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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Watching Dr Oz 10/26/11: Insomnia in America, Small Bowel Obstruction, Body Scrubs, Best Beauty Products

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: October 26, 2011
What's Wrong With Sleep in America

  • Sleep deprivation epidemic
  • Dangers of small bowel obstruction
  • Homemade body scrubs
  • Shape magazines best beauty products

We are a nation of zombies. Today Dr. Oz will talk to people who have gone to health-degrading lengths in order to sleep.

Dr. Michael Roizen, MD [led the initial studies that led to propofol being allowed into the United States] explains that propofol can only be administered by IV. Propofol induces a coma that blocks pain and puts the patient to sleep.

With his connection to the approval process for propofol, Dr. Roizen's opinion has been sought regarding the trail of Dr. Conrad Murray in the death of Michael Jackson. In his opinion, Dr. Roizen's said Michael Jackson was dehydrated, had taken drugs that reduced respiration, including propofol which stopped the flow of oxygen in the blood leading to abnormal heart beats, and then death.

Dr. Oz provided an animation showing that when anesthetic goes into the blood it circulates to the heart and then directly into the brain through the brain effecting neurons and can stop the regulation of breathing. With dehydration, more of the drug will go into the brain making the effect on the neurons greater putting respiration, and life, under a severe threat.

The pointed question, asked Dr. Oz, should Conrad Murray go to jail? Dr. Roizen believes that Dr. Murray failed to provide a standard of care, inappropriately made propofol available to Michael Jackson, did not properly monitor his patient during administration. Yes, Dr. Roizen said he believes those actions rose to a criminal level. He clearly said propofol should be used for surgery, not a sleep aid.

Sleep deprivation leads to desperation and doing things we are not proud of.

A viewer shared her struggle with chronic sleep deprivation. She's a wife and mother, an insomniac, and never thought she would be taking all the medications she is using: over-the-counter (OTC) sleep aids, pharmaceuticals, alcohol. The first, and last time, she tried the prescription medication Ambien, she called her friend 35 times that night crying saying people were jumping out of photos and has no memory of the events. She feels ashamed every time she has to take medications and she's taking more than the recommended amount. At night her body feels tired but her mind is still racing. She's miserable.

The number one health problem in this country, says Dr. Oz, is sleep deprivation which leads to eight gain, anxiety, memory issues, depression heart health concerns.

Dr. Michael Breus, PhD, says that OTC sleep medications generally contain a decongestant along with an analgesic [pain relieving] that provides that feeling of grogginess as a side-effect. That side-effect of grogginess wears off after a few days of use. Americans hold a perception of safety of OTC medications and overuse/overdose is common. Overuse of these OTC's can be hard on the liver [when it works to detoxify the blood].

Dr. Breus believes the viewer has genetic insomnia which can stem from an early age and continue throughout life. There are many different forms of insomnia that can effect people and each can be treated with different medications or different therapies.

She has talked to her doctor, briefly, about the insomnia and was prescribed the Ambien. Dr. Oz says that if she is not being clear to her doctor, telling him the entire story, the extent of the insomnia, then the doctor will not be able to help. [Communication is vital, especially with health care providers concerning your care.]

Another viewer has been juggling pills to help her sleep for 14 years. It started with drinking every night then she began to take OTC sleep aids then on to Ambien. She would take Ambien then do things at night and not remember. She once drove 35 minutes from her house to a friends house and back but she doesn't remember. Melatonin, Atavin, Zanax - she's combined medications. Currently she's taking three OTC sleep aids including 60mg of melatonin – way over the recommended amount. She feels groggy, out of focus, and tired throughout the day.

Dr. Oz wanted to know how do she deals with waking up in another state? At the time, while on the medication, it wasn't a big deal. Now it terrifies her.

Sleep deprivation causes people to make bad choice after bad choice after bad choice. The number one side-effect of melatonin is nightmares. The amount she's taking is concerning and may be causing her to wake with night terrors.

Dr. Oz polled the audience: How many people have used OTC sleep aids? How many people have used pharmecutical sleep aids? How many people have taken something to fall asleep in the last month including alcohol? By the third question every one in the audience had raised their hand.

A startling fact Dr. Oz shared, people taking sleeping pills only getting help for 20-30 minutes of their sleep.

The final viewer shared her 9 year addiction to sleeping pills. It took a toll physically, mentally, financially. She lost her job and friends. What stated with OTC sleep aids, was combined with alcohol the pharmaceuticals were added. To treat her addiction, she checked into an in-patient facility. Her message is to not ashamed, most people have sleep issue, but people need to understand their measures taken to fall asleep can lead to death.

Three Questions to Determine Sleep Problems

Could this be you? Dr. Oz says an answer to one of these questions could indicate a problem with sleep deprivation and medications.

Was your sleeping problem triggered by a major event?
A genetic predisposition to insomnia can be triggered by a big emotional event. A big event in life, positive or negative, causing some loss of sleep is normal. When sleep deprivation continues after the event indicates that there is a problem.

Do you use a mix and match of things to sleep?
Mixing OTC, alcohol and pharmaceuticals can indicate an a problem. Dr. Oz explained that 15% of this country's population uses alcohol to sleep along with a medication and that's a problem.

Do you exceed the recommended dosage of medications and OTC to sleep?
Feeling a need to increase the dosage of a medication may indicate it's the wrong medication. Increasing medications on your own without a doctors permission is a biggest mistake.

Use the Dr. Breus sleep diary and instructions provided on to aid in accessing your sleep.

Read more from Dr. Roizen about what happens when we are sleep deprived on

Dr. Roizen has commented on the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray in the death of Michael Jackson. Read his comments on

Small Bowel Obstruction Danger After Surgery 
One third of people having abdominal surgeries can later have a small bowel obstruction: hysterectomy, c-section, abdominal surgery. Scar tissue build-up can cause an obstruction in the intestines that can block stool from going through and exiting the body. A bowel obstruction is not only uncomfortable, it is also life-threatening. If the intestines are touched during a surgery, even if the surgery does not include the intestines, the intestines will create an adhesion that attaches to stomach or the sides of the body. That portion of the intestines can become turned or pinched off leading to fecal and bacteria build-up within the intestines. Over time, the build up causes pain, obstructs the stool, the intestines stretch and can become punctured allowing fecal matter and bacterial to enter the body – a life-threatening condition.

Warning signs of a bowel obstruction include vomiting, pain around belly button, bloating and inability to pass gas.

Any woman who has had abdominal surgery is at risk for having a bowel obstruction. Be aware of the signs and contact a health professional if the sign appear.

Body Scrubs Made at Home

Dr. Oz's Stretch Mark Scrub
3 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon lemon juice
¼ cup milk
Mix ingredients together and apply with a skin brush or a wash cloth to help fade the marks.

Sugar provides exfoliation, lemon juice is rich in vitamin C that exfoliates and supports the building of collagen, milk provides moisturizing and soothing effects.

[On a previous episode, Dr. Oz stated that there is no way to get rid of stretch marks. Embarrassing question #19 from the marathon of 50 Embarrassing Health Questions earlier this month:

What home remedy can I use to get rid of stretch marks from pregnancy?
Nothing! Dr. Oz said that only laser treatments an rid the body of stretch marks and cocoa butter doesn't work.

Are you confused? Yeah, I am too. In one episode he says there is no way to get rid of stretch marks and 23 days later he recommends a body scrub giving the impression that the scrub can get rid of them. The road map on my belly from having 2 children and all the products I've slathered on to prevent and reduce them clearly tells me everyday that there is no topical cure.]

Dr. Oz's Elephant Elbow Scrub
½ teaspoon wheat germ
2 tablespoons oats
1 tablespoon coconut oil
¼ cup cream
Place the scrub on a bit of plastic wrap, wrap around the elbow with the scrub going directly on the elbow, massage the elbow a little then leave it on for 5-20 minutes.

Best Beauty Products of the Last 30 Years

Tara Kraft, editor of Shape magazine shared [one of] the best beauty products of the last 30 years in honor of Shape's 30th birthday. In celebration of the anniversary issue, Dr. Oz and his wife on the cover.

One is sold every 13 seconds. It's the silicone in the product that provides control without weighing down the hair. Sells for around $10.

Ms. Kraft said Aquaphor can help prevent chaffing in sensitive areas such as the bra line and shine shoes too! It provides moisturizing qualities with healing of the skin
[Aquaphor was mentioned on the show but was not on their website. Yes, I did scroll through all 30 pages of their link to see each and every product. Yes, I did.

Does anyone else suspect a product that can moisturize the soft, sensitive bra line area as well as shine shoes? I wouldn't use a shoe polish to prevent chaffing on any part of my body. Marketers, I think you're going a little over board with multi-purpose products. I like my anti-chaffing lotion and my shoe polish separate, thank you, but that's just me.]

Ms. Kraft says the best beauty products article is all about enhancing your natural beauty, when you look great you feel great and you can have a better connection with yourself and your family.

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