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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Watching Dr Oz 10/27/11: Change Your Body Shape, Look 10 lbs Thinner, Irritable Bowel, International Weight Loss Secrets, Bizarre Bath Ingredients

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: October 27, 2011
Biggest Breakthroughs for Every Body Type

  • Change your body shape with food and exercise
  • Look thinner with the right clothes
  • Causes and support for irritable bowel
  • Weight loss helpers from around the world
  • Bizarre baths for skin health

“I hate my butt!” “I can't stand my stomach!” “Give me anything to change the shape of my body!” Dr. Oz has heard these statements over and over again. He says you may be born with it but you don't have to live with it. Today, Dr. Oz is talking about targeting body fat to achieve your desired body shape.

Knowing your body type and understanding how you carry body fat will lead you toward targeted ways to change your problem areas into areas to be proud of!


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Dr. Oz Biggest Breakthroughs for Every Body Type

Dr. Oz says this show is all about hope! Reshape your target areas and get your desired shape starting now!

Dr. Oz Body Breakthroughs - Bottom Area: Hips, Thighs and Butt

Concerns: feeling insecure about the butt area, the entire lower half including thighs and hips, thinking that everyone is staring at your butt instead of your face.

Dr. Oz says the fat in this area is called subcutaneous fat – under the skin. This fat lines the underside of the skin and is a healthier type of fat. In fact, Dr. Oz explains, this type of fat can be protective of cardiovascular health. Illustrating with a tissue sample, he pointed out that there are no blood vessels in this type of fat making it harder to work off.

Dr. Oz Food Choices to Target the Bottom Area
Avoid: saturated fats and processed foods that are just empty calories.

Include: low-fat dairy products in every meal. Two percent fat is a good choice, it's believed the calcium in the dairy plays a role in weight loss.

Start the day with a breakfast of yogurt with fruit. At lunch have cottage cheese with vegetables and grilled chicken. For a snack, keep it low calorie and low fat with cocoa powder mixed in milk. Dinner consisting of a turkey burger with cheese and veggies round out the menu.

Dr. Oz says there is a big difference between food choices for a big behind and choices for a big belly and it comes down to carbohydrates. To target the bottom area, carbohydrates are allowed and encouraged. [Make that whole grains and don't go crazy with it.]

Dr. Oz Exercises to Target the Bottom Area
Geralyn Coopersmith, fitness expert says to focus on working the whole body when trying to reduce the junk in the trunk. Concerns over a big butt leads people to do a lot of leg lifts and that's not the best approach.

Ms. Coopersmith recommends the curtsey squat to work the entire lower body. [Fitness Magazine illustrates the curtsey squat in the article Sleeker Thighs in One Month.]

Complete a set immediately move on to a set of standing rows with resistance bands. [ has a great video explanation of the standing row with resistance bands. Find resistance bands at sporting goods stores, and all-purpose box stores like Target.]

From the rows, go right back to the the curtsey squat and one more time to the rows.

Ms. Coopersmith emphasizes the importance of doing these exercises back-to-back to create lean body tissue, raise metabolism and get the entire body moving.

Dr. Oz Body Breakthroughs - Belly Fat

Concern: used to be have a small body, not a big eater yet suffer from reflux, people ask when the baby is due and she's a grandmother, feeling restricted about being active, not able to play with kids.

Big bellies are about people who take care of everyone else [and they need to make a conscientious choice to take care of themselves].

Illustrated with a tissue sample, carrying fat in the belly leads to the entire intestinal system being coated in fat. When there is fat in the belly and around the intestines, the fat goes straight to the organs and forms plaque inside the heart.

The good news: belly fat is much easier to get rid of than other types of problem areas.

The bad news: belly fat is linked to type 2 diabetes, cancer, and slows metabolism.

The number one reason to lose that belly fat is because it's linked to stress. Not coping with stress, taking care of everyone else and not yourself leads to high levels of cortisol that tells the body to store fat. Accumulated fat in the organs can put health at risk.
Dr. Oz Food Choices to Target the Belly
Belly fat does not respond to low fat diet. Keep the carbohydrates in moderation and focus on reducing inflammation to balance cortisol and blood sugar levels.

Healthy grain choices for belly fat are inexpensive and, Dr. Oz says, they work: buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa.

Use the health fats avocado, olive oil, fish as a tool to quell the fire of inflammation.

Dr. Oz recommends eating his Anti-Inflammatory Toast for breakfast. Toast Ezekiel [4:9®] Bread [from Food For Life brand] and top with avocado, olive oil, lemon juice and red pepper flakes.

Dr. Oz encourages people to choose foods that agree with your temperament. If stress is hard to handle then use food to support your body through the process.

Dr. Oz Exercises to Target the Belly
Ms. Coopersmith says to avoid steady cardiovascular exercises instead focus on metabolic disturbance training - high level exercise for minute and then low level. This method uses both aerobic and anaerobic systems to more effectively burn fat and to kill stress.

Dr. Oz Look Thinner Without Losing Weight – Fake It Until You Make It!

Robert Verdi, fashion expert provided two viewers with an outfit that focuses on their positive features while downplaying the areas that are still in progress.

The biggest mistake women make with their fashion choices is to wear baggy clothes with lots of layers that don't work and end up making up look bigger.

Dr. Oz Dressing the Big Bottom
She tries to camouflage the junk in her trunk with plus size tops but her daughter says she just. looks frumpy. Robert explained that the fit of her clothes were not helping her out. Tops with no shape, tops with a boxy shape and tops with way too much material for her body size were making her entire body look bigger.

The solutions: wear dark colors on the bottom with a pop of color on the top, the end of the top should hit the middle of the hips, wear wide-leg pants, avoid cuts of clothing that hug the hips then taper down.

[The After Look: she wore a lovely red dress with a v-neckline and a waist line belting that hit just below the breast and just above the natural waist line accentuating the smallest part of her body. A little flair in the skirt remove emphasis from the trunk and with the waist and neck line in the right places, all eyes went to her face and hour-glass figure that was created with the right clothes.]

Dr. Oz Dressing the Big Belly
She feels uncomfortable in everything and people ask if she's pregnant when she's not, not, not! Robert shared that her methods to down play were emphasizing her belly. Using belts draws attention to what your trying to minimize. Shirts that are too long make you look shorter and makes the middle look bigger. Too much pattern on the top draws attention and creates a larger shape.

The solutions: wear a v-neckline to draw attention to the face, wear solid and deeper tones, wear dark wash boot cut/straight leg jeans all that create a clean, easy line.

The After Look: she wore a sleeveless v-neck wrap sweater with a little cinching at the waist, under the sweater a white, long sleeve shirt with a dark wash boot cut jean. She danced around and felt great!]

“I can do this even and I'm a guy!” says Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz Irritable Bowel Issues

Over 55 million people in America suffer from irritable bowel and they are mostly women. The root cause and the biggest aggravator is stress.

Dr. Oz Five Signs of Irritable Bowel
Diarrhea, constipation, pellet stools, flat stools like ribbons not diarrhea but shows that food is not bing digested, and bloating.

Dr. Oz Most Common Stressors of Irritable Bowel
Work, kids, marriage, bills, weight, money, housework, health, and in-laws.

All these stressors effect the brain differently, in different ways.

One type of reaction involves a cascade of effects, flushing everything through the intestines causing diarrhea. Another type of reaction causes pellets to go through the system and they can get clogged within the intestines where bowel spasms try to move the material out, unsuccessfully. The spasms cause the bloating.

Foods that aggravate: caffeine, dairy, fatty foods, and artificial sweeteners.

Foods that help: fiber.

Dr. Oz recommends taking peppermint oil capsules for diarrhea. On his website, Dr. Oz recommends eating the Anti-Inflammatory Toast but swapping the olive oil with peppermint oil. [Sounds like a too many flavors wrapped in one, peppermint and lemon and chili peppers on toast. Oh my!]

Dr. Oz International Slim Down Secrets

Dr. Oz Hungary Slim Down Secret
Spices in soups, stews and casserole play a role in their slim waists but it's the process they use to prepare the vegetables that Dr. Oz says is the key to their healthy weight. Pickled foods! The vinegar in the pickles suppresses fat, they have no calories, are extremely tart but beware of the salt. [Foods with bitter flavors stimulate digestion and can soothe the stomach.]

Dr. Oz recommends swapping out chips twice a week with two pickles and that could lead to a weight loss of 3 ½ lbs over the course of a week.

Dr. Oz Switzerland Slim Down Secret
Historically, Switzerland has been a nation of farmers and they continue to focus on vegetables in their diet. The veggies help but it's the muelsi for breakfast that keeps them slim. [Muelsi is a blend of oats along with dried fruit. Some brands blend the oats with other grains such as rye and wheat. Serve the muelsi with milk or yogurt for a healthy breakfast treat departure from simple, old oatmeal.]

Dr. Oz says muelsi can be filling, satisfying and also supports blood sugar balancing and by replacing bacon and eggs every day for year you could depart with 7 lbs of weight.

Dr. Oz South Africa Slim Down Secret
It's what they drink that helps them slim down, and stay slim. Rooibos tea is naturally sweet so no sugar needed and it also boosts immune health. American's drink a lot of coffee but Dr. Oz says that by swapping 1 cup of rooibos tea for 1 cup of coffee every day 7.5 lbs could drop off your waist in one year.

Dr. Oz Bizarre Baths to Address Skin Concerns

The ingredients may be bizarre but they are also supportive of looking and feeling younger.

Play the Game: Get in the tub and identify the ingredient! [Brave, these women are brave!]

Dr. Oz Bizarre Bath Ingredients #1: looks like urine, smells like milk.
Clue: used in Indian food.
Turmeric in the bath can help to soothe the joints and can be supportive of discomforts associated with arthritis.

Dr. Oz Bizarre Bath Ingredients #2: looks like flower flakes and smells like beer.
Clue: looks like something hopped in there.
Hops are a popular soaking agent in Germany and can help to exfoliate the skin and may be supportive of psoriasis as well as acne. Add one bottle of beer, Dr. Oz says you can take a few sips, with 2 cups of hops for a soothing bath.

Dr. Oz Bizarre Bath Ingredients #3: looks green, feels slimy, smells like the ocean.
No clue needed, this viewer takes seaweed baths often. Seaweed baths are quite popular in the Mediterranean. Once a week, add four sheets of seaweed to the bath to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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  1. Turmeric? So I would turn orange then?

  2. YES! You would turn really orange and your bath tub would be a mess. However you might have increased mobility to clean that tub of orange after soaking in the turmeric. I used turmeric this year to color easter eggs and the shells had a wonderful golden color. Skip the self-tanning lotion and soak in turmeric, eh?