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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 1/4/12: Dr. Mercola, Three Reasons to Not Trust Your Doctor, Three Pharmaceuticals to Avoid, Repair Kit for Pain, Which Holistic Remedies Work?, Health Trends for 2012

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: January 4, 2012
The Alternative Health Guru Who Says You Shouldn't Trust Your Doctor!

  • Three reasons why Dr. Mercola says to not trust your doctor
  • Dr. Mercola shares three pharmaceuticals that he feels we shouldn't take
  • Dr. Oz shares his repair kit for pain
  • Holistic remedy guide
  • Alternative therapy trends for 2012

Dr. Joseph Mercola is an internet sensation providing alternative medicine information. With millions of followers and 6 million followers on his website, Dr. Mercola is a trailblazer but the government says that he is misleading the public and providing hazardous information. The FDA has cited Dr. Mercola for what they says is misleading information.

Dr. Mercola says he is committed to improving health nationwide yet his is called a quack, a charlatan, and a snake-oil salesmen. And he loves to disagree with Dr. Oz. Find out why Dr. Mercola says not to trust your doctor.


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Dr. Oz: The Alternative Health Guru Who Says You Shouldn't Trust Your Doctor!

Trained as a medical doctor, Dr. Mercola spent years as a physician doling out the same pharmaceuticals that today he is telling people to avoid. He says that he came to understand that the medications were treating the symptoms but they never address the underlying disease.

Dr. Mercola says he believes his change in direction came about with the pharmaceutical Vioxx. He started to give warnings about its use on his website before the drug was approved for sale. The drug went to market and later was pulled by the FDA due to the high number of reported deaths.

The makers of Vioxx were taken to court yet o one went to jail and the settlement was only $16,000 for each person who died.

Dr. Oz asks, are these conspiracy theories? No, says Dr. Mercola, there is evidence that pharmaceuticals are dangerous and he wants people to know that there are safer alternatives.

Dr. Oz wants to give credit to Dr. Mercola for being at the forefront of alternative medicine providing information and a spotlight to many supplements that are now considered more mainstream.

How did Dr. Mercola go from an information provider to and alternative medicine advocate? Dr. Mercola says that realized that there were corporate interests preventing people from taking his recommendations and taking control of their health.

Dr. Mercola's Three Reasons to Not Trust Your Doctor

One of the ways he is being an advocate and supporting people in taking control of their health today is by sharing three reasons you should not listen to your doctor.

Dr. Oz - Dr. Mercola's Reason #1: Best Sources Of Vitamin D
Dr. Mercola was one of the first doctors to publicly explain the importance of Vitamin D and now doctors across the country recommend it. Vitamin D is involved in gene expression and a whole host of processes in the body.

We get Vitamin D from sun exposure, which is the first recommended form, and now Dr. Mercola is giving a controversial recommendation for those who can't get out in the sun or live in a climate where they are not exposed to the proper sun rays part of the year. He is recommending using a tanning bed, with precautions.

Dr. Oz was shocked that a tanning bed was recommended. He explained that the World Health Organization (WHO) has said that tanning beds are carcinogenic and tells that people worldwide not use it.

Dr. Mercola explains that there are safe tanning beds and unsafe beds. If then tanning bed makes a buzzing noise when in use then it is unsafe. However, there are beds that provide some UVB radiation, the form that provides Vitamin D, and are still safe and that's the type of tanning bed he recommends.

Dr. Oz explains that the tanning beds that tan your skin are using the potentially carcinogenic UVA radiation. UVB radiation is the type we get from the sun. It sticks on the skin and is a form of cholesterol that is absorbed through the skin and used throughout the body.

Vitamin D pills is another form that Dr. Mercola does recommend, but it's third on his list. Vitamin D-2 is a synthetic, plant form that doctors recommend in doses as high as 50,000iu. Vitamin D-3 is preferred by Dr. Mercola because it's the same as the form we get from the sun. He says D-3 can be taken in therapeutic amount as high as 8,000iu, in combination with Vitamin K, to bring up blood levels of Vitamin D. [No dosage amount was provided for Vitamin K.]

Dr. Oz, on the other hand, recommends Vitamin D at 1,000iu daily especially for people who are overweight.

Based on today's information, Dr.Oz says that he will reconsider the WHO recommendation to stay away from tanning bed, a recommendation that he has previously supported. He said he will take a look at the UVB tanning beds.

Dr. Oz - Dr. Mercola's Reason #2: The Need for a Flu Shot
The problem with the flu shot, says Dr. Mercola, is its effectiveness. He says even the CDC's own website admits that there are proven discrepancies with the flu shot's effectiveness from season to season and there are no clinical studies of effectiveness for people over 65.

On the other side, Dr. Oz wants to know: if the CDC says the flu shot is saving lives then why not be on board and recommend it to continue to save lives? He says lives are saved through a reduction in phenomena and a heart disease related to the flu. Dr. Mercola responds by asking why not build the immune system and the innate immune system instead of transient forms of pharmaceuticals?

Dr. Oz - Dr. Mercola's Reason #3: The Benefits of Saturated Fats
Dr. Mercola says that coconut oil has benefits, and it's a saturated fat. He says the fats in coconut oil are small and don't require enzymes for absorption into the cells. Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides that when absorbed provided energy and supports thyroid function for lean muscle mass. It also contains lauric acid that is great for the immune system. He says the only other place where is lauric acid is found is in breast milk.

Dr. Oz says his bottom line on coconut oil is that the agrees it's a healthy saturated fat and it has anti-fungal and antiviral properties. He wants people to use coconut oil to replace bad fats, not to take the place of healthy fats. Don't replace olive oil with coconut oil, instead swap out butter for the coconut oil.

There still more! Dr. Oz says he and Dr. Mercola are bloody but they are still battling.

Dr. Oz Three Pharmaceuticals Dr. Mercola Says to Avoid

Dr. Oz: Pharmaceuticals to Avoid - Statin Drugs
About 25% of Americans are on prescription statins drugs. Dr. Oz himself has seen the damaging effects of plaque in the arteries and is shocked that, as a doctor, Dr. Mercola is telling people to avoid it.

Yes, says Dr. Mercola, one out of every four American's are on statins when they should be on CoQ10 or ubiquinol.

[There are two forms of CoQ10, or Co-Enzyme Q-10, ubiquinol and ubiquinone. Ubiquinone has been the only form on the market for many years. Recently, ubiquinol has entered the market and research points to it being the leader between the two in absorption and therefore effectiveness. Ubiquinone is considerably lower in cost then it's celebrity cousin. If cost is an issue, then ubiquinone is fine and will still provided benefits just not necessarily as much as ubiquinol.]

Then you would never give a statin? Dr. Mercola says he doesn't see a need for it and feels that there are other products that can be used. There appears to be some benefits from statins, says Dr. Mercola, but he doesn't believe the benefits stem from cholesterol lowering but may be from inflammation reduction instead which can be done with alternative therapies.
Most important component is looking at the diet. In this country, we are caught up on a low-fat diet and instead have turned to carbohydrates which drives an imbalance of the ratio of good and bad cholesterol levels.

Dr. Oz says that if you have heart disease then there is a proven benefit from the use of statins but, he says he will hand it to Dr. Mercola by saying if you don't have heart disease there are tests to take to see if you really need to utilize a statin or not.

Dr. Oz: Pharmaceuticals to Avoid - Hypertension and Blood Pressure Medications
Dr. Mercola says that one in four people diagnosed with hypertension have a falsely elevated blood pressure due to anxiety from simply being in a medical setting. Don't, however, ignore symptoms of hypertension. Know that hypertension is connected with insulin resistance and, he says, that needs to be addressed.

Instead of medications, Dr. Mercola encourages people to optimize the diet by replacing much of their carbohydrate intake with healthy fats. Reducing carbohydrate intake from 50% down to 30% of the overall diet will help to address the issue of insulin.

If you do all the right things and the blood pressure remains high, what to do?
Dr. Mercola says that soil mineral depletion is leading to a lowered amount of magnesium in the diet. Try a magnesium supplement at 400-1000mg daily, olive leaf extract or bitter melon to support a healthy blood pressure.

Dr. Oz says that he is OK with Dr. Mercola's recommendations and he often recommends magnesium to his patients. Both doctors agree not to go off hypertension medications because of the information presented on the show. They both recommend to have a conversation with your doctor if you want to get off medications and then work with doctor to do it right and do it safe.

Dr. Oz: Pharmaceuticals to Avoid - Anti-Depressants
There are no significant clinical difference between the response of people taking anti-depressant medications and those taking a placebo. Dr. Mercola says there are better approaches to treating depression that does not involve pharmaceuticals.

Treating depression is a controversial issue and Dr. Mercola says that there are psycho-emotional challenges that can be involved but it's important to treat the underlying cause of the depression and not cover it up.

Dr. Mercola recommends lifestyle changes such as exercise, seeing a competent psycho therapist, light therapy and diet changes that include getting away from sugar.

For supplements, Dr. Mercola recommends St. John's Wort, SAM-e, and 5-HTP in addition to the discussed lifestyle issues.

Dr. Oz agrees that recent research shows the anti-depressant medications don't work the way that we previously thought. For mild to moderate depression, he recommends talk therapy – talk to a friend, a family member or a therapist – as being more effective then drugs. When it comes to severe depression, Dr. Oz says it's important to get help with therapy and to utilize those medications.

Dr. Oz says he appreciated Dr. Mercola, even though they argue and disagree, because the conversation pushes him to take a closer look at important issues.

Dr. Oz's Repair Kit for Pain

It's the number one complaint Dr. Oz hears: pain. More people suffer from pain than heart disease and cancer combined. Kelly, from the audience, has suffered from migraines and says when they hit she wants to go home, cover up in a blank and call the day done.

Headache Pain and Migraines
In a tissue sample, Dr. Oz showed the dura of the brain that surrounds and suspends the brain in fluid. The dura has lots of pain fibers, it's extremely sensitive, and the spinal column also has as dura covering.

The important part of migraine therapy is to get to the core as to why they are caused. Kelly does what ever she can to sleep and wait it out. Dr. Oz says time is a good method as ultimately the vessels will normalize and the pain go away.

To support the body and, ideally, speed up the reduction in pain, Dr. Oz recommends using the herb feverfew at 125mg daily. He says that feverfew will help to prevent and stop the migraine. When you feel it coming on, take the feverfew - make it something you keep in your house

Spinal and Back Pain
Kelly works in retail and is on her feet 7 to 9 hours per day. Her back definitely pains her.

Spinal disc problems are more of a concern. Between the bones of the spinal are discs which can slip out of place and can be injured causing the spine to compact. Inside the spinal disc is an inflammatory chem that, if injured and punctured, can cause pain and along the spinal column and throughout the body.

Dr. Oz recommends using castor oil topically. Apply castor oil to the painful area, wrap with plastic wrap and cover with a heating pad for 30 minutes. He says it's comfortable and therapeutic.

Dr. Oz Which Holistic Remedies Can You Trust?

Lauren and her husband, Jason, have spent hundreds of dollars on supplements. They would rather turn to supplements instead of, for example, antibiotics that may become less effective over time.

Ear Candling Claim: Clears Out Ear Wax
Ear candling has been around for a long time and the use is simple. A special candle is put into the ear and the tip is lit on fire. The theory is that the ear candle will suck the wax out of the ear.

Dr. Oz's Take: Skip it.
He says that the heat and wax going into the ear is unsafe. It's natural to have some wax better ways to remove it. [There was not recommendation for removing ear wax, though! There are homeopathic drops that are specifically labeled for ear wax. Similisan has an Ear Wax product, click here for more information.
Ginko Biloba Claim: Boost Memory and Prevent Alzheimer's
Jason has taken ginko for energy and memory support. Dr. Oz says there is a lot of information about the effectiveness of ginko and it goes either way.

Dr. Oz's Take: Try it.
He says that newer studies of ginko question it's ability to effect dementia and blood flow into brain and it could be because the dose used was low. Dr. Oz recommends taking ginko at 240mg daily and work up to 600mg daily.

Dr. Oz Alternative Health Trends for 2012

At-home Moxibustion
At-home moxibustion is recommended for aches and pain. The moxibustion is actually the herb mugwort. Using this therapy at home may cost about $10 for a spray bottle. Spray the herb on the painful area and massage in. Then cover the area with plastic wrap and apply a heating pad for 30 minutes. Read more about at-home moxibustion treatments on
Pina LoGiudice ND, Lac, shared that in the world of heart health, ubiquinol is the big trend for 2012. Ubiquinol, in addition to what was discussed by Dr. Mercola, is an antioxidant that Dr. LoGiudice says will help keep the heart pumping strong. Dr. Oz recommends taking 100mg of ubiquinol 1 to 2 times a day. He says that it is better absorbed then the other form of CoQ10 and has antiaging benefits. Read more about the benefits of ubiquinol on

Bryce Wylde, Bsc, RNC, DHMHS, Alternative Medicine Expert and Host "Wylde on Health" shared his pick for the best trend in alternatives in 2012: bonito peptides. He explains that bonito peptides are recommended for lowering blood pressure in cases of mild to moderate hypertension. Dr. Oz says that bonito peptides help to relax the walls of the arteries and recommends 500mg 3 times a day.

Dr. Oz Bonus Recommendation!

Dr. Oz recommends devil's claw for arthritis pain at 500mg daily to help reduce inflammation and pain.

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