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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Watching Dr. Oz 10/05/11: How Old is Your Skin, Revolutionary Skin Care, Age Proof Your Hair, The New Superfruit, Aids to Fall Asleep Faster

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: October 5, 2011
Dr. Oz's Biggest Anti-Aging Hour Ever!
  • Take the skin age test
  • Skin care to help you look younger
  • Products to protect and restore your hair
  • A new Superfruit
  • Fall asleep faster
Dr. Oz spends 15 minutes before each show putting on make-up. [Only 15 minutes?] For today's show, Dr. Oz appeared without make-up and he asked his entire audience and guests to remove theirs as well.

How did the audience respond?


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Dr. Oz's Biggest Anti-Aging Hour Ever!

The audience took off their make-up but the they had some things to say about it.

I'm a corpse. I look like living death. My husband hasn't even seen me without make up. This is tough. I feel 10 to 20 years older because mentally and emotionally the make-up makes me feel younger.

Dr. Oz asked women: What does the make-up do for you? What does make-up give you that you didn't have otherwise?

It's my identity. I sleep with it on. I don't ever take off the make-up. I'm pretty with the make-up, I don't think I'm pretty without it. If you came to my house I wouldn't ask you to take of anything! This is wrong! Make-up gives me my diva-ness! (The audience shouted that she still sounds like a diva!)

To put perspective on the make-up removal challenge, Dr. Oz asked the audience if showing up in sports bras would be more difficult than taking off make-up? They answered that showing up without make-up is much more challenging than just wearing a sports bra – they still had make-up while wearing the sports bra!

Taking off the make-up is the only way to determine the true age of your skin, said Dr. Oz. It's the only way to see what the skin really looks like. Dr. Oz wants everyone to take a good look at their face, without make, and answer the questions on the RealAge Skin Test.

Dr. Oz: Look at the Eyes
The skin reflects what is going on with in our bodies. The skin on the eyes is thinnest on the body and can show a great deal into health:
  • Are your upper eyelids nearly touching your eyelashes? Sagging eye skin can cause vision issues if it begins to obstruct the eye and may need to be corrected with cosmetic surgery.
  • Pinch under the eye for a few seconds. How long does it take for the skin to regain normal shape? Ideally the skin should restore the shape in less then 2 seconds.
Dr. Oz: Four Stages of Facial Aging
Everyone goes through the four stages of facial aging. How quickly you reach each stage may be found closer than you think.
  • Stage 1 occurs in our 20s and 30s and for many of us it's a wrinkle free time.
  • Stage 2 finds us in our 40s where we see wrinkles with movement of face when we smile and when we frown. The appearance of wrinkles inspires us to use more make-up and cover it up.
  • Stage 3 jumps ahead a decade to the 50s and wrinkles that stay on the face even without facial movement.
  • Stage 4 is declared sometime in the 60s when the entire face is wrinkled. Make-up that used to cover up the wrinkles and help us look younger now simply cakes into wrinkles.
At what age you enter each of these facial stages may be determined by how well your parents faces aged. To see what you might look like as you age, the answer is no further than looking toward your parents.

Dr. Oz: Check the Cheeks
What color is the skin on the cheeks and forehead?
Instead of the natural coloring on your cheeks or forehead, is the coloring uneven or do you have red dots? Sun damage causes discoloration causes discoloration of the skin and causes the skin to age prematurely. Wearing cream with SPF 30 everyday can reduce damage caused by the sun. Sun protective clothing, another option to reduce sun damage, is more cost effective than sunscreen.

[I'd rather use a hat than slather chemical-laden sunscreen on my skin every day. See this post from earlier this week.]

Dr. Oz: Jowl Check
Do you have jowls forming on your cheeks? Is the skin on your cheeks and forehead smooth or sagging? Sagging skin is generally caused from yo-yo dieting that stretches the skin and damages the elastin. When the weight comes off the body can no longer snap the skin back into shape without that very important elastin.

[To support the the skin's natural ability to snap to it when needed, see these posts here and here.]

Dr. Oz: Turn That Frown Upside Down
Are there any frown lines running horizontally across the forehead and/or vertically between the brows? Darn stress is at work again! [My brow is furrowed right now!] Forehead wrinkles are caused by stress. We all have coping techniques to deal with stress but if wrinkles are a concern then don't smoke! Smoking ages the skin more than any other behavior.

[I took the RealAge Skin test and found that my face looks one year younger than my actual age. YEAH! I will continue to be mindful of my hydration levels, nutrition choices, exercising more often and will definitely keep taking my collagen.]

Dr. Oz: Revolutionary Ways to Look Younger

Look younger with creams or dermatologist administered cosmetic treatments.

Dr. Oz brought on a dermatological product expert as well as a dermatologist to talk a little bit about some of the new cosmologically innovative products.

Dr. Oz Revolutionary Skin Care: Reduce Wrinkles
The ultimate key to diminishing the appearance of wrinkles is retinal cream. Applying topical creams containing retinal provides the skin with the tools necessary to stimulate skin growth supporting the youthful appearance of that skin.

Skin Ceuticals Retinal 1.0 cream was recommended and sells for about $59. This product in particular is packaged in materials that allow the retention of the retinal and antioxidants in the container. Apparently tubs of cream allow for the nutritional powerhouse ingredients to degrade rapidly.

[It's entirely possible that certain packaging allows for degradation or oxidation of face cream ingredients. There can be several factors at play when a product goes bad - bad batch, dirty fingers getting into the tub, using product after use by date, etc. I'm not convinced right now and I'll have to take a look at this subject before I form an opinion. My skin cream is in a tub and I'm as happy with it at the end of the tub as I am at the beginning.]

Dr. Oz Revolutionary Skin Care: Vampire Face-Lift
At the dermatologists office, the Vampire Face-lift is the new thing. Costing $800-1200 per session, blood is removed from the body, plasma rich complexes are concentrated then returned to the body, to the face. The specific blood cells that are returned to the eye area support the elasticity, the collagen structures, of the skin reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

[Check out this article from ABC News about the Vampire Face-lift procedure. Yikes! I'll chug down a collagen supplement before I'll pay $1,200 to have my blood removed, fussed and then put into my face.]
Dr. Oz Revolutionary Skin Care: Age Spots
The Philosophy Miracle Worker Dark Spot Corrector is new kid on the skin care block and is supposed to be able to fade away age spots as if they weren't ever there. There is more information here. The product sells for $62 here.

Applied only at the dermatologists office, the Elure Advanced Lightening Cream says it will remove spots in 28 days for only $250-500 per session. Based on an enzyme from mushrooms, the cream is applied by a dermatologist in what is called the clear and brilliant fractionated treatment. Numbing cream is applied to the face and a laser-like hand-held machine shines red light energy on the face. Benefits can, apparently, be seen after the first treatment and builds with subsequent treatments. The results last for months and must be maintained with regular treatments.

Dr. Oz: Age Proof Your Hair

Jennifer Goldstein with Prevention Magazine appeared on the show to discuss how to keep your hair healthy and looking good as we age.

Dr. Oz Age Proof Hair: Frequent Trims
The number one way to keep your hair looking healthy is to trim the hair frequently. Ask for a dusting cut that leaves a dust of hair on the floor but doesn't remove length. Stylists typically charge less for a dusting cut than for a full cut.

[Hmmmm, I think she may have been eluding to cutting the hair often to reduce split ends that can leave the hair looking frizzled and frazzled. If hair health is maintained and moisture maintained then split ends won't be an issue. Even with a discount, getting a dusting cut or a full cut every 6 weeks or so is not in my budgetary plans.]

Dr. Oz Age Proof Hair: Oil Content
Hair in your 30s has a respectable about of oil. Much of that oil we don't notice or recognize because it's doing its job to moisturize the hair. In the 40s about 1/3 the amount of oil is still present. Jump into the 50s and the hair has only a trickle of natural oil in the hair. As we age, our body naturally reduces the amount of oil produced.

Processes, even shampooing can deplete moisture and oil in the hair leaving it dry. It was recommended to wet shampoo the air every three days and using a dry shampoo in between. Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Dry Shampoo was recommended, at about $22. Sprinkle the dry shampoo along the part of the hair and massage into the scalp as you would with shampoo. Keep applying until the scalp has been covered. The dry shampoo will add fullness to the hair. Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo was recommended for the wet shampoo process.

[I found a dry shampoo that costs less than the Alterna Caviar, this one is by Acure, costs about $13, and also contains Argan oil which Dr. Oz recommends:

Dr. Oz Age Proof Hair: The Dangers of Flat Irons and Hot Curlers
A flat iron reaches a normal temperature of 400F – enough heat to fry, boil and burn a quail egg put onto the flat iron. [The quail egg is little and therefore fits on the small, flat surface of the flat iron.] The flat iron removes moisture from the hair and, like the quail egg, will boil the moisture in the hair. Dr. Oz recommends using a hot iron no more than twice a week.

If you're going to use a flat iron then use protective products to support the hair.

Josie Maran Aragn Oil Hair Serum, about $30, was recommended to use before a flat iron to reduce damage.

[A another option, without the chemicals, is straight Argan Oil. Acure Organics Argan Oil is 100% organic argan oil and it runs about $15. It just the argan oil and not all the other oils but I've heard it provides the same moisture protection.]

If the hair is already damaged from flat iron use, then use a leave-in conditioner. Prevention Magazine handed out a Defy-Your-Age Beauty Award to Redken's Time Reset Corrective Defense.

[Maybe it was 2011 award (list not on the website) because they didn't appear in the 2010 list on the website

Dr. Oz: The New Superfruit - Lingon Berry

With 30% more antioxidants than blueberries it has the highest antioxidants of all berries. The lingonberry hails from Scandinavia, is not widely know in the United States but it is gaining popularity with its power-packed antioxidants. It's a distant cousin to cranberry and, according to Dr. Oz is believed to support normal blood sugar levels, reduce cholesterol, is a natural antibiotic and may fight cancer cells. The flavor is similar to pomegranate and blueberry together. In the U.S., lingon berries grow well in the Pacific Northwest. To learn more about the lingonberry, see Dr. Oz's website.
[Here's one website that sells the jam but beware: the sugar-free option uses artificial sweeteners which as discussed yesterday on Dr. Oz, can contribute to weight gain]

Here's a smoothie recipe shared on the show using lingonberry jam:
Place in blender:
¾ cup ice
1 cup almond milk (for protein, can use other milks as preferred)
1 tablespoon lingonberry jam
Blend well and enjoy.

Dr. Oz: The Number 1 Reason You Look Older Than You Should

The number one cause of looking older than you should is: not getting enough sleep. Dr. Oz shared three products that can help you get to sleep faster.

Sweet Relief cold pillow from

What is the ideal room temperature to fall asleep?
65F is the ideal temperature to help you fall asleep faster. personal earphones are small, comfortable and recommended to use when falling asleep in case your partner doesn't want to hear what you're listening to.

Which sounds help you fall asleep faster? Classical, white noise or books on tape?
White noise blocks out sound without stimulating the mind. Classical music, other music and books on tape, will continue to stimulate the mind increasing the amount of time it takes to fall asleep.
[With those earphones you should be listening to white noise then. I just have a fan running in my room all the time and have done so since about 1989!]

The Phillips Wake-up Light, $129.99, simulates the sunrise by gently raising the light level beginning 30 minutes before the alarm sounds. The gentle light allows for a slower transition from deep sleep to wake versus the jarring buzz of an alarm.

What color light on your alram may prevent you from falling asleep?
Blue light interferes with melatonin levels in the brain. If the alarm clock in your room shines a blue light, it may be time to switch to red.

Place your vote for this week's quiz
and return on Saturday for the answer.

Thank you for making Watching Dr Oz a success!

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