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Monday, October 10, 2011

Watching Dr Oz 10/10/11: Carb Addiction, Carb Cycle Diet, Chris Powell's Weight Loss Tips, Under Active Thyroid, Anti-Aging Cocktail Party

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: October 10, 2011

Cut Your Carb Cravings in 1 Week: The Revolutionary Plan for Weight Loss

  • Chris Powell's SMART weight loss goal
  • Carb cycle diet
  • Three weight loss tips from Chris Powell
  • Three ways to spot Hypothyroidism
  • Have your drink and antioxidants too

Carbohydrates: the number one reason most of us can't lose weight. Many are powerless when confronted with bread, pasta, cake, and chips. Find out how Chris Powell helps even the super-obese achieve weight loss success while eating carbohydrates.


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Chris Powell, transformation specialist and star of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, has helped people across the country lose weight and keep it off. From everyday folks looking to lose a few pounds to people to David Smith who lost 400 lbs working with Chris for 26 months.

Chris has created an innovative way to achieve weight loss by eating carbohydrates [Gasp!]. Chris explains that carbs are ultimately the secret to weight loss – everything runs on glucose = your body needs carbs. Carbs became “bad” about 20 – 30 years ago. [As a population we have become scared to even look at carb for fear of gaining weight.]

As the smallest kid in his school, Chris was picked on, a lot. His parents bought him a weight set and he has been working out ever since. Now he shares his wisdom and inspiration to help others lose weight, he even goes so far as to moving into their home for 90 days to help them shed hundreds of pounds

Chris believes the to weight loss begins in the mind: people have to be ready to love themselves, believe in themselves. No matter how deep a hole you find yourself in, you can always dig yourself out. The super obese have the longest journey out of all of us. We all have emotional baggage and when you let go of it then transformation begins.

Dr. Oz and Chris agree that weight loss transformation is achieved through team work. They both urge people to reach out to some one close, someone you trust, 2 or 3 people. [With a support system, success can be achieved and maintained.]

If Chris can't be there in your house, you can do the same thing by starting with a SMART goal.

Specific: saying “I want to be healthy” is not specific, neither is “I want to fit into these jeans”. The goal needs to be a specific amount of weight. Saying I will be a size 8 , or I will weigh 140lbs are more specific goals.

Measurable: the goal has to be something you can actual measure – specific weight or a specific waist measurement.

Attainable: the goal has to be something you actually achieve through nutrition and exercise.

Realistic: [making a realistic goal will make it an achievable goal. Setting a goal to lose 20 pounds in two weeks sounds great but is not a healthy or a realistic goal.] Chris suggests to take your body weight and divide by 100 to determine a healthy amount to lose every week.

Time sensitive: put a time-line on the goal [withing the realistic and attainable] to place some urgency on the outcome. Saying “eventually” will never get the job done.

Dr. Oz: Chris Powell Week-Long Plan to Conquer Carb Addiction

Chris has put together a week-long plan to break the carbohydrate addiction, boost metabolism and burn fat. The plan calls for alternating days of high-carbs and low-carbs (high protein): it's called the carb cycle.

Carbs provide the fuel for the body and allows the thyroid to make the necessary hormone conversion to rev up the metabolism and the protein provides the burn. Boost-Burn, Boost-Burn, Boost-Burn. Think of the thyroid as the thermostat of the of the body with carbs being the fuel.

Dr. Oz: Chris Powell Carb Buster Plan - Day One: high-carb, 5 meals a day, boost metabolism, build muscle.
Eat meals every 3 hours. Focus on protein, complex carbs, and all the veggies you can eat.
Click here for all the high-carb recipes.

Dr. Oz: Chris Powell Carb Buster Plan - Day Two: low-carb day. 5 meals, burn fat.
Start the day with complex carbs and the rest of the day focus on protein, vegetables and healthy fats.
Click here for all the low-carb recipes.

Alternate high and low carbs for 6 days and eat what you want, within rules, the 7th day. Rules for the 7th day are: go out to eat but don't bring the food home. If you want a chocolate bar, eat it somewhere other than the home. [I think he is trying to convey the idea of keeping the home as a healthy food zone but this may not work for people who travel. It would require more digging into his website.]

Dr. Oz: Chris Powell's Three Tips for Weight-Loss

Chris Powell and Dr. Oz share three tips to help get your weight loss journey started and, hopefully keep you going to your goal.

Dr. Oz: Chris Powell Weight Loss Tip #1 – create an environment for success. Remove the high fat, high sugar, high carbohydrates, and high calorie processed foods from the home. [All those foods you know you shouldn't eat but get anyways, we all know what ones we're talking about - take them out of your house!]

Dr. Oz: Chris Powell Weight Loss Tip #2 – eat a protein meal every 3 hours. Dr. Oz says you will never fall off your diet if you do this one simple tip. Use a Blender Bottle to mix it up quick or mix it up on the go. Dr. Oz and Mr. Powell recommend a whey protein powder in the bottle.

[I've tried several shake mix bottles over the years and honestly, the Blender Bottle really is the best. It actually mixes the powders into the liquid and it's easy to clean.

Whey protein, from dairy, is a highly digestible protein however people with dairy allergies or intolerance should choose another form of protein. Biochem by Country Life 100% Whey Protein was the top-selling whey protein at the health food store. Egg protein is the second most absorbed protein – in the world of protein powders. I also like hemp protein powder with a little cocoa powder and I love Garden of Life Raw Protein made with raw sprouted grains and greens.]

Dr. Oz: Chris Powell Weight Loss Tip #3 – change happens in 2 minutes. Chris's favorite exercise is called either Down and Ups or Burpies. Do these for 2 minutes straight to boost metabolism. Take hands, put on floor in front of you, walk legs back to table, walk feet up to hands, stand up.

[Here's a video showing how to complete a beginner verison and an advanced version of the Burpie exercise. Chris demonstrated the exercise doing a walk back and walk forward instead of a jump. The idea being that you start out with a walk and as strength and stamina increases then step up to a jump and add a push up too.]

Mr. Powell has put together an exercise video based on the Extreme Makeover show, check it out here.

Dr. Oz: Three Ways to Figure Out If You're Hypothyroid

Eating right and exercising and still not losing weight? Could one of your organs be setting you back?
A swollen thyroid gland, also known as a goiter, indicates a hypothyroid issue. The thyroid gland regulates metabolism in partnership with the pituitary gland. In the brain, the pituitary gland sends hormones out to the thyroid triggering it to release thyroid hormone to get the metabolism going.

If the thyroid gland is under active and not properly receiving those hormones from the pituitary and not properly sending out hormones then the metabolism shuts down contributing to weight gain and other health issues. Signs of a slow thyroid: bloating, constipation, and how quick (or slow) you feel in life.

Thyroid issues are the most common hormonal problem treated in women. [I would have guessed perimenopause or menopause were the most treated female hormone issue.]

Dr. Oz Hypothyroid Check #1: Women should not be able to feel or see thyroid. The tyroid gland sits right under the adam's apple. If you can feel a bump under the adam's apples this could be a sign of swelling of the tyroid.

Dr. Oz Hypothyroid Check #2: Swelling of the eyes or puffy eye lids can be a sign of a under-active thyroid gland.

Dr. Oz Hypothyroid Check #3: Hair check 100 hairs lost every day is normal. If you are losing more than 100 hairs per day and the hair is brittle, it is an indication of hormonal imbalance.

Feeling or seeing any of these potential signs of hypothyroidism is an indication of time to talk to a doctor who can run tests to check thyroid health.

Dr. Oz: Anti-Aging Cocktail Party

How can a doctor and bartender help you lose weight? When they come together to mix delicious drinks high in antioxidants that also support the body you've got the recipe for a fun night of friends and drinks that won't set back your health.

Cleveland’s cocktail king and mixologist Rob Turek has partnered with Tanya Edwards, MD, wellness and anti-aging expert to make what Dr. Oz calls the Anti-aging Cocktail Dream Team. Dr. Edwards says the right nutrition can help you look younger and live longer. With or without the alcohol, bring your veggies and mix up the fun.

Take some kale, turmeric, ginger, walnuts add some tomato juice and vodka and you've got a Memory-Boosting Bloody Mary.

How about a heart smart cooler? With blueberries, blackberries, mint, basil, pom, green tea, seltzer water this drink has antioxidants after antioxidants on top of antioxidants! Mix this up for a fun pick-me-up anytime.

Enjoy your night out while keeping the wrinkles at bay with a Anti-Wrinkle Chocolatini.
Crushed walnuts, vanilla vodka, Irish cream liqueur, dark chocolate liqueur, with a dark chocolate garnish – this drink is high in omegas and antioxidants.

Find these recipes and more at

Dr. Oz: Health Drop Game For Wrinkles

Audience members play a game to learn about the #1 Vitamin Dr. Oz wants everyone to take for wrinkles.

Vitamin A is the key to great skin. If you have a deficiency what type of skin will this result?
Oily, bruised or flaky?
Flaky, vitamin a stimulates skin cell growth and supports that top layer of skin. Without vitamin A that top layer can become dry, flaky, and itches.

If you're deprived of Vitamin A which wrinkle causing side effect can occur?
Squinting, sneezing, or yawning?
A deficiency of vitamin A can lead to a declining eyesight which often manifests as squinting to see. Crow's feet are associated with this deficiency.

[Read Chris Powell's blog on weight loss featured on The Chris Powell appeared on today's Dr. Oz Show sharing his weight loss tips that have helped even the extreme obese to lose weight. Check back later to for the blog post on this show.]

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  2. Glad you liked it, Anonymous! Chris Powell's program goes against current trend but it certainly makes sense. I like the idea of alternating carb-heavy and carb-light days.