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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 4/25/12: Dr Oz Explores 50 Shades of Grey, Couples Share Their Experience with the Book, Look Better Naked, Anti-Aging Drug Store Products

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: April 25, 2012
Is This The Prescription for the Female Libido? 50 Shades of Grey

  • The book 50 Shades of Grey is the hot, erotic sensation that is stirring up controversy
  • Couples share how 50 Shade of Grey has changed their relationships
  • Look better naked with spray tan and beauty bargains
  • Dr. Oz shares bonus tips: anti-aging products from the drug store

*** Spoiler Alert! This episode and this post deal with sexual situations not suitable for children.***


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The new erotic sensation 50 Shades of Grey, by E. L. James, is steaming up the cash registers at bookstores as well as the bedrooms of the book's happy readers. What started as an e-book hit, with over 2 million downloads, has turned into a bestselling paperback. Could this book be the libido booster American women are looking for? Dr. Oz explores the reasons driving sales and interest in this controversial book.

Is This The Prescription for the Female Libido? 50 Shades of Grey

The entire Dr. Oz Show audience read the controversial book 50 Shades of Grey – Dr. Oz included. The book has become a sensation. Women across the country are pouring over the book, sharing the story and the sex scene with their partners and acting them out.

Dr. Oz was asked his opinion about the book and to explain why this book is changing sex lives across the country. Could 50 Shades of Grey be the transformative erotic novel of this decade? He decided to read the book and open a discussion on The Dr. Oz Show.

Ana, the main character of 50 Shades of Grey is initiated into a world of bondage and submission. She and her partner explore control issues through sex. Is the book creating a positive response or do the relationships portrayed harm women?

Audience members chimed in to share their love of the book. Adrian says she loved the book and it inspired her to be the initiator, for the first time, in her marriage. Another audience member said the book got her so hot and worked that she woke her husband out of a dead sleep to take care of business.

Jennifer says she was roped into the sexual tale – then she giggled and blushed. Another woman from the audience member says she and her husband listened to the audio version. Her husband was stimulated by seeing her light up, she was stimulated by hearing the erotic story, and they acted out scenes together.

Dr. Oz invited three leading experts in their field to talk about how 50 Shades of Grey is impacting sexual health. A gynecologist, a psychiatrist, and a sex therapist share their opinions about how the book is heating up what happens behind closed doors. These are the people are you want to talk about this book, says Dr. Oz.

Dr. Eveleyn Minaya, MD, gynecologist, says ladies put away your creams, lubs, and gadgets, you don't them. This book stimulates the brain and provides the spark that was missing from so many libidos.

Women are hardwired to be care takers and socialized to be people pleasers, says Dr. Alicia Salzer, MD, psychiatrist. 50 Shades of Grey helps women get out of their heads and to lay back, shut up and enjoy it. Bring it on, she says.

Sex therapist, Dr. Laura Berman, says dominance and submission fantasies in high demand, it's a compelling storyline, the woman has no choice but to lay back and receive the sexual attention in a loving relationship.

Dr. Oz says he knows why 50 Shades of Grey is jump starting libidos everywhere. He held up a grey necktie. [I haven't read the book but given it's touted as an S&M feast, I think I can make a pretty accurate guess.] It's not the neck tie, ladies, says Dr. Oz. It's not because of the sex scenes and it's not because of the dominance roles portrayed.

The sexual allure of the book for women is that it's arousing the brain and the libido. When the brain sees or reads erotic images it fires up mirror neurons, electrical signals, that start sending messages down the spine to the vagina. Those messages of arousal causes engorgement in the vagina which in turn causes lubrication to flood and reinforce the desire to have sex. The idea of sex begets sex, says Dr. Oz.

Why is the story so arousing? Dr. Berman says the book portrays the sexual situations in a protective and respectful way. The characters are playing around the edges of taking away control. The woman lead has control in every aspect of her life except in the bedroom where the man takes over. This idea, she says, of letting go is appealing.

Not all readers of 50 Shades of Grey are overjoyed and aroused. The book delves into bondage, spanking, biting, and things Dr. Oz can't say on TV. Some people are offended by the subject and how it is portrayed.

Christina didn't like the book. She says the main thing that is problematic his the male lead's behavior, from beginning to end, closely mirrored a domestic violence relationship. He cut the women off from her friends and family and had secrets.

The psychiatrist, Dr. Salzer, says that the man does stalk the woman and he is decisive and manipulative but, the woman finds her voice, finds balance and agrees to do things that are at the very edge of her comfort zone in exchange for exploring sex and experiencing the joy of seeing a man filled with desire for her.

An audience member chimed into to say she found the book a powerful reminder to women that sex is an important in our lives.

Dr. Minaya responded by saying the submissive sex theme is about two people in a give and a take which what relationships are all about. The book makes women want to fantasize and there's nothing wrong with that. A healthy sex life is good for you providing many health benefits and that's why sex is so important.

Dr. Oz: Couples Share How 50 Shades of Grey Changed Their Relationship

Janet and Joe have two kids and were having sex once every two months. Janet says they are busy and with menopause showing up it's turned down the libido. Since reading the book, they've had sex twice in one week. Joe says it's a different book than he is used to reading but, found it cool and erotic. Janet felt comfortable initiating sex, which never happens, he says.

Nate and Lori have three kids, they both work and sex has become routine – they get it done then go to sleep. Lori says with heels and some bondage they are doing it two times a night. Nate said what caught his attention were the rules which sparked a conversation that took them places they had never gone before.

Dr. Oz: Spark Up Your Sex Life – 50 Shades of Grey Style

Dr. Berman recommends reading more erotica to spark up the libido. Reading erotic novels allows women to use their imagination and spurs on the desire.

Dr. Oz: 50 Shades of Grey Mystery Box
For couples who want to spark up their sex lives utilizing the book but staying mild, Dr. Berman recommends creating a mystery kit with items from around the house. She brought out a big black box tied with a red bow.

In the box, she had placed a neck tie, a scarf which could be used as a blind fold. An eye mask could be used as well, the idea being that when one sense is blocked other senses are heightened. Also in the box was a feather duster which she used to tickle Dr. Oz's shoulder.

Playing with items from around the house, she explained, can help both partners let go of control. When each let go of control they can achieve a better orgasm.

Dr. Oz: Jump into 50 Shades of Grey
If a Mystery Box is too tame, Dr. Berman recommends jumping right into the story and bring out the roles. She suggests a date night where the man is in control of everything from what make-up the woman wears to the restaurant to what he orders for her.

Just as in the book, the woman will be in a continual state of arousal but not be satisfied until later. To that, she adds that the woman can wear wireless, remote control, vibrating panties. The man has the remote, which works from 12 feet away, so he can “zap” her at a boring dinner party to keep the arousal going until they get back home.

Dr. Oz: 50 Shades of Grey Gel
Dr. Berman recommends utilizing Promescent Gel which absorbs into the skin to help a man hold an erection longer and still allows feeling for both partners. Many topical creams and lubs block some feeling in one or both partners. Keep in mind, she says, that on average it takes a woman 20 minutes to reach orgasm and a man only 8 minutes.
Cost: about $20.00.

Dr. Oz reiterated the health benefits of a healthy sex life. Sex can reduce the risks of heart attack, can reduce pain and certainly can reduce stress. He says it's enjoyable and encourages people to explore what they want to do and make it happen in a safe environment.

Dr. Oz: Shades of Spray Tan to Look Better Naked

[If you're going to be reading erotica, getting all hot and bothered, perhaps spiffing up the skin tone can help the confidence when waking the husband up for a midnight romp?]

Dr. Oz says he's going to share the 30 minute secret to looking 20 pounds slimmer. It's the hottest thing in slimming treatments. A little shadowing and darkening of the skin is the key to looking thinner. Spray tanning provides folks with a leaner, more toned look and you don't even have to break a sweat. Reduce the appearance of cellulite while you're at at. If you can't tone it, tan it.

Melanie Mills, Emmy award winning make-up artist, has been spray tanning the stars and dancers of Dancing With The Stars for years. [What a job that must be! Did you see the behind the scenes show after DWTS this week. Someone gets to rub bronzer on Maks. Now that's a job. Just sayin.] Ms. Mills explains that spray tanning covers many problem discolorations, such as stretch marks, just like the sun does and gives a thinner look.

Ms. Mills showed a before picture of audience member Tara in her bikini. Tara has cellulite, stretch marks and is pale. They sprayed her down and brought her out on the stage. Tara really did look more toned than her before picture.

Before spray tanning or using an at-home tanning product, Ms. Mills says it's very important to exfoliate the skin. If not as the skin cells shed, the tan will not last nearly as long.

Dr. Oz Look Better Naked: Tan At-Home
Get the spray tan look at home with great results, if used right. Ms. Mills recommends St. Tropez Self-Tan Bronzing Mousse, cost about $30 from Sephora. Ms. Mills says she uses this product herself.

Dr. Oz Look Better Naked: Tan At-Home
Ms. Mills created Gleam Body Radiance by Melanie Mills for Dancing With The Stars to provide a glow to the skin. She says Gleam is a moisturizer, glow, and body make-up all in one. Gleam comes right off in the shower.

Dr. Oz Look Better Naked: Slimmer Face with Bronze
Start with your own base foundation and add contours and shadowing in the face with want to use your own base foundation they apply a taupe grey [looked like eyeshadow] on the lower area of the cheekbone, along the jaw line and along the sides of the nose. Be liberal she said and apply a dark-looking line. Above those taupe, grey lines, apply a line of Gleam then blend with a make-up sponge.

This technique will provide shadowing and glow which combine to provide more definition and a slimming effect to the face.

Dr. Oz: Beauty Bargains to Look Better Naked

If you don't have hours for the gym or gobs of money to spend on beauty products, Dr. Oz has some drug store beauty bargains that give a great look without a high price.

Molly Nover-Baker, Beauty Director of Women's Health Magazine, says we all want to look great for ourselves and our partner but we worry about every lump and bump. Ms. Nover-Baker has three beauty recommendation to hid those problem areas and help the skin shine.

Women's Health Magazine *Official Site*

Dr. Oz Beauty Bargain #1: Stretch Marks
Rapid weight gain and pregnancy are to blame for stretch marks. They start out red and pink then fade to gray over time. Ms. Nover-Baker says it's best to treat stretch marks when they are fresh. She recommends Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Cream, cost about $5.50 at the drug store. Use daily for at least 12 weeks for best results.

Dr. Oz Beauty Bargain #2: Cellulite
It's a fact, 85% of women over 30 have cellulite. There not miracle “cure” and any product is only going to minimize the appearance of cellulite. You can improve the texture of the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Ms. Nover-Baker recommends using an exfoliating brush and follow-up with a caffeine-based cream such as Lierace Body-Slim Multi-Action Concentrate, cost about $55.00. She recommends using it twice a day to plump the skin.

Dr. Oz Beauty Bargain #3: Hair
To remove that unwanted hair, Ms. Nover-Baker recommends Veet Spray On Hair Removal Cream. Spray on the Veet, let sit for 3-5 minutes to dissolve the hair then use the plastic tool to wipe off hair.

Dr. Oz: Naked Truth about Energy Drinks

We are in the throws of an energy crisis, says Dr. Oz. In 2011, Americans spent $9 billion dollars on energy drinks. Watch what you reach for, those energy drinks can be full of additives and sugar.

Energy drinks are becoming as popular as coffee for that afternoon energy quick fix. To help sort through energy drinks and find some good ones, Dr. Oz invited dietician Ashley Koff, RD, editor of Natural Healing Magazine and author of Mom Energy: A Simple Plan to Live Fully Charged.

Ms. Koff says the keys to keep in mind when shopping for an energy drink are:
  • Keep the carbs to no more than 15g;
  • Sugar should be no more than 10g, it's a carb too;
  • Limit caffeine to no more than 200mg; and
  • Avoid chemicals and artificial ingredients, Ms. Koff says there is no reason for them, they are dirty ingredients that will mess up your system.

To provide sustained energy, Ms. Koff has three energy drink recommendations and has paired each drink with a whole snack.

Dr. Oz Energy Drinks Worth Buying #1: Hi-Ball Energy Water
Hi-Ball Energy Water is a flavored sparkling water with a little kick of caffeine. Ms. Koff recommends enjoying Hi-Ball Energy Water with hummus and celery.

Dr. Oz Energy Drinks Worth Buying #2: Honest Tea Jasmine Green Energy Tea
Green tea has many health benefits so Ms. Koff recommends drinking Honest Tea Jasmine Green Energy Tea while snacking on edamame which provides fiber, protein, and essential fatty acids. Dr. Oz says this is the perfect combo for an afternoon energy boost.

Dr. Oz Energy Drinks Worth Buying #3: Natural Vitality Energy28
Get 24 fruits and veggies with Natural Vitality Energy28 which also includes the stimulant maca, ribose to shuttle energy into the cells, and rhodiola for mental clarity. Dr. Oz says Natural Vitality Energy28 is the energy drink that is closest to real food and provides energy the way it's supposed to be.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! Secret Anti-Aging Drug Store Tips

Dr. Oz Anti-Aging Tip #1: Moroccanoil Hand Cream
Moroccanoil Hand Cream instantly absorbs and contains oils and citrus to increase vitality of the skin. Use Moroccanoil Hand Cream as needed throughout the entire day and especially after washing the hands.

Dr. Oz Anti-Aging Tip #2: Dickinson's Witch Hazel
Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Daily Facial Towelettes is recommended by Dr. Oz to help shrink under eye bags. Witch hazel is a natural astringent that can help shrink pours and reduce the appearance of those bags.

Dr. Oz Anti-Aging Tip #3: Living Proof Hair Cream
To help hair look more vibrant, Dr. Oz recommends Living Proof Restore Targeted Hair Cream. The moisturizing formula provides shine and smooths out split ends.

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