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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Watching Dr. Oz 9/22/11: Extreme Obesity, Addicted to Lip Balm, Lighten Your Purse, Purse Essentials

The Dr. Oz Show
Air date: September 22, 2011

The Woman Who Doesn't Want Dr. Oz's Help

  • When weight becomes attraction
  • Addicted to lip balm?
  • Lighten your purse to save your back
  • What you really need in your purse
Over 720lb and gaining with an ultimate goal of weighing over 1,800lb her quest is to break the world record of being fattest woman in the world.

Dr. Oz is on a mission to get Suzanne to understand that what she is doing, deliberately gaining weight, is putting her life at risk. He's on a mission to get her to change and lose the weight so that she doesn't lose her life.
I'll say it, I'm completely disgusted by the fact that Suzanne is gaining weight on purpose to see how far she can push her body. It's the same disgust I felt watching the moving Barfly years ago. I think it was recommended as an arty film because the actors were tapping into deep emotions and conveying them convincingly. Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway drinking themselves to the grave because life wasn't worth living is not entertainment. It's sad. The characters needed help. That's what I see. Suzanne needs help.

Dr. Oz tried. She doesn't want help. She thinks she's healthy. Wow.

Suzanne is 32 years old and the mother of 2 boys. She eats over 20,000 per day – 10 times the amount the average woman should eat. Eating at a buffet for 6 to 8 hours is not unusual for her.

She says she'll keep going until she has health problems. With the goal of becoming as fat as she can the only limit, in her mind is her health. She explains that not everyone can handle being big but for people who are overweight and happy there shouldn't be a problem with them gaining weight.

She says she wants to break the stereotypes surrounding fat people that they are lazy, don't work and don't contribute to society. Currently she works as a model, exercises every other day and, eats a healthy diet. A clip showed her eating pasta and some sort of chocolate and whip cream filled roll-o-health.

Her work as a model ends up online on websites catering to people, they gave the impression it is primarily men, who “gawk” at super-size women. These men pay to view photos, they pay to view videos, pay to watch large women try on clothes that are too small for them, pay to watch the women eat and pay to watch large women measure and weigh themselves. It's an entire subculture. Some women are paid for every pound they gain. I find that not-mildly disturbing.

It's a lucrative business. These websites, and the women featured, are making lots of money. According to Dr. Oz, fat fetish internet viewing is second only to pornography. Wow. Two men who visit these sites were on the show. They both date large women exclusively – 300 to 600 pound women only. They find the women graceful, love the curves. One says the women are full of awesome. The other says he celebrates them within a community that is criminally under acknowledged.

Dr. Oz says it's exploitation. Nicole, who runs on of these fetish sites clarifies that the women are not being forced to do this work, they are doing it willingly and they are well paid for their work. Suzanne says she is no different than a popular Hollywood star who has gawkers seeking to stare.

Dr. Oz recommends weight loss supporting products on nearly every show, at least several times a week. He wants to provide support to people through weight loss so they can lead a healthier life. He says there is a medical consequence to what Suzanne is doing. He wants to understand why she would put her life at risk, why she would risk leaving her children without a mother. He reviewed Suzanne's medical records and he conducted a few basic medical tests to further access her health.

Her doctor says he would never encourage anyone to do what she's doing and she's really playing Russian roulette.

Dr. Oz feels that Suzanne is lying to herself about her health and that the biggest lies we tell ourselves are those about our bodies. She says her health number are good and don't give her any indication to stop.

The numbers and information Dr. Oz discovered tell a different story. Here are the results from the tests that Dr. Oz ran.

BMI. The ideal Body Mass Index number is 25. A person is considered super obese at 50. An altogether new category would have to be created for Suzanne who's BMI is 128, a number unheard of in Dr. Oz's experience. Her reaction: she's proud of the number as she is still walking around proving that the number can be high without being dangerous. Further shocking Dr. Oz, she said she wants to know who decides on these numbers, who decides what makes a healthy number.

Fasting blood sugar. The ideal number is under 100. Suzanne's number is 156. Dr. Oz feels that she should be under going treatment for diabetes.

Triglycerides are fats that float in the blood stream and can stick to the walls of the blood vessels, plaque. The ideal number for triglycerides is to be less than 150. Suzanne is 516. Dr. Oz says she is at high risk for a heart attack and stroke. A triglyceride level of 516 indicates that Suzanne's blood is filled with cream from the amount of fat she eats.

On reviewing her medical records, Dr. Oz found that she may have suffered a pulmonary embolism at one point. Caused when a blood clot is dislodged from the walls of the blood vessels and enters the lungs blocking the flow air, a pulmonary embolism can be fatal. Suzanne entered the hospital due to breathing problems yet the doctors can only guess at the cause as she is too large to fit into any piece of diagnostic equipment. Walking from one side of the hospital room to the other caused her blood saturation to drop to a dangerous level. When she moves, there is no oxygen circulating through her body due to her size.

“Do you want my help?” Asked Dr. Oz.
“I'm fine with the way I am.” She replied.

Dr. Oz encouraged Suzanne to go home and process the information he shared and hopefully she will understand that its worthwhile to make changes if only for the sake of her children.

Will she lose the weight? Her entire life revolves around eating and being large. People send her food and money, people pay to watch her eat and she is paid to be a model. There is no reason for her, in her mind, to change her path because it's her way of life. The medical tests show that she's not healthy and her children say they are worried about her.

As with any addiction, it takes hitting rock bottom before someone wants to be willing to make changes. Will she make a change or end up slowly killing herself? The choice is up to her.

Now on to lighter subjects...
Are You Addicted to Lip Balm?

Dr. Oz challenged Kimberly to put down the lip balm for one day. She struggled, she obsessed over her lip balm, she said she could hear the lip balm talking to her. She craved oily food for lunch to help moisturize her lips. By 9pm Kimberly said it was a huge challenge but she made it through the day but would never go another day without her lip balm.

The lips get rid of more moisture in a day than any other part of the body. As part of that moisture release process, the body creates new lip cells at a rapid rate and sloughs off the old, dead cells. Lip balm on the lips impede the body's natural cycle of cell renewal on the lips.

That all depends on the type of lip balm you put on your lips.

Dr. Oz brought out a croissant to illustrate what the lip-balm-addicted lips look like: hard outer crust for the top of the lips with a soft, supple inside representing the inner layers of new cells that are not able to reach the surface.

How can you tell if you're addicted to lip balm? If you answer yes to these questions then you are probably addicted to the balm!
  • Do you apply lip balm more than 3 times a day
  • Do you keep more than one lip balm in your purse or keep multiple tubes?
  • After a long passionate kiss is the first thing you think of lip balm?
Do we all have to live without lip balm? Not at all, but, we do have to choose wisely!

Use straight shea butter, lanolin, or coconut oil as a more natural lip balm. Coconut oil in particular is a natural sunscreen, is non irritating, smells great and gives lips a great shine.

I confess. there is a tube of lip balm in my pocket at this moment, there is 2 tube in my purse and, 4 tubes on my dresser. Yes, I am addicted to lip balm. I also live in a semi-arid state where 9% humidity is not uncommon. In fact my city is pretty close to the top of the Top 101 cities with the lowest humidity (that is cities with population over 50,000 – so the studies are limited but, you get the point.) I feel that everyone in my state should be issued a new tube of lip balm every month.

The lip balm in my pocket today is Pangea's pyrenees lavender with cardamom. The ingredients: sunflower seed oil, beeswax, jojoba oil, lecithin, hemp oil, shea balm, blood orange oil, lavender, tamanu oil, aloe, vitamin e, cardamom and more lavender. Could the beeswax be too thick and impede those lip cells from regenerating? I'll have to look into that. It's a nice lip balm but rather pricey.
I also love and highly recommend Laid in Montana's tangerine balm. The ingredients: coconut oil, Emu oil, jojoba oil, cooca butter, beeswax, aloe, vitamin e and essential oils. The price is a little better and it's a really big tube.

What to Take Out of Your Purse to Save Your Back

What we women carry in our purses is enough to break our backs – literally. Dr. Oz weighed the purses of every woman in the audience and collectively those purses weighed as much as a fully grown gorilla at 403lb!

Dr. Oz broke his mother's cardinal rule and went through a woman's purse, in fact 2 purses – two rules, snapped.

The first audience member's purse weighed in at 10lb. What was in there? Toys and bubbles for the kids, water, hand sanitizer, a book – there might have been 2 books in there, wallet full of receipts and lottery tickets, full size bottle of hair spray.

Putting the purse on caused her to hunch up her shoulder, a common maneuver when you're trying luge 2 bags of potatoes. That hunching motion is the trapeziod muscle tightening. Over time, that motion and the weight on the muscle causes muscle strain which can lead to headaches. Dr. Oz explained that he often finds when women complain about frequent headaches the root cause can be wearing a heavy purse on one shoulder.

Avoid stress and strain on the body and lighten the load, ladies! Next, get a purse with a wide, flat strap and some padding. Avoid rounded straps that can dig into the muscle and cut off circulation causing strain and pain.

The second purse under scrutiny weighed in at 13lb! She has to carry everything from shoes to a wallet, electronics and all their cords too. This purse was hung in the retro over-the-arm style causing her to stoup one side.

If you have to lug your wardrobe and your office in the confines of a small bag then opt for long strap style worn cross-body style that more evenly distributes the weight.

Ideally a purse should weigh no more than 3 to 5 pounds. Weigh your purse today and see if you're lugging around a a primate.

Reduce your load by:
Have the kids carry their own stuff! It's a great way to build responsibility.
If you must carry hair products opt for trial size bottles
Clean out that wallet! Do you really need 2 year's worth of receipts?
Carry your wardrobe in a separate bag. It will lighten the load and help keep your purse clean.

What You Really Need in Your Purse?

For aches and pains? 2 ibuprofen or 2 acetaminophen?
Dr. Oz recommends 2 ibuprofen because it works better across the board for all aches and pains. Keep 2 in a small box – not a bag, they will get crushed. If you're reaching for the ibuprofen daily or several days in a row then see a doctor as there may be an underlying problem.

A more natural product for aches and pains is homeopathic arnica. Homeopathics have been used for centuries and are considered safe. It is legal to say that there are no known side effects and no known interactions from taking homeopathic remedies. According the homeopathic brand Boiron, “Arnica has been used for centuries as a natural pain reliever.”
To keep from getting hungry should you have walnuts or almonds in your purse?
Almonds! Dr. Oz recommends to keep a quarter cup of almonds in the purse at all times to help you feel full and help you stay away from sugary, processed snacks. Why not walnuts? Walnuts contain a fragile fat that goes rancid at room temperature.

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