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Monday, April 23, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 4/23/12: Eat More and Weigh Less, Secret Swaps for Healthy Foods, Todd Wilbur Appetizer Re-Do's, Save $$ at the Drug Store, Secret Weapon at the Drug Store, Quick Fixes for Common Complaints

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: April 23, 2012

Dr Oz: Eat This Weigh Less! The Best Foods to Help You Lose Weight and Never Feel Hungry

  • Top Chef's share their secret swaps to make favorite foods healthier
  • Todd Wilbur works his magic to create healthier recipes for favorite restaurant appetizers
  • Learn how to shop the drug store for best buys and big savings
  • Dr. Oz shares how to utilize your pharmacist for the best care
  • Dr. Oz has five quick fixes for common complaints

Dr. Oz is giving out Golden tickets for weight loss to the healthiest chef-created recipes for your favorite foods. All it takes is some simple swaps and you can eat your favorite foods as often as you like without busting the scale. Todd Wilbur brings two recipe re-do's for your favorite restaurant appetizers.


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Dr. Oz: Eat This Weigh Less! The Best Foods to Help You Lose Weight and Never Feel Hungry

Dr. Oz says you can all you want of your favorite foods and you'll never feel hungry while you watch the pounds drop away. How is that possible? By making a few simple ingredient swaps your favorite foods can turn into healthy, fat burning helpers.

A super star panel of three top chefs have brought their best recipes for burgers, pizza, and tacos.

Chef Todd English, restauranteur, host of Food Trip and author of Cooking In Everyday English: The ABCs of Great Flavor at Home, says the secret to healthier cooking is to cut out or cut down on high fat meat and cheeses in favor of more spices.

Chef Aaron Sanchez, restauranteur, co-star of Food Network's hit series' Heat Seekers and Chopped, and author of Simple Food, Big Flavor: Unforgettable Mexican-Inspired Recipes from My Kitchen to Yours, says he brings Latin flavor to his cooking to boost the flavor.

Chef Candice Kumai, celebrity chef, food writer, and author of Pretty Delicious: Lean and Lovely Recipes for a Healthy, Happy New You and Cook Yourself Thin: Skinny Meals You Can Make in Minutes, says she focuses on low-fat dishes that are pretty delicious.

Three audience members were chosen for the challenging job of tasting these chef-created foods to determine which chef wins the golden ticket for each meal category.

Dr. Oz Eat This Burger and Weigh Less!

Audience member Jen says all three burgers were flavorful, tasty and each had an ingredient surprise that tastes great.

Chef Todd says his Todd's Ginger Tuna Slider Smash swapped out beef for healthy tuna and was paired up with lots of spices.

Chef Aaron's Aaron’s Turkey Burgers utilized turkey for the burger and was flavored with soy sauce and fat burning chilies to wake-up the taste buds.

These burger's were tasty but the Golden Ticket went to Chef Candice and her Candice's Skinny Jeans Sliders with Caramelized Onions and Mushrooms. Chef Candice says her Skinny Jean Sliders will keep your skinny jeans!

Chef Candice's secret substitution will change the way you look at burgers. Mix caramelized mushrooms and onions for half the meat to boost flavor and cut calories. Dr. Oz explained that quercetin in the onions boost the utilization of fat as energy to burn it off fast.

The Numbers
A traditional burger clocks in at 700 calories.
2 Skinny Jean Sliders are only 400 calories.

Click the link for the Candice's Skinny Jeans Sliders with Caramelized Onions and Mushrooms recipe from

Dr. Oz Eat This Pizza and Weigh Less!

Audience member Crystal says all the pizza were great with a thin and crispy crust and unique ingredients.

Chef Candice created Candice’s Grilled White Pizza With Mushrooms, Artichokes and Parm with more fat burning caramelized onions and hard Parmesan cheese.

Chef Aaron's White Bean, Tomato And Chile Pizza used white beans to provide protein that is light and hardy at the same time.

And the winner of the Golden Ticket for Pizza: Chef Todd's Naan Flat Bread Arugula and Artichoke Pizza!

Chef Todd substituted white dough with whole wheat naan for crisp flavor. With lots of healthy creaminess in an artichoke spread and whipped basil ricotta. All that low-fat dairy helps to burn fat! Top with fresh arugula for a healthy, crisp pizza.

Chrystal loved the artichokes and never thought of having them on pizza!

The Numbers
A traditional pizza has 830 calories per serving!
Chef Todd's Naan Flat Bread Arugula and Artichoke Pizza came it at a weight loss supporting 345 calories per serving.

Dr. Oz Eat This Taco and Weigh Less!

Audience taste tester Tessie says tacos are her family's favorite meal, they enjoy it several times a month. Tessie said all the tacos were super delicious but, only one get the Golden Ticket.

Chef Todd created a shrimp and butternut squash which provides fiber and flavor and a fat burner as well. [No recipe was provided for this Chef Todd's taco.]

Tessie gave the Golden Ticket to Chef Aaron’s Fresh Fish Tacos who humbly said not a shock who won!

Chef Aaron's secret substitution was utilizing fish instead of beef or pork and corn tortillas instead of flour to help burn fat. Increasing the fat-burning power, chipotle with garlic and peppers also reduce appetite and increase metabolism. Topped with sliced avocado, arugula and mango salsa, this tacos are fresh and satisfying.

The Numbers
Two typical are a jean busting, diet blowing, shocking 1,142 calories.
Two of Chef Aaron’s Fresh Fish Tacos are only 305 calories. What a relief!

Dr. Oz Eat Cheesy, Greasy Appetizers without Gaining a Pound

Eat all you want of these healthier versions of popular restaurant appetizers and, according to Dr. Oz, you won't gain a pound. [Well, I don't know about that but, the re-do's look tasty amazing!]

Dr Oz asked his online fans what is their favorite appetizer that makes them go all watering in the mouth and want to eat plate after plate. The top choice was the super high calorie artichoke dip guaranteed to blow your diet before the entree arrives.

Never fear, Todd Wilbur's here to make-over this restaurant favorite utilizing Greek yogurt to replace half of the cream cheese. Adding red pepper flakes, salt, pepper and garlic powder brings on the spice. Top off with diced tomatoes. Mr. Wilbur reminds viewers to make good choices with what you dip. He provided celery sticks instead of chips to keep the healthy going.

The Numbers
Olive Garden's Artichoke Dip comes in at 488 calories and 23f of fat.
Todd Wilbur's Reduced Calorie Hot Artichoke Spinach Dip has only 264 calories and 15g of fat.

Coming in second as a Dr. Oz fan favorite restaurant appetizer is potato skins. Don't worry, Todd Wilbur's on the job.

Utilizing turkey bacon and reduced fat cheddar cheese, Mr. Wilbur works his magic to keep the flavor and leave the calories behind.

The Numbers
Three of T.G.I.Friday's potato skins come in at 624 calories and 41g of fat.
Todd Wilbur's Reduce-Calorie Potato Skins, three of them, are only 178 calories and a greatly reduced 9g of fat.

Dr. Oz Top Drug Store Deals to Save $100 This Month

Consumers spend hundreds at the drug store so Dr. Oz teamed up with Lisa Lee Freeman, editor of ShopSmart Magazine to share how to save big while supporting health.

Ms. Freeman says there are amazing deals to be had at the drug store but, consumers have to work the coupons, loyalty cards and ads to get the best deals.

Dr. Oz Drug Store Deals on Reading Glasses
Who needs reading glasses to read those tiny nutrition labels? [Well, mine are built-in. I'll start, I wear bifocals.] Save money on reading glasses by looking for the drug store buy 2 get 1 free.

Dr. Oz Drug Store Deals on Make-Up
Ms. Freeman's all time favorite products to buy at the drug stores is make-up. She recommends to look for weekly ads and to get mini nail polish pots at the drug store. Who uses up a whole bottle of nail polish before it dries up? Get the small bottles and save money too.

And remember, says Ms. Freeman, drug stores often have great return policies. If you don't like a make-up product simply return it to the store.

Dr. Oz Drug Store Deals on Toothpaste
Buy the brand on sale and combine with coupon and it won't necessarily be your favorite brand.

Ms. Freeman recommends utilizing a coupon organizer to keep those clippings in your purse or in the car.

Dr. Oz Drug Store Deals on Milk and Eggs
Many will surprised to learn that milk and eggs can be as much as 25% cheaper at the drug store than at the supermarket. Drug store prices for these can even be cheaper than the dollar store. Dr. Oz wants to know how drug stores can give such low prices for milk and eggs. Ms. Freeman explains that the stores are using the prices to bring shoppers into the store where the typically buy more than milk and eggs.

Dr. Oz Drug Store Deals on Pain Killers
Ms. Freemen recommends buying store brands of over-the-counter pain killers to save 25% or more. Drug stores will typically stock their store brand side-by-side with brand name products making it easy to compare that the products contain the same active ingredient(s).

Dr. Oz Drug Store Deals on Prescription Drugs
Many drug stores offer prescription drug plans, discount programs, that include hundreds of generics. Ms. Freeman says customers can get a 90-day supply of generic medication for as little as $12-16. Even with health insurance, drug store discount prescription drug programs can be a better deal.

Dr. Oz Drug Store Deals on Hair Color
Stock-up on your favorite hair color brand when it goes on sale. Keep in mind that hair color products typically have a self life of about 2 years.

Dr. Oz Drug Store Deals on Sunscreen
Most drug store sunscreen products are good for 3 years. Ms. Freeman says drug store brand sun screens were tested by labs and found that they work as good if not better than big brands. Here's another tip, baby sunscreen works just as good – be sure to get SPF 30 or higher.

Dr. Oz Secret Weapon Found at the Drug Store

A pharmacist can be as important as a doctor when it comes to healthcare. Dr. Oz surprised fan Nadine at a drug store while she was agonizing over which pain reliever to buy. He recommended that she talk to the pharmacist; it had never occurred to her.

Dr. Oz says that the pharmacist is the most easily accessible resource for prescriptions and for over-the-counter products. Pharmacists can help customers find the right product to fit their symptoms while also taking into consideration other OTC's or prescriptions they may be taking. Trained on using health equipment, pharmacists can also help customers on how to use at-home blood pressure machines and blood sugar monitor equipment.

Stacia Woodcock is a Walgreens pharmacist and encourages consumers to utilize this free resource either to ask a quick question or even sit down for a health consultation. Dr. Oz says that pharmacists are experts and their assistance is free.

Dr. Oz #1 Question to Ask a Pharmacist: Why is this product right for my condition?
Not all OTC medications are safe to take. Dr. Woodcock says pharmacists can evaluate what's appropriate for you and help determine what's best. Allergy medications could have 4-5 active ingredients and you may only need one to target your health concerns. A pharmacist can help match symptoms with medications and determine the best OTC.

Dr. Oz #2 Question to Ask a Pharmacist: Does this medication work safely with my other medications, vitamins and food?
Every prescription should be evaluated with all other prescriptions, vitamins and food a person is taking but, that can only evaluated if customers tell their pharmacist what they're taking. Dr. Woodcock says ideally customers will have all their prescriptions at one pharmacy but, that doesn't always happen.

Interactions can occur between prescriptions and OTCs. Antacids contain calcium and magnesium which changes the pH of the stomach and can effect absorption of pharmaceuticals. Leafy greens can interact with blood thinning medication however, if a doctor or pharmacists is aware of how much leafy greens a person consumes then their medication dose can be tailored to fit.

Dr. Oz #3 Question to Ask a Pharmacist: What are the side effects from my medications and how can I best manage them?
At the pharmacy, people are often in a hurry and don't want to listen to the information from the pharmacist. Talking with the pharmacists, customers can learn what to expect from a medication and how to prevent side effects. Mitigating side effects may be as easy taking a probiotic with an antibiotic. Sun sensitivity can lead to a sun burn if you're aware and get a bottle of sunscreen to apply while taking the medication. 

Dr. Oz Fastest Remedies for Most Common Health Problems

Dr. Oz shares five ways everyday items, used in unorthodox ways, can provide fast relief for common complaints.

Dr. Oz Fast Remedy for Headaches
Teeth grinding is the cause of many headaches. To release the tension that has built up in the jaw, Dr. Oz recommends biting a pencil. [That's right, the habit that teachers, parents and co-workers have tried to break for centuries is now recommended to support health. Go figure.]

Chewing on a pencil [though it wasn't mentioned I would venture a guess that this means gentle chewing and not gnawing it like a beaver cutting down a tree to make a lodge before before winter.] As crazy as it sounds, Dr. Oz says that chewing the soft wood of a pencil can help to release tension in the jaw and if you chew the pencil while driving other drivers just may steer clear of you.

Dr. Oz Fast Remedy for Mosquito Bites
Good old Alka Seltzer comes to the rescue for mosquito bites. Dr. Oz says to place two antacid tabs into four ounces of water then using a cotton ball, apply the solution to mosquito bites. In five minutes, he says, there will be less pain. Alka Seltzer contains aspirin which decreased the pain and itch of bug bites when applied topically.

Dr. Oz Fast Remedy for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
Baking soda is a fast remedy when the first symptoms of a UTI appear. Mix ¼ t baking soda into eight ounces of water and drink. The baking soda reduces the acidity of the bladder and bacteria prefers and acidic environment. Drinking more water during a UTI will support flushing of the kidneys. Dr. Oz still recommends seeking medical attention for a UTI but, understands that it's not always possible to get an appointment and see a doctor right away. This remedy can provide some support before the appointment.

Dr. Oz Fast Remedy for Bad Breath
Eating yogurt can help to get rid of bad breath. Live bacteria in the yogurt suppresses the bacteria that causes bad breath. Yogurt brings about a reduction in hydrogen sulfide in the mouth that causes bad breath. Dr. Oz says to opt for plain Greek yogurt and add your own fruit or honey to sweeten.

Dr. Oz Fast Remedy for Pet Itch
How can you help your furry friend when they get hot spot itches? Dr. Oz brought a fan and her adorable teddy bear dog on the stage. The fan explained that her cute fluff ball sometimes gets hot spot itches and her vet said they will go away on their own. In the meantime, Dr. Oz recommend applying apple cider vinegar to the irritated area.

If the skin is raw or has an open wound, Dr. Oz recommends diluting the apple cider vinegar in water, 50/50, put in a spray bottle and spray the area. If the skin is simply irritated, he recommends using a cotton ball to apply apple cider vinegar direct to the area. He explained that apple cider vinegar will make the itch go away and allow the fur to grow back.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! Compact Reading Glasses

Dr. Oz uses reading glasses and like many people, he loses his glasses all the time. He's found a portable, compact reading glass that he can slip into his pocket when not in use and has cut down on the number of lost glasses. i4ULENSES Compact Reading glasses are only $6.95 per pair and can easily fit in a purse or wallet.

Dr. Woodcock explained that Wallgreens provides an exclusive online tool to help customers find pharmacists with certifications and specialties that appeal to them or would be helpful given their circumstance. Shop for a pharmacist online as you would any other healthcare provider. Visit to Find Your Pharmacist.

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