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Monday, October 3, 2011

Watching Dr. Oz 10/03/11: Embarrassing Questions 1 - 25

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: 10/03/11
Dr. Oz Gone Wild: 50 Embarrassing Health Questions

Do you have issues? We all have issues. When you have a question about medical issues would you be too embarrassed to ask your doctor? Fear holds us back from doing a lot of things but could the fear of asking an embarrassing question mean ignoring a medical concern that requires attention? Shying away from medical question can result in a health issue going unresolved.

Everywhere he goes, people ask Dr. Oz a health related question – we all want free health advice! Find out the answers to the most embarrassing questions posed to Dr. Oz.


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Dr. Oz Gone Wild: 50 Embarrassing Health Questions

[This was the hardest show to blog! The questions raced by with quick-fire answers. It was a frantic hour of information with quick answers and no minute details. Keep in mind this was about 43 minutes of show (minus commercials) covering 50 questions.

Questions 1 – 5 were shot out in high speed with poor sound. Even watching the show a second time around, I missed question number one. Questions 2 – 5 were asked but he didn't always give an answer or solution to the issue presented.]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #1: Missed. I couldn't hear the question. Twice. 

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #2 What can I do for knee pain? Dr. Oz recommended glucosamine and chondroiten.
[Glucosamine supports the cartilage in joints and chondroiten supports the ligaments and tendons. Glucosamine is the most commonly recommended supplement for joint support while chondroiten is the least recommended. Chondroiten lost favor several years ago when it was circulated that it was a large molecule and very difficult for the body to absorb.

The most popular combination is glucosamine along with MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) and in particular, at the store where I worked, Nature's Way FlexMaxTM Glucosamine with MSM MSM is a form of sulfur which used to be quite prevalent in the diet but processing removes the natural sulfur. MSM can help to address the issue of join pain in addition to joint mobility. Further support for the structure and mobility of joints may be provided by taking MSM along with glucosamine.

When joint pain is discussed, inflammation is typically included in the conversation. Inflammation appears in the body most often when tissue damage occurs. Turmeric, curcumin and essential fatty acids, like omega-3, from fish oil are looked to for modulation of that pesky inflammation.]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #3: What are these bumps on my arms?
Dr. Oz took a look the bumps on the woman's arm and said they are a classic rash. He did not, however, give any suggestions on how to manage the bumps.

[From the 3/12/12 episode, Dr. Oz provided a recommendation to help manage body acne:

Consulting with dermatologists, Dr. Oz said the best way to treat acne on the body is the same way you would treat acne on the face. He what Dr. Oz recommends using products with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Cotton underwear would be best to prevent acne on the back side. Shapewear, workout shorts, or yoga pants could make the problem worse.]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #4: What can I do about thin finger nails?
Dr. Oz says when he sees thin fingernails he thinks biotin deficiency and recommends getting more B Vitamins in the diet.

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #5: What can I do about this birth mark?
A young woman showed Dr. Oz a discoloration on her arm. Dr. Oz said it wasn't a birth mark but stretch marks. No answer was provided. [See Question #19 from this post from more about stretch marks. Dr. Oz has said on previous shows that there is no “cure” for stretch marks.

However, on the 5/2/12 episode, Dr. Oz did recommend a product to reduce the appearance of stretch marks:

Dr. Oz shared that he didn't think there was a good solution for stretch marks. Cocoa butter doesn't always work for every person. Ms. Goldstein says there is a product that can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, StriVectin Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks. A topical form of niacin, Ms. Goldstein says StriVectin can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks in 12 weeks.

[Take a look at that ingredient list: chemical after chemical on top of chemicals and even more chemicals. I'll keep my stretch marks and $135 plus shipping, thank you very much.]]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #6: Why is my tongue discolored?
This audience member had dark, nearly black, stripes on either side of her tongue. Medications can leave stains on the tongue - she has been on antibiotics recently. Dr. Oz recommended using baking soda to brush her tongue. Dip the brush in baking soda then dip it into a little water and brush the tongue.

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #7: There is brown stuff in the ears when cleaning with a cotton swab. Is that normal?
Wax build up in the ears is normal. Using a cotton swab inside the ear causes the built up wax to be pushed back further into the ear. Pushing that cotton swab too far into the ear could puncture the ear drum. Dr. Oz recommends using mineral oil in the ears at night to dissolve the wax by morning.

[According to the website, mineral oil “is produced as the byproduct of the distillation of gasoline from crude oil.” As a personal rule, I only put gasoline in my automobile and not in my body, certainly not in my ear. There are many ear health support products on the market that contain ingredients that are recommended for internal and external use. Most of these products are a base of oil (often olive) along with garlic and mullein. NOW Ear Oil has these along with tea tree oil, calendula and St. John's Wort oil.]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #8: Is it normal to have gas after an orgasm?
The nerve system and muscles of the body have to let go to allow an orgasm to happen. Dr. Oz says don't get hung up on having gas but to let the gas go to allow for intimacy. He also suggests using Beano® to reduce gas.

[Beano® is a very nice enzyme product however it only contains one enzyme that breaks down only starchy foods. If the gas is related to insufficient breakdown of starchy foods then Beano® would be wonderful however, if other foods are causing the issue – fatty, protein, carbohydrates, dairy – then Beano® won't help. Taking a supplement with all the basic enzymes to cover all the common foods will provide a full spectrum support approach to digestion. I like: Now Plant Enzymes , Enzymedica's Digest and Digest Gold

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #9: My belly button smells gross and I've tried covering the smell with perfume, is this normal?
Most people will find, if they check, that their belly button has a distinct odor. What causes the odor? Lint from clothing accumulates in the belly button then dirt from dead skin cells gets in there along with sweat. The moisture from the sweat holds in the lint and dirt creating an environment ripe for bacteria to take up house causing the smell. While it is normal, it's not good to have bacteria build up. Clean it out. [When was the last time you thought to clean out your belly button? Yeah, me neither.] Dr. Oz recommends using rubbing alcohol and cotton swab to clean out the belly button.

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #10: My toe nail is discolored, what should I do?
The audience member had banged her toe causing trauma providing an ideal area for fungus and bacteria to grow in the nail bed and destroy the ability to grow new nail. Dr. Oz recommends a home remedy before more drastic pharmaceuticals: 5-6 drops of tea tree oil int sunflower oil [sunflower is a carrier oil in this remedy and other oils may be used if sunflower is not available]. Rub mixture onto the nail area frequently. This will address the bacteria but not necessarily the fungus. [If the issue remains after trying this remedy then talk to a podiatrist as the issue may be caused by something else.]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #11: Is there anything I can do to get rid of acne scars?
Wax and oil build up naturally in the hair follicles which is a breeding ground for bacteria. The body reacts by surrounding the the bacterial within the follicle and creating a pimple. The pimple widens the pour, the pimple bursts, then the body goes in to repair the tear in the skin. The tear may be too deep and/or wide for the body to restore the skin to its previously smooth, flat appearance ending up leaving a depression on the skin otherwise knows as a scar. Dr. Oz recommends using a collagen creams as a home remedy first before more drastic dermatological procedures.

[Collegen, taken internally (click here for more information on collagen supplements ) or used externally supports the building of the structural network of the skin. Collagen has long be recommended for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and also for cellulite as discussed in the post mentioned above.

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Questions #12 & 13: One woman says she gets a headache after an orgasm and another woman says has fainted when singing.
Both issues are related to lower levels of oxygen in the blood during heavy breathing situations such as singing or making whoopee.

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #14: Why do I get a headache when I eat ice cream?
Known as brain freeze, the ice cream headache comes from eating or drinking something very cold on a hot day. Cold on the roof of the mouth encourages the body to dilate blood vessels to bring on warmth. Brain freeze usually lasts for a short time, 30 seconds on average, with rare cases lasting several minutes.

[For an in depth and dry scientific explanation see I heard on a morning news show recently that the “cure” for an ice cream headache is to put the tongue on the roof of the mouth providing warmth.]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #15: Why do I get eye boogers in the morning?
Eye crust is typically an indication of plugged sinuses. Dr. Oz recommended using a sinus/nasal spray to moisturize the membranes and encourage the removal of mucus. [Saline nasal sprays are very common and, according to label, can be used multiple times per day as needed.

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #16: What can I do to stop my eye from twitching?
Dr. Oz said to limit caffeine to two cups per day.

[I felt this was way too simplistic. Most of my life I have experienced eye and facial twitches at some time or another. I have talked to a doctor about it and he felt there was no underlying health concern and that I should just be patient until it passes. The best help was for me to take notice of what is going in my life when the twitches came and I discovered they were all associated with stress.

So I visited one of my favorite websites and learned a little about the many causes for eye twitches.
Most eye twitches are harmless however if it becomes chronic could be a sign of chronic movement disorder, nerve or brain disorders. These potentially serious issues are often accompanied with other facial or body twitches or other symptoms. Causes of the harmless types of facial twitching, according to the May Clinic are: alcohol, caffeine, fatigue, irritation of the eyes or inner lids, sleep deprivation, over-exertion, smoking and stress.]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Questions Regarding Weight Loss

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #17: Could a new low carbohydrate diet cause bad breath?
Dr. Oz said, absolutely and to eat some carbs along with 6 meals a day. The bad breath is an indication of the body entering ketosis and going into starvation mode.

[A low carb diet causes the body to go into ketosis, a state when carbs are no longer ingested and the body turns to fat for energy instead of the ingested carbs and ketones are released into the blood. The body relies on carbs for fuel. In particular, the brain runs on carbs and fat. Removing all carbs causes the body to go into starvation mode which can have dire consequences. High level of ketones in the blood is toxic and is associated with low insulin levels as in diabetes. Low carb diets are still very commonly used as a quick was to lose weight. Quick weight loss can have many negative health implications and does not lead to a change in lifestyle making it very hard to keep the weight off. Check out for more information on ketosis. ]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #18: When losing weight, I've notice my hair is thinning, what can I do?
Dieting too hard can rob the body of certain nutrients especially those that support the hair. Keratin is a protein that is part of the structure of the skin, hair and follicles. Dr. Oz recommended eating a large egg or mixed nuts daily.

[ recommends the following foods as a source of keratin:
fish including tuna, shrimp, cod, and beef. Vegetarian sources are legumes such as kidney beans and lentils.

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #19: What home remedy can I use to get rid of stretch marks from pregnancy?
Nothing! Dr. Oz said that only laser treatments from a dermatologist can rid the body of stretch marks and cocoa butter doesn't work.

[I have always heard of cocoa butter and other moisturizing oils used as a preventative for stretch marks during pregnancy. The idea is to being applying the butters and oils at the beginning of pregnancy to provide the skin with ample moisture and hydration before and while the skin stretches. talks more about what products and procedures do and do not work. Note that they too say there is no guaranteed cure and even laser surgery is not a 100% removal option.]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #20: I tried colonics and didn't lose weight, am I doing something wrong?
The colon has good and bad bacteria lining its walls. A colonic, a liquid flush of the colon, removes both the good and the bad bacteria and does not help with weight loss. At most, a half pound will be removed after a colonic which will quickly be gained back in the form good bacteria repopulating the colon.

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #21: I'm losing weight and tattoo looks sad! Is there anyway to get it back?
Stretched skin is like silly putty. Weight gain causes the skin to stretch and will stretch out tattoos. [I have a wonky mole on my belly now that was stretched from pregnancy and it won't go back to its normal shape, go figure.] When the weight is lost too fast, the body is not able to bring the skin back to its normal state so tattoos may not return to their normal shape. Losing weight at the rate of one pound per week will allow the body to adjust and give the skin a better chance to return to a more supple state. [See my notes to question 11.]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #22: When I eat greens my stomach gurgles, what can I do about that?
Greens are hard to digest. Dr. Oz recommends mixing grains with greens.

[The body produces enzymes in the pancreas to digest everything we eat and drink. The body also uses enzymes that naturally occur in foods to break them down. As we get older, it's harder for the body to produce enzymes and it's harder for the body to extract enzymes from raw foods. When switching from a diet focused on highly processed foods to one with nutrient-dense fruits and veggies the body may need some time and support to adjust. See the notes in question 8 for enzyme recommendations.]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #23: What can I do about my thighs banging together when I walk?
Dr. Oz says to get more gentle cardiac workouts, the kind that leaves you a little breathy, to burn more fat.

[Dr. Oz and an audience member stepped on these blue, squishy, half hall looking things but he didn't say what they were. They both did some squats to tone and firm up the thigh muscles. Really, the only solution is to lose weight and build muscle. I don't know if another gadget is necessary to do this. Simply doing squats would accomplish the same ends and you can do those without any equipment. Check out Matt Furey and his Hindu Squats.
I learned about these years ago and they are really amazing. When I did them consistently I lost weight and became stronger. When I get lazy, my thighs also bang together. It's really more of a slap but neither are attractive. Hmmmm...I should get back on that wagon and make some results happen!]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #24: I lost weight and now my belly button is large. Will it shrink when I lose the weight?
Dr. Oz says yes. The skin and belly button will return to normal. If the belly button doesn't shrink it could be umbilical hernia and which would require medical intervention. [So in addition to keeping it clean, it's important to know the size of your belly button.]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #25: I sweat all the time and the moisture goes through my clothes. Is that normal?
Dr. Oz simply stated to avoid fabrics that cling to the skin and instead, choose cotton which breaths and is more comfortable.

Excessive sweating not associated with air temperature or exercise could be an indication of diabetes, issues with the thyroid gland, heart concerns or it could be associated with hormonal changes such as during pregnancy or menopause. Sure, clothing can be an issue but there can be more to explore when someone is concerned about sweating.]

***See part two of this post, dated 10/4/11, for questions 26 - 50***

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