. If Sara says she want to go to the gym then David should say he's there to take her when ever she's ready to go.

Dr. Oz shared [what he has previously said is the secret to success in his marriage] that couples need reinvent themselves within their marriage every few years. She's not the woman he married and he is not the man she married, they each have change and need to keep changing.

A mother and her daughter also struggle with a body issue bullying. The mother says things like: I liked you better when you looked thin, you're pretty and if you lost weight you'd be a knockout, you look fat in that. Her daughter is left feeling that her mother isn't proud of her, words hurt. Her mother calls it tough love. She says, I love her but if I can see something that needs to change, that's what I'm there for, to fix that problem.

The mother didn't realize her words her. She never tried to hurt her daughter. The daughter shared that, like Sarah, the nagging makes her want to do all those things and eat all the that her mother is trying to keep away from her. The women came to an understand and the mother said, if I have to change the way I say things, I will do that.

In addition to being a supermodel, talk show host, actress, Tyra is an author. He new book Modelland is a fictional account of a young girl and her experience being bullied. It is based on Tyra's own childhood experience with bullying. Dr. O calls the story a soulful description.

Tyra and Dr. Oz talked with two young girls in the audience who have bullied about their height and thin figures. Tyra wanted the girls to remember that the person picking on you is hurting more than you. No matter what the bully looks like know that there is something going on inside that makes the bully feel bad about themselves.

Dr. Oz 28-Day Plan to Kick the Carbohydrate Addiction

Are you drawn to white flour, sugar, pizza, sweets, breads?

Dr. Oz showed a tissue sample of visceral fat, the fat that surrounds the organs in the body. This fat build up makes the pancreas work harder to balance insulin levels in the body. When the pancreas has had too much and been over worked then diabetes sets in. The heart can become weakened while working against high blood pressure and diabetes and may lead to heart failure.

Dr. Oz 28-Day Carb Addiction Plan Week 1: Detox
No carbohydrates in the diet for this first week to detox the carbohydrates out of the body. Dr. Oz recommends filling up on fats, preferably healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts, avocado, fatty fish, and flax seeds. He says there is no calorie limit this week and he doesn't want people to be hungry.

Dr. Oz 28-Day Carb Addiction Plan Week 2: Turn White Into Brown
If your favorite food is white rice then choose brown rice. Look toward whole grain versions of your favorite white flour foods. Options include quinoa, oatmeal, and whole wheat breads and pasta. Dr. Oz says that if you think whole grain foods, especially pastas taste like cardboard then try Jerusalem artichoke pasta.

[Last week on the Oz-Approved Products episode, Dr. Oz recommended DeBoles Brand pastas made with Jerusalem artichoke flour so it's higher in protein and doesn't give that carbohydrate crash. This is my favorite pasta!]

Dr. Oz 28-Day Carb Addiction Plan Week 3: Hand to Mouth
Portion control is the focus of week 3. A fist-full is a serving that's individually tailored to you. Meat servings should be sized to the size of your flat palm along with the thickness of your hand. Eat as much greens as you want but fat intake needs to be limited to the size of your thumb.

Dr. Oz 28-Day Carb Addiction Plan Week 4: Cheat!
Dr. Oz allows a cheat day one day a week during week four. He says Monday is an ideal cheat day as it's usually the hardest day of the week for most people.

Dr. Oz: Good-bye Facial Hair

Bleaching, tweezing, and waxing can't get rid of her facial hair. She feels people look more at the hair on her lip instead her eyes. Her music students will ask why she has a mustache.

Dr. Oz explains that as we age, the ovaries can make more testosterone than progesterone which stimulates hair growth primarily on the upper lip and chin.

Susan C Taylor, MD a leading dermatologist shared a prescription topical preparation called Vaniqa® which is FDA approved and blocks the hormone responsible for hair growth [apparently only on the areas applied].

Apply the formula twice a day to the upper lip [or the chin]. Dr. Taylor noted that it will take time to see results. She says patients can expect to see a difference in two to six months. One tube costs $100 - $120 and should last up to five months.

Dr. Oz cautioned that the product contains parabens but, he said, there is a medicinal reason to use this and the amount of parabens is minor compared to the benefits.

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Skin Problems

Game Show Time! Jeopardy!

Wrinkles, moles and dark circles! What's a woman to do?

Dry Spell for $100
This staple of a Mediterranean diet can help moisturize dry skin.
What is olive oil?
Dr. Oz says the skin absorbs it and retains the moisture. He suggest applying olive oil after a shower.

Wrinkle In Time for $200
A Daily Double
This topical Vitamin A cream boosts collage and diminishes wrinkles.
What is retinal?
Retinal can be found in fun foods.

Kiss Off for $200
When applied topically this vitamin can help provide cold sore relief.
What is Vitamin E?
Dr. Oz recommends applying Vitamin E every 4 hours to support a cold sore and to avoid acidic foods

Final Jeopardy
Chew On This
This seafood has the high amount of zinc essential in the production of collagen and is also an aphrodisiac.
What are oysters?

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  1. Is the name of the medication used to rid your face of hair called "Vaniqua"? It's not listed above in the article from the show yesterday 11/14

  2. YES! That's it! Thank you! I had missed the name during the show. I've added the name and a link to the company's website. Thanks!

  3. In the article addressing Carb. Addiction - when Dr. Oz says no carbohydrates in the Detox-Week One, does that include just complex white flour carbs or all carbs including fruits and vegetables?

    1. Thanks for your question. In this episode when Dr Oz was talking about what to eat during week one there was no mention of staying away from fruits. Some diets will recommend limiting fruits and starchy vegetables while in the beginning stages. Talking to your doctor or a nutritionist or dietician would be great resources for you to find out which foods will best support your body within your goals. Good luck!

  4. I use vitamin E to preserve my Virgin Olive Oil,It takes only a few drops per 1.5 Liters. It keeps it from going rancid! I use Olive Oil daily, without going over a said temperature. I do need to lose some body fat, yet, I have a knee that needs replacement and gives me problems when I try and walk. Can you give me some suggestions Dr. OZ,I Thank You in advance for my much needed help!

    1. Thanks for the tip. I've heard of people adding vitamin e oil to cooking oils to support their shelf life and stability. I'm sorry to hear the problems you're having with your knee.

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