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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Watching Dr Oz 10/11/11: Paula Deen's Cooking Makeover, Fingernail 9-1-1, Skin Health

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: 10/11/11
Dr. Oz Takes On the Queen of Southern Cooking, Paula Deen, and Paula's Shocking Health Confession

  • Dr. Oz's challenge for Paula
  • Paula's challenge for Dr. Oz
  • Paula's cooking with half the calories and half the fat
  • What your fingernails are telling you about health
  • Super foods for healthy skin

One of the nation's most popular cooking stars and the most requested celebrity to be a guest on The Dr. Oz Show is visiting with Dr. Oz and taking on his challenge. Dr. Oz's challenge to Paula Deen: cook your favorite meals with half the calories.

She's a TV star, author of multiple cookbooks, runs a magazine and the first words out of her mouth on her visit to The Dr. Oz Show: “You are so damn good lookin'!” Then she had to pull up her britches. True Paula. She shared that she ate southern grapes from Savannah to New York and thinks she may have to run off and use the bathroom.

Paula told Dr. Oz she could meet his challenge of cutting half the calories from her famously fat-filled, calorie-rich foods because she's lived her life with the motto of make it or die trying.

Dr. Oz questioned Paula, the Queen of Southern Cooking, about the negative press she has received about her hearty cooking. She said she doesn't worry too much about the health of the food because so much of our health is genetics. She feels everyone should have a conversation with their doctor, know their numbers and make their food decisions based on that. She doesn't feel responsible for how people eat.

Contrary to popular belief, she doesn't eat fried chicken and biscuits everyday. Paula says she and her husband eat a lot of salads and in the summer live off vegetables, maybe with a little ham hock thrown in. She shares that she does take some medications and if she exercised like she knows she should she could probably come off a few of those medications.

What is Paula Deen's favorite meal? Fried chicken and mashed potatoes.

Her favorite junk food? French fries

If she could cook with one person dead or alive? It would be my mother and my daddy, she said getting a little teary.

What's the kitchen gadget she can't live without? Her deep frier. The admission caused Dr. Oz to toss his note cards to ceiling.

What is her worst habit? She prefaces by saying she's embarrassed and ashamed to say it but potatoes and cigarettes are her favorite things.

Dr. Oz: Do you smoke?
Paula: I just kind of hold them.

Dr. Oz: How long have you been holding them?
Paula: Fifty years.

Dr. Oz: How many do you hold a day.
Paula: As many as I can, probably a pack and a half. My husband quit six months ago. I'm so ashamed and disgusted with myself, I have these three beautiful grandchildren I want to live for.

Dr. Oz: Do you want to quit?
Paula: Probably no, but I want to at the same time, it's a love-hate thing.

Paula has struggled with giving up the smoking habit for 50 years. She has quit several times throughout those years but always went back. She quit for 6 or 7 months when her son was expecting her first grandchild. At the hospital on the birth day of her first grandchild, she went downstairs and had a cigarette.

Paula asked Dr. Oz to help her quit the habit.

Dr. Oz shared that he has never operated on a smoker. He said he will not operate on a smoker until they quit smoking because he wants them to want to live. To Paula he says fundamentally the message she has to hear is that he cares about her, her huband cares, her sons, grandchildren, and America cares about her. He told her she needs to love herself as much as we love her. This message brought Paula Deen to silence.

In her life, Paula has overcome the loss of parents, agoraphobia (fear of crowds), relationship issues, being a single mother, starting her own business. Dr. Oz believes that she can overcome smoking too.

Mike, Paula's husband, stopped smoking 6 months ago. Dr. Oz says his chance of staying off cigarettes while Paula continues to smoke is zero.

“I only have, in all my 64 years, one day that I would change and that is the day my friend said pull over and let's get us some cigarettes.” Paula shared. She was driving and she pulled over.
Dr. Oz said he will put her on nicotine and Wellbutrin [a pharmaceutical for depression] to help her quit. It will be hard and success rates aren't all that great: quitting by brute force success rate is about 5%; quitting with a team effort of support is a 50% success rate.

Dr. Oz has committed to help Paula quit smoking and Paula has committed to help Dr. Oz learn to cook.

Paula's Southern Cooking with Half the Calories and Half the Fat

The recipes featured on the show are a part of Paula's newest book, Paula Deen's Southern Cooking Bible, that was released to stores today!

Soak chicken in buttermilk for up to 8 hours, coat with flour, salt and sugar, bake in the oven. Paula's original recipe contained 1,221 cal and 89g of fat. The healthier version has just 579 cal and 38 fat.

Using whole wheat pasta and low-fat sour cream, Paula's has put a re-do on her comfort food that can keep you comfortable in your britches. Her original recipe contained 840 calories and 44g fat. The healthy redo has slimmed down to 416 calories and 20g fat.

Paula stepped up to and beat Dr. Oz's food makeover challenge!

Paula encourages families to eat together, even if it's a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She would also love for families cooked together, especially children. Kids would be more likely to eat that broccoli if they helped stir in that stick of butter! Oops!

Are Your Finger Nails Telling You Something?

Three signs that your nails are trying to tell you something.

Cuticles. Are the cuticles dry, flaky, or gone all together? Without the cuticle, the nail can no longer grow and infection can set in. Losing the cuticle causes a reduction in blood circulation to the nail bed inhibiting nail growth. Cholesterol and blood pressure prescriptions can cause these problems [as well as hard work with the hands, frequent washing, and not hydrating with moisturizer]. Dr. Oz recommends using a moisturizer with ceramides to help traumatized cuticles to absorb moisture.

[Ceramides are fatty acids that the skin need to maintain health. Moisturizers stating that they contain ceramides must have cholesterol and/or fatty acids on the ingredients list, according to has a list of moisturizers containing ceramides here.

Shikai's Borage Therapy line contains borage oil which is a fatty acid. They don't market their products as containg ceramides but I'm thinking they might. 

Montana Emu Ranch bases all their products on Emu oil – a fatty acid. They sell hand and body lotions as well as facial care and my favorite lip balm as well! They don't put “ceramides” on their labels either but, like Skikai, their products contain fatty acids.
White crack/mark at the bottom of the nail is a sign of trauma to the nail that damages the production of keratin. That white spot will stay on the nail until it grows to the tip and is cut or broken off. White cracks or marks on the nail are also an indication of zinc deficiency.

Dr. Oz recommends taking 12-15mg of zinc per day, the same amount often found in a multivitamin. If not taking a multivitamin, then Dr. Oz says eating shell fish a couple times a month will provide the same amount of zinc.

Clubbing of the nail is sign of decreased oxygen in the body. Dr. Oz recommends talking to your doctor immediately if clubbing occurs.

[The Health Guide on The New York Times website says that clubbing can be a sign of several severe and lift-threatening health issues from heart disease to Celiac's with lung cancer being the most common cause of clubbing. This swelling of the nail bed and cuticle can manifest quickly, within weeks, and can also be alleviated just as quickly by addressing the underlying health issue. Bottom line: if you see clubbing in the nails, talk to your doctor right away.]

General information on nail health along with things to keep in mind when getting a manicure can be found at The Mayo Clinic online

Super Foods for Super Skin

Viewer Question: How do I soften my wrinkles? As I get older, they get more defined and I want to slow down the time.

Keri Peterson MD, medical contributor to Women's Health Magazine recommends a diet rich in antioxidants to help the body scavenge free radicals that can lead to decreased skin health.

Also known as ACE foods are rich in antioxidants. ACE is an acronym for Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E. Look for foods with deep colors as a sign of high antioxidant content.

Here are just a few ACE foods recommend by Drs. Oz and Peterson:
For vitamin A, choose sweet potatoes.
To increase vitamin C eat red bell peppers. Dr. Peterson urges people to eat vitamin C foods raw as heat causes the C to leach out of the food.
Increasing vitamin E is easy when eating nuts, like almonds.

Viewer Question: How do I get that glow of youth back in my aging skin?

As we age, cell turnover slows down and dead skin accumulates causing dry, rough patches of skin, including on the face. We also make less oil as we age and have less of that glow. Taking omega-3 oils can help you get your glow back.

Top foods for getting your omega-3's, in order are: salmon, sardines, mackerel. Dr. Oz recommends eating at least 2 servings of fish per week to support our skin and our brains.

[Vegetarian sources of omega-3's: flax seeds and oil, hemp seeds and oil, walnuts and oil, and purslane (a green discussed previously on Dr. Oz), canola oil, soybeans and oil. Vegetarians are encouraged to take a supplement omega-3 to ensure adequate amounts.]

Coffee Prescription
How can you increase the benefits of your coffee? It's all in the way you make it.

Which of these roasts is best for preventing colon cancer?
French or American Roast?
American Roast coffee is the answer. The lighter roast is the ticket to greater healthy effects. French roast is a darker roast processed with higher heat that kills off benefits.

What is the best way to grind your coffee beans?
Fine or Course?
Course grind is the healthy way to grind your beans. A finer grind exposes the grounds to more air and oxidation, grind the make

What is the best way to brew coffee to reduce the acid?
Brew in cold or hot water?
Brewing coffee in hot water extracts more flavor from the coffee while reducing the acidity.
Dr. Oz urged people not to microwave the coffee as it destroys the health benefits. [YEAH! Dr. Oz encouraged people not to use the microwave for at least one thing! Little steps to success, right? Right!]

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