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Monday, September 19, 2011

Watching Dr Oz 9/19/11: Secrets to Living Younger, Anti-Aging, Burn Fat Faster, Super Supplements, 100 Calorie Dessert, #1 Supplement

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: September 19, 2011
Dr. Oz: 6 Secrets to Living Younger!

  • 6 Secrets to Living Younger From the Nation's Best of the Best Experts
  • 5 Best Anti-Aging Secrets to Look Younger
  • 4 Ways to Burn Fat Faster
  • 3 Super Supplements You Must Take Today
  • 2 Desserts Under 100 Calories
  • The Number One Supplement Dr. Oz Can't Live Without

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Dr. Oz: 6 Secrets to Living Younger!

Dr. Oz's all time favorite experts are on the show to their secrets to living a healthy life and prevent disease.

The first audience member on the stage shared her favorite Dr. Oz : If I think I look 10 years younger then I will look younger.

Dr. Oz Living Younger Secret #6: HGH
Dr. Maoshing Ni, PHD and eastern medicine doctor and anti-aging expert recommends naturally boosting you human growth hormone (HGH). Sure you can get shots but exercising the muscles encourages the body to create more HGH and boost muscle mass – more muscle mass means more efficient metabolism.

Dr. Ni's recommended exercise: stand up, bend the knees so that you are in a half-squat, hold position as long as possible. Standing in the half-squat stimulates the quads and hamstring muscles and stimulate the body to produce HGH.

The pituitary gland is a gland in the brain that is responsible for growth. All those childhood growth spurts where regulated by the pituitary gland. As we age, the pituitary gland slows production of growth hormone otherwise known as human growth hormone, or HGH. HGH has been looked at recently as a miracle solution to aging.

[According to The Mayo Clinic, HGH injections, which can only be administered by a doctor, have been approved for use in adults who have a rare growth hormone deficiency. Few studies have been conducted to look at HGH and weight loss where it was used to increase muscle mass and thereby support weight loss. There are companies who sell HGH online or in stores claiming that it supports weight loss. The Mayo Clinic website lists several side effects related to the use of HGH mostly involving joint and muscle pain. There are homeopathic forms of HGH which may be a safer option for people interested in trying HGH for themselves]

Dr. Oz Living Younger Secret #5: Brain Games
Keep the brain young with brain games and help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Complete a crossword puzzle everyday, use a fork in your non-preferred hand, brush your teeth using the opposite hand, count backwards by threes (great activity to help fall asleep too!).

There are brain games galore online and a multitude of books with brain games. Check your local library for brain game books to help keep your mind active and sharp!

Dr. Oz Living Younger Secret #4: Red Wine and Chocolate
Author Kelly Freston, The Quantum Wellness Cleanse, recommends red wine and chocolate to protect the heart as well as the waist line. Chocolate, of course, tastes great and a little square everyday curbs appetite which can help support the waistline.

Chocolate also has small amounts of caffeine which can help with energy levels especially when enjoying chocolate during the mid-day slow-down.

Red wine contains antioxidants, in particular resveratrol which is recommended to reduce the risk of heart attack. A moderate glass per day is Dr. Oz's recommendation for a healthy heart and supportive of stress reduction.

Dr. Oz Living Younger Secret #3: Sex
Have more sex to stave off disease including lung diseases. According to Dr. Oz, frequent sex has been linked to fighting infections such as the flu, bronchitias by stimulating the immune system. How many times a week do you need to have sex to protect the lungs? Dr. Oz says having sex 2 times per week creates higher immune function which is why he says it helps the lungs.

Dr. Oz Living Younger Secret #2: Protein
Eat 30g of protein within 30 minutes of waking up. Protein supports blood sugar which can help to stave off diabetes and hormone imbalance. What has 30g of protein: eggs ,turkey bacon, or yogurt? All of them!
Click here for Dr. Oz's 30/30 smoothie containing 30 g of protein to drink within 30 minutes of waking up.

Dr. Oz Living Younger Secret #1: Breathe
Dr. Andrew Weil, who will be on the show later this week, recommends to breathe deeply, slowly, quietly and regularly to support lower blood pressure and alleviate stress.

Nate Berkus says to improve your look, use soft pink light bulb which is very flattering to the skin!

Dr. Oz: 5 Best Anti-Aging Secrets to Look Younger

Dr. Oz Anti-Aging Secret #5: Retinal Cream
Dr. Particia Wexler, popular dermatoligst and maker of her own line of skin care products, recommends using facial care products containing retinal, or Vitamin A.

Dr. Keri Peterson, Womens Health, who was in the studio says that retinal helps reduce the signs of aging. Over the counter products should have a concentration of at least 0.4% retinal.

[When I worked in retail, the most popular retinal skin care product was derma e® Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate Wrinkle Treatment Crème. Within the derma e® Vitamin A line they also offer a host of products including cleanser, toner scrub, mask. The products are also affordable, ranging from $10 - $20 per product.]

Dr. Oz Anti-Aging Secret #4: High Heel Shoes
Shoe designer Stuart Weitzman recommends wearing wear super sexy stilettos and feel the years disappear. He says altitude equates to attitude.

Tips for wearing high heels were also shared: wear heels over 2 ½ inches can be damaging to the joints, don't wear heals for more than 3 hours at a time and when looking for shoes try them on at night when your feet are larger.

Personally speaking, altitude and any height greater than what my sneakers or hiking boots provide would equate to a trip to the ER and plaster surrounding my broken ankle. I think high heels are gorgeous however, they are not for everyone and certainly not for me. My shoe attitude will have to come from sassy flats that keep me grounded and all bones in tact.

Dr. Oz Anti-Aging Secret #3: Wash Face At Night
Supermodel Beverly Johnson recommends to always wash your face before going to sleep.

That's a great tip which I should follow more! It makes so much sense to remove the dirt and oils and make-up from the skin before going to bed. What stops me from washing my face is exhaustion. At the end of the day I am tired and the idea of washing my face is overwhelming! I think I need to catch up on my sleep so that the small things don't wipe me out!

Facial cleansing cloths make washing the face faster and easier. I actually just bought a bag of facial cleaning wipes a few weeks ago to help freshen up my face in the middle of the day. The bag still sits unopened. If I put the bag in the bathroom maybe I'll actually use them. I'll let you know.

Dr. Oz Anti-Aging Secret #2: Moisturizing Hair Mask
Hairstylist Frederic Fakkai says we should treat the hair like we treat the skin. Providing moisturizing olive oil and clarifying apple cider vinegar allows the scalp to stay clean, soft, and healthy. He concedes that using olive oil on the hair can be messy so he recommends hair products that contain olive oil.

[Fakkai was spraying the hair of an audience member during the segment which made me think was an olive oil mixture but that was not clarified. Spraying the hair seems like an easy way to apply the oil however I always heard that oil needs to be applied to the scalp. Dr. Oz mentioned it last week on his show as a matter of fact.

Searching online I found that Sally Beauty stores carry an olive oil spray for dry hair on sale for $3.99 – so there you go]

Dr. Oz Anti-Aging Secret #1: Make-Up
Make-up artist Bobbi Brown says the secret of the universe is to look better, fresher, younger, wake you up and make you feel good about yourself is to use concealer and corrector.

First apply eye cream to moisturize the eyes so they won't look dry. Apply a peachy corrector to cover up dark circles. Concealer goes on next to freshen up the eyes. Finally, apply foundation.

Joel Olsteen recommends that when you get up every day find something to be grateful for to inspire you throughout the day.

Dr. Oz: 4 Ways to Burn Fat Faster

Dr. Oz New Fat Burner # 4: Lateral Bounding
Lateral bounding was recommended to get you up and moving and use muscles in a way that you don't during the course of the day. It's a bit of a side lunge with a bit of a jump – sort of like you're skiing. The American Parkour website has great directions with photos.
Lateral bounding burns fat fast because it's a movement that you don't normally do and retrains the body. New exercises not only keep your muscles guessing but they push you to move differently making for a fun and fresh routine. !

Dr. Oz New Fat Burner # 3: Choffy
Dr. Oz recommends drinking a roasted cacaa bean drink called Choffy. It's brewed like coffee with as much antioxidants as 2 servings of blueberries.

[The company's website says,
Choffy naturally contains a gentle yet long lasting stimulant called Theobromine. This healthy stimulant provides you with a energy lift by dilating the cardiovascular system, making the heart’s job easier and delivers energy without a crash or the other negative effects of caffeine.

On the show it was mentioned that a component of the drink blocks the absorption of fat which I found to be a surprising claim. Looking on their website, there was mention of this “miracle” feature of the drink.]

Dr. Oz New Fat Burner #2: Dance Moves
A cast member from Dancing with the Stars recommends to burn fat faster with a dance move that's the foundation for many Latin dances – the figure-8. Swivel the hips in a figure-8 pattern to strengthen the core muscles and increase flexibility in the hips and you're one step closer to being a Latin dance marvel!

Dr. Oz New Fat Burner #1: High Fiber Pasta
Nancy Schuessler, a Dr. Oz blogger, has lost an amazing 222lb. Nancy recommends pasta, surprisingly, but, this pasta is high in fiber and protein.

Fiber Gourmet pasta is only 130 calories per serving, 18g of fiber and 6g of protein. It's available for purchase on their website which also provides a list of retailers by state that carry the product.

Suze Orman recommends getting a hold of your finances to help with weight loss! People in debt are more likely to be over weight.

Dr. Oz: 3 Super Supplements You Must Take Today

Dr. Oz Super Supplement #3: Alpha Lipoic Acid
Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is an antioxidant but is also a fatty acid, a good fat.

ALA is shuttles glucose into the cells for energy and is recommended for blood sugar control. The list of functions in the body supported by ALA is extensive from blood pressure support, playing a role in managing symptoms of neuropathy, immune support, to supporting liver function.

According to Dr. Oz, one-third of the population has issues with diabetes and over 80 million Americans have pre-diabetes. Dr. Oz recommends 400 mg/day.
ALA is both fat and water soluble. Fat soluble means that the nutrient dissolves in fat, the body absorbs what it needs then stores the rest. Water soluble means that the nutrient is dissolved in water and are taken in by the blood stream to be utilized by the body and any excess is released, not stored.

How can a nutrient to both fat and water soluble? Some of the nutrient dissolves in water and some of the nutrient dissolves in fat. The body is able to uptake the water soluble portion quickly for immediate use while the fat soluble portion is dissolved, utilize what is needed at the moment, then the rest is stored for later.

Dr. Oz Super Supplement #2: Melatonin 
Melatonin is recommended if you're not getting enough sleep. Dr. Oz recommends 3mg of Melatonin 2 hours before bedtime and after 1-2 weeks you'll start to see changes in sleep patterns.

[In 2012, Dr. Oz made a new recommendation of only 1mg of Melatonin saying that any amounts higher would cause side-effects.]

Source Naturals Melatonin 1mg 100 tabs - $4.47
from: Best Price Nutrition

Melatonin is a hormone, the only hormone that can be sold over-the-counter as it is naturally found in food. Melatonin is thought to support re-setting the internal clock therefore it's important to take it at the “right” time. As we age our natural production of melatonin decreases.

[The Sleep Foundation website cautions:
When given to animals, melatonin can cause changes in blood pressure and affect fertility. Such effects in humans would be a medical risk for people with heart-related problems, hypertension and stroke, kidney disease and sleep apnea as well as for women of child-bearing age.

In the store where I worked, we were trained that melatonin should not be taken for more than 2 weeks at a time which is backed up on the website

Dr. Oz Super Supplement #1:Vitamin D 
Vitamin D is considered a vital nutrient by many in the healthy community and by Dr. Oz's guests. Many people feel Vitamin D is the most important vitamin and in a class by itself. Vitamin D is the only nutrient that is also a hormone.

Sixty percent of Americans are deficient in Vitamin D. Vitamin D enhances immune function, supports bone health, and defends against a wide range of cancers. Higher levels of Vitamin D in the blood are believed to defend against colon cancer. One of the most amazing benefits of Vitamin D is that is supports the innate immune system. The innate immune system is the portion of that is called into action when the body is exposed to new germs making it a great tool to utilize during the cold and flu season.

Dr. Oz recommends taking 1000iu everyday. Vitamin D is very inexpensive. 

Source Naturals Vitamin D-3 1000IU 100 Tabs - $4.49
from: Best Price Nutrition

Dr. Oz: 2 Desserts Under 100 Calories
The stars of TLC's DC Cupcakes, Katherine Kallinis and Sopie Kallinis LaMontagne were on the show sharing their recipe for making Carrot and Apple mini cupcakes coming in at 50 calories each.

This segment was introduced as TWO desserts for under 100 calories. Only one food was shown but, it was said that you could have 2. I guess they meant 2 of the same dessert for under 100 calories?

The Number One Secret Thing Dr. Oz Can't Live Without
Nuttzo, an organic 7 nut and seed altermative to peanut butter . Two tablespoons of Nuttzo provides 50% daily omega-3. Nuttzo is a bit pricey - $13 for 16 oz. Dr. Oz says it's good for you and tastes great!
Dr. Oz loves it so much he is giving away 1000 jars on his website! Click this link after 3pm EST September 20, 2011 to enter. This page also has coupon!

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  1. I washed my face before bed last night. It was quick and easy and I could feel the sweat and dirt removed as I laid in bed. I don’t think it needs to be a big chore every night. But remember the lotion, always. A bit of a dry face this morning.