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Monday, May 28, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 5/28/12: Curvy Girl's Guide, Powerful Food Combinations, Frozen Food Diet, Curvy Girl's Jean Buying Guide, Curvy Girl's Workout, Dr Oz Workout Essentials

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: May 28, 2012
The Curvy Girl's Guide to Being Fit and Fabulous

  • Dr. Oz says curves are healthy! He shares his guide to keep those healthy curves.
  • Powerful food combinations for all body types
  • Frozen Food Diet for Under $25.00
  • Four jeans to fit curvy girls
  • Workout with fitness expert and curvy girl Katie Boyd
  • Bonus: Dr. Oz shares five workout essentials

Dr. Oz dedicates this show to whittling your middle and reshaping your body while keeping those healthy curves. Celebrate your body and understand that being healthy does not mean being stick thin. That curvy hour-glass shape could be the perfect 10 for health. Dr. Oz says you can preserve your greatest assets with his Curvy Girl's Guide to Being Fit and Fabulous!


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Dr. Oz: The Curvy Girl's Guide to Being Fit and Fabulous

New evidence shows that being curvy in the right places could help you live longer, says Dr. Oz. Those with an hour-glass shape - curvy butt, curvy thighs, curvy bust - may have an advantage to keeping the cardiovascular system in check, get a handle on blood pressure levels, and may even help to keep the arteries limber.

Dr. Oz explained that the male mind is hard wired to react positively to that hour-glass shape. So not only do curves in the right place support health they can also keep you looking fabulous.

Dr. Oz Two Simple Rules to Stay Fit, Fab and Curvy

Celebrate your curves and Dr. Oz will support your curves with two rules to support your health and your curves.

Dr. Oz Curvy Rule #1: Whittle Your Middle
Reducing belly fat can give the body a more hour-glass appearance and accentuate the bust and thighs while reducing the risks for heart disease and cancer. Dr. Oz showed an animation of what happens to the body when there is too much belly fat. Accumulated fat cells in the belly can begin to come alive and then the fat cells secrete chemicals creating their own hormones. Too much belly fat can also squeeze pressure on to the organs which can result in the liver triggering a rise in blood
  • L-Arginine - Dr. Oz explained that L-Arginine naturally boosts the body's ability to burn belly fat. He recommends taking 1,000mg of L-Arginine twice daily with meals.
  • No simple carbs with dinner – Dr. Oz said to no eat simple carbs at dinner to support the burning of belly fat. He called eating simple carbs at night, metabolic suicide.
  • Five-Minute Rice-Free Risotto – For a low-carb side dish, Dr. Oz recommends using cauliflower instead of rice along with Parmasean cheese to give the dish creaminess. Click here for the Five-Minute Rice-Free Risotto recipe from
  • Steak and Mozzarella Kabobs – Dr. Oz recommends eating a protein-rich dinner and his Kabobs are free of carbohydrates. Click here for the Steak and Mozzarella Kabobs from
  • Black Tea Infused with Rhodiola – Of all the things he recommends on this episode, Dr. Oz said this tip is the most important. To blast belly fat, he recommends drinking four cups of black tea infused with rhodiola to support the balancing of cortisol – the stress hormone. Lower crotisol levels are associated with healthier levels of belly fat.

Dr. Oz Curvy Rule #2: Stabilize Your Curves
To stabilize your curves is to keep them where they are today, freeze time and prevent the butt, hips, and thighs from sagging, said Dr. Oz.
  • Stabilize with Soy – Dr. Oz says it's important to have soy with just about every meal to help provide phytoestrogens that can help to prevent fat from going to the belly. He recommends eating soy nuts and low-sodium miso. [Be careful with soy. Soy is highly allergenic, too much is not a good thing, and soy can negatively effect the functioning of the thyroid in some people. Moderation is always a great option.]
  • Drink 2% Milk – Dr. Oz recommends drinking three 8-ounce glasses of 2% milk to help the body get rid of belly fat. He says to use 2% in cereal or to enjoy a glass of chocolate milk made with 2% and dark chocolate as an after-dinner dessert.
  • Power Sculpt Workout Move – Stand with the feet shoulder width apart, squat down then when coming up bring up the knee to the opposite shoulder, switch. Start with three sets of 20 then work your way up to more.

Dr. Oz Powerful Food Combinations for All Body Types

Dr. Oz shared what he calls a powerful set of food combinations to eat yourself slim. The right food combinations can help shed the pounds where you need them least. He said people can melt away unwanted pounds to shape the body in the all the right places and keep those curves.

Dr. Oz Food Combs to Target Belly Fat
Those with too much belly fat need to focus on cortisol reducing foods. Dr. Oz recommends starting with oranges which have the remarkable ability to reduce cortisol levels. Vitamin C, as in oranges, directly supports the reduction of stress.

Combine oranges with avocados which contain monounsaturated fats that can support healthy inflammation levels.

Put the two foods together in a salad. Mix 1 avocado with 3 oranges and toss in 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and a dash of salt.

Dr. Oz Food Combs to Target Big Butt
The big butt needs low-fat and high calcium to reduce the junk in the trunk. Dr. Oz recommends eating low-fat cottage cheese to speed up fat loss from the behind. Pair the cottage cheese with black beans, a complex carbohydrate that can speed the burning of fat and support the balancing of estrogen. He calls it the Slim Bottom Dip.

Mix 1 15-ounce can of black beans with 12-ounces of cottage cheese and three plum tomatoes. For an added bonus of flavor, Dr. Oz likes to add 6-ounces of canned corn with cilantro and hot sauce to taste. He recommends eating the Slim Bottom Dip for a mid-morning and a mid-afternoon snack with celery.

Dr. Oz Food Combs to Target Big All Over
The body with fat all over needs to ignite the natural fat burners, said Dr. Oz. Eating Brazil nuts, a naturally source of L-arginine, to rev up the metabolism. Mix Brazil nuts with raw onions, a natural diuretic to support the reduction in bloating which can make the body look bigger all over.

With Dr. Oz's Slim All Over Side Dish, combine Brazil nuts with onions over quinoa – a low-glycemic grain, complex carbohydrate that can be made part of a daily meal to help the body go in the direction you want it to go. 

Dr. Oz Five Day Frozen Food Diet

Dr. Oz has put together a list of five frozen dimmers to eat five nights a week to help the body lose five pounds all together the meals cost $25.00. He shared the requirements for each meal to be included on his exclusive list [the list can be helpful if you can't find the specific brand mentioned or don't like one of the meals recommended]:
  • Must be under 300 calories,
  • Must have less than 600mg of sodium,
  • Must have less than 4g of sugar,
  • No trans fats allowed, and
  • Each frozen dinner meal must be accompanied with a big salad.

Dr. Oz Frozen Food Diet: Monday - Burrito Night
Cedar Lane Low-Fat Chicken Burrito is high in protein and fiber with only 270 calories. Click here to visit the Cedar Lane website where, as of 5/28/12, they were offering a coupon for this meal.

Dr. Oz Frozen Food Diet: Tuesday - Fish Night
Dr. Praeger's Lightly-Breaded Fish Sticks are only 50 calories per fish stick so Dr. Oz recommends having five sticks with your salad. Because the calories are so low, Dr. Oz recommends adding a serving of frozen broccoli to increase the veggie value.

Dr. Oz Frozen Food Diet: Wednesday - Lasagna Night

Dr. Oz Frozen Food Diet: Thursday - Buffalo Wing Night
Bell & Evans Buffalo Style Chicken Wings, Dr. Oz recommends eating four wings for 226 calories. To that he recommends adding ½ cup of Alexia Waffle Cut Sweet Potato Fries [really, that might be like 2 fries. Or maybe 3. I think I would need to splurge and go for that full one cup serving with 130 calories.]

Dr. Oz Frozen Food Diet: Friday - Pizza Night
For pizza night, Dr. Oz recommends Whole Foods' Thin Crust Pizza Mediterranean Pizza with only 300 calories for 1/3 of the pie. If the Whole Foods pizza is not available in your area, he recommends the Kashi Thin Crust Mediterranean Pizza.

Dr. Oz Curvy Girl's Guide to Buying Jeans

Do I look skinny in these jeans? Yes, yes you do! Daisy Lewellyn, style expert and author of Never Pay Retail Again: Shop Smart, Spend Less, and Look Your Best Ever, says it's challenging to find a jean to fit both the waist and hips of curvy girls but some manufacturers make jeans especially for curvy girls. 

Dr. Oz Curvy Girls Jeans for Big Belly
Gina's before picture showed her muffin top in all its glory. Pinching at her waist and a waist line that was too, the dark jeans just make her belly look bigger.

After, Gina looked great in yellow jeans that fit! Ms. Lewellyn has these tips to dress the big belly:
  • Stay monochromatic with the jeans and top then break up the color with a jacket.
  • Look for jeans with a high waist
  • Try Paige Jeans Peg Skinny, cost $69. [The Paige Jean website sells shorts for $150 and I didn't find any jeans for $69 and the jeans looked they were made for a size 1. It looks like Paige Jeans seems to focus on skinny jeans for skinny girls and boys.

Dr. Oz Curvy Girls Jeans for Big Thighs
April has big thighs and in her before picture she was wearing tight jeans that cut in at ankle and showed every nook and cranny of her legs. For big thighs, Ms. Lewellyn recommends:
  • Dark blue color,
  • A little flare at the bottom,
  • Top of the pants should hit the top of the shoe,
  • Try Not My Daughter's Jeans for about $110.

Dr. Oz Curvy Girls Jeans for Curvy Hips
Curvy hips and capris don't mix. Capris will make the girl with curvy hips look boxy, not curvy. Ms. Lewellyn says to look for:
  • Flat front jeans,
  • Structured stretch with suck in the body in all the right places,
  • PZI Classic Skinny Jean for about $69.

Dr. Oz Curvy Girls Jeans for Curvy butt
The next audience member model wore jeans that fit her curvy butt yet were too big in the waist. Add to that the color design, called sandblasting, where part of the jean is lighter in some areas. The lighter effect on the butt only makes that area look bigger. Ms. Lewellyn recommended going with the Sinclair Fixed Legging jean featuring lycra, cost [she says] $48. [On line, the lowest price I saw was $77 normally $200 and up to $1,200 for a sparkly pair that looked like it came straight from the Disco dance floor.]

Dr. Oz's Curvy Girl Workout

Being fit is not just about being skinny. Being fit is about being healthy. Katie Boyd, personal trainer and self-proclaimed curvy girl at the Miss Fit Club, says you don't have to be thin to be in shape. Ms. Boyd's her life mission is to bring this message to all women. She says the best way to get fit is to dance because it's such a great expression. With dance, you can do everything you might do at the gym and let out your inner goddess at the same time.

Ms. Boyd demonstrated four workout moves she recommends for the curvy girl to get fit:
  • Booty Blasting Plie: Stand in the ballet plie position, squat twice then stand and roll the hips to one side then the other.
  • Hip Hop Hips: Stand with feet shoulder width apart, bring opposite knee to opposite elbow, single on each side then double, single on each side the double on the opposite side.
  • Waist Whittle: Do a cha-cha dance step forward then kick one leg back. Repeat for the other leg.
  • Curvy Girl Celebration: hand over the head, spin in a slow circle while rolling the hips in a circle.

[Honestly, it's so hard to put these workout moves into words. Often, Dr. Oz will film a segment of the workout but not this time. Looking on Ms. Boyd's Facebook page, she said she's getting a huge email response from the segment and is thinking of putting together a workout video. If a video segment pops up on, I'll update this post with a link.]

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! Best Fitness Essentials for Curvy Girl's

Dr. Oz Curvy Girls Fitness Essential #1: Pre-Workout Parfait
Dr. Oz recommends eating a pre-workout parfait to get your protein fix which translates to lasting energy. Alternate layers of Greek yogurt with sliced bananas and walnuts.

Dr. Oz Curvy Girls Fitness Essential #2: Running Shoes
Dr. Oz recommends getting running shoes with a motion control feature to prevent the ankle from turning while working out.

Dr. Oz Curvy Girls Fitness Essential #3: Compression Sports Bra
To keep down the jiggle in the wiggle, Dr. Oz recommends wearing a compression sports bra to prevent lower back and muscle pain for the top-heavy curvy girls.

Dr. Oz Curvy Girls Fitness Essential #4: Toning Wheel
Dr. Oz recommends working out with a toning wheel for core strengthening and burning fat. Click here to see a toning wheel available on

Dr. Oz Curvy Girls Fitness Essential #5: Post-Workout Peanut Butter
When the workout is done, snack on peanut butter and apples, said Dr. Oz, to provided necessary protein and nutrients for recovery.

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  1. I was at home for the holiday and was so excited to catch the show. I made all kinds of notes and now I have copied this article and shown it to several friends. I am 66 yrs young and have had a weight issue all my life. It is so exciting to see the "new" science that makes so much sense. Thank you

    1. Thanks for your comment! I'm thrilled you found some ideas and information on this episode that resonates with you. My hope is that you can continue to make choices that support your health.