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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 1/10/12: Jennifer Hudson and Weight Loss, One Day of Meals with Jennifer Hudson, Resolutions Increase Weight Loss Success, Workout with Jennifer Hudson, Transformation Nation

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: January 10, 2011
How Jennifer Hudson Got Fit

  • Jennifer Hudson shares what inspired her to lose weight and how she inspires others
  • Go through a typical day of meals with Jennifer Hudson
  • Make a resolution
  • Workout with Jennifer Hudson
  • Get started losing weight with Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation

Too tired or too stressed to start a weight loss program? Jennifer Hudson says those are just excuses, and she talks from experience. Jennifer Hudson publicly went from a size 16 to a size 6 and has inspired 175 of her family members to lose a collective 1,700 pounds. Find out what inspires Jennifer Hudson, what she eats, and how she works out. Maybe it will inspire you too.

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Jennifer Hudson first captured the public spot light on American Idol as a finalist in 2004. Her role in Dreamgirls in 2006 brought her critical attention and a long list of awards including an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. In 2008, her debut album, Jennifer Hudson, went gold. Ms. Hudson has battled weight publicly and succeeded.

Today, Ms. Hudson is the mother of a two-year-old son and is a spokesperson for Weight Watchers. [They didn't state how much she has lost on the program, however in an 2011 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Ms. Hudson stated she lost 80 pounds – at least, that's what Wikipedia says.]

What motivated Ms. Huson to change her life?
After giving birth to her son, she joined Weight Watchers and went from size 16 to a size 6. Her success and willingness to talk about her experience has inspired her friends and family to also join Weight Watchers and have lost a combined total of 1700 pounds.

Her weight loss success and ability to inspire friends and family translated to Weight Watchers being inspired to open the Weight Watchers Jennifer Hudson Center in Chicago, IL, Ms. Hudson's hometown, in September of 2011.

What made you decide that you could lose the weight?
Ms. Hudson says that she first acknowledged that she had a weight problem that she wanted to fix. Wanting to make a change in herself got her started.

Dr. Oz says the transformation of losing weight and is not only in your body, but it's also in the mind and soul. Ms. Hudson agreed saying it's about wanting to do it and going for it.

She never thought she would be able to do all that she has done, so far, in her life. She now adds author to her list of accomplishments. I Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Was Weighing Me Down, released on January 10, 2012, details her weight loss transformation.
Dr. Oz asked why she is telling that story now?
Ms. Hudson says that looking back on where she was when she started and where she is now gave her the understanding that her experience has inspired others. She wanted to reach a larger audience with the book to give people hope to make positive change themselves.

When you were younger, it seems, you didn't have a problem with your weight.
Ms. Hudson explains that she didn't feel she had a problem with her weight. She says, it's more about what you want for yourself then what other people see or want for you.

Is it worth it to lose the weight? [I find this question odd. I don't know of anyone who has said losing weight isn't worth the effort.]
If you're wondering if losing weight is right for you right now, then you'll feel it, says Ms. Hudson. For others, this may not be the right time for them and that's OK too. Dr. Oz added that people say they want to lose weight to be happy but, you have to first be happy where you at to be successful losing the weight.

Ms. Hudson's husband is a body builder and she says that neither of them understand about health until their 20s. During her pregnancy with her son, she knew she wanted her body back and asked herself what can I do with this? What can I accomplish? She and her husband wanted to set a good example for their son so they talked openly on how to improve their health.

After the birth, she says she had to get out of pregnancy mind set of eating everything. Ms. Hudson had c-section so she couldn't exercise immediately after the birth but she saw that she could eat better to lose weight.

Once on the Weight Watchers program, Ms. Hudson talked to her family and friends and inspired 175 family members to join Weight Watchers – she has a large family. She says she is so proud that they have joined her in the challenge of losing weight.

People often say they feel invisible when they are over weight, did you have that experience?
She says she didn't feel invisible because she always felt she had a presence. Ms. Hudson feels that you can't understand how it feels to be over weight and how it feels to be a healthy weight unless you've been on both sides of the fence. Once she lost her weight she said she understands how her appearance is magnified and realized that people are now more friendly and more open to her.

[Oh, how we judge based on appearance! It's a sadly true commentary.]

What is one emotion you feel that has changed since losing weight?
Ms. Hudson says she feels more empowered and has been blessed with achievements but this is an important personal goal that she's accomplished. She believes she can do what ever she sets her mind to, like her mom always told her. Her would say, Jenny you can do anything if you put your mind to it, and I did, she says.

Are you worried that you may be more famous for losing weight than for singing?
It doesn't matter to her, she says and now that she has written a book it's even more unexpected. Ms. Hudson says that God is using her in more ways she ever thought.

Many at home don't believe they can lose the too, what do you say to them?
Ms. Hudson says she was once that person and those who say they can't put in the effort starting now or they can't eat better starting now are giving excuses. People may be mad by that but, she says, she was that person. She had to acknowledge the real issue was being afraid or not wanting to do it and that's OK, she says, don't beat yourself up. Ask what do you want for yourself and then it's about your choices.

A Typical Day of Food for Jennifer Hudson

When did you believe you could keep the weight off?
Ms. Hudson says that starting the plan with Weight Watchers she learned how to eat and to take that knowledge with you. She learned how to eat in a healthy way, it teaches you a lifestyle

On Weight Watchers you can eat anything you want it's about serving size.

[Weight Watchers gives a point value to all food types. When you join Weight Watchers you work work with their staff to determine your weight loss goals and how many points you can use each week based on your current goal weight. It's up to you to determine how you use those points. You choose the food and calculate the point value for each day and each week. Once you've reached a weight goal, your food points are revised to help achieve the next goal weight.]

Breakfast – 10 Weight Watchers Points
Ms. Hudson says she loves pancakes! Especially during the holidays, pancakes are her favorite. How can she eat pancakes and lose weight? It's all about portion size. Instead of a stack of pancakes, each as big as your face, her pancakes are about the size of the palm of her hand. Having three small pancakes is still visually pleasing.

Along with the pancakes, Ms. Hudson will have a couple slices of turkey bacon and an egg white. She cautions to watch your salt intake and be sure to eat fruits and vegetables for the fiber and drink plent of water.

There are a variety of pancake recipes on the Weight Watchers website. Click here for the blueberry bran pancake recipe that caught my eye!

Lunch - 11 Weight Watchers Points
A turkey burger with lettuce and tomato along with sweet potato fries – baked, not fried.

Dinner – 6 Weight Watchers Points
Ms. Hudson loves to eat her No-Noodle Veggie Lasagna for dinner. She says nothing better to her than a good healthy meal. Her veggie lasagna recipe is only available to those who join Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation.

Dessert - 1 Weight Watchers Point
Be careful with desserts, Ms. Hudson cautions, but don't deprive yourself. Deprivation during weight loss will lead to falling back into old habits. She enjoys soy milk hot chocolate along with three of her small sized chocolate chip cookies. In total, her dessert is 8 Weight Watchers points.

Snack – 6 Weight Watchers Points
Two bananas for one snack will often get Ms. Hudson through until the next meal feeling satisfied and full. Plus she is adding to her total fiber intake. Snacking on fruit allows her to have more freedom with other foods throughout the day or the week.

Sign up for Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation now and 10,000 people could be eligible to win a free Weight Watchers cookbook. Click here for more information.

A Dr. Oz Fan Shares Her Weight Loss Story

Robin, a police officer, was tired and over weight feeling she had no time and no energy to start a weight loss program. Two years ago saw Jennifer Hudson on the Weight Watchers program and thought if Ms. Hudson could do it then she could do it. Over the last two years, she has lost 71 pounds. Robin says she has accomplished all but one goal and that's to meet Jennifer Hudson.

Today, Dr. Oz invited Robin onto the show to achieve that final goal, meeting Jennifer Hudson. Robin thanked Ms. Hudson and says that Ms. Hudson's experience has been that spark that grabbed her attention and got her started. Like Ms. Hudson, she hopes that others can be inspired from her experience.

Robin says that she loves her new life and thought she had confidence before but now says she's got it all going on!

Make a Resolution To Increase Weight Loss Success

Getting started right now is more important than ever. Dr. Oz shared that studies show that people how commit to a weight loss program with a new years resolution are 10% more successful then those who don't make a resolution.

Liz Josefsberg, Weight Watchers Leader, says it's important to take control of your environment and get tools to control portions. She recommends getting reusable food containers and using masking tape and a marker write the date the food was made, how long it's good for, how many Weight Watchers points per serving.

Having the right tools can allow you to make large batches and portion them out. The tape and information written on it will help keep everything organized and take the guess work out of using the food later.

Dr. Oz says he wants weight loss to be about how much you are eating and the quality of food and those key points will help you get to the right place. He says to keep the focus on low-calorie, nutrient dense foods.

Ms. Josefsberg says to make sure you're getting lots of foods that are high in protein, fiber and water content and they will change your life if you bring them into your meals. Keep the protein lean, the dairy low-fat, chose whole grains and include lots of vegetables and fruit.

Sign up for Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation today and you'll get a list of 20 power foods to incorporate into your meal planning for healthy, filling, nutrient dense foods.

Jennifer Hudson Shares Her Workout

Ms. Hudson shared her trilogy of exercises to make fitness a part of her busy life. She says to chose three exercises that focus on areas you want to work on and take 15 minutes a day to focus on you and get fit. She says health is so important so take the time for you, don't think about it just do it.

Click here to get Jennifer Hudson's Workout Trilogy. This link includes video, illustrations and instructions.

Squat – set of 25

Sit Up – set of 25
Do the sit-up the best way you can, make it work for you.

Push Up – set of 25
Standard or “girl style”.

Repeat four times.

Jump Rope

Get Started Losing Weight Today with Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation

600,000 people have already signed up for Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation. Ms. Josefsberg shared the four steps that you can take, after you sign up with Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation, to get started getting healthy today. Who knows? You could win Dr. Oz's Million Dollar You. Visit for more details on the program and the contest.

Step Number 1: Download the list of 20 Weight Watchers power foods.

Step Number 2: After getting the list of 20 power foods, go shopping so you can make the meals Jennifer Hudson shared on the show today. The recipes are only available to those who join Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation.

Step Number 3: Get moving with Jennifer Hudson's workout. Click here to get Jennifer Hudson's Workout Trilogy.

Step Number 4: Get your complimentary weigh in at a Weight Watchers location. From January 10 through February 26, viewers of The Dr. Oz Show will receive a complimentary weight-in and can stay for a meeting. Right now, you can can join Weight Watchers for free!

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