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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Watching Dr Oz 10/18/11: Healthy On The Cheap, Fast Fixes for $1, Carotid-Artery Disease: Are You At Risk?, Diet Helpers Under $50, Burn the Fat with Supplements

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: October 18, 2011
Healthy On The Cheap: The Dr. Oz $1,000 Savings Plan

  • Easy ways to shop healthy
  • $1 fast fixes
  • Risks for carotid-artery disease
  • Diet helpers under $50
  • Supplements to help burn fat
How much do you spend each week, month, each year on health foods, prescriptions, supplements? Dr. Oz says you can be healthy without spending a fortune. Prices for food at the grocery store are going up, 5% higher than 2010 he says. Pharmaceuticals have gone up 7% in the past few years. Dr. Oz shows how to save $1,000 a year on 5 types of health products.

Save $1,000 per Year on Health Expenses

Personal-finance expert Farnoosh Torabi says that when we try to save money, most often, we take our bank account for a roller coaster ride by saving here and spending too much there. In the end, our financial choices tend to ignore our health especially in the areas of managing and preventing health issues.

Save $400 on Prescription Medications
The most common prescription used in America is to support high blood pressure. Half of the viewers of The Dr. Oz Show does not use their prescription correctly. When you're not careful when taking blood pressure medications you could be putting your heart at risk. The average size of the female heart is the size of a fist. But, when a woman has high blood pressure the tissues of the heart are getting squeezed and overworked and the heart enlarges. Dr. Oz showed the heart of a woman who had high blood pressure and it was almost 3 times the size.

[I think what Dr. Oz was trying to get at is that not taking medications due to costs can lead to more serious health issues than what was being addressed.]

Get your prescriptions at a grocery store or a big box store and choose generic over brand name prescription. Check with your doctor to see if the generic version is appropriate. Many big box stores have specials on long-term prescriptions, as low as $4, that can save hundreds of dollars. Transferring prescriptions to a new store that offers new customer discounts and other cost discounts can lead to big savings.

Save $300 At the Dentist
By using toothbrush foods you can keep your teeth healthy while supporting your health.

Good foods for healthy teeth: Crunchy veggies such as carrots and cauliflower scrub the teeth clean, strawberries contain malic acid which can help whiten teeth, hard cheeses support teeth enamel.
Bad foods for the teeth: muffins and baked goods contain simple sugars [from processed sugar and processed flours] that promote decay, pickles and white wine are acidic which can break down tooth enamel.

Save money on teeth supporting produce at the grocery store by using coupons. Ms. Torabi recommends signing up with the websites or [these sites can help you create a grocery list, find great deals, and best of all: coupons, coupons, coupons.] She says these are not your grandma's coupons. A family of 4 spends over $100 a year on produce. By using coupons each time you shop, over time the savings add up. [I've never heard of nor seen coupons for produce, even working in a store with a produce section. I'll have to look into this more.]

Save $150 on Eye Health
Disposable contacts from optometrist's office can be pricey. Buying contacts and eye glasses from a big box store and buying in bulk can help you save $150 per year. The key is to know your O's before purchasing in bulk: know your optician for glasses, know your optometrist for eye exams and know your ophthalmologist for glaucoma and other eye health issues.

Save $100 on Supplements
Those little bottles can come with a big price tag. Price comparisons show that big box stores can offer the best deals on supplements. Dr. Oz says you shouldn't spend more than $1 per day on supplements. He says to buy the cheapest product from name brands bit to spend a little more on omega-3 products to get the highest quality.

[Yes, supplements can ratchet up your health care bills faster than you can say flex-plan reimbursement form. However Dr. Oz just alluded to the idea the you get what you pay for with supplements and the cheapest price could translate to a low-quality product. To find quality supplements, start a conversation with the staff at your local, favorite health food store. Many staff members will have tried the products and may have attended trainings. Ask them for the best products at the best price. Sign up for their advertisements/newsletters and watch for sales on your favorite products.]

Save $50 on Feet
Standing and walking on your feet all day can be costly from shoes to insoles to damage to the feet. The tendon that goes from the heel to the toe that can become inflamed from improper support leading to plantar fasciitis. Custom orthotics can be expensive, but purchasing nearly the same insole product at a drug store can save $50.

[According to, plantar fasciitis is also called bone spurs although the two designations are slightly different. The tendon going from the heel to the toe is called plantar fascia or the arch tendon.

The folks on this site believe that plantar fasciitis is caused by the breakdown of collagen in the foot, which we have learned previously on WatchingDrOz collagen provides structure to the skin. Walking or standing, running or jumping in shoes that do not provide enough support to the arch of the foot causes stress to the tendon that can be quite painful. Being over weight also puts stress on the tendon which is exasperated with activity.

There are lots of ways to support the body when this tendon flares: rest, ice, insoles. It may be a good idea to talk to a doctor if you experience pain in the feet. The issue could be severe and require more help then just putting your feet up with an ice pack and catch up on reality TV. On the other hand, minor discomfort with activity could be managed with better arch support.]

Fast Fixes for $1 or Less
What's in your purse? You may be carrying products that can do double duty.

Gum: If you carry gum, peppermint in particular, you may have a quick fix for gas issues. Peppermint relaxes the stomach muscles and improves the flow of bile from the liver. Gum is an OK choice and can work if that's all you have on had but herbal tea is a better option.

[Peppermint is also available in tincture and pill form. A small tincture bottle can easily be tucked in to a purse, even a small one, to have on hand when going out and about where the only food choices could possibly cause gas. Keep your social popularity and calm an upset stomach at the same time.]

Mascara: wearing lip balm can give you that polished look but how do you get it all off at the end of the day? Dr. Oz recommends using a baby shampoo that contains lauric acid, from coconuts, as soothing option to remove make-up, including mascara.

Lip Balm: it's a wonderful moisturizer for the lips but did you know lip balm can also moisturizer the cuticles? When you bring out the lip balm for the lips, put a little on your cuticles and help prevent painful hang-nails.

Deodorant: Many women carry deodorant in their purse, just in case, but do you have odor problems on other parts of your body? Try a tea soak to reduce foot odor. [Black, green and white] tea contains tannic acid that can help to reduce foot odor. Brew the 4-5 tea bags and soak feet for 20 minutes to help with odor control.

Carotid-Artery Disease – A Family Inheritance

The carotid-arteries are located in the neck and deliver blood to the brain. Plaque build up in the arteries can block the flow of blood reducing the amount of oxygen and nutrients that reach the brain. Build up of plaque in the veins can cause blood cells to back up and clump together. If those clumped blood cells break off, it is a blood clot destine to wreck havoc. In medical terms: thrombosis. Cutting off blood to the brain, a blood clot broken loose and on the vein expressway to the brain is a stroke waiting to happen.
Risk factors for carotid-artery disease: high blood pressure, family history, smoking, diabetes, kidney, heart disease, age cholesterol, alcohol use.

A doctor can listen to the carotid-arteries with a stethoscope and hear if there is a narrowing of the vessels happening. Dr. Oz urges anyone with the above risk factors talk to their doctor and have their carotid-arteries checked.

Carolyn Brockington, a neurologist and stroke specialist, utilizes an ultrasound to view the degree of narrowing of the carotid-arteries and can provide a better picture of vascular health.

Prevention measures for carotid-artery disease: limit fat intake and cholesterol in the diet, know your blood pressure, consider a daily baby aspirin.

[The aspirin recommendation *sigh*. Remember the quote from The Mayo Clinic posted 9/14/11? Here's the quote:
Daily aspirin therapy may lower your risk of heart attack and stroke, but daily aspirin therapy isn't for everyone. Is it right for you? You should consider daily aspirin therapy only if you've had a heart attack or stroke, or you have a high risk of either. And then, only take aspirin with your doctor's approval. Although taking an occasional aspirin or two is safe for most adults to use for headaches, body aches or fever, daily use of aspirin can have serious side effects, including internal bleeding.

Click here to read the full note in the post. Condensed version: I disagree with giving a blanket recommendation to millions of people to use aspirin on a daily basis. I believe aspirin therapy should be recommended by a doctor who has completed a medical history review and thorough exam and even then should be questioned. If the goal is to thin the blood, there are natural products such as garlic that can thin the blood without the serious side effects listed on The Mayo Clinic's website and quoted in my post.]

Most insurance companies will pay for a carotid-artery ultrasound and many hospitals provide free ultrasounds of the arteries as a community service. Check your local newspaper or contact your local hospital to see if they provide this free service.

Best Diet Helpers Under $50

Stephanie lost around 200lb [dogs were wrestling again and I didn't hear the total amount!] She quit her sedentary that made her feel miserable and embraced her dream and is now a yoga instructor! Stephanie found out about Yonanas® frozen treat maker and has used is almost everyday during her weight loss and to help her keep the weight off. Put frozen fruit into Yonanas® and get a yummy treat that tastes like ice cream or frozen yogurt. Stephanie whipped one up for Dr. Oz with 1 banana, 1 cup blueberries, 1 cup cherries or 1 peach, all frozen. Dr. Oz was surprised and clearly enjoyed the treat. Stephanie makes a sweet treat for after dinner or for breakfast with cinnamon and a little granola.

Theresa lost 60lb in one year. Her inspiration to let go of the weight was to be able to play games with her kids, be active and participate in her life. She uses the VacuVin® Instant Marinater

[It looks like the company does not sell the product directly but only through re-sellers. Bed, Bath & Beyond is one store that does carry it.] 

Theresa puts in her chicken, or other meat, along with fat-free Italian dressing and low-sodium soy sauce, on goes the lid and the little pump removes all the air which opens the pours of the meat allowing the meat to absorb the marinade. In 5 minutes the meat tastes like it's been marinating over night.

The next guest [the pups were energetic today!] lost 60 lbs this calendar year. She thanks her rock-star nutritionist for recommending PB2 as a good source of protein from peanut butter without the fat. The company takes the peanuts and squeezes out the fat leaving a powder that you mix with water. PB2 has only 45 calories for 2 tablespoons where traditional peanut butter has about 200 calories.

[The fat in peanut butter is a healthy fat, when consumed in moderation. Taking out the fat removes the nutrition and energy provided by the fat and some of the satiety sensation – feeling full – and also creates a more processed food product. Dr. Oz recommended eating 2 tablespoons of nut butter daily on a recent episode and he didn't talk about using the fat-free version. On his episode about eating habits that could be making you fat he discussed fat-free and low-foods as being dangerous for your diet because they lead you to a false sense of calorie intake without the nutrition and without the satiety. Read that post here and check out my notes on healthy fats in the Holistic How To Guide post. Eating too much fat is bad and so is eating too little – healthy fats that is. It's time for the “M” word: Moderation!]

Paula lost 100 lbs and the hardest part, she says, was starting. Yet she did start and quickly it became her lifestyle. Her go to food: cottage cheese. She would eat it for lunch with some tuna as a quick and nutritious meal while at the office. At night while making dinner she would add salsa to the cottage cheese and use it as a dip for veggies – a quick and healthy appetizer.

Dr. Oz said he loves these smart and insightful ways to make eating healthy [and an enjoyable part of achieving weight loss goals.]

Burn That Fat

A game to find the best supplements to help burn fat.

Which product helps to burn fat by making sure those starchy calories don't end up on your hips?
Is it whey protein or white bean extract?
White bean extract blocks starches from being absorbed in the body.

[From the Boosting Metabolism post 9/30/11, I said, “to buy a vitamin and take it with every meal to block what you're eating is counter-intuitive. Cut out the supplement and cut out the food that you're looking to block. It doesn't make sense to me to take something to block something else that you are choosing to eat. That's a lot of time, trouble and treasure to “undo” what you freely did.” I still disagree with using this product. Check out my post for more information on why I don't like supplements that block the absorption of foods.

Protein is thermogenic, burns fat, so utilizing whey protein, or another type of protein, in place of processed sugar and flour based snacks can provide calories with a purpose that help burn the fat. Protein also supports balanced blood sugar levels and can play a role in reducing cravings for those empty calories.]

This supplement helps burns fat by targeting greasy, high fat foods.
Is it ginseng or chitosan?
Chitosan blocks the absorption of fat. Dr. Oz recommends taking 1000 mg daily. Chitosan comes from shellfish and it traps the fat and sends it through the intestines without fully absorbing it.

[See above for my opinion on blocking foods that are consciously being eaten.]

The supplement helps burn fat from your stomach and legs.
Conjugated Linoleic Acid [CLA] or selenium
CLA [is a natural fat that normally comes from grass-fed animal products however, with over processing of meat in this country, animals do not have as much access to graze on grasses and other plants thus our animal food supply has significantly less CLA then it did 100 years ago. CLA supports the building of muscles mass, not to the extent that you'll become body-builder ripped, when muscle mass is increased then metabolism is increased.] Dr. Oz says that women who take CLA can lose on average 1 lb every 5 weeks. He did caution that people with high blood sugar should talk to their doctor before taking it.

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