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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 1/11/12: Vitamin B12, Headache Remedies, Lymphatic System, Cold Care

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: January 11, 2012
Dr. Oz Are You Getting Enough of the Vitamin The Keeps You Young?

  • Symptoms of Vitamin B12 deficiency
  • Food sources of Vitamin B12
  • All natural headache remedies
  • The role of the lymphatic system in colds
  • The best over-the-counter cold products

If you are feeling exhausted, forgetful, depressed? It could be a simple sign of aging or it could be a sign of Vitamin B12 deficiency. Dr. Oz explained new information is showing that 40% of the population is deficient in Vitamin B12. Find out the symptoms of Vitamin B12 deficiency, what can deplete Vitamin B12, and how to increase your Vitamin B12 levels.


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Dr. Oz Are You Getting Enough of the Vitamin The Keeps You Young?

Dr. Oz explained that studies are showing that 40% of the population is deficient in Vitamin B12 and this could be what's aging many faster than what we expect. He calls Vitamin B12 a super hero in the supplement world [as long as you like meat].

Vitamin B12 can help you feel young, support energy production and is necessary for the production of red blood cells. A deficiency can mimic depression, a stroke or even Alzheimer’s Disease. The inevitable act of aging, medications, heart drugs and even aspirin can interfere with the absorption of Vitamin B12.

Many people are deficient and don't even know it. Getting enough Vitamin B12 is as easy as eating the right foods, taking a supplement or getting a B12 shot from a doctor. Yet, over 47 million American's are deficient in it.

Dr. Oz's medical team sampled a number of audience members from today's show and found that 1/3 of them were deficient in B12. He asked his guests if he should be startled.

Kate Geagan, nutritionist and author of the book Go Green, Get Lean: Trim Your Waistline with the Ultimate Low-Carbon Footprint Diet, says yes and no. She explained that his testing results are similar to what is seen across the population so, no that shouldn't be a surprise. What should be a surprise is that a Vitamin B12 deficiency left unchecked could lead to irreversible nerve damage.

David Katz of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, explains that Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to anemia and reduction in the production of red blood cells. He says Vitamin B12 plays a role in the function of the nerve cells and we can't make DNA without it. If the body can't replenish cells then the body ages faster than normal.

Dr. Oz asked why are we hearing about issues with Vitamin B12 now? It used to be that people received B12 shots regularly in the 1940s and 1950s.
Dr. Katz explained that Dr. Oz is bringing more attention to health issues and supplements but in addition drugs and a processed food diet is leaving our levels lowered.

In other parts of the world, such as Japan, the acceptable level of Vitamin B12 is twice as high as in the US. Dr. Katz attributes that to a different lifestyle, a healthier population, and a better diet that includes lots of food from the sea.

A blood test can be valuable a valuable tool to determine a Vitamin B12 deficiency but, say Dr. Oz, knowing and checking for symptoms of a deficiency is just as important. Ask yourself these five questions.

1. Do you suffer from an over-all lack of energy?
2. Have you noticed unusual mood changes?
3. Do you have difficulty concentrating or remembering things?
4. Have you noticed tingling or numbness in the hands or feet?
5. Has your tongue become inflamed, red or cracked? These are signs of a profound deficiency.

If you have answered yes to any or all of these questions, it's important to look into increasing food intake of Vitamin B12, possibly adding a B12 supplement and talking to a doctor.

Dr. Oz: Reasons for Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Dr Oz Vitamin B12 Deficiency Cause #1: Aspirin - Aspirin use can irritate the stomach lining which then does not allow for absorption of B12.

Dr Oz Vitamin B12 Deficiency Cause #2: Antacids - Antacids inhibit the production of stomach acid which is necessary for absorption of B12.

Dr Oz Vitamin B12 Deficiency Cause #3: Diabetes Drug - Metformin is commonly used with diabetes patients yet it can lead to a B12 deficiency.

Dr Oz Vitamin B12 Deficiency Cause #4: Supplements - other vitamins can inhibit Vitamin B12 absorption as well. B12 and folate work together. If enough folate is in the system it will mask a B12 deficiency but won't support nerve function. There is a point where nerve damage and brain function damage is irreversible.

If dementia runs in the family then be sure to get checked for B12 levels. Don't stop taking medications because of this information but realize there could be a possible deficiency and have a conversation with your doctor.

Dr Oz Vitamin B12 Deficiency Cause #5: Age – the stomach cells change with age and we don't create as much stomach acid. Stomach acid functions to unlock B12 from food and as we age the acid cannot do this. Over 30% of people over age 50 do not secrete the proper amount of viable stomach acid to be able to open up and use B12 from proteins. In the 40s and 50s, stomach acid production has already dropped in half and with it Vitamin B12 absorption.

Food sources of Vitamin B12 come into the body bound to protein and the body has to separate the B12 from the protein in order to absorb it. Over age 50, due to a reduction in stomach acid, the protein and B12 stay bound together. The B12 has to break away in order to be absorbed.

Ms. Geagan says the best, most reliable sources of B12 is from animal protein: meat, seafood, and to a lesser extent from dairy products and eggs. Consuming a more plant based does not allow for as much Vitamin B12, according to Ms. Geagan, and combine that with age and there's another step in decreased absorption.

Dr Oz Vitamin B12 Deficiency Cause #6: Alcohol – consuming alcohol can also inhibit B12 absorption. Moderate drinking, one drink a day or less, says Dr. Katz, doesn't typically present an issue but drinking more than that often leads to eating a poor diet which can result in lower absorption.

Christina, an audience member, has the lowest amount of Vitamin B12 from all the audience members tested. She says she has all five symptoms listed earlier and has asked her doctors about it. [She didn't indicate that her doctor has done anything about her concerns.]

Dr. Oz doesn't think she's beyond recovery because of her appearance and her ability to remember some things.

Dr. Oz Supplemental Vitamin B12

Ms. Geagan recommends sublingual [under the tongue] B12 or in pill form. She recommends taking 25mcg under the tongue. If there is a deficiency then she recommends taking as much as 1,000mcg of Vitamin B12.

With supplements of B12, stomach acid is not required for absorption. Ms. Geagan says there is no upper limit of safety with B12 supplements.

Ms. Geagan says that B12 shots are easy to get and popular but encourages starting with sublingual, it's easier and less expensive. For some with a deficiency, she says, a shot is the best route as it goes right into the blood stream.

Dr. Oz Three Food Sources of Vitamin B12

Dr. Oz B12 Food #1: Fortified Foods, a.k.a Cereal
Note: when Vitamin B12 naturally occurs in food it doesn't have to show up on the label. Milk and other dairy products contain Vitamin B12 but does not always show up on the nutrition label.

For breakfast, chose a whole grain cereal that provides at least 25% of the daily amount of Vitamin B12. Add milk to that cereal and you're close to getting 100% of the recommended amount of Vitamin B12.

Another breakfast option, including the whole grain cereal, is Dr. Oz's B12 Boosting Parfait. To one cup of plain yogurt add honey, sliced berries and whole grain cereal.

Dr. Oz B12 Food #2: Animal Protein
Animal protein naturally contains Vitamin B12 but the meat we eat today is not necessarily of the same quality or contains the same nutrition as the meat that was available [or 100] years ago. The animals used today for meat production are typically fed antibiotics which can deplete stomach function. Further, those same animals are not often allowed to freely graze and therefor are not eating the fungus foods that populate Vitamin B12 in their systems.

Grass-fed animals provide the greatest amount of Vitamin B12 from their meat. Bison in particular was recommended but if grass-fed bison is not available [or too expensive] then go for 95% extra lean grass-fed beef. Use the meat to make Bison Sliders that can provide 30% of the day's amount of Vitamin B12.

Dr. Oz B12 Food #3: Seafood
Ms. Geagan calls seafood a whole cocktail of nutrition. With seafood, you can get your Vitamin B12 as well as omega-3's. One of the best seafood sources of Vitamin B12, according to Ms. Geagan, are clams. Three ounces of clams provides over 500% of your daily amount of Vitamin B12 along with zinc and selenium. To get your B12 from the sea, also look to sardines, grilled salmon, trout and even white fish. [Yeah! I just had cod for dinner. Yum!]

Here's a recipe for the B12 Boosting Pasta discussed on the show.

Dr. Oz Protect This Organ to Prevent Colds

Dr. Oz says that by protecting your lymph nodes you can prevent colds in the winter.

The lymphatic system makes sure that the junk in your veins doesn't get back into the heart during circulation. The lymph cleans out the garbage.

In the neck there are a lattice of lymph channels and can get larger when a virus or bacteria attacks the body. When you feel the lymph nodes in the neck getting larger know that your body is fighting off something.

After a cold the lymph nodes can remain large so Dr. Oz recommends a neck massage to milk the lymph nodes in the neck and encourage drainage to remove waste.

[This segment was billed as providing information to support they lymphatic system to prevent a cold yet, the only recommendation was to massage the lymph nodes in the neck after a cold.
The website, has an article by Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP, who has previously appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, that talks about natural ways to rejuvenate the lymphatic system. Her recommendations include: eating right, staying hydrated, exercising, sweating, investigate and eliminate food sensitivities. Read the entire article by clicking here.]

Dr. Oz Strengthen Your Immune System

Dr. Oz Immune Strengthener #1: Hydrate
Drink at least four 8 oz glasses of water a day.

Dr. Oz Immune Strengthener #2: Elderberry Extract
When you feel a cold has hit, Dr. Oz recommends taking 1 tablespoon of elderberry in a glass of water four times a day. Gladys says it tastes like a blueberry juice drink. [I think it tastes like grape juice.]
Immune Strengthener #3: Zinc Lozenges
During a cold, Dr. Oz recommends taking one zinc lozenge every hour. They can be found at natural food stores, drug stores, conventional grocery stores.

Life Extension Zinc Lozenges 23mg 75 Lozenges
from: Best Price Nutrition

Dr. Oz: The Best Over-The-Counter Cold Remedies

Dr. Keri Peterson, medical contributor to Women's Health magazine, says that, on average, adults get a cold 2-4 times a year typically September through May which usually lasts a week and a half. Children often get colds more often.


[Working in the health food industry for over a decade I know that people get colds often but 2-4 per year is just astounding to me. Personally, I will get a slight cold maybe once a year – right now is my once a year apparently. My daughter will get a cold once or twice in a year and my son tends to get a cold a little more often, maybe three times in a year.

Eating right and supporting the immune system all year long can go a long way to staying healthy no matter the season and no matter the bug that is going around. Even simple things like washing your hands often, coughing and sneezing into your arm instead of your hand, getting plenty of sleep, and staying hydrated can all help decrease your chances for catching a cold.

Taking that further, things like Vitamin D and probiotics can give the immune system the tools it needs to stay strong.]

Dr. Oz Best OTC Cold Remedy for Stuffy Nose
The best remedy for a stuffy nose, says Dr. Peterson, is saline spray. Look for a product that contains purified water and sodium chloride. Squirt the solution up the nose to dry out mucus and flush out the nose. Many people will reach for pseudoephedrine which can have side effects of raised blood pressure, feeling jittery, and trouble sleeping.

Dr. Oz Best OTC Cold Remedy for Runny Nose, Sneezing, Post-Nasal Drip
For all three of these related symptoms, Ms. Peterson recommends the old-style antihistamine that last 6 hours and cause drowsiness. Do not drive a car while taking this over-the-counter medication. She says the newer versions of antihistamines only work on allergies.

Dr. Oz Best OTC Cold Remedy for Sore Throat
Ms. Peterson recommends simple ibuprofen for a sore throat. She says most people look toward lozenges for a sore throat but they only last about 20 minutes, contain sugar and additional calories.

[I'm actually experiencing a sore throat right now and while ibuprofen helps with the throat as well as my headache, I find that Propolis Spray by Honey Gardens also helps relieve the discomfort associated with my sore throat. Propolis can also support the immune system.]

Dr. Oz Best OTC Cold Remedy for Cough
A cough can be dry or wet. Ms. Peterson says to choose your medication based on the type of cough.

For a dry cough, Ms. Peterson recommends a cough suppressant that stops the cough reflex. Look for a product with “DM”, or dextromethorphan, on the label that has 12 hour coverage.

For a wet cough, she recommends a cough expectorant containing guaifenesin and take it with a full glass of water to help break up and move the mucus.

Dr. Oz All Natural Headache Remedies

Dr. Oz Natural Remedy for Tension Headache
During a tension headache, the muscle around the forehead tightens painfully and can also bring about neck pain as well. Stress and lack of sleep can cause a tension headache. Dr. Oz says ginger tea is the answer to a tension headache.

He recommends taking fresh ginger, chopping up about an inch of the root and steep in boiling water. [Ginger tea is also available in tea bags.] Dr. Oz says ginger will help reduce inflammation it's also good for your stomach too.

Dr. Oz Natural Remedy for Cluster Headache
A cluster headache is felt in a precise location and can feel like a spear going into eye or an area of the head. Cluster headaches can also cause a runny nose and/or watery eyes and for that reason are commonly called a histamine headache. This type of headache will commonly happen over a period of time, for a few days, then go away.

Dr. Oz recommends capsaicin cream. He says to take a dab of capsaicin cream on the finger and rub it on the inside of the nose.

Dr. Oz Natural Remedy for Migraine Headache
Migraines occur more often in women than men. People will feel uneasy, experience throbbing on one side of the brain, and become hypersensitive to light and sound. Surprisingly, Dr. Oz says the symptoms for a migraine are similar to a stroke.

Dr. Oz recommends taking the herb feverfew, from the sunflower family, to reduce inflammation.

Source Naturals Feverfew Extract 50 Tabs
from: Best Price Nutrition

Dr. Oz Natural Remedy for Headaches: Manual Therapy
Acupressure massage on the foot can also help relieve the pain associated with a headache. Dr. Oz recommends to put pressure on the webbing between the big toe and the second toe. This area can be more sensitive during a headache. Use slight pressure that does not cause pain.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tip!

Ocular massage put a little pressure on the little area on either side of the bridge of the nose using your thumbs or fingers.

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