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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 5/19/12 Quiz: Appetite Suppressing Foods

Which food did Dr. Oz recommend last week to suppress the appetite?

A. Olive oil
B. Flax seeds
C. Pine nuts
D. Apples



The Answer:
C. Pine nuts

Your Answers:
A. Olive oil - 10%
B. Flax seeds - 36%
C. Pine nuts - 30%
D. Apples - 21%

The Answer: Pine Nuts
The May 7, 2012 episode of The Dr. Oz Show featured recommendations to help suppress the appetite to support weight loss. So which of the four choices in last week's quiz was recommended? It was Pine Nuts! I gottcha! Flax seeds got the most votes though and I suspect that's because folks have heard more about flax seeds in connection with weight loss than they've heard about pine nuts.

Coffee was also recommended in the same episode to suppress the appetite so if you guessed coffee then you're sort of right. The question asked for the food that was recommended. Read more about the coffee recommendation below.

Pine nuts have the highest amount of protein of any nut, says Dr. Oz, they turn off hunger hormones in the body. He recommends eating a shot glass worth of pine nuts before breakfast each morning to cut down and suppress hunger hormones. In a study, he explained, participants eating pine nuts ate 36% less food because the no longer experienced food cravings.

Olive Oil
I thew in olive oil to confuse folks! Dr. Oz recommended grapeseed oil in the same 5/7/12 episode. Olive oil is certainly a healthy option and if used to replace butter in cooking it may also contribute to weight loss. Use oils in moderation still as they do provide a high amount of calories even if they are considered healthy.

Dr. Oz did recommend drinking grapeseed oil to help suppress teh appetite. Grapeseed oil is a healthy form of omega-6 fatty acids. Dr. Oz recommends taking 2 teaspoons of grapeseed oil 2 hours before lunch. As shown in an animation, Dr. Oz says the oil will coat the stomach causing it to expand and make you feel full and therefore will decrease the amount of food eaten at lunch. He featured Spectrum brand grapeseed oil, made by Hain Celestial who gave every member of the audience a bottle.

Flax Seeds
Flax seeds have long been recommended as a healthy way to increase fiber in the diet as a means to loss weight. They also provide lots of health supporting omega-3 fats and some protein. This combination of healthy fats, fiber and protein all give a feeling of fullness.

Full of fiber and sugars that are lower on the glycemic index, apples are a great food to turn to when losing weight especially if you make a substitution for processed sugars and flours. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right?!

Bonus: Coffee
At 3pm, the bewitching hour between lunch and dinner, Dr. Oz says he wants people to have coffee and cookies. Cookies for weight loss? The right type of cookie can help you feel full play a role in weight loss. Choose espresso, says Dr. Oz, because the it alters the gut hormones and tricks the body into feeling fuller longer. Dr. Oz recommends Caveman cookies with nuts and berries, protein and fiber. If you can't find them in your area, he says to make his Dr. Oz Protein Cookies with chocolate and peanut butter.


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Photo credit: Sura Nualpradid

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