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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 4/17/12: 24-Hour Energy Guide, Energy Boosting Food Add-On's, Simple Detox Solutions, Best Herbal Remedies, Cellulite Go Away!, Calorie Cutting Tips

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: April, 16, 2012
Dr. Oz's 24-Hour Energy Boost: The Ultimate Plan to End Your Fatigue

  • In less than 24-hours, Dr. Oz says his plan can boost your energy
  • Try these food add-on's to boost the energy power of your food
  • Take care of you with simple detox solutions that can become a daily routine
  • Dr. Oz shares his best herbal remedies for common complaints
  • Easy solutions to reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Dr. Oz gives viewers three easy tips to cut calories

If you feel more tired today then you did yesterday, Dr. Oz wants to you stay tuned. Dr. Oz says he can help you turn your energy around in just one day. There are many things you could be doing that zap your energy and probably don't even realize it. How can he make this promise? Dr. Oz sent 24 women through his 24-hour Energy Boost Plan and they were happily surprised to have more energy right away. Find out what Dr. Oz recommends and see if it makes sense for you.


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Dr. Oz's 24-Hour Energy Boost: The Ultimate Plan to End Your Fatigue

Energy, or a lack of, is seemingly and epidemic in this country. If you've noticed, it's a hot topic in the Dr. Oz world too. Twenty-four Dr. Oz fans took on his 24-Hour Energy Boost Challenge. Each of the women said before the Challenge they were tired, by mid-day felt desperate for a nap, suffered from insomnia regularly.

Some of the women said after the challenge said they finally felt they had the energy to be on the go, instead of crashing in the afternoon had tons of energy, thought the nighttime remedies were strange but they worked.

Dr. Oz's 24-Hour Energy Plan focuses on zapping black holes that zap energy throughout the day.

Dr. Oz Energy Black Hole #1: How do you start your morning?

With a bed on the stage, Dr. Oz asked his audience helper to show how she gets out of bed in the morning. She slowly swung her legs over the side of the bed and placed her feet on the floor then said to herself “how am I going to get through this day?” Is it any surprise she doesn't have much energy or enthusiasm for her day?

Dr. Oz explained that studies show if you get out of bed right away you will have way more energy in the morning and through the rest of day.

Dr. Oz Energy Boost for Morning: Bio Elevation Explosion
Another energy boosting solution in the morning is what Dr. Oz calls the Bio Elevation Explosion. Dr. Oz explains that as soon as you get out of bed, crouch down so the heart is next to the knees then explode up in a little jump with the arms to the sky. This quick motion gets the blood moving back to the heart for energy. Dr. Oz had the entire audience doing the Bio Elevation Explosion – the first time on television the entire Dr. Oz audience is going to explode!

Dr. Oz Energy Boost for Morning: Cold Mitten Friction
In the morning, put on a pair of mittens and plunge your hands, one at a time, into a bowl of ice water so the mitten is soaked with the cold water. Take that mitten hand and gently milk your arms starting at the wrist and moving up the arm to stimulating the lymphatic system to move toxins out of the body. Dr. Oz recommends doing the Cold Mitten Friction for two minutes every morning. Before you complain that it will take too much time, he explains that it takes only 2 minutes – the same amount of time you spend brushing your teeth. You can do this, he says.

Dr. Oz Energy Black Hole #2: Not Eating Enough For Lunch

The audience assistant for this portion says as a breastfeeding mom on the go, she grabs food lunch at the drive-thru or scrounges something together from the refrigerator in a hurry and wolf it down. Not the best nutrition and not the best setting for a healthy meal. An energy zapper, for sure!

Many people eat the wrong things for lunch in the interest of convenience and economy of time but the end effect is a drain on energy, a drain on mood, and an imbalance of the hormones.

Dr. Oz Energy Boost for Midday: Spelt Salad
Spelt is an old grain, high in protein and rich in B Vitamins with a mellow, nutty flavor. Our ancestors, really only a couple generations ago, used to primarily eat spelt. Spelt is also a great source of fiber to help move the bowels along regularly.

[Once the Industrial Revolution came upon us, it was discovered that the wheat of today fit better the new mechanization. Today, American's primarily eat wheat that is easy to grow, harvest, and process.]

Dr. Oz Energy Black Hole #3: Hidden Sources of Caffeine

A single mom with teenagers says that by 2:30p or 3p she feels she has to have a cup of coffee to boost her energy unfortunately she's not noticing much of a difference in energy after her afternoon coffee anymore.

Dr. Oz explained that there are many hidden forms of caffeine that many of us are exposed on a regular, if not daily, basis. Pain relievers, mints, even ice cream often have a small amount of caffeine. Decaffeinated drinks still contain some caffeine. Taking in too much caffeine causes the body to be desensitized to the energy boost of caffeine.

Dr. Oz Energy Boost for Afternoon: Rosemary Energy Spritz
Place a sprig of fresh rosemary with some water into a little spritz bottle and let it sit overnight. Use the rosemary infused water as an energizing toner spray to gently spritz the face for a pick-me-up anytime. As the infused water dries on the face you'll be able to smell more of the rosemary scent. By inhaling the scent of the rosemary, the energizing effects will bypass the cortex and go right to the brain for an energy boost.

Dr. Oz Black Hole #4: An Inability to Fall Asleep
Sitting up in the middle of the night thinking about what you need to do for the next day is not going help you get the ZZZ's you need to accomplish everything on your To-Do list. Don't worry, you're in good company - 40% of us have problems with insomnia every year. It's no news to most of us, a lack of sleep is linked to issues that lock us into repeated cycle of fatigue. The less sleep you get, the less sleep your likely to get – viscous!

Dr. Oz Energy Boost Before Bedtime: Anti-Insomnia Rooibos Tea & Rice Sock
Have this tea late in the evening, before bed, and allow the antioxidants and relaxing components help you fall asleep. After drinking your tea, slip your feet into a heated rice sock!

Fill a pair of socks with rice and warm it in the microwave – not too hot – put the socks on the feet and get into bed. The heated rice sock will warm the feet and divert blood to the feet dropping body core temperature to support sleep. Body temperature needs to drop in order to fall asleep and support better sleep.

Dr. Oz says, do this the right way and you'll be thanking me for years to come.

Dr. Oz Instant Add-On To Get More Energy

Boost your energy with these nutrition add-on's to your favorite foods and Dr. Oz says you'll be energized and satisfied.

Dr. Oz Instant Energy Add-On for Cereal
People complain they don't get energy from cereal but they love cereal and continue to eat it for breakfast. From South America, guarana is a natural source of caffeine. Dr. Oz recommends adding a teaspoon of ground guarana to your morning cereal, oatmeal or smoothies for a little caffeine rush.

[Didn't Dr. Oz just discuss how too much caffeine desensitizes us, rendering it mostly ineffective and gave the impression that folks may want to move away from reliance? Then in the next segment, he recommends pure caffeine to start your day. Moderation is the key.]

Dr. Oz Instant Energy Add-On for Sandwich
Make your own healthier mayo with a blend of equal parts yogurt and hummus. This version of mayo ends up at only 21 calories per serving, 1 tablespoon, and traditional mayo contains twice that much.

Dr. Oz Instant Energy Add-On for Fruit
We all love fruit! Dr. Oz's audience assistant says she and her kids all love to eat fruit. The kids have energy but she doesn't. Dr. Oz recommends to take fruit up a knotch by dipping it in nuts. He showed cashews that had been ground in a coffee grinder. You could use most any nut that you like along with your favorite fruit.
Dr. Oz Instant Energy Add-On for Proteins
Chicken is yummy and is a healthy cut of meat but eating chicken often can get boring. Dr. Oz has another option for jazzing up a meal that may have become boring. He calls it EV-Coco Splash. Cook your chicken in 1 tablespoon of coconut oil for a change in flavor that will also provide a boost to the metabolism. Coconut oil can also be used on bread instead of butter.

Dr. Oz Simple Detox Solutions

Having too much to do in a day can leave you last on the list creating a toxic environment. Detoxification can flush out those toxins and revitalize your health. The options for detoxification are wildly varied and many can cost a lot of money and take a good bit of time to go through.

Terri Trespicio, healthy living expert brings four detox solutions that won't suck up time and money. Ms. Trespicio says the body is naturally wired to detox but when immersed in an environment with pollution and stress, the body is less able to naturally detoxify.

Dr. Oz Simple Detox Solution #1: Cut Out Simple Sugars
Dr. Oz tested this solution and says that Ms. Trespicio she's is right. Reducing your sugar intake can reduce your toxic load. When the sugar cravings are too much, reach for licorice tea. The herb licorice grows in the Mediterranean and in Asia. Licorice is a healing herb that has a sweet flavor without sugar. Licorice also supports the liver, the major detoxifying organ.

Dr. Oz Simple Detox Solution #2: Eat Bitter Foods
Bitter greens, such as dandelions, watercress, arugula, support the liver support in its job of detoxifying the body and provide enzymes to move toxins out of the body and stimulate digestion.

Dr. Oz Simple Detox Solution #3: Dry Skin Rub
Do this 5 minutes before bathing to support detoxification of the skin, the body's largest organ. Use skin brush widely available in stores. The skin protects us from pollutants but those toxins can build up on the skin. Gently brush the skin toward your core to remove the toxins.

Dr. Oz Simple Detox Solution #4: Bath Booster
A hot bath is a great way to detox and helps to relieve stress. Adding bladderwrack, a form of seaweed , that expands in water and draws out toxins. Put one handful of loose seaweed in cotton muslin bag and soak it in the bathwater, squeezing out the water until the water turns a little brown. Ms. Trespicio says you can even add your favorite essential oils to the bath water to provide more stress relief. She says you can start to feel better in a few days but it's important to incorporate these into your daily life. Combine two and sip your tea while in the tub.

Dr Oz Best Herbal Remedies

The biggest body complaints can leave you feeling self-conscience. Dr. Oz has four remedies to target your complaints and help boost your confidence.

Dr. Oz Best Herbal Remedy for Rough, Cracked Feet
Cracked feet shouldn't be written off to genetics it could be a sign of poor circulation and sign of inflammation. Dr. Oz says when we see things happening to our bodies that seem a little abnormal it's important to find out what is going on and work out toward a solution. If circulation checks out as good, then try this home remedy to moisturize cracked feet.

Mix together 3 tablespoons of glycerin with 1 tablespoon of rosewater and massage onto the feet. Apply this mixture on at night, after a bath or shower, before bed. Put socks on over the remedy to let it soak in overnight and hydrate. Glycerin by itself is soothing and boosts the moisturizing power of rosewater. Do this every night for 2 weeks and you should start to see improvement.

Dr. Oz Best Herbal Remedy for Razor Burns
Prep the skin before shaving with sandalwood oil, a natural astringent and antibiotic with antiseptic properties. Apply slippery sandalwood before before shaving to reduce irritation that causes the burn.

Dr. Oz Best Herbal Remedy for Brittle Nails
To support brittle fingernails, Dr. Oz recommends horsetail extract in tea form, 1 cup a day. Horsetail extract contains high levels of silica. Silica in horsetail extract supports strong hair and strong nails. In tea form, horsetail extract has a grassy, earthy flavor. It also comes in pill form. Dr. Oz says before trying things like applying acrylics, which can cause more damage, try this remedy. If horsetail extract doesn't work then he says to try biotin, a form of B Vitamin.

Dr. Oz Best Herbal Remedy for Varicose Veins
Age, hormones, and weak vein valves all can cause varicose veins. A sudden onset of varicose veins is a sign that something has changed - often in women the change is from pregnancy. Dr. Oz recommends butcher's broom extract, from the lily family. Applied topically, butcher's broom extract constricts the vessels making them smaller and helps to tame twisted, bulging veins.

To a spoonful of any favorite moisturizer, add a few drops of butcher's broom extract and mix together. Apply the mix to the legs twice a day. Dr. Oz says in a week a two results should start to show.

Dr. Oz Easy Ways to Fight Cellulite

Cellulite is not necessarily caused by weight, more often it's those darn hormones causing the unsightly dimples. The right foods and products can help reduce the appearance of cellulite but, keep in mind these recommendations are not going to completely get rid of cellulite.

Bahar Takhtehchian, Lifestyle Editor for Shape Magazine, has four tips to help tone down the cellulite that can be utilized throughout the day.

Dr. Oz Easy Way to Fight Cellulite in the Morning: Flaxseeds
Ms. Takhtehchian recommends adding 2 tablespoons of flaxseed to your morning meal to provide estrogen balancing factors that support collagen production. Add flaxseeds to yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies and cereals too.

Dr. Oz Easy Way to Fight Cellulite in the Afternoon: Anti-Cellulite Clothing
In the afternoon, Ms.Takhtehchian recommends putting on some anti-cellulite clothing. Delfin Spa Bio Ceramic Anti Cellulite Capris generate heat while you move to burn off cellulite. Wear them to the gym to generate more heat.

Dr. Oz Easy Way to Fight Cellulite in the Evening: Gotu Kola
In the evening, Ms.Takhtehchian recommends taking the herb gotu kola. She explained that research has proven gotu kola's ability to reduce the appearance of cellulite by improving elasticity of the skin. Take gotu kola before bed, she says.

Dr. Oz Easy Way to Fight Cellulite in the Evening: Horse Chestnut Extract Cream
Ms.Takhtehchian recommends horse chestnut extract cream to support improved circulation. Apply the cream all over the body at night to reduce number and size of pours on capillaries, improving blood flow, and fighting cellulite while you sleep.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! 3 Ways to Cut Calories

Dr. Oz Tip to Cut Calories #1: Dressing on the Side
Salad dressing is yummy but can be a diet destroyer if you over pour. Have your dressing on the side and dip your salad into the dressing. This technique will give just enough dressing to tempt the taste buds but you won't over indulge.

Dr. Oz Tip to Cut Calories #2: Dessert in a Shot Glass
Dr. Oz said he's not talking about whiskey, then he corrected himself and said you could make that your dessert. Serve your favorite dessert in a shot glass, he showed ice cream, to control your portion. Eating dessert this way makes you eat slower and can allow you to feel more satisfied. Follow up your dessert with a big glass of water and done.

Dr. Oz Tip to Cut Calories #3: Dilute the Juice
Save the fruit juice and save the calories by mixing 6 ounces of fruit juice with 6 ounces seltzer water. Dr. Oz says the drink will have the same punch as juice but with half the calories.

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