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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 4/4/12: Get Healthy Plan, Mood Support, Anti-Aging Food Combinations, Foolproof Beauty Gadgets, Quick Fixes for Beauty Blunders, 10-Minute Healthy Family Meal

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: April 4, 2012
Dr. Oz's Foolproof Plan to Get Healthy Instantly!

  • Dr. Oz's foolproof plan to support a better mood instantly
  • Food combinations to slow the aging process
  • Gadgets to make your skin glow that don't cost a fortune
  • Quick fixes for common beauty mistakes
  • 10-minute, no oven, healthy family meal from Chef Jeffrey Saad

Are you looking for quick fixes for your health that really work? From foods to beauty products and stress relievers, Dr. Oz has ideas that help improve your health in a hurry.


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Dr. Oz Foolproof Mood and Stress Plan

A bad mood don't just ruin your day it also wrecks a toll on your health. How can your mood change in an instant? Bad news can do it pretty quick. Dr. Oz sent out his warm-up guy before the show to tell the audience that he had been called away and the show was canceled. Quickly the audience started pouting, surprised gasps, shouts of disapproval echoed through the studio.

We can understand how our mood goes from good to bad quickly however most of us don't know how to take our mood in the other direction – from bad to good.

As we age, responding to stress and bouncing back from a bad mood takes longer. Dr. Oz brought up three members of the audience, each representing a different age decade to demonstrate how they each bounce back from stress in their age groups.

All three women stood behind a punching a stand-up balloon with their age decade and were told to punch the balloon while thinking about how they feel when they get bad news.

In our 20s – the balloon is whacked and comes right back. In the 20s, you can bounce back faster from a bad mood.

In our 30s – the balloon takes much longer to come back from stress. Even though we are more used to coping with bad news in our 30s, the body still takes longer to bounce back.

In our 40s – the balloon was knocked down and stayed down. In this decade, we are not as resilient anymore and often can't bounce back from a bad mood.

When your mood shifts from good to bad there are corresponding negative shifts that happen in the body. Dr. Oz showed an animation of how a bad mood or stress creates a cascade of brain messages that went out to the adrenals causing them to release stress hormones that allow plaque to build in the arteries more easily and fat to accumulate around the belly.

Stress ages the body from the inside out but with these tools we can rchange our moods quickly to benefit our health.

Dr. Oz Fool-Proof Solution for Bad Mood – Negative Ion Generator
Dr. Oz says he's been waiting for a year to talk about this solution – negative ion generators. He was skeptical at first but has his medical unit look into them and found that they are proven to work. Ion generators work to bring balance back to the body.

In addition to bad moods, there are irritating things in our environment that can bring down your mood that most people don't recognize: cell phones and allergies to name a few. Dr. Oz demonstrated how ion generators work using a magnet and little metal balls. The stressors in our life are represented by the little metal balls that are drawn to the magnet. Ion generators help your body let go of those environmental stressors.

Dr. Oz says there are no side-effects from using ion generators and you can choose the best location from a night-light, a car unit, or a unit that plugs into a computer.

Negative Ion Generator Cost: about $20.00 at home improvement stores or online.

Dr. Oz Fool-Proof Solution for Tension and Anxiety – Sugar Alternative
Dr. Oz recommends D-Ribose, 2,000mg daily or about ½ a teaspoon. D-Ribose has a sweet flavor and can be put just in water or used as a sweetener for coffee or tea. It has been used to support people with chronic pain issues as well as to support the lessening of tension and mood issues. [D-Ribose is also recommended for heart health.]

D-Ribose Cost: about $16 found in health food stores, available in pill or powder form.

Dr. Oz Fool-Proof Solution for Stress – Acupressure Massage
Dr. Oz recommends using Origins Sensory Therapy Peace of Mind On-The-Spot Relief to relieve stress.

Place a small amount of the scented cream on the index finger, rub it between both index fingers then massage into the back of the neck. Continue to massage toward the earlobes and massage up to temples.

Origins Cost: about $11.00 in drugstores.

Dr. Oz Fool-Proof Solution for Stress – Swearing!
This solution may leave some feeling a little uncomfortable but for others, swearing will help reduce stress. Studies show that when you curse or swear it actually reduces stress. People put their arm in ice and those who cursed were able to keep their arm in the ice longer. [The Mythbusters confirmed this myth in 2009! Click here to read about the myth and proof.]

Dr. Oz had the entire audience yell Sh*t! [My children were watching this episode with me and promptly started shouting the word. I told my daughter to stop and she said “Why? It's Dr. Oz approved!” A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing!]

Dr. Oz Foolproof Food Combinations to Slow Aging

The power of two foods is greater than just one food! Sari Greaves, RD, CDN, Nutrition Director Step Ahead Weight Loss Center Nutrition Director and anti-aging expert, says that aging is a state of chronic inflammation. Eating the right foods together can slow the aging effects of inflammation.

Dr. Oz Anti-Aging Food Combinations: Pink Grapefruit and Avocado
Ms. Greaves says that pink grapefruit is the top source of lycopene which counteracts cell damage from aging. Combine pink grapefruit with healthy the fat of an avocado to boost lycopene absorption. Eat half of each 1-2 times a week.

From “Incorporate them into your meals by cooking citrus-glazed shrimp tacos with avocado and grapefruit for a zesty, creamy treat, or simply toss them together in a salad.”

[At the time this post was published, there was not recipes on for these food combination meals. Perhaps they will be up tomorrow.]

Dr. Oz Anti-Aging Food Combinations: Brussels Sprouts and Olive Oil
This is a sight-save combo, says Ms. Greaves. Brussels sprouts contain lutein lutein that fights cell damage and age-related macular degeneration. Olive oil will boost the absorption of the lutein. Eat this twice a week. Try a “brown rice bowl with caramelized Brussels sprouts. Use some minute-microwavable brown rice and sauté steamed Brussels sprouts in olive oil with turkey bacon.”

Dr. Oz Anti-Aging Food Combinations: Apples and Chocolate
This special chocolate helps modulate the inflammation that causes heart disease. Flavonoids in dark chocolate combined with apples with the skin on support cleansing of the arteries and reduction in plaque. Eat this treat once a day. Make apple dippers that come in at only 37 calories per slice. “Dip apple slices in melted dark chocolate and some chopped nuts, then chill them in the fridge.”

Dr. Oz Anti-Aging Food Combinations: Green Tea with Lemon
To help the skin stay young from the inside out, Ms. Greaves recommends drinking green tea with lemon. Green tea is an anti-inflammatory superstar that helps to keep the skin firm and looking young. Adding lemon will increase the antioxidant value of the beverage by 13 times. Catechins, a special group of flavonoids found in tea, will last longer in the digestive tract with the added lemon. Drink green tea with lemon daily, says Ms. Greaves.

Dr. Oz Foolproof Beauty Gadgets

Jennifer Jolly, tech lifestyle editor with, says you can save money with these beauty gadgets by skipping the salon treatments and doing them in your own home. Women spend thousands of dollars on skin and beauty treatments each year but, she says, you can get the same results with these techie tips.

Dr. Oz Foolproof Beauty Gadget #1: Microdermabrasion
Cleanse the skin and get a healthy glow at the same time with Neutrogena's Microdermabrasion System. Ms. Jolly says you can use the System daily, or three times a week. Some women says it has removed fine lines and wrinkles. Similar salon products cost around $150.00.

Dr. Oz Foolproof Beauty Gadget #2: Zit Zapper
When you feel a pimple coming on skip the toothpaste and use the Tanda Zap Acne Spot Treatment Device. This pocket-sized zit zapper has a three prong approach to ridding the skin of blemishes. An LED light gets rid of bacteria that causes zits, pimples, and blemishes while heat and vibration opens to pour to remove dirt and oil. Leave on the affected area for 2 minutes – it has an auto turn-off feature built-in – and you should see improvement in 24 hours, says Ms. Jolly. Inflammation and redness should diminish within that 24 hours. Use up to three times per day.

Tanda Zap Acne Spot Treatment Cost: about $49.99.

Dr. Oz Foolproof Beauty Gadget #3: Bikini Line
Irritation, red bumps, and ingrown hairs on the bikini line is not what women are seeking but waxing can cost a fortune and cause that irritation which can lead to infection. Ms. Jolly recommends the Panasonic Bikini Shaper & Trimmer. This electronic trimmer features a hypoallergenic blade to reduce skin irritations and five settings to customize your trim. Dr. Oz offered his arm hair to the device which left a bald racing stripe on his forearm.

Dr. Oz Foolproof Fixes for Biggest Beauty Disasters

It happens. You're in a hurry to get ready and out the door but it leaves you with an embarrassing beauty mistake. Don't worry, says Dr. Oz, the fix could already be in your home and it won't cost you anything.

Dr. Oz Beauty Blunder Fix #1 for Redness from Plucked Eyebrows
From the refrigerator, pull out the full-fat milk and pour it over a cup of ice. Take a paper towel, wet it in the milk and lay the towel over the irritated area for 5-10 minutes then wipe with cool water.

Dr. Oz Beauty Blunder Fix #2 for a Hangnail
Biting off or ripping off a hangnail doesn't seem like a big deal but it could lead to serious paronychia infection around the nail which may need surgery to remove part of the nail to allow body to heal. The solution is in the kitchen cabinet: white vinegar. Acetic acid from the vinegar is a foolproof solution, says Dr. Oz, because it's a natural antiseptic that is also soothing. Put 1 teaspoon of white vinegar in 4 ounces of water and soak the hangnail for 5 minutes, twice a day for 5 days.

Dr. Oz Beauty Blunder Fix #3 for Shaving Cuts
The solution for cuts from shaving is in the spice rack. Sprinkle cloves on the cut for a foolproof benefit from the chemical eugenol which has antiseptic and anesthetic properties. Use as needed and let the spice sit on the cut.

Dr. Oz Beauty Blunder Fix #4 for Blister on Foot
Don't pop that blister! A blister is sterile before it's popped. After popping a blister, the area can be susceptible to infection. The solution is in the bathroom medicine cabinet – Listerine. Listerine sounds like a painful solution but Dr. Oz says it's not. The alcohol in Listerine wicks moisture from the blister allowing the area to heal faster. Dap it on with a cotton ball three times a day until the blister has healed.

Dr. Oz Foolproof Family Meal in 10-Minutes

No more excuses for making a healthy meal for your family in a short time. Jeffrey Saad, host of the Cooking Channel show United Tastes of America and author of Jeffrey Saad's Global Kitchen: Recipes Without Borders shared a recipe that does not require a stove and is only 400 calories.

As a kid, Chef Saad's mom would let him cook anything if he used the toaster oven. He calls it his cooking time machine.

Thin slices of salmon cook quickly sitting on top of a bread roll. Oils and flavors from the salmon will go right into the bread. Top the salmon with green onion, sumac, dried thyme, a little salt and last add sesame seeds.

Sumac is a little fruit, the size of a berry used on kabobs and salads in Middle East recipes. The Romans used sumac instead of lemon. Sumac will help to balance out the flavor of salmon.

Broil the sandwich for 3 minutes in the toaster oven. While the sandwich is toasting, whip up a cucumber and yogurt topping for the sandwich and a side-dish of herbed zucchini, also cooked in the toaster oven.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tip! More Powerful Food Combos

Dr. Oz Powerful Food Combo #1: Cottage Cheese and Mango
Calcium in cottage cheese helps to fight muscle fatigue and the mango helps with calcium absorption.

Dr. Oz Powerful Food Combo #2: Tomatoes and Omega-3
Flavonoids in the tomato help to boost the metabolism and the healthy fat in omega-3's aid in absorption of the flavonoids.

Dr. Oz Powerful Food Combo #3: Citrus Vinaigrette and Chick Peas
Citrus vinaigrette helps to enhance absorption of iron in the chick peas. Toss them together with veggies for a delicious and nutritious salad.

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