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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Watching Dr. Oz 10/03/11: Embarrassing Questions 26 - 50 (Yes! It's done!)

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: October 3, 2011

Dr. Oz Gone Wild: 50 Embarrassing Health Questions

Enclosed within is the run down for embarrassing health questions 26 through 50. The task was challenging but persistence saw the project to the stunning end!


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Dr. Oz Gone Wild: 50 Embarrassing Health Questions

Embarrassing Questions 1 - 25 are in a seperate post here.

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #26: I have jiggly arms, how can I tone them?
Dr. Oz recommends doing tricep extension exercises while holding a weight. He used a quart of milk as an example of what to use if you don't have free-weights at home. A can of soup also works great.
[Here are four tricep exercises for women, demonstrated by women. The videos on this website show how several tricep exercises, in addition to the extension, that can be done either at a gym or just as easily at home with a chair and a small weight.]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #27: What can I do about smelly feet?
Dr. Oz recommended putting a little baby powder in shoes to absorb moisture.

[Smelly feet, or foot odor, is caused by bacteria. Shoes provide the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive: dark, warm and moist. Some feet sweat more than others, as a normal function of their personal biology. All that moisture is an all-you-can-eat buffet for bacteria. According to the website run by Discovery Health, to reduce foot stink: wash the feet daily (twice a day might be nice too) with anti-bacterial soap, wear cotton socks and change them several times a day (if possible), let your shoes air out at least 24 hours before wearing again, wear well-ventilated shoes (if possible), use charcoal based shoe inserts that will absorb the moisture, bacteria and odor.]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #28: When I shave I get razor bumps, what can I do?
Dr. Oz explained that razor bumps are caused by irritated skin. He suggests to change the razor often, after a few uses, and to keep the razor dry.

[Razor bumps are caused by the hair follicles becoming irritated by the striping of skin as well as the hair curling back into the skin, otherwise known as an ingrown hair. The websites and both recommend to stop shaving. 

Waxing may be something to look in to, although it costs more then shaving at home, waxing can lessen the amount of ingrown hairs that appear and it is preformed much less frequently then shaving. If that is not an option then make sure the legs are warmed by bathing before shaving, use a saving gel ideally with soothing aloe instead of soap, and shave in the direction the hair grows. Changing the razor often will provide for a cleaner cut to the hair when shaving. A dull blade will cause more irritation.]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #29 and 30: What can you do about hair growing in weird places and grey hairs?
The answer to both questions, according to Dr. Oz is to pluck. Be sure to pull the hair out from the root to avoid trauma to the skin.

[Contrary to popular myth, plucked hair will not grow back faster and one plucked grey hair will not cause 10 more to grow in its place. If you have a lot of weird hair or a lot of grey hair then plucking may turn into a time consuming and painful obsession especially if the weird place is also a sensitive place. The alternatives: laser hair removal for the one and hair color for the other.]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Questions About Nipples

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #31: I have bumps on my nipples, please tell me I'm normal.
The areola is the area around the nipple that is usually darker in color than skin. Bumps around the areola are completely natural and they're called Montgomery Glands. Their job is to lubricate the aerola and sometimes a clear or white fluid can be excreted from them and typically this is normal, If the nipple or areola becomes red, scaly and flaky this can be a sign of infection or even cancer.

[I found this great website, the “b” is for breasts, or the Female Intelligence Agency that has an informative run down of normal areola and nipples along with some details on when things are not normal.

The Montgomery Glands can become inflamed and pimples can develop, this too is normal and the body needs to process through the irritation and the pimple will go away on its own. However, cysts can also develop on the nipple and the areola which can, at first, look like a pimple that doesn't go away. Cysts should be looked at by a health care professional. The linked page also shows a great example of breast variety. We're all individuals after all and our birthday suits are all different.]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #32: Are inverted nipples normal or is something wrong?
Dr. Oz states that if the nipples have always been inverted, from childhood, then they are normal. If nipples suddenly become inverted that is a sign of a tumor or other problem. The coopers ligaments provide the natural shape to the breast and if these ligaments start to be pulled in adulthood it means something has changed within the breast. Causes of pulling can be mild infection all the way up a cancerous tumor. Call a doctor if the nipples become inverted and you could save a life.

[The Female Intelligence Agency also has a page regarding inverted nipples.]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #33: What can I eat to prevent hemorrhoids?
Dr. Oz recommends to plenty of whole grains to bulk up the stool and lots of water to soften the stool allowing for an easier exit.

[Hemorrhoids are very common in women after giving birth. The strain and stress on the anal area during childbirth puts pressure on the veins causing swelling and irritation. There are over-the-counter supplements that help to soften the stool as well as creams that help to support the skin around the anus to reduce irritation. Severe hemorrhoids can be treated with a surgery. Talk to your doctor if you develop hemorrhoids, determine if they are severe, and to discuss treatment options.]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Questions #34 & #35: What can you do about skin tags and warts?
Dr. Oz shared that the only way to remove skin tags and warts is to have a doctor freeze them off.

[According to, skin tags often develop later in live, are harmless and usually do not have to be removed unless, due to location, they become irritated frequently from things like clothing or normal body movements. If cut, though, they can bleed heavily. My son had a skin tag at birth and he fiddled with it enough that it came off leaving him with a scar. I don't recommend this option. See a doctor if they are troubling to discuss removal.

Warts generally need some attention, says They can show up in embarrassing places, can bleed heavily when bumped, are contagious, and are often very painful. Some warts can disappear on their own but others are as apt to go away on their own as an unwelcome house guest. Over-the-counter treatments can take weeks or months to remove a wart, have to be applied multiple times a day and they may not be able to get rid of a wart entirely. A doctor can burn or freeze a wart during one or multiple office] visits.

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #36: What can I do about oily skin on the face and hair?
Dr. Oz recommended taking a Vitamin A supplement to control oil on the skin.

[Totally news to me! also recommends Vitamin A supplementation as a means to control over-active oil on skin. Vitamin A supplements come in oil and dry form with the oil form being the most used/recommended. There is no dosage recommendation from either LiveStrong or Dr. Oz. Starting with small doses is a great way to start and while at the vitamin store take a look at the highest level available as a guide. Cod liver oil is a natural source of Vitamin A and Vitamin D and will also provide with body the beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. The website also recommends zinc and Vitamin B-2 to support normal levels of oil on the skin. They recommend zinc at 9mg for women and 12mg for men. For B-2 they are calling for 1.1mg for women and 1.3 to 1.6mg for men]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #37: After eating a meal, I feel so tired that I could fall asleep on the table. Is that normal?
Becoming sleepy after a meal is completely normal. After we eat food, our body sends as much energy that's available to the digestive process which can cause sleepiness.

[Taking a bit of a rest after eating supports the body in sending energy to digest food but our lives don't commonly allow for a siesta after each meal. As with any digestion issue, the first thing that comes to my mind is supplementation with digestive enzymes. Read Part One of 50 Embarrassing Questions for more information on digestive enzymes.]

Dr. Oz Questions Your Spouse is Too Afraid to Ask

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #38: My husband is always readjusting himself - standing up, wiggling around - could there be something wrong?
Dr. Oz says that male readjustments are normal. There is not enough room down there for everything to be comfortable. Men engage in a variety of amusing techniques to shift the package around: hands in pockets, adjusting the belt, walking weird. While it's all very funny in this setting, there could be something else going on. Lots of itching can be a concern. The groin area is another one of those body spaces that bacterial love because it's dark and moist down there. Jock itch, the fungus among men, can be very uncomfortable and even painful. Dr. Oz suggests that men wear boxers instead of briefs to allow for more air flow. Anti-fungal powders and creams can be purchased over-the-counter.

[If athlete's foot, fungus on the feet, is also an issue then the foot fungus could have been spread to the groin area when underwear is put on or when toweling off after a shower. If both are present, then both need to be treated to prevent further spread. Should either the foot or groin fungus rash become blistered, is very painful or continues to spread then it's time to see a doctor.]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #39: My wife is constantly burping at night after dinner, is that normal?
Eating certain foods relaxes the juncture between stomach and esophagus enabling gasses to escape the stomach and travel up to become a belch. Foods like wine, dark chocolate, beer, take simethicone

[ has a list of foods that make you go burp that pretty much covers every type of common food. The nitty-gritty is that any food could be a challenge for any system to digest under any given circumstance. Again, digestive enzymes come into the discussion. Enzymes break down food and most everyone can benefit for a bit of digestive support. See this post for details on enzymes.

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #40: Can picking your nose make you sick?
No [but it sure is gross!]. Dr. Oz recommends using a neti pot to rid the nostrils of dreaded boogers.

[You really can find anything online. Dr. Friedrich Bischinger, a lung specialist in Austria says that picking the boogers and then eating them is a natural, and free, immune booster and the practice should be socially adopted and widely encouraged. No joke. Check out the fascinating website where I have learned that there are terms a definitions for the act of picking and eating nose slime: “In the scientific and medical communities, the technical name for using one’s finger to extract boogers is rhinotillexis, and doing so compulsively is termed rhinotillexomania. The act of eating the resulting harvest is called mucophagy.”]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #41: What can I do about hair flakes? [Otherwise known as dandruff.]
Dr. Oz recommends using a shampoo with the ingredient ketoconazole and leave on for 5 minutes before rinsing.

[Never heard of it but it sounds like nasty stuff. According to, ketoconazole is an anti-fungal agent with side effects ranging from itchy scalp to hair loss and all the way to redness, swelling and oozing of effected skin. Yikes! Dandruff can be an indication of dry scalp and sure fungus could work its way in there but until you know that fungus is a contributing factor I'd look towards moisturizing shampoos with healthy oils. Aubrey has great hair care products most of which feature moisturizing coconut oil.]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #42: What can I do about frequent urinary tract infections (UTI)?
Dr. Oz recommends drinking peppermint tea to stop the bacteria.

[Now that's just so simplistic as to have moved into the area of unhelpful considering this is an issue that can lead to kidney infections and permanent damage to the kidneys if left untreated. A frequent infection is cause for concern, in my book, and a wake up call to determine the underlying cause. UTI's can be caused from any number of things: sexual activity, hormonal changes, wiping incorrectly, resisting the urge to pee and holding urine, a compromised immune system from other diseases. If UTI's have become an issue then looking into supplements to maintain urinary tract health may be useful. Cranberry – capsules or unsweetened cranberry juice – can be utilized to create an environment in the tract that is less desirable for bacteria to hold in. Also, D-Mannose has been very popular in the last few years. D-Mannose is the sugar that can be found in cranberries and other fruit that creates a no-vacancy sign for bacteria. It is a more concentrated form of the beneficial sugar in the fruit.

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #43: What can I do to “cure” wrinkles and fine lines or prevent them?
Dr. Oz recommends using a moisturizer with an SPF of 30.

[Well, sister, let me break the news to you: there is no “cure” for wrinkles (surgery just puts it off). And here's another blow, in case the bubble hasn't burst, once you hit 30 your skin is considered to be in the “mature” classification. Add it to the short list of guarantees in this life – wrinkles happen. Here's where our friends collagen, hydration, regular and consistent sleep, and healthy eating come in.

I would only use SPF facial moisturizers when I'm going out in the sun for an entire day and I am what many would call butt-white and I have also had skin cancer. Since the majority of the American population does not go out in the sun long enough to store up sufficient amounts of Vitamin D, sun damage is only part of the wrinkle puzzle. Yes, sun damage can age the skin prematurely but using sunscreen daily when not actually exposed to the sun translates to layer upon layer of chemicals for the body to process through – topical sunscreens contain chemicals, no way around it – thus increasing the risk of chemical overload associated diseases. When I go out in the sun I opt for a hat instead of sunscreen to protect my head and face from further sun damage. I think it's time to bring back functional hats as modern fashion.]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #44: One of my toes goes in different direction, is that normal?
Dr. Oz says this is caused from a bunion. If putting on your shoe causes pain then it may be time to see a podiatrist.

[A bunion is a boney growth on the toe that can be something your born with or caused by wearing tight shoes. Whereas a corn is a thick callous that forms on the toes also generally caused by squeezing feet into adorable, but small, shoes. A bunion if left untreated can cause severe bone deformity on the toes and, in the case of a distant aunt that I met only once, can lead to major foot surgery, extreme pain, and the need to learn how to walk after removal. All that to look cute in a pair of heels? And my daughter wonders why I don't wear heels any bigger than what's on my hiking boots – which are men's and one size larger than my feet measurements to allow my toes spread out. Prevention tip: wear shoes that fit the feet.]

Dr. Oz Couples Health Couch

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #45: What can I do about my husband's smelly mustache?
[Yuck! Don't kiss it, whatever you do, unless he cleans it!] Dr. Oz says the mustache is like a petri dish. [Imagine all the food and drink that get in those hairs throughout the day and if not cleaned how much bacteria can grow – again, yuck!] Use a toothbrush [dedicated to mustaches only], dip it in witch hazel, to clean the mustache everyday.

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #46: My wife has callouses on her feet, making it uncomfortable to cuddle.. What can we do?
Make an abrasive, exfoliating scrub with epsom salt and olive oil.

[This is a great opportunity for the hubby to pamper his wife with an at-home spa treatment. The exfoliating scrub is great but I would start with soaking the feet in a warm bath of epsom salt and maybe some relaxing lavender essential oil. All you need is an inexpensive plastic tub big enough for the feet. A gentle exfoliation after the bath and a bit of favorite lotion with a foot massage and: hello sweet prince it's time to go cuddle!]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #47: What can I do about bad body odor?
Dr. Oz recommended corn starch and lemon juice.

[I'm not clear on if this should be used as a deodorant or taken internally? Another option is to chlorophyll. The green pigment found in plants can also be taken internally as a mild detoxifier and natural antibacterial agent. As we've learned from Dr. Oz, bacteria causes odor from feet to bad breath and it applies to general body odor as well. Many chlorophyll supplement products say natural internal deodorizer right on the label.]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #48: His snoring keeps her up at night. What can she do?
Dr. Oz recommends nose strips to open airways and reduce the sound.

[Nose strips don't work in every situation, including my husbands. He has tried the stripes, homeopathic remedies, breathing exercises and nothing helps. An elbow to the ribs or a swift kick on the shins is only a temporary fix. At this point he really should see a doctor to determine the cause and find a solution. I've heard of implants placed on the soft palette of the roof of the mouth to eliminate the vibrations that cause the annoying and sleep-depriving sounds of snoring. But, sigh, you can lead a horse to water but...yeah, and not even 21 years of kicks, jabs and punches have inspired him seek medical help. Most nights I fall asleep before he gets to bed and if I'm asleep before the vocal quakes begin then I'm usually good for the night. If he goes to sleep before me, don't be surprised, honey, if you wake up with bruises.

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Question #49: Should I be concerned with my wife suddenly talking in her sleep?
Dr. Oz recommended that the wife keep sleep log and see to a sleep specialist if it persists.

[Hmmm, simplicity is great except, again, when there's little value associated with it. My first thought is stress – also the answer to many health issues. Could she be under new and overwhelming stress or could long-term, unresolved and unreleased stress have built to a level where her brain feels the only outlet is to vent during R.E.M.?]

#50 – The Number One Embarrassing Question

How can I boost my libido?
For women, Dr. Oz recommends taking black cohosh, which also may provide relief of vaginal dryness, at 40 drops twice a day. [Nothing mentioned for men!] He also encourages talking with your partner to connect in your relationship.

[Libido is a complex animal. Lowered libido can be the result of, can you guess?...stress! Also our annoying friend, sleep-deprivation, and wacky hormones and worn out adrenals can all play a role a of interest in making whoopie. And definitely don't discount the talking part (men don't roll your eyes). If there is no satisfaction or comfort or communication within intimacy there isn't going to be any. Being comfortable with your partner and your body is extremely important in a healthy sexual relationship so when things aren't working the issues can be discussed openly and each partner knows they will be heard. Multiple issues could be effecting libido at any given time. It's important to listen to your body and narrow down the possible concerns then take it one issue at a time. When there are layers to work through, taking on each one in turn can lean to greater success then trying to tackle everything at once. By all means see a doctor to eliminate health issues. It may even be a good idea to look into a marital counselor who has experience with sexual issues to help the couple overcome obstacles in intimacy.]

Dr. Oz's bottom line on embarrassing health question: Don't get hurt because you are embarrassed to ask.

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