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Monday, January 30, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 1/30/12: Health Myths Challenged, Super Charge Your Energy, Hidden Allergies, Super Food for Memory

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: January 30, 2012
The Most Shocking Health Myths Even Your Doctor Believes

  • Dr. Oz busts popular health myths that even your doctor probably believes
  • Myths that could be zapping energy
  • Allergies could cause weight gain
  • Super foods to support a super memory

Could Old Wives tales be dangerous for your health? Dr. Oz separates fact from fiction on popular myths that even your doctor believes. Shockingly, 1,000 doctors surveyed were still prescribing old wives tales, even Dr. Oz has recommended them.


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Healthy Myth #1: Reading in dim light can harm vision.
Doctors have told their patients for years to no read in dim light because it could be harmful to the eyes – MYTH.

In an animation, Dr. Oz showed how the eye muscles flex and move when adjusting to different levels of light. This can cause strain resulting in enlarge blood vessels that show up as blood-shot eyes.

Dr. Oz showed a demonstration of what doctors said would happen to our eyes in dim light. He showed a fire going through the blood vessels that extend out from the eyes. That fire represented the burning sensation that people often feel when reading in dim light. It was believed that the burning sensation was a sign of damage to the eyes and to the vision.

In truth, says Dr. Oz, that burning sensation in the eyes is simply the muscles working out just as you feel your biceps when working them out. Exercising your biceps and feeling the burn doesn't cause damage – in most instances. Just like reading in dim light will not cause damage to vision, says Dr. Oz.

Myth #2 - Tilt Head Back to Stop a Nose Bleed.
It's an well known tactic to stop a bloody nose: pinch the bridge of the nose and tilt the head back – MYTH.

Tilting the head back, says Dr. Oz, may help to stop or slow the flow of blood but it isn't best way and could even be dangerous. Dr. Oz says that tilting the head during a nose blood can allow the blood to flow back down the throat, down the esophagus, and into the stomach. Blood in the stomach can be irritating and lead to vomiting. His demonstration began spewing blood, sort of tongue in cheek, if you will.

Instead of tilting back, Dr. Oz recommends leaning forward and putting pressure on the bridge of the nose for at least 5 minutes. If bleeding continues then continue for 10 minutes.

Myth #3 - Let a Wound Air Out to Speed Healing.
Doctors have often told patients that cut or wound doesn't need a band-aid, airing it out will support healing – MYTH.

Half of the doctors surveyed believed this myth. If you don't use a bandage on a wound the body has to make its own covering – a scab. More exposure to dry air can actually force the tissue of the wound to expand, the cut gets larger. A bandage allows the tissue to come together because the skin can remain moist. Dr. Oz recommends using an anti-biotic ointment to help increase moisture on a wound. [Honey can also be applied to a wound to support moisture and it naturally keeps bacteria at bay.

Myth #4 – Put Ice on a Second Degree Burn.
The first step to burn care is to put ice on the burn - MYTH.

Dr. Oz says that ice on a burn could actually cause more damage. He explained the different degrees of a burn:
First Degree Burn: painful, skin will turn red.
Second Degree Burn: painful, skin will blister.
Third Degree Burn: will often not hurt, skin will be burned deeply in a cavity.

When he family get a burn, Dr. Oz says he always asks if it hurts. The pain is a sign that the burn is either first or second degree. No pain can indicate a third degree burn.

With a demonstration, Dr. Oz showed that putting on ice on tender, fragile burned skin will form ice crystals on the skin. The ice cube creates a chemical reaction and will form sharp ice crystals that can further damage the burned skin, the more ice placed on the skin causes more crystals to form.

Dr. Oz recommends, instead, cold water to help reduce inflammation on the burn. Submerge the burned area in cold water, ice can be placed in the water, and keep the burn area submerged for at least 20 minutes. The second step is to take ibuprofen, says Dr. Oz.

Super Charge Your Energy

The more vitamins you take, the more energy you will have – MYTH.
Energy drinks are used to give a big boost of energy but there are lots of negatives with turning to these high-sugar drinks. [Read more about energy drinks from the 12/6/11 episode of The Dr. Oz Show.]

Not all vitamins are created equal when it comes to energy, says Dr. Oz. He recommends taking 50mg of a B-Complex vitamin along with 1,000iu of Vitamin D3. B-Complex, he says, supports the cells in making energy, he called them gas for the body, or rather fuel. Vitamin D helps to reduce drowsiness. Taking these two supplements in the morning, says Dr. Oz, will help keep the afternoon slump at bay.

Non-drowsy cold medication can help you stay awake – MYTH.
This all depends on what makes you drowsy. No matter what the label says, a non-drowsy medication can still cause drowsiness. Dr. Oz says for people under 5' 4” or under 140 pounds the standard dose of a cold medication is often too much. He recommends going toward a 12-hour cold remedies instead of a 24-hour remedy.

A nightcap can help you fall asleep – MYTH.
No matter how much people want it to be true, it's not. Alcohol can, yes, relax but it will not allow you to go into a deep sleep. Dr. Oz says that if you want to have some alcohol at night then go toward the clear varieties, such as vodka and gin.

A 15 minute to 2-hour nap you'll have more energy – MYTH.
Naps can make you feel more tired. Napping can be good, however it depends on the length of the nap. If a nap is over 20-minutes then the brain tends to stay sleepy for hours after waking. Dr. Oz recommends to nap for 20-30 minutes between the hours of 1pm and 3pm. He says this routine will not upset your night sleeping pattern.

Hidden Food Allergies Sabotaging Weight Loss

No matter what you do you still gain weight. Dr. Oz says a food allergy could cause a person to gain as much as 30 pounds. Dr. Mark Hyman, functional medicine expert [and author of The Blood Sugar Solution: The UltraHealthy Program for Losing Weight, Preventing Disease, and Feeling Great Now!], says that when a person has a food allergy, inflammation comes first which drives a cycle of weight gain. Dr. Hyman says dairy is a big allergy culprit, and could be causing weight gain of 30 pounds – each year.

Dr. Hyman says that 60% of the population is affected by a hidden allergy, such as an allergy to dairy, which can manifest symptoms that are not strong enough to cause person to realize there is a problem with that food.

Bad bacteria can proliferate the stomach and intestines when allergy foods are eaten. Damage from the bad bacteria can cause cracks to form in the tissue along the digestive track and may cause bloating. Cracks along the digestive track can allow food to enter the body where it doesn't belong.

Diary allergy is the most common allergen. Sources of dairy in the diet can be hidden, if you're not aware. Of course milk, cheese, and yogurt are all dairy products but it lurks elsewhere.
  • Desserts will contain milk products such as muffins, cakes, cookies. The label may list dairy as milk, casein, and/or whey.
  • Processed meat and fish often contain casein and lactose as an emulsifier. Dr. Hyman recommends looking for a kosher product which will not contain dairy.
  • Canned tuna will sometimes contain casein.
  • Breads typically have milk, powdered milk, whey or casein on the ingredient list.
  • Energy bars often source their protein from whey [also watch out for chocolate coating or chocolate chips that may contain milk].

Dr. Hyman says to, in general, beware of cans, packages, and boxes. In practice, he says that identifying your food allergies and removing them can help in weight loss. He says he sees this all the time in his patients, not only do they lose weight getting rid of wheat of dairy but they reduce joint issues, fatigue, and irritable bowel.

Dr. Oz called food allergies a civil war, creating stress on the body and the body holds onto calories.

Three Week Anti-Allergy Plan

Dr. Hyman has a three week plan, called The Three R's.

Week 1: Remove
Remove all dairy products. Instead of cow's milk, try dairy alternatives. Dr. Hyman, the audience assistant and Dr. Oz all tried unsweetened almond milk which is a great source of protein and good fats. [There is a world of alternative milks: coconut milk, rice, soy, and all manner of nut milks too. Keep trying different varieties until you find the flavor you like.

To replace butter, Dr. Hyman recommends using extra virgin olive oil which supports healthy inflammatory.

Week 2: Repair
Allergies can cause damage to the gut, creating a leaky gut. Dr. Hyman recommends probiotics to support healing of the gut. He says to look for a product that contains 10 to 50 billion bacteria and includes Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus bacterias.

Week 3: Reboot
Once you've got a clean slate, says Dr. Hyman, reintroduce the suspected allergy food and note reactions in a food journal. Weight gain, brain fog, or discomfort, all of these are clues of a potential allergy. If an allergy is suspected, blood tests can also be conducted.

Dr. Hyam stated that, [and this is probably not your standard] it's possible to lose 10 pounds in one week if an allergy is a big factor. [Wow!]

Super Food for Super Memory

Dave Farrow, two-time Guinness world record holder for best memory and he says food has helped his brain stay sharp. He says eating the right foods can keep brain fog away and help you retain a memory instead of forgetting why you walked in a room.

Dr. Oz gave Mr. Farrow a deck of cards, 52 cards, to memorize. He says he reviewed it once and was able to recite the deck, number and suit. For his world record, Mr. Farrow, memorized and recited 59 decks of cards and he owes a lot of it to the right foods.

Dr. Oz loves this food! Beets support healthy blood pressure and increased blood flow. Cognitive tests on mice and humans show increased brain function with the consumption of beets.

Cashews are high in good fat and are a source of thiamine that supports brain power. The fat fills you up and studies have shown that people with memory issues tend to be low in thiamine. Cashews can be enjoyed as nuts or nut butter [but it's going to cost you]. Mr. Farrow said he bought a jar of cashew butter for $15.00. Dr. Oz shared that cashews are also a good source of ginkgo.

Mr. Farrow says he eats avocados every day. Avocados are a source of healthy fat and, as Mr. Farrow says the trifecta of vitamins which reduce the risk of hardening arteries: Vitamin E, Vitamin K and folic acid. Instead of mayo in tuna salad Mr. Farrow says he uses crushed avocados. He also makes bell peppers stuffed with avocado and cheese. Mr. Farrow says it's not possible to over eat avocados but he recommends to start out eating them twice a week and go up from there.

With a couple servings per week of these brain foods, commit to eating them for a few weeks, and Mr. Farrow says you'll start to feel sharper, get work done faster, and maybe not feel as moody.

Bonus Tip!
Dr. Oz recommends taking bacopa extract, 150mg daily, to boost brain power.

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  1. food intolerances and also histamine intolerances. All foods are low, medium or high in histamine. Some people are born without the proper enzymes to process the histamine. We need a food plan of what we can eat that is low in histamine, low on the glycemic index and healthy for you. Maybe even include body type, blood type and what works best for you. My diet was derailed by a reaction to green tea!

  2. Thanks for your comment! You're right, foods can create a variety of reactions in different people. A food, or drink, that works for one person isn't necessarily going to work for the next.

  3. I thought there was a smoothie with avocado that he said would help hot flashes and a smoothie for prostrate. I remember the beets, cashews, and using avocado with tuna instead of mayo.
    I have tried to view this show but can't find out where to go.
    Thank you.