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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 4/5/12: Skin Care Plan, Miracle Anti-Aging Pill, Fake-It Like You've Made-It, Cheaper Surf and Turf Meal, Shapewear instead of Nip and Tuck, Workout Like the Stars, Reduce Stress with a Muffin Tin, Todd Wilbur Makes Healthier Fried Chicken

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: April 5, 2012
Dr. Oz's Skin Care Plan for Your Skin Type

  • Dermatologists discuss skin care for every skin type
  • Miracle supplement to help you look younger
  • Fake-it like you've made it! Cheaper surf and turf from Chef Richard Blais
  • Fake a nip and tuck with shapewear
  • Workout like the stars with David Kirsch

Dark spots on your skin? Circles under the eyes? Wrinkles etching a road map on your skin? Dr. Oz has skin care solutions for every skin type. We're all different and have different skin. Skin care should be tailored to your own skin.


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Dr. Oz Skin Care for Every Skin Type

Forget what your mother told you about skin care. There's more to skin care than what you've probably been taught, says Dr. Oz. Three dermatologists discuss skin care routines based on your skin color.

Dr. Oz Skin Care Plan for African American Skin
More melanin in African American skin gives the skin that dark color and protects the skin from sun damage. Dense collage fibers in African American skin results in most women seeing fewer wrinkles but may experience more skin sagging.

Dr. Fran Cook-Bolden, MD, dermatologist and Director of Skin Specialty Dermatologists, says the biggest challenge is getting everyone with dark skin to use sunscreen. Increase your protection from sun damage by using sunscreen daily. Dr. Cook-Bolden says many African American women shy away from sunscreen because it can leave a white film to the skin but, she says, all sunscreen companies are working on translucent sunscreen products that will not leave any film on the skin.

Dr. Oz: Morning Skin Care Routine for African American Skin
In the morning, switch between a gentle, soothing cleanser and an exfoliating wash. Follow up cleansing with a gentle glycolic toner to even out skin tone, break up darker pigment areas, and to prevent oily skin.

Dr. Oz: Evening Skin Care Routine for African American Skin
Dr. Cook-Bolden says the evening skin care routine is all about healing and replenishing. She recommends a hydrating night cream that contains retinol, peptides, growth factors, and ceramides.

Dr. Oz Skin Care Plan for Latina Skin
Latina skin is a little lighter than African American skin and is often described as olive or medium color skin. With less melanin, Latina skin can experience more sun damage. Collagen fibers are a little less dense allowing for hallowing and sagging of the skin.

Dr. Alicia Barba, MD, dermatologist, says olive skin has an amazing ability to tan, natures way to protect from damage but, skin that tans can also pigment quite drastically and Latina skin can discolor.

Dr. Oz: Morning Skin Care Routine for Latina Skin
Dr. Barba says to use a cleanser based on skin condition or type. A trick she uses in her practice is to use different cleaners in the morning and in the evening. For the morning, she recommends a gentle cleanser to remove sebum from the skin.

Follow-up with a vitamin C serum and sunscreen. Dr. Barba explains that sunscreen is not a sun block and some sun rays will penetrate into the skin. Using a moisturizer that contains vitamin C will provide antioxidants to quench free-radicals released from sun exposure.

Dr. Oz: Evening Skin Care Routine for Latina Skin
A foaming cleanser in the evening help remove the make-up and sun screen. Dr. Barba suggest doing two passes of a cleanser at night to make sure all make-up is removed to reduce the chance of pimples in the morning.

For a moisturizer, Dr. Barba recommends using a skin-lightening agent with retinol.

Dr. Oz Skin Care Plan for Fair Skin
Fair skin has the fewest melanin sites which allows more sun rays to penetrate the skin and cause damage at a deeper level. With less collagen, fair skin tends to have more wrinkles and less skin sagging. Sun spots and age spots are more apparent on fair skin.

Dr. Elizabeth Hale, MD, dermatologist and Clinical Associate Professor of Dermatology at New York University Langone Medical Center, says people with fair skin have a greater risk of skin cancer and premature sun damage.

Dr. Oz: Morning Skin Care Routine for Fair Skin
In the morning, Dr. Hale recommends using a gentle cleanser that doesn't strip moisture or oils. It's never too late to protect the skin with daily sunscreen. Use a light weight moisturizer with sunscreen that won't clog pores. Make-up with sunscreen is not enough protection go for a moisturizer with SPF 30 as well as Vitamin A, C and E. Apply sunscreen to face, neck, chest, and hands every day, all year long.

Dr. Oz: Evening Skin Care Routine for Fair Skin
Dr. Hale recommends using make-up remover wipes calming fragrance at night. Follow up cleansing with a heavy moisturizer containing antioxidants and retinol.

Dr. Oz Miracle Anti-Aging Supplement to Look Younger

Chris Kilham, medicine hunter, has been searching for the fountain of youth for years. He may be on to something with the schizandra berry which has been used for 3,000 years in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as a life extender and health enhancer.

Schizandra is an adaptogen which can support the lowering of stress hormones in the blood and supports the body's ability to adapt to stress. It has also been used to support mood.

Dr. Oz tasted the schizandra berry and said it was sour. It made his eyes water. Mr. Kilham says schizandra is called the five-flavored berries with sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and pungent all at the same time. People use it for health purposes, not for the taste. Schizandra works three ways to turn back time.
Dr. Oz Schizandra Turns Back Time for Younger Skin
Mr. Kilham explains that schizandra contains profoundly powerful antioxidants to protect the lipid membrane from destruction and aging. Schizandra also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps rid the body of toxins. He recommends using dried schizandra berries in a tea or juice. Schizandra juice can be cut ½ and ½ with apple juice for better taste.

Dr. Oz Schizandra Turns Back Time to Boost Energy
Schizandra causes cells to produce more energy. Mr. Kilham calls schizandra its own fountain of energy. He uses schizandra himself and says he rarely feels fatigued but has loads of energy. Seep the dried berries in hot water for 5 minutes or boil. Dr. Oz tried the tea and found it to have a better flavor than the fresh berries or juice.

Dr. Oz Schizandra Turns Back Time to Sharpen Memory
Many people crave more focus and schizandra may be just the thing, says Dr. Oz. Mr. Kilham explains that schizandra works in the brain to improve memory, thought formation, concentration and can reduce mental fatigue. He recommends using 500mg of schizandra daily. Choose from pill or liquid form.

Dr. Oz: Fake It Like You've Made It – Live Rich on the Cheap

They eat the finest food and have access to the best plastic surgeons - the wealthy eat better and live longer, by more than a decade, than us commoners. Dr. Oz says you can eat healthier and live the good life without spending money like it's going out of style.

Welcome to Lifestyles of the Rich & Healthy with your host Robin Leach. [Oh! Yes, they did go there!] Mr. Leach says it's true that the rich live better and live longer. It's been proven with lower rates of diabetes and heart problems as wells as lower reports of stress in higher income brackets. [That's really why I want to win the lottery – better health, of course!] Mr. Leach sent us green smoothie wishes and chia seed dreams!

Dr. Oz: Fake-It Meal of the Rich and Famous
Richard Blais, chef, shares an iconic, and healthy, meal of the rich and famous. Caviar with it's vitamins D, A and E sits along side omega-3 containing lobster and protein-filled delicate filet mignon. That healthy meal will cost you $165.00 - per person! Oh my!

Not to worry, Chef Blais has created a less expensive version that you can make at home. He says it's as as healthy if not healthier than the expensive version.

Out goes the filet mignon and is replaced with a hanger steak that is just as lean, with more flavor. Out goes the lobster and in comes steak, which Chef Blais prefers anyways. Toss out the champagne and go for sparkling wine instead which still comes from France but packs less of a cost punch.

Who likes salted fish eggs anyway? Chef Blais has created an eggplant caviar, the seeds mimic the texture of caviar.

How much will this healthy, at-home meal set you back? Only $8.03 per person!

Dr. Oz: Fake a Thinner Body

Mary Alice Stevenson, stylist the stars, says you can smooth it out and tuck it in with shapewear that mimics expensive nip-and-tuck procedures. These items should be staples in every woman’s closet and you can wear them in different ways. Wearing them all several times a week will bring the cost to about $9.00 total, says Ms. Stevenson.

Maryann, from the audience, was shown in a before picture wearing a bland, pale pink tank top that washed out her skin with jeans.

After, Maryann came on stage with a black-and-white tank top, black leggings, high heels, black sweater and a tighter over-all appearance.

Dr. Oz Fake a Thinner Body: Lift It Up
Hollywood Breast Lift Tape, available drugstores and online, gives lift when you don't want to wear a bra with strapless, backless, plunging neckline clothing.

Dr. Oz Fake a Thinner Body: Smooth It Out
A Yummie Tummie tank top can help you have a smoother look. Wear it under your clothing or as a tank top. Available at deptment stores and online.

Dr. Oz Fake a Thinner Body: Pull It In
Bring more shape to your legs with slimming leggings. Ms. Stevenson likes the DKNY Smoothies leggings available at department stores and online.

Classic Shapewear

Dr. Oz: Fake-It Like You've Make It Workout

David Kirsch, personal trainer to the stars, has worked with celebrities for over 20 years and is sharing his signature workout moves with The Dr. Oz Show.

On the show, Mr. Kirsch showed Dr. Oz his platypus walk, which looks more like a duck walk [how does a platypus look when they walk?]

Watch a full workout routine designed by Mr. Kirsch on He says you'll get a perky butt without butt tape!

[Want more shapewear ideas? Check out these recent posts featuring more shapewear suggestions for looking your best.

Dr. Oz Fake-It For a Stress-Free Life

Do you know that the muffin tin can help you fake a stress-free life? Why the muffin tin?

Kristin van Ogtrop, Managing Editor of Real Simple Magazine, says the muffin tin is the unsung hero of the kitchen. Using your muffin tin more, not just for muffins, can help you feel more in control with less stress.

Dr. Oz Freeze Away Your Stress
Use the muffin tin to prep individual food portions, healthy green drink portions and fresh herbs. Whip up a batch of lasagna and place individual portions in each muffin tin chamber and freeze. Make a big batch of Dr. Oz's Green Drink and place individual servings in the muffin tin.

When you buy fresh herbs, how often do you use it all up before it spoils? Fill muffin tin containers with water, place the herbs in the water and freeze. Use the herbs in soups and stews but they'll be too wilty for a salad. Parsley, basil, and cilantro work best for freezing.

Dr. Oz Snack Your Stress Away
Use the muffin tin to portion out small snacks that you can grab throughout the day and stay on track with you weight-loss goals. Prep once and you'll have encouragement all day to the healthy foods you know you should reach for more often. Place almonds in a few chambers, celery and carrots in other with a little water. Dried fruit can be portioned out in a few muffin tin chambers. Fill a few with little pieces of dark chocolate.

Dr. Oz Stretch Away Your Stress
A muffin tin can be used for more than muffins and snacks. It's also a foot stretcher too! Put a marble, or golf ball, in the muffin tin chamber and try to grab it with your toes. Move the marble from chamber to chamber. This is a great stretch for women but, may be a bit harder for men.

Dr. Oz Fake-It with Healthy Fried Chicken

Todd Wilbur,, author of the cookbook series Top Secret Recipes, joins Dr. Oz to perform another amazing fast-food re-do this time on KFC fried chicken. The biggest challenge with creating this re-do recipe, says Mr. Wilbur, was not frying the chicken and not using MSG but, he succeeded on both counts.

The secret ingredient for healthy not-fried chicken is fish sauce. That's right fish sauce. Don't worry, your chicken won't tasted fishy. The fish sauce mimics the flavor enhancing effects of MSG but is a healthier option. Soak skinless chicken in fish sauce, salt and water for 2 hours before preparing. This is the key to the recipe, says Mr. Wilbur.

What are the 11 herbs and spices that the Colonel is famous for? Mr. Wilbur figured that out too: salt, ground white pepper, fine ground tellicherry pepper - a high-grade pepper grown in India, ground sage, paprika, ground savory, onion powder, ground marjoram, ground ginger, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper. All the herbs are ground, that's another key. You don't see flakes of herbs in KFC chicken.

Dip the marinated chicken in eggs and then in the herb mix with flour and bread crumbs. Spray cooking oil on a baking sheet and spray down the breaded, spiced chicken too. Bake and then done!

The Numbers:
Original recipe KFC chicken comes in at 305 calories and 19g fat.
Todd Wilbur's not-fried chicken re-do comes in at a healthier 170 calories with only 9g fat.

Click here for Todd Wilbur's Healthy Fried Chicken recipe. [My kids have never eaten KFC but want me to make this recipe and make it soon because it looks so good. I'll let you know how it goes. I'll have to accumulate the spices first!]

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! Best Anti-Aging Foods

Dr. Oz Best Anti-Aging Food #1: Pink Grapefruit
Lycopene, says Dr. Oz, in pink grapefruit can protect the skin from free-radical damage and damage from UV rays.

Dr. Oz Best Anti-Aging Food #2: Red Peppers
Eating red peppers can help fight wrinkles, says Dr. Oz. Vitamin C in red peppers promotes collagen production which plays a role in reducing fine lines. Use red peppers in hummus or in stir-fry.

Dr. Oz Best Anti-Aging Food #3: Collard Greens
Vitamin A in collard greens can help to reduce cell turnover and reduce break outs, says Dr. Oz. Use collard greens in a salad or lightly saute them.

Dr. Oz Best Anti-Aging Food #4: Cottage Cheese
Dr. Oz says you can eat the cottage cheese but, it's also great to moisturize the face. The fat and natural acids in cottage cheese can penetrate the skin for deep moisturizing. Mix 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese with 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, rub into the face and leave on for 15 minutes.


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