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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 4/27/12: TMI! Shocking and Intimate Questions, Health Secrets from Dr. Oz's House, Oz Household Home Remedies, Dr. Oz De-Stress Routine

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: April 27, 2012
Too Much Information: The Shockingly Intimate Questions Dr. Oz Never Thought He'd Hear

  • TMI and viewer's intimate health questions
  • Dr. Oz shows how he stays health at home
  • Oz pantry snacks
  • Dr. Oz shares how he reduces stress after a long day

It's time for another show featuring embarrassing, shocking, intimate questions that people are too afraid to ask their doctor. Dr. Oz says there's no such thing as Too Much Information! The Dr. is in the house and ready to answer all those TMI questions. From sex to poop to everything in between, it's all here and open for discussion with Dr. Oz.


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Dr. Oz: Too Much Information – Your Intimate Questions Answered by Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz and his staff picked the most TMI questions to tackle.

Dr. Oz: TMI Question #1: If she holds in her pee in too much it feels like she's going to have an orgasm! 
She clarifies that she certainly doesn't mind having an orgasm but, she's feeling that it might not be the best way to go about it.

Dr. Oz showed a demonstration of what happens down there when the bladder begins to fill with urine. The pelvic muscles hold up the bladder and normally there is some distance between the uterus and bladder. When the bladder fills with urine it gets closer to the uterus.

What's in the uterus? Dr. Oz asks. There's the g-spot and all sorts of fun areas, he says. All that touching and bumping going on between the bladder and the uterus can cause an orgasm, or a near-orgasm.

The problems with holding in the urine is that the bladder can become distended and may not be able to return to its normal shape, backed up urine flow can cause damage to the kidneys, and urine held too long in the bladder can allow bacteria to flourish.

Dr. Oz recommends getting her orgasms the old fashioned way and to make a better effort to using the bathroom sooner.

Dr. Oz: TMI Question #2: Couple said when they were having sex they broke his penis.
During sex, they heard a loud pop and the penis looked different when it came out then when it went in. The couple went to the hospital. Dr. Oz says they did the right thing getting help right away. If they didn't, he could have lost his penis!

It's important to share this information, says Dr. Oz, so that everyone can learn from it. And yes, it's possible to harm the penis during sex.

Dr. Oz demonstrated the process of engorgement with one of the huge air-filled tubes you see in front of businesses trying to grab your attention. [Great! Now every time I see one, I'll be thinking of an erection!]

When the penis engorges with blood and causes anrection, it is possible for one, or several, of those engorged blood vessels to burst causing blood to enter the penis where its not supposed to be. This injury requires immediate attention. Swelling in the penis can cut off blood flow and if it goes untreated puts the penis at risk.

After resolving the injury, Dr. Oz recommends talking to a doctor about a prescription such as Viagra to aid in engorging the penis during sex which will support the body in working through any scar tissue that may have developed in the penis.

Dr. Oz: TMI Question #3: She has a burning sensation under her breast and sometimes in the fat folds on her belly. What is this?
Dr. Oz took a look at the area under her breast and on her belly. He said he had a yeast infection. To help avoid yeast infections, Dr. Oz recommends:
  • Powder up with cornstarch, or
  • Apply coconut oil, a natural anti-fungal agent.
Dr. Oz reiterated that it's important to talk to your doctor about these issues. In this instance, the rash could be providing a bigger clue about health. It's important for this audience member to discuss this rash with her doctor, it could indicate auto immune issues or could be related to diabetes.

Dr. Oz: TMI Question #4: When she eats spicy foods, it seems to burn another hole in her butt. She has developed a hemorrhoid which is very uncomfortable.
Dr. Oz explained that the digestive tract is stimulated by spices but the sensation of heat is only felt in the mouth and throat, further down the system that spicy sensation isn't registered. Cayenne pepper, found in many spice foods, can irritate the intestines in particular and cause poop to leave the body quickly and uncomfortably. To help calm the discomfort of cayenne pepper and other spices, Dr. Oz recommends drinking milk which can sooth the digestive tract and pull out the spices so they won't cause as much irritation.

Dr. Oz: Over Sharing About Poop!

One city has a deep connection to the bathroom: Flushing, NY. Most embarrassing bathroom blunders are shared and explored with Dr. Oz. It's time to answer questions from the most private room in the house.

Dr. Oz: TMI Question #5: Why is my poop green?
Healthy stool colors range from brown to green. Poop on display. On a Lucite stand, Dr. Oz displayed what he calls the gold standard color of poop: medium brown. When poop travels quickly through the digestive tract, there may not be enough time to digest the bile out of the material causing that green color. Poop traveling slowly or normally through the digestive tract could be green due to eating green foods and drinks.

When it comes to poop, the colors of concern which require immediate medical attention are:
  • White: indicating there is no bile in the digestive system, could be a sign of pancreatic cancer risks or gall bladder issues;
  • Red: indication of blood from somewhere along the digestive tract; and
  • Tar black and a foul smell: could indicate intestinal in the intestinal tract, an ulcer, or salts brought out of the system from the use of over-the-counter medications used for upset stomach.

Dr. Oz: TMI Question #6: When peeing sometimes it comes out straight and sometimes it sprays like a lawn sprinkler. Why is that?  
As women age, the skin around the labia can stretch and sag down inhibiting the flow of urine. Stones deposited along the urethra can also cause this issue, so there are some issues that could be of concern with this situation but it could simply be from aging. Dr. Oz recommends using the fingers or spreading the legs to allow the skin to open up for a straighter urine flow.

Dr. Oz: TMI Question #7: Her nose hairs grow too long, Is it OK to clip the hairs?
Hairs in the nose are a good thing, they act as filtration for our respiratory system. Nose hairs can grow quite long and be an irritation or simply unsightly. Dr. Oz cautions people to be careful when trimming nose hairs. If not done correctly or if the nose hair is plucked, nasal tissues can be cut and damaged allowing bacteria to enter the body where it has a direct path to the brain.

Stay away from tweezers and use special scissors that are curved and pose less of a risk of tissue damage. There are also electric/battery trimmers with a blunt tip over the cutting blades that cut the hair clean without risk of cutting the skin.

For more information on your TMI questions, check out this article by Ian Kerner, Sex Therapist and Founder of, Bedroom Q&A: Your Sex Issues.
Dr. Oz: The Health Secrets Found in the Oz Household

Dr. Oz provides an all access pass to his house. Apparently, this is a popular request; folks want to peek inside his home to figure out the secret to his health.

The kitchen is Dr. Oz's favorite part of his house, it's a community center of his family. He provides viewers with a quick tour of his kitchen:
  • Refrigerator: Dr. Oz's favorite snack in the refrigerator is rashes. Full of nutrients, B Vitamins and folate, along with fiber to keep him feeling full.
  • Cupboards: Dr. Oz collects olive oils choosing them for their flavor, color and texture. Rosemary is his favorite spice.
  • Gadget: the blender is Dr. Oz's favorite kitchen gadget, of course. His son prepared their favorite smoothie: spoonful raw honey, 1/3 to ½ cup blueberries, ½ ripe banana, spoonful of yogurt, milk to achieve desired consistency.
  • Freezer: it's not too healthy but, Dr. Oz's favorite treat in the freezer is butter pecan ice cream.

In the (large, walk-in) pantry, Dr. Oz says everything in there is good for his family to eat so when the kids go foraging he knows they have no choice but to eat healthy. He shares his favorite snacks that are healthy, satisfying, and easy to grab and go.

Dr. Oz Kitchen Favorite #1: Dried Tart Cherries
Tart cherries are supportive of heart health, have been known to reduce muscle soreness and their melatonin content can be supportive of a good night's rest. Dr. Oz recommends eating one handful of dried tart cherries for a healthy snack.

Dr. Oz Kitchen Favorite #2: Onions
Flavonoids in onions are beneficial to heart health. Dr. Oz recommends eating red onions for their greater nutritional content. When using onions, peel off the paper layer but leave that first fleshy layer right beneath. That layer is the most important part of the onion and should be eaten immediately to get the greatest concentration of flavonoids. Store onions in a cool, dark area of the kitchen or pantry and refrigerate them after cutting.

Dr. Oz Kitchen Favorite #3: Bulgar Wheat
Dr. Oz's favorite dish is tabouli, featuring bulgar wheat, which he recommends eating 2-3 times per week. Bulgar wheat is high in antioxidants that prevents oxidative rusting of the body and supports stable blood sugar levels. Bulgar wheat can be a good alternative to rice as a side or main dish.

Dr. Oz Kitchen Favorite #4: Brewer's Yeast
Brewer's yeast is high in beneficial B Vitamins and can be added to many foods. Dr. Oz likes to sprinkle brewer's yeast on popcorn for a buttery flavor. Top that off with healthy and satisfying spices and you've got a wonderful snack. [My kids love brewer's yeast sprinkled on toast and scrambled eggs.]

Dr. Oz Kitchen Favorite #5: Nuts
Dr. Oz's favorite nut in the cold months is the chestnut. He says they can be hard to find when out of season. Dr. Oz recommends eating up to 3 ounces of chestnuts daily for their fiber and Vitamin C content. He keeps small bags of chestnuts in the pantry as an easy snack to grab while running out the door.

Dr. Oz: Home Remedies from His Medicine Cabinet

He's been asked for years to share what's in his own medicine cabinet. Today, Dr. Oz opens the doors of this coveted area of his home to share what his family uses to soothe common aches of discomforts.

A fan of alternative therapies, Dr. Oz says the only traditional items in his medicine cabinet are aspirin and ibuprofen. Even more surprising, his medicine cabinet isn't in his bathroom, it's in the kitchen. A humid environment, such as the bathroom, is not a good place to store remedies.

Before the medicine cabinet is unveiled, Dr. Oz wanted to show viewers his morning and evening bathroom routine. Two toothbrushes adorn his bathroom counter. A scrubbing toothbrush is used in the morning and a gum massaging toothbrush is used at night. His toothbrush is sodium laurel sulfate free as those ingredients irritate his gums. Oatmeal soap is his preferred facial cleanser to remove oils. Finally, he chooses between one of two mouth guards to wear at night to prevent him from grinding his teeth.

Dr. Oz Home Remedy for Canker Sores
The essential oil myrrh is the go-to remedy for canker sores in the Dr. Oz household. Mix 5 drops of myrrh with 3 ounces of water, swish and rinse twice a day. Myrrh is natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and provides some numbing relief to the irritated area.

Dr. Oz Home Remedy for Bad Breath
Aloe vera gel is the key to banishing bad breath in the Oz household. Dr. Oz recommends mixing ¼ cup of aloe vera gel to ½ cup of water and drink. Aloe is the right consistency to sooth the stomach and combat bad breath. Most people believe that bad breath is anchored in the mouth but, Dr. Oz says, it begins in the stomach.

Dr. Oz Home Remedy for Toenail Fungus
A smile remedy is the key to toenail fungus, says Dr. Oz. He recommends a mentholated topical cream containing camphor, eucalyptus, and, of course, menthol. In stores, the product is often labeled as chest a chest rub for coughs. Dr. Oz says to rub the cream on the affected nail twice daily before putting on a sock.
Dr. Oz Secret Bedroom De-Stressors

To support a better night's sleep, Dr. Oz highly recommends getting rid of stress before laying down to sleep. He shares some of his favorite ways to release stress and transition from a busy workday to the calm, quite of night.

Stress is the number major causing of aging. Dr. Oz says he typically begins reducing stress when he gets home by spending time with his dog outside then takes a little respite on a hammock. From there a few yoga poses, such as Child's Pose, begin to free up the muscles. A few minutes meditating helps to let thoughts and tension release. [Click here for instructions for Child's Pose from]

Dr. Oz Stress Reliever #1: Squeeze Sock
The bedroom needs to be a calm place and to help bring calm, Dr. Oz recommends using essential oils and herbs. Dr. Oz recommends mixing together a batch of lavender, cinnamon, and rosemary herbs together and fill a clean sock, allowing space at the top to close and tie off the sock. Gently squeezing the sock will bring out the calming scents. Place the sock on the bed, in a pillow, or in your dresser to scent clothing.

Dr. Oz Stress Reliever #2: Pajamas
Dr. Oz prefers wearing a big cotton t-shirt when he tucks in for the night. Some people don't like the feeling of sleepwear or they get too hot. Goodnighties has created sleepwear that wicks away moisture and helps your body temperature stay down which promotes better sleep. Goodnighties has several styles and colors to choose from, ranging $30-$90. [This would make a great Mother's Day gift and several items are on sale right now!]

Dr. Oz Stress Reliever #3: Temple Massage
Make your own orange-infused coconut oil by placing an orange rind in coconut oil for at least 12 hours to infuse the oils. Use the oil to massage the temples to lower stress levels as well as release stress. Massage the temples yourself or ask your partner to help!

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! Health Secrets in Dr. Oz's Dressing Room

Dr. Oz is allowing cameras where they have never been before: his dressing room. He calls his dressing room his sanctuary, his home away from home. In there, he's got books, pictures of his family, a computer.

Dr. Oz Dressing Room Health Secrets: Beano
Dr. Oz eats lots of healthy fruits, nuts, and vegetables but, sometimes those healthy foods can cause gas. To spare his audience the displeasure of his intestinal discomfort, Dr. Oz says he likes to take Beano with every mean to prevent gas and bloating.

Dr. Oz Dressing Room Health Secrets: Gortex Dental Floss
Gortex dental floss grabs plaque from between teeth and cam be more comfortable on the gums with its stretch ability. It's important to floss regularly, says Dr. Oz, to support gum and heart health. Remember, he says, to floss the back four teeth, an area commonly forgotten when flossing.

Dr. Oz Dressing Room Health Secrets: Flushable Baby Wipes
Instead of toilet paper, Dr. Oz likes to use flushable baby wipes with soothing aloe and Vitamin E. The wipes are soothing and help him feel healthier by not causing abrasion to the tender skin of the backside. And Dr. Oz did note that he keeps the lid up in his dressing room bathroom because it's his and no one can tell him not too. [Um, so there?!]

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