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Friday, January 13, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 1/13/12: Fantastic Four Functional Medicine Practitioners, Diabesity, Alzheimer’s Disease, Energy and Fatigue, Menopause, The Stella Family Loses Weight

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: January 13, 2012
Dr. Oz's Disease Detectives With the New Power to Heal You!

  • Four top doctors in the field of functional medicine
  • A new approach to diabetes treatment
  • Build the brain and feed it oxygen
  • Cutting-edge approach to energy and fatigue complaints
  • Treating menopause naturally
  • The Stella family got healthy together and lost over 500 pounds

A common question presented to Dr. Oz, he shared, is which doctors does he send his family to. Today, Dr. Oz has invited four doctors, of different specialties, on the cutting-edge of health care practicing functional medicine. Find out the difference between conventional and functional medicine and how it could make a difference in your health care. Learn how their new approaches are supporting patients from menopause to weight gain and even Alzheimer’s.


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Dr. Oz's Disease Detectives With the New Power to Heal You!

Four doctors have taken the stage with Dr. Oz today to share how they view their medical practice. These doctors work to determine the underlying cause of medical issues by looking at the over-all health of the body as well as the patient's environment. It's called functional medicine.

Dr. Mark Hyman, MD

Dr. Hyman's approach includes using food to treat chronic disease like diabetes. He says that in conventional medicine, the patient is seen either as sick or healthy. Functional medicine looks at a continuum from health to disease. Along the way, there could diabetes, high blood pressure, or weight gain. The goal of functional medicine is to find the root cause of the issue with the belief that the disease will go away as a side effect of getting healthy.

Diabetes would be better described by calling it diabesity, says Dr. Hyman. Being overweight and unhealthy is the underlying cause and everything else stems from that root cause.

In the case of diabetes, Dr. Hyman says that patients should look into getting an Insulin Response Test to determine the levels of belly and inflammation. Along with that, he encourages getting the NMR Cholesterol Test that will look at levels, types and the size of cholesterol in the body.

Dr. Oz demonstrated how big and small sizes of LDL cholesterol run through the arteries. A thin layer of cells line the arteries and help stop fat from sticking to the wall. Big particles of LDL cholesterol are often not an issue until there are too many and can then clog up the protective layer allowing smaller particles of LDL to get through and stick to the walls.

Dr. Hyman recommends to be aware of foods that cause inflammation . Dairy, gluten, corn, eggs, and soy foods [are highly allergenic] and may the culprits behind food sensitivities. To determine sensitivities, stop eating all of these inflammation foods for two weeks add one at a time a couple of days apart. If eating these foods causes bloating, upset stomach, generally feeling bad, then these foods should be eliminated from the diet. [This is also known as an Elimination Diet.]

Drs. Hyman and Oz recommend taking PGX® fiber [by Natural Factors]
PGX® fiber, [a patented fiber] breaks down fat and sugar in the system, fills the stomach to delay feelings of hunger and supports beneficial bacteria in the stomach.

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Dr. Susan Blum
Dr. Susan Blum, MD, MPH, [is the Founder of The Blum Center for Health] has written the article Fatigue: Functional Medicine Solutions. Read it on

Dr. Blum specializes in issues of energy and fatigue and says that she can help you get your energy back for good. Her approach is different than conventional medicine where they are looking for a disease to label the patient.

When working with a patient, she looks at the thyroid and checks the T3 gas hormone which is essential to thyroid function. T3 goes inside cells to produce energy, metabolism, and heat. Most of her patients have low T3 levels from too much stress hormones and toxins interfere which interfere with production.

Dr. Oz showed a tissue sample of the thyroid which is a butterfly shaped gland that sits under Adam's apple.

Dr. Blum's approach is to help the thyroid work better through nutrition. Part of her program includes supplements. She says that a mulitmineral supplement is important. Make sure it includes 15mg of zinc, 200mcg of selenium and 150mcg of iodine. Dr. Blum calls these the trifecta of thyroid support.

Table salt is a good source of iodine, necessary for the creation of thyroid hormone, as long as the salt is label iodized.

The Fatigue Fighting Super Salad is a great way to get the trifecta of supplements together in one healthy meal. [No recipe on, as of yet.] The salad includes kale which is rich in vitamin A, sunflower seeds providing selenium, and tahini dressing that is rich in zinc. Food as medicine.

Dr. David Perlmutter
Dr. David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, ABIHM [is a Board-Certified Neurologist and Fellow of the American College of Nutrition and author of several books including Power Up Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Enlightenment] has written the article Fighting Alzheimer’s With Functional Medicine available for your reading enjoyment on]

Dr. Perlmutter says that Alzheimer's disease is preventable and may even be reversible. He says Alzheimer's is inflammation of the brain just the same as inflammation effects the joints and heart. A brain scan of a patient with Alzheimer's shows the brain is on fire, as Dr. Oz describes it, with inflammation.

Inflammation can be controlled, says Dr. Perlmutter, with a diet high in DHA and resveratrol as well as exercise. Along with that, it is possible to grow new brain cells. Dr. Oz says that Dr. Perlmutter has changed his views on how the brain functions and how it can be treated.

The brain is 70% and the worse thing we can be doing is to be fat phobic, says Dr. Perlmutter. Without fat, he explains, the body cannot absorb essential nutrients such as Vitamins A, C, E and K. Dr. Perlmutter recommends eating healthy fat daily to support brain health: avocados, coconut oil and even beef.

Dr. Perlmutter has revolutionized the treatment of Alzheimer’s with the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. He says the therapy empowers the brain by delivering high levels of oxygen. Twenty to 30 treatments are commonly needed at a cost of $200-300 per treatment. Dr. Perlmutter says that most insurance companies will cover Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, depending on the disease for which it's prescribed.

Dr. Wendy Warner
Wendy Warner, MD, FACOG, ABIHM, (the gynecologist that Dr. Oz recommends to his own family)
says there is more to healing then medications. Read her article, A Functional Medicine Approach to Menopause, on

When a patient visits Dr. Warner they can expect to spend at least one hour with her, more for complicated health issues. Her medical intake form is 10 pages. The biggest difference between her practice and conventional medicine is that she spends considerable time with her patients.

In medical school, Dr. Warner, says she was taught that hot flashes were about estrogen drops. That idea doesn't make sense to her because every woman drops estrogen during menopause but not all have hot flashes. It's hormone imbalance at the root of menopause issues, it could be that the body is not breaking down estrogen, or does not have the right amount of progesterone, it could be an issue with the adrenals - the stress gland.

Common complaints among menopausal women, and perimenopausal are hot flashes and not sleeping. With these concerns, Dr. Warner will look at adrenal imbalance – something conventional doctors will not typically look at.

To support the body through adrenal imbalance, Dr. Warner recommends Siberian Rhubarb Extract, 4mg once daily, along with Ashwagandha at 500mg twice a day. She says together these two supplements make a good team but that it could take 6 to 8 weeks to see results.

Weight gain is prevalent during hormonal shifts, what do you do?
Dr. Warner explains that there is a reaction between estrogen, inflammation, and insulin and they create a fat storing cycle. Belly fat creates more estrogen which increases insulin which creates inflammation and inflammation leads to more belly fat. Women spiral through this cycle and end up gaining weight

Dr. Warner recommends drinking a Menopause Fat-Blasting Smoothie every day. It provides the nutrients the body needs to make hormones. Swiss chard provides zinc, supportive of hormonal balancing. Blueberries are high in antioxidants to support healthy inflammation. Brazil nuts feed the thyroid. Flax seeds contain lignans that are support of hormonal balance. Green tea, brewed and cooled, is another antioxidant ingredient to target inflammation.

Dr. Oz: Food From the Trash to Support Health

Dr. Oz says that foods to support the body may be in the trash! Peels, stems, skins, and seeds can provide nutrients that are vital to health.

Watermelon Rinds for Heart Health
Plaque buildup in the arteries can break off damaging the heart and cause it to enlarge. Dr. Oz showed tissue samples of a healthy heart, about the size of a fist, and a damaged heart that was significantly larger.

Dr. Oz recommends watermelon rinds for heart health. He says to grind the rinds in a blender to make a juice and add a little lemon or lime, and a little vodka too! Watermelon rinds are filled with amino acids. The drink tastes like watermelon but the citrus is the key to great flavor. Dr. Oz says watermelon supports circulation.

Celery Tops For Diabetes
The pancreas creates insulin and needs to be nurtured. Dr. Oz recommends nurturing the pancreas with the tops and leaves of celery. Celery leaves are high in magnesium, higher than the stalks. Chop the leaves and tops and add to salsa.

Red Onion Skin to Reduce Risk of Stroke
Dr. Oz showed a brain tissue sample brain, one healthy and one with black throughout the ridges. The black areas, he explained, was blood that because of high blood pressure exploded in the brain causing a stroke and loss of life.

To support healthy blood pressure levels, Dr. Oz recommended the skin of red onions which are high in quercetin. Make an onion soup using the entire onion, take out the skin after cooking.

Dr. Oz How The Stella Family Collectively Lost Over 500 Pounds

This family transformed their bodies together to lose over 500 pounds. At his wedding, George Stella weighed 175 pounds. Twenty years later, his weight had more than doubled. George was in a wheel chair suffering from congestive heart failure.

Together, he and his family changed their diets and began eating the healthy food George, professional chef, was serving customers at his restaurant. The family lost weight, regained their health and shared their experiences and recipes with a long list of cookbooks. [Check out their cookbooks and philosophy at

George teared up talking about how his family gained weight along with him. His youngest son, at age 15, weighed 300 pounds. He was at the end of his life, at the end of the road. George, a chef since age 15, started cooking healthier food for his family, the same foods he cooked for his family.

Research lead George to eliminate white flour and sugar and designed a low-carb menu for his family. Together they lost over 500 pounds. George lost 260 pounds, Rachel, his wife, lost 80 pounds and his son Christian lost over 200 pounds.

George developed ways to incorporate vegetables into the dishes that his family loved but were packing on the pounds. Cauliflower was a natural substitution for many carbohydrates in their diet because it takes on the flavor of anything that's it paired with.

The Original Cauliflower Macaroni and Cheese Casserole provides the flavor of traditional mac & cheese with added nutrition from an entire head of cauliflower.

Rice was ditched in favor of cauliflower and George developed a Cauliflower Rice Pilaf recipe.

Zucchini muffins and pancakes received a make-over with the help of soy flour and almond flour.

The favorite Stella family food swap is their famous Anaheim Shrimp Scampi featuring low-calorie, high-fiber spaghetti squash. This dish has become their traditional holiday meal.

[Another recipe is featured on but did not appear in the show: Low-Carb Southern Fried Chicken. It's not low in calorie nor low in fat but it is lower in carbohydrates.]

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