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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Egg Quiz 10-29-11

During the week of October 17 – 21, 2011, Dr. Oz recommended eggs for which support role in the body?

A. Cardiovascular health
B. Libido
C. Memory
D. Weight loss

The Answer is C. Memory

Your Answers:

A. Cardiovascular health - 30%
B. Libido - 10%
C. Memory - 40%
D. Weight loss - 20%

On the 10/19/11 episode of The Dr. Oz Show regarding adult ADHD, Dr. Oz recommended hard boiled eggs which are high in choline to support brain function.

One egg contains 126mg of choline according to the nutrient chart on the website The nutrient fun doesn't stop there. Eggs also contain 6g of protein, 270iu of Vitamin A, 24mcg of Folate with only 70 calories.

In addition to supporting memory, eggs are a healthy food for all the choices listed in this week's survey.

Cardiovascular Health
Yes, there is cholesterol in eggs but it's time to banish the myth that cholesterol is bad for the body.

The Truth About Cholesterol and Fat by Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP, on her website gives a marvelous argument for healthy fats in the diet. In her article she reiterates what I've been hearing in the natural foods community for over a decade, fats and cholesterol are good for heart health.

Using the right fats, in moderation, provide the fuel needed for heart function. Saturated fat **Gasp! The “S” Word!** is fuel for the heart. Without saturated fat **Gasp! Again!** the heart takes what ever fat is provided and utilized it for energy but it's ideal reducing heart function.

Hormone production is dependent upon cholesterol and the libido is controlled by hormones. If cortisol, the stress hormone, is too high it's almost impossible to get the mojo flowing. Estrogen and progesterone levels can influence how sexy we feel and how sexy we don't feel depending on their balance during our monthly cycle. Nutritious foods are tools that our bodies utilize to maintain balance, to build new cells, to remove old cells. Egg can be a part of a healthy diet and a healthy libido.

Choline is a B Vitamin that supports the transmission of messages between the neurons in the brain. Effective message transmission in our brains leads to better responses to from putting together facts and experience in learning to responses to stimulus in the environment to our physical reactions.

According to Chris Masterjohn's July 2005 article on the website, one of the many reasons that sleep is so critical to overall health is that the brain synthesizes cholesterol during this time and that cholesterol is used to fuel leaning connections. Another reason why eggs, and their cholesterol, are beneficial.

Weight Loss
Healthy fats and proteins provide a feeling of fullness, of satisfaction, and they also play a role in blood sugar balancing – two keys roles necessary for weight loss. Eating the right fats can support the body in burning bad fats and extra fats by providing the right tools for our body's many jobs. Dr. Pick discusses the role of healthy fats in weight loss in The Truth About Cholesterol and Fat article.

Healthy forms of fat and cholesterol such as eggs, nuts, nut butters, olive oil, dairy and meat (the cleaner the better) when used in moderation will provide support for the heart, the hormones, the brain and the waist line.

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