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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 1/12/12: Goldie Hawn, Golden Rules to Happiness, The Y Lift, Curb Cravings in 28 Days

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: January 12, 2012
Goldie Hawn's Secrets to Staying Young

  • Goldie Hawn talks about achieving happiness after depression
  • Non-invasive, one hour face lift
  • Dr. Dow's 28-day plan to end food cravings

She's called America's sweetheart, Goldie Hawn joins Dr. Oz today to talk about mindful happiness. Ms. Hawn is, and has been, a dancer, an actress, a television star, an author, and has suffered from depression. Her new book talks about achieving happiness with mindful action. See if her three golden rules to mindful happiness can you be happier too.


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Dr. Oz: Goldie Hawn's Secrets to Staying Young

Goldie Hawn is an Oscar winning actress [as well as a director and producer] and has experienced incredible success and popularity throughout her career.

Coming out on the stage, Dr. Oz said that Ms. Hawn really did light up the place. He stated that he'd heard people say how sunny she was but hadn't experienced himself, until now.

Ms. Hawn says that she was born that way, always a happy child. She says she feels like she has a tickle inside of her and lets it out.

But her life hasn't always been charmed and happy. Ms. Hawn shared that she began her career as a dancer and that's all she wanted to do – dance and then open a dance studio someday. From a chorus line she was picked to join the William Morris agency. From there she was an actress and there was no more dancing. The change left her depressed and given to panic attacks when she had to go out in public.

She said when she lost her smile it was the scariest time. She went to a psychologist to try to understand what was happening and how to get herself back.

Ms. Hawn explained that there's no secret to happiness but she was interested in finding what makes that joyous state of mind. She wanted to learn what is that tickle, what is joy, and how do I get it in my life and maintain it?

How does being happy help you feel healthier?
When you feel joy, research shows that you have a better and healthier state of mind, Ms. Hawn said. The body reacts when you feel joyful and your body reacts positively. The goal is to make the positive become habitual.

Dr. Oz had a brain tissue sample on the stage and asked Ms. Hawn if she had ever held a human brain. Her book illustrates brain function and how that relates to happiness, Dr. Oz thought it would be great for her to hold a brain. She was thrilled.

From there, Ms. Hawn blew Dr. Oz away with her knowledge of the brain. She explained that there are three brains with different functions. One part of the brain, the amygdala, also called the fire alarm of the brain, is where we react. Dr. Oz shared that women have a better connection with the fire alarm of the brain and the prefrontal cortex allowing us to quickly react to surrounding stimulus.

Women need to understand how to turn down the fire alarm to allow for better decision making, thinking before reacting. Ms. Hawn's book, apparently, goes into great detail of how to calm the amygdala.

Dr. Oz pointed out the wishbone-shaped area of the brain where the hypothalamus and pituitary meet explaining that this is where the mind-body connection is in the brain.

Having an optimistic outlook can change the body, explains Dr. Oz. Happiness can change how the body deposits plaque and how the immune system reacts.

On the other side, there are those with a negative outlook that want to change that outlook towards greater optimism. Ms. Hawn explained that one of the most important things in her life is to express gratitude. She said that people who daily write down five things they are grateful for can come out of bed-ridden depression.

Dr. Oz started to say that Ms. Hawn was married to Kurt Russel. She quickly interrupted, no, no, no, not married. She's in love and chose not to get married because they both had done that before and it didn't work so why do it again.

Having been together for 30 years now, Dr. Oz wants to know how Ms. Hawn shows Mr. Russell gratitude.
She says she thanks him everyday for coming into her life because without him they wouldn't have the most amazing children that they do.

Dr. Oz said that Ms. Hawn's inner beauty shines through and want to know how, at age 63 does she look so good.
Ms. Hawn believes that good genes plays a role. Her mother and father always looked good, she says. Good skin works and, she explains, you have to love life and you've got to be happy.

Dr. Oz: Goldie's Three Golden Rules to Bring Happiness in 10 Minutes

Ms. Hawn's book [just released September, 2011], 10 Mindful Minutes: Giving Our Children--and Ourselves--the Social and Emotional Skills to Reduce Stress and Anxiety for Healthier, Happy Lives, came about by parents asking for the same instruction on mindful focus that The Hawn Foundation has been working to provide to school kids. The parents were seeing great results in their children's focus and wanted be to learn the skill too. They asked her to write the book. 

Ms. Hawn clarified that she called it 10 mindful minutes, but it takes longer than that but, what she is trying to get across is to take 10 minutes of quite a day to reduce your stress, which in turn will support brain function.

Dr. Oz: Goldie's Golden Rule #1: Take Brain Breaks
Our brains get tired,we can't focus for endless periods of time and we have got to stop and rest. It's vitally important, says Ms. Hawn.

Dr. Oz illustrated that stress causes the brain to seize, the memory areas of the brain don't work as well under stress. The brain trys to get away from stress and can't make decisions as well or retain information. On the other hand, when involved in a positive and restorative experience, brain tissue can be built up.

Call it mediation, call it prayer, call it brain breaks but all these names mean the same thing – a break for the brain to recharge.

Dr. Oz: Goldie's Golden Rule #2: Focus, Focus, Focus
Helping kids achieve focus is the focus of Ms. Hawn's book and The Hawn Foundation. [According to the website, The Hawn Foundation was founded in 2005, The Hawn Foundation “to promote children’s academic success in school and in life through social and emotional learning.”]

Ms. Hawn says all need to slow down. We have so much technology around us that is stealing intimacy, too many choices, too many TV channels, too many distractions.

The Hawn Foundation uses the Jelly Bean test to help kids understand what it means to focus. Ms. Hawn asked Dr. Oz to close his eyes and she placed a jelly bean in his had. She told Dr. Oz to focus on the feeling of the jelly bean. Is it smooth, is it big, is it small? Next, she told Dr. Oz to put the jelly bean in his mouth but not to eat it. He was told to focus on the feeling of the jelly bean in the mouth, roll the jelly bean around the mouth, taste the flavor. Dr. Oz said the jelly bean felt bigger in his mouth than in his hand. Finally, Dr. Oz got to chew the jelly bean. Ms. Hawn asked him to think about the flavor. Does it have more flavor when chewing it, did the consistency change?

Ms. Hawn said if we could all enjoy our food in a focused way then we wouldn't eat so much and we would enjoy our food so much more. Dr. Oz says that giving focus to anything will support a building of the brain.

Dr. Oz: Goldie's Golden Rule #3: Kindness Is the Key
Dr. Oz wants to know kindness is so crucial for health? In her house, Ms. Hawn says she has a pillow that says, “The smile you give is the one you get back.” She explains that kindness stimulates connectivity and well-being. Kindness isn't just a word but, says Ms. Hawn, it's an action, an emotion, and has a long life.

Dr. Oz Look 10 Years Young in Under One Hour

Yan Trokel, MD, inventor of The Y Lift, a quick and non-surgical face lift that can be completed in under an hour.

Dr. Trokel explains that The Y Lift puts volume back into the face that has been lost over time from the jaw line and cheeks, in particular. As we age, the muscles and skin on the face lose their elasticity and begin to deteriorate giving the appearance of sagging skin.

The Y Lift provides structure along the cheeks and jaw line with an injection [of hyaluronic acid] and then sculpting of the material to reshape the face back to it's original, and younger looking, contours.

Diane, from the audience, numbed up and injected to demonstrate the ease and lack of pain of The Y Lift procedure. A [titanium] needle is inserted from the hair line at cheek level and is moved across the cheek bone where [hyaluronic acid] is injected along the cheek muscle. The [hyaluronic acid] gives volume and material so that Dr. Torkel can sculpt the material into shape.

The change was immediate. Diane's cheek was full and higher and the sagging skin along her jaw law was lifted up and tightened.

[I only saw enough of the procedure to get a sense of what the doctor was doing. Needles are scary and I have trouble when I see them. The before and after pictures were dramatically different. The Y Lift website says the results will last 2 years. Dr. Trokel is, apparently, the only doctor preforming this procedure. No cost was provided but it looks like you would have to include the cost of traveling to New York if you're interested in having this done.]

Dr. Oz Curb Your Cravings in 28-Days

Mike Dow PSY.D., author of Diet Rehab: 28 Days to Finally Stop Craving the Foods That Make You Fat [and host of TLC's Freaky Eaters], joined Dr. Oz today to share his 28-day plan to stop the cravings and start eating healthier foods.

Dr. Dow explained that food is addictive because of the effect of chemicals in the brain when the food is eaten and those same foods exit the stomach quickly bringing back the craving. He says we have to retrain our brains to avoid the food addiction pitfall.

His approach is to focus on what you can add to your diet instead of what you have to take away. Add foods and activities that boost serotonin to help reduce cravings for foods we don't need.

Adding in what Dr. Dow calls booster foods over a period of four weeks will transition the body and brain to enjoying healthy, nutrient-dense foods that stay in the stomach longer will support a decrease in cravings of unhealthy foods. Over time, he says, you will start to crave healthy foods that support the body and mind.

Grains – quinoa, soba noodles, barley, brown rice, steel-cut oats
Protein – chicken, turkey, trout, buffalo, navy beans
Dairy – Greek yogurt, almond milk, low-fat goat's milk, 1% milk, low-fat cottage cheese
Fruits and Vegetables – broccoli, mushrooms, figs, grapes, kiwi

Dr. Oz Cut Carbs - Week 1: Swap Out Salt
Salt is a pitfall food because it recalibrates the taste buds that cause a craving for high salt foods. Instead of salt, reach for booster spices that provide flavor without the salt. Try any number of spices including oregano, sage, curry, paprika, turmeric, black pepper, basil, cilantro, curry, ginger, rosemary. Dr. Dow says you can have all you want of these booster spices.

Dr. Oz Cut Carbs - Week 2: Pair Snacks
Pair up a booster food with a pitfall foods for snacks. Mix the two together to help transition over to healthier foods. Try a small portion of potato chips with soup to get a little of both.

Dr. Oz Cut Carbs - Week 3: Replace 3 Pitfall Foods with 3 Booster Foods
For meals only, switch out three pitfall foods with three booster foods. For snacks, you can still turn to some pitfall foods – this week – as snacks and you can still have two pitfall foods during the main course. This week is all about cutting down on those unhealthy foods.

Dr. Oz Cut Carbs - Week 4: All Meals Are Booster Foods
The week is the biggest change, and may be the hardest. All meals are booster foods starting this week. Pitfall foods can be used for snacks a few times a week.

Slowly add booster foods over a four week period to reset the taste buds and cravings and Dr. Dow says you will begin to crave healthy foods. You've changed the addiction from unhealthy foods to foods that nourish.

Dr. Dow explained that one slice of typical American delivered fast food pizza contains a full day's worth of saturated fat. How many people just eat one slice of delivery pizza? Dr. Dow's pizza will give a slow release of dopamine and serotonin and is full of nutritious vegetables. Click on the link above to make your own tortilla-based, veggie-packed healthy pizza.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tip! Homemade Dessert

Dr. Oz recommended making your own ice pops. Blend unsweetened almond milk with fruit and place in an ice cube tray with toothpicks. Once frozen, enjoy as a snack or dessert.

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  1. Re: The "Y-Lift".
    I thought she looked far prettier before the "Y Lift". She had a unique, beautiful face with good bone structure. After getting her face puffed out, she looked like every other woman who uses fillers. Just spend a day in Beverly Hills, and you'll see countless women who all look alike due to procedures like this. Scary. If you truly want to refresh your face, rather than waste thousands of dollars on a temporary treatment, spend a little more and get an actual face lift - - mid face, neck, brow - - whatever you think you need. Research plastic surgeons in your area and talk to people for recommendations. Make sure the doctor is a qualified plastic surgeon. Don't do a cheap and quickie type lift. You may regret that decision for the rest of your life.