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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 1/26/12: Outrageous Questions Answered, Underwear Test, Blood Pressure Monitoring, Miracle Aging Supplements

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: January 26, 2012
Dr. Oz: You Asked What? Your Most Outrageous Questions Answered

  • No question is too embarrassing to be asked, Dr. Oz tackles all the crazy questions
  • Are you wearing the correct underwear?
  • Supplements recommended for embarrassing beauty questions
  • Blood pressure monitoring

Embarrassing? Outrageous? Mortifying? Dr. Oz says no question is too over-the-top to be left unasked. Today, he tackles the craziest, weirdest, quirkiest questions from people around the country. Then find out why Dr. Oz asked his audience to bring their underwear to the studio today. What?


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Dr. Oz: You Asked What? Your Most Outrageous Questions Answered

Thousands of people asked questions via email, video, letter, and social media. Dr. Oz and his staff has put together the most outrageous and embarrassing questions and putting to rest many fears.

Dr. Oz Outrageous Question #1: Skin Tags
Joanne appeared in silhouette because she felt too embarrassed by her question. What can she do about embarrassing skin tags that are so big her jewelery gets stuck on them?

One-quarter of American's have skin tags. [I'm in that group!] Hearing that information, Joanne was encouraged to come out from behind the screen. The tags on her neck were large, brown, and covered her neck. Dr. Oz assured her skin tags are normal.

Skin tags, explained Dr. Oz, are non-cancerous, benign skin lesions that sometimes are associated with being over weight and diabetes but more commonly are caused by friction between the skin and clothing. This friction irritates the skin and causes a tag to pop up.

Dr. Oz recommends taking dental floss and tie it around the skin tag. He says this will cause the skin tag to , lose blood supply, deflate then fall off after two days. [Personally, I'd rather talk to my dermatologist and see if they could be removed by a doctor, but that's just me.]

Dr. Oz Outrageous Question #2: Bad Breath
A husband reveals his wife's health secret and is told it's going to be a long ride home. Brian shared that his wife's breath is so bad that the dog doesn't want to kiss her. Sharene, the wife, shared that she gets white bumps in the back of her throat, they get so large and start to smell that she picks them out of her mouth. Then the smell goes away.

Dr. Oz and Brian put on the purple gloves. Dr. Oz put a camera into Sharene's mouth and found some red marks. They are little holes and the white “things”, called tonsiloliths [or tonsil stones or tonsil crypts] grow inside of the holes. Post nasal drip can cause the tonsiloliths to grow to the size of flax seeds and even larger to the size of a pearl, and they have odor. These are normal and treatable.

Dr. Oz recommends using a nasal spray to help manage the post nasal drip. He also recommends using a water pick to irrigate the holes in the mouth and push out the tonsiloliths.

Dr. Oz Outrageous Question #3: Hairy Nipples
Four women from across the country asked about hairy nipples but wouldn't come on the show. Dr. Oz called an audience member from seat 52, the average age women enter into menopause to discuss why hair will grow on the nipples. Ilene, who is also age 52, says has blond hair on her nipples and shared that her husband likes them. [Yeah, didn't need to know that.]

Dr. Oz showed an animation of the pelvis area and the ovaries which make estrogen. When the balance between testosterone and estrogen is upset hair can start to grow where it normally doesn't. Dr. Oz said he becomes concerned when women begin to show male pattern hair growth, meaning that there is way too much testosterone being produced.

Over active hair growth on a woman's chest can also be a sign of polycystic ovarian disease. To maintain estrogen as high as possible, Dr. Oz recommends edamame beans and soy nuts as a snack to help increase the healthy type of estrogen in the body.

Dr. Oz Outrageous Question #4: Boils
Wearing a disguise, the next audience member wanted to know more about growths she has under arms. She said they are often painful and prevent her wearing a bra. They could be boils but she's not sure.

Dr. Oz brought her on the stage and looked at a growth. It was Huge. Three inches by four inches, red, raw, peeling, looking painful. He said that boils can form in and around the armpit area from one reason: shaving. A razor will pull the hair up and then cut the hair uneven. Skin will grow over the hair follicle but the hair will continue to grow. Wax will build up in the follicle, bacteria will move in, pus will accumulate and that's when a boil will form. Doctors will often have to lance the boil to drain the fluid and bacteria.

Dr. Oz says the solution to boils is to prepare the skin before shaving. He recommends to use castor or olive oil to soften the skin and provide lubrication for the razor allowing for a cleaner cut. Changing the blade frequently will provide a cleaner cut as well.

Dr. Oz Natural Cures for Embarrassing Questions

Terri Trespicio, healthy living expert, joins Dr. Oz today to share natural remedies for common, yet, embarrassing questions.

Dr. Oz Outrageous Question #5: Yellow Teeth
What can you do about coffee and tea stains on your teeth? Ms. Trespicio recommends brushing with baking soda and strawberries. Take 1 tablespoon of baking soda, a natural abrasive, and add two slices of strawberries, which contain natural malic acid. Mash the strawberries in the baking soda and brush. Let the paste on for a few minutes, about five, and rinse. Use this natural whitening toothpaste a few times a month, any more than that the sugar and acid in the strawberries would be too much for the teeth.

Dr. Oz Outrageous Question #6: Gas and Bloating
Eating a spoonful of fennel seed, found in the spice section, after a meal can support the digestive system and reduce gas and bloating. Ms. Trespicio says the fennel is a natural relaxant for the stomach and intestines so the gas doesn't get trapped.

Dr. Oz Outrageous Question #7: Body Odor
To help reduce body odor, Ms. Trespicio recommends to splash a little apple cider vinegar on the armpits after showering. Apple cider vinegar will lower the pH of the skin creating an environment that bacteria doesn't enjoy. She says you won't smell like vinegar all day, the smell of the vinegar will go away quickly.

Dr. Oz Outrageous Question #8: Dandruff
To support the hair, Ms. Trespicio recommends soaking 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seed in water over night. Mash the seeds into a paste and massage into the scalp, let it sit for one hour then wash it out with a dandruff shampoo and rinse with lime water.

Dr. Oz Outrageous Question #9: Cold Sores
Cold sores can develop from a variety of reasons, sun exposure, stress, weakened immune system. Ms. Trespicio recommends using a calming and antimicrobial herb, lemon balm. Using a cream as soon as the cold sore comes on can help to speed healing. If a cream is not available, make lemon balm tea, dab a cotton ball in the tea and apply to the area. Drinking the tea can be supportive of reducing anxious feelings.

Dr. Oz Underwear Test

Keri Peterson, MD, with Women's Health magazine joined Dr. Oz to talk about what your underwear can tell you about your health.

Women's Health Magazine *Official Site*

Dr. Oz Underwear Test: Does your underwear have less elasticity then when you bought it?
Answer should be no.
Sometimes we may not know when we have gained weight but, underwear does not lie. [Less elasticity can indicate that the waist line grown and stretched out the elastic on the underwear.]

Dr. Oz Underwear Test: Is the backside of your underwear more than three inches wide?
Answer should be yes.
Thong underwear, with a small area of material on the backside, can cause bacteria from the rectum to travel forward to the urethra causing a bladder infection. People who get frequent bladder infections should avoid thongs and people who don't have problems with infections should still wear regular undies once a week.

Dr. Oz Underwear Test: Is your underwear too tight around your legs?
Answer should be no.
Tight underwear around the belly can cause acid in the stomach to push up into esophagus and cause heartburn.

Dr. Oz Underwear Test: Does your underwear have static cling?
Answer should be no.
Static cling on the underwear could aggravate the skin, irritate it, causing itching and eczema. To reduce static cling in the laundry use a fabric softener.

Dr. Oz Underwear Test: Does your underwear have any yellow stains on the backside?
Answer should be no.
This is the most important and the embarrassing question about underwear.
Yellow on the underwear could be a sign of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids could be painless and not be noticed but the underwear doesn't lie. Some hemorrhoids could seep mucus onto the underwear. Using a sitz bath can help calm the inflamed skin and support healing of the hemorrhoids. [Natural food stores and drug stores will often carry sitz bath herbs which are often used by women after child birth.] Soak in a tub with the herbs or get a special seat that sits over the toilet to soak the bottom. [I think the bath would be easier. The toilet contraption seems a more work then using the tub.]

Dr. Oz Miracle Supplements for Embarrassing Aging Questions

Pina Logiudice, ND with Inner Source Natural Healthcare, joined Dr. Oz for this segment to recommend supplements for aging issues.

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Aging Question #1: Wrinkles
Dr. Logiudice recommends taking GTF Chromium, 500mg three times per day, to support healthy blood sugar levels. It's believed that high blood sugar may cause more wrinkles to appear on the face.

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Aging Question #2: Varicose Veins
Veins can stretch and raise on the skin due to extra pressure, hormones, and weight gain. Dr. Logiudice recommends taking hesperidin, 50mg daily, along with 450mg of diosmin. Hesperidin is Dr. Logiudice's top 10 favorite herb. It's a bioflavinoid found in citrus, the stringy part of an orange that most people peel off and throw away.

[ has an article, re-posted from another site, about diosmin and it shows that it's available in a combination product for vein health, VeinSense by Natural Factors.]

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Aging Question #3: Thinning Hair
For thinning hair, Dr. Logiudice recommends taking black currant in pill form. She explains that the fat in the black currant, called GLA, blocks hormones from breaking down and thinning the hair. Dr. Logiudice says to take 500mg of black currant twice daily and to not expect results for at least 6 to 8 weeks, due to the pattern of hair growth.

Dr. Oz Blood Pressure Monitoring

It's a silent killer: high blood pressure. Do you now your blood pressure numbers?

Dr. Oz demonstrated how high blood pressure causes plaque to build up in the blood vessels. Over time, the plaque builds even more and can completely clog up the artery.

Which organ takes the hit with long-term high blood pressure? It's not the heart. It's the kidneys. High blood pressure can damage the kidneys and lead to kidney failure.

Certainly, lowering salt intake can be supportive of healthier blood pressure. A better tool for monitoring blood pressure is to use a home blood pressure monitoring machine.

Self-monitoring at home is extremely valuable. Studies have shown that home testing of blood pressure can be more accurate than monitoring at a doctors office. At home, a patient can test their blood pressure at different times of the day and get a better picture of their average blood pressure.

Home testing machines can store readings as well as take a heart rate readings. This information can be taken back to your doctor and can help determine when the blood pressure is higher throughout the day which can lead to better management.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tip! Nail Fungus

For nail fungus, Dr. Oz recommends making a home spray of half mouthwash and half vinegar to spray on the nail.

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