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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 4/7/12 Quiz: Blood Pressure

Which tea was recommended to support blood pressure which Dr. Oz said can be as effective as medications?

A. Green
B. Lemon balm
C. Hibiscus
D. Holy basil


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The Answer:
C. Hibiscus

Your Answers:
A. Green - 32%
B. Lemon balm - 6%
C. Hibiscus - 57%
D. Holy basil - 3%

Oh tea! You're my favorite beverage. Every day, all year long, I have a cup of tea – several actually. Tea can provide all sorts of health benefits including supporting healthy blood pressure levels. So which tea can help with the BP?

Hibiscus tea was recommended in connection with healthy blood pressure levels on the 3/26/12 episode of The Dr. Oz Show. On that episode, Dr. Oz discussed three important health tests he wants all his viewers to take this year. One important test is having your blood pressure checked.

The optimum blood pressure reading should be 115/70. A reading of 120-140/80-90 is in the pre-hypertensive range. At 140/90 and above is hypertension and needs to be address by a doctor.

Elevated blood pressure causes the blood flow to scrape away at the arteries causing damage and inflammation. In the heart, this scraping away can increase risks of heart attack. In the brain, scraped arteries increase the risks for stroke. Kidney failure risks increase when arteries in the kidneys are scraped away.

Dr. Oz Tips to Reduce Blood Pressure
  • For the vast majority of people with high blood pressure, losing weight will benefit significantly.
  • Baby aspirin – Dr. Oz recommends taking 2 per day.
  • Drinking hibiscus tea, 3 cups per day, can provide the same support as many blood pressure medications.

Green Tea
Green tea is the health superstar of the tea world. It's been recommended for just about every health concern from weight-loss to heart health to a general constitutional.

Lemon Balm Tea
Lemon balm tea has been used to support sleep, mood, and even digestion. It has also been used as a thyroid support so people on thyroid medication should talk to their doctor before trying. Tea lovers and sleep pursuers often pair lemon balm tea with valerian and holy basil, our next tea to be discussed. Lemon balm can be found under the name “lemon balm” or by its Latin name “Melissa” in tea, pill, or liquid form.

Holy Basil Tea
Tulsi, or holy basil is a stress suppressing herb. Considered a miracle herb by Dr. Andrew Weil, holy basil is available in liquid extract, powered pill form and in tea. Dr. Weil states holy basil can be taken long term for stress support and recommends taking it twice a day for a few months.

Holy basil also recommended by Dr. Pina Loguidice, ND, on the 2/14/12 Dr. Oz Show, for anxiety and to lower the stress hormone cortisol. She recommended the pill form, 500mg twice a day, to support good mood as well as balanced blood sugar.

Organic India has a great line of Tulsi tea's in a variety of flavors.

NOW Foods sells a powdered form of holy basil supplement. Gaia has a great liquid-filled holy basil capsule.

I have come across a loose leaf holy basil by EcoTeas that I love to mix with other herbs for a relaxing and sleep supporting tea.

Here are some other products and recommendations to support healthy blood pressure levels as featured on previous episodes of The Dr. Oz Show:

Green coffee beans were recommended by Dr. Wylde as a natural alternative to high blood pressure medications. Click here to read the full post from the 3/22/12 episode.

Reducing salt intake by identifying sneaky sources of salt in the diet was recommended to reduce the risks of heart attacks and stroke caused by elevated blood pressure. Seven sneaky sources of salt in the diet were discussed on this episode. Click here to read the full post from the 3/1/12 episode.

Dr. Joe Mercola encourages people to skip blood pressure medications in favor is diet, lifestyle and supplement changes. Try a magnesium supplement at 400-1000mg daily, olive leaf extract or bitter melon to support a healthy blood pressure. Click here to read about Dr. Mercola's diet recommendations to support healthy blood pressure from the 1/4/12 episode.


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