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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 5/1/12: 50 Best Tips Ever For Anti-Aging, Fatigue, Alternative Remedies, Sleep, Stress, Snacks, Win Products and One of Five Trips to St. Maarten!

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: May 1, 2012
Dr. Oz's Best Advice Ever! Over 50 of His All-Time Greatest Tips

  • 6 tips to fight aging
  • 4 ways to fight fatigue
  • 4 alternative remedies to support health
  • 3 tips to get your best night's sleep
  • Tips to reduce stress

Dr. Oz says this is the biggest show he's ever done and it's something he's never done before. Viewers asked for more tips, advice, and solutions for their most requested health issues. All that information has been packed into one show. [The show is titled “50 Greatest Tips” but there are actually only 30 but, who's counting – rather, who didn't count?]

[Note: When this episode originally aired, Dr. Oz gave away a trip and products. Those contests have ended and are no longer listed on Dr. Oz's website.]


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Dr. Oz's Best Advice Ever! Over 50 of His All-Time Greatest Tips

Dr. Oz started the show by clarifying that he is not getting a penny from the products featured on this episode. He explains that he [and his staff] have looked far and wide to find sure-fire ways to target viewers greatest concerns. Dr. Oz says he hopes to make all this easier for viewers and therefore feels obliged to recommend specific products.

Dr. Oz Six Best Tips for Aging

Dr. Oz Greatest Tip #1: Reduce Wrinkles
Retinol is the only ingredient in skin care that has proven over and over again to reduce wrinkles, says Dr. Oz. Retinol is a form of Vitamin A that promotes collagen growth to keep the skin bouncy. Add SPF 30 to your retinol skin care regimen with Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion AM Moisturizer SPF 30. Dr. Oz calls this a simple product that delivers retinol across an 8 hour period.

Dr. Oz Greatest Tip #2: Prevent Puffiness and Crow's Feet
Many women are concerned about aging around the eyes, it's one of the first areas where we notice aging. Acupressure massage, that has been used for centuries in China, can be used to help reduce the appearance of puffiness and wrinkles.

A jade roller, utilized in acupressure massage, is hard to get so Dr. Oz recommends the Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System. The Opal Sonic infuses any skin care serum to help it penetrate deeper into the skin and it's easy to pack up and take with you when traveling.

Dr. Oz Greatest Tips #3 Brighten Your Smile
Seeing our own smiling face reflecting back can help encourage a more positive mood. Removing surface stains and brightening the teeth overall helps us to feel better about ourselves. Dr. Oz says an abrasive, such as baking soda, is needed to remove surface stains and hydrogen peroxide can be employed to brighten the teeth. Some whitening products can irritate the gum and damage enamel on the teeth.

Dr. Oz recommends a product that only requires five minutes of use per day for five days in a row to contribute to a whiter, brighter smile: The Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening System. Place the whitening solution into the mouth guard and place in the mouth. The Tanda Pearl sends ionic pulses through the solution to help remove stains.

Dr. Oz calls the Tanda Pearl an elegant system that uses the best technology out there the whiten and brighten teeth without causing damage.

Dr. Oz Greatest Tips #4: Get Fit
How many steps does it take to get fit? At least 10,000 steps a day. The Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker tells you how many steps you've taken, how many calories burned, and the distance you traveled through the day. The Fitbit can also tell you how many floors you've climbed.

Dr. Oz Greatest Tips #5: Smell Yourself Thin
Cravings are one of the most important things to remember when losing weight. Certain scents can trigger or suppress cravings is a helpful tool. Being aware of the scents that trigger cravings can help people take a step toward curbing them. Studies have show that this science of scent is powerful. People ate less and lost weight in studies simply by applying particular scents. Eau de Lite by Harvey Prince is a blend of green apple, mint, and other oils that help to decrease food cravings.
Cost for Eau de Lite by Harvey Prince: $55.00.

Dr. Oz Greatest Tips #6: Go Green
Dr. Oz says drinking his Green Drink is the best way to cheat aging but today he's upgrading his special recipe to add cayenne pepper and dandelion greens for a little kick and more nutrients. Utilizing the Omega Vert BRT350 Juicer, with it's slow masticating juice action, allows for better extraction and protection of the nutrients to gain the fullest benefit.
Cost for the Omega Vert BRT350 Juicer: $379.99.

Dr. Oz Four Best Tips to Fight Fatigue

Dr. Oz asked viewers to talk about how tired they are. The top four were chosen to visit The Dr. Oz Show for recommendations on overcoming fatigue. There is no better way to fight fatigue, says Dr. Oz, then with superfoods.

Dr. Oz Greatest Tips #7: Cacao Goji Super Food Power Snack
Dr. Oz recommends Cacao Goji Super Food Power Snack to fight fatigue. Cacao, the raw plant material used to make chocolate supports energy and goji berries, filled with antioxidants, help to fight fatigue. The combination of sweetness from one another make for a great snack.
Cost for Cacao Goji Super Food Power Snack: $8.99, available at Whole Foods

Dr. Oz Greatest Tips #8: Keurig Vue Brewing System
The problem with drinking coffee throughout the day, says Dr. Oz, is that people get and energy high then a crash. He's says it's best to limit coffee intake to four regular sized sups a day but to drink it the right way. Dark roasted coffee beans provides antioxidants but they have to be brewed with very hot water. To make the brewing easier, Dr. Oz recommends the Keurig Vue Brewing System.

For an afternoon pick up, Dr. Oz recommends Kitchen Table Bakers Flax Seed Parmesan Crisps, A great combination of fiber filled flax seeds and energy promoting Parmesan cheese.
Cost for Kitchen Table Bakers Flax Seed Parmesan Crisps: $5.99, available at Whole Foods.

Dr. Oz Greatest Tips #10: SodaStream FIZZ
Soda may give you a rush of energy but the consequence is a hard crash at the end. When people crave soda often they are craving the fizziness. Dr. Oz says you can mix seltzer water and citrus or use the SodaStream Fizz to carbonate water and then add any flavor of citrus. Dr. Oz says you can even add alcohol.
Cost for the SodaStream Fizz: $149.99, available from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Dr. Oz Favorite Alternative Remedies

Bryce Wylde, Bsc, RNC, DHMHS, Alternative Medicine Expert and Host "Wylde on Health", joins Dr. Oz to discuss the best in alternative remedies.

Dr. Oz Greatest Tips #11: Himalayan Salt Inhaler with Flugon
Dr. Oz has discussed the Himalayan Salt Inhaler on a previous show. Today, he reiterated the immunity boost delivered as salt is breathed into the lungs it draws moisture into mucus and thins it out. Himalayan rock salt is pink indicating the 80 micronutrients contained in the salt and when it's inhale can support the immune system.

Mr. Wylde wants to take the inhaler up a notch by adding Flugon, a blend of 7 medical grade essential oils to further support the immune system. Inhale Flugon along with the salt. He reminds folks to inhale the salt and oils through the mouth then exhale out through the nose.

Balancing negative and positive charges in the air can positively effect serotonin levels. Mr. Wylde and Dr. Oz both recommend the Purely Products Healthy CFL Light Bulb Ionizer to support good mood. A built in ionizer in the light bulb grabs onto harmful elements in the air and makes them drop to the ground clearing the air to provide improved energy, mood, and immune function, says Dr. Wylde.
Cost of Purely Products Healthy CFL Light Bulb Ionizer: $17.59, available at Lowe's.

Dr. Oz Greatest Tips #13: Waterpik Sinusense Water Pulsator
Dr. Oz often recommends a neti pot for allergy and sinus support but Dr. Wylde is going to take it step further with an upgrade. Sometimes when using a neti pot the water may be going into the nostril but not flushing through. The Waterpik Sinusense Water Pulsator has a soft tip to fit into the nostril and a pulsating water stream to more efficiently irrigate the nasal passages. It's dishwasher safe and the plastic is BPA-free.
Cost for the Waterpik Sinusense Water Pulsator: $34.99, available at Walmart.

Dr. Oz Greatest Tips #14: Spoonk Acupressure Mat
Dr. Wylde recommend the Spoonk Acupressure Mat for pain relief. Laying on the mat releases pleasure endorphins in the body to reduce the pain response. Little flowerettes on the mat hit every meridian site to reduce stress and improve overall health. Acupressure and acupressure mats have been used in India for centuries utilizing the concept of generation a healing flow of energy and supporting circulation.
Cost for the Spoonk Acupressure Mat: $69.99.

Dr. Oz Best Night Sleep Ever

Dr. Oz Greatest Tips #15: Bedtime Snack
While Dr. Oz doesn't promote eating before bed he does however make an exception if you're having trouble sleeping. Stay away from the late night snacks and instead go for a healthy snack before bed. He says we get our best rest when we eat something supportive to blood sugar levels before bed. Dr. Oz recommends 2 tablespoons of Nuttzo PF on 4 whole grain crackers 30 minutes before bed. Nutzzo PF is a blend of nuts, no peanuts and seeds providing fiber, protein and healthy fats all of which support healthy blood sugar levels.
Cost for Nuttzo PF: $22.00, available at Whole Foods

Dr. Oz Greatest Tips #16: Pillow Comfort
You're looking for support when you get in bed but your pillow may be uncomfortable or too hot. Dr. Oz recommends the Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe Gel Contour Pillow. The specially designed pillow will mold around the head and neck and align the spine to prevent wake ups during the night due to discomfort. The Contour Pillow also keeps you cool at night lowering body temperature which plays a role in deep sleep.

Dr. Oz Greatest Tips #17: Sleep Sounds
There are certain sounds that can help people achieve deep sleep. Dr. Oz recommends SleepPhones, a headband with little imbedded speakers, that plays those specific soothing sounds to support better sleep. He says SleepPhones can induce sleep within minutes.
Cost for SleepPhones: $40.00.

Dr. Oz Super Simple Tricks to De-Stress Instantly

Dr. Oz Greatest Tips #18: Rescue Remedy
A blend of 5 flower essences to support mood, Rescue Remedy has been around the natural remedy world for years. Dr. Oz says his mother-in-law introduced him to the product. A few sprays in the mouth help to support mood and balance stress levels.
Cost for Rescue Remedy: $12 - $20 (depending on size)

Dr. Oz Greatest Tips #19: Mighty Leaf TeaTop Brew Travel Mug
Drinking green tea is great for health providing huge benefits and can be easy to incorporate into your life. It may not be so easy to brew while you travel, unless you try the Mighty Leaf TeaTop Brew Travel Mug. The TeaTop provides a place to put your tea bag once it's finished brewing.
Cost for Mighty Leaf TeaTop Brew Travel Mug: $20.00. 


Dr. Oz Greatest Tips #20: Conair Touch 'N Tone Massager
Massage away worries, says Dr. Oz, and you can experience a 50% drop cortisol levels – says scientific studies. If you can't get a massage on a regular basis, treat yourself to some relaxation at home, says Dr. Oz, with the hand-held Conair Touch 'N Tone Massager. The Conair Massager has three settings and comes with a variety of tips.
Cost of Conair Touch 'N Tone Massager: $15.00, available at K-Mart.

Dr. Oz Greatest Tips #21: JumpSport Fitness Mini Trampolines
Dr. Oz wants to help make exercise easy for everyone. But for some, the idea of making time to exercise can be stressful in itself. He says jumping on a trampoline 10 minutes daily pumps up the endorphins and can be a great deal of fun. Dr. Oz recommends JumpSport Fitness Mini Trampolines which makes exercising at home easy.
Cost for JumpSport Fitness Mini Trampolines: $250 - $479

Dr. Oz Quick Tips

The next 8 tips were featured just before and after commercial breaks during today's Dr. Oz Show. I've compiled them together in one section.

Dr. Oz Greatest Tips #22: Goldenberries to Blast Belly Fat
Dr. Oz's favorite food to blast belly fat is goldenberries. He recommends eating ¼ cup daily of these metabolism fueling berries that are full of B Vitamins.

Dr. Oz Greatest Tips #23: Air-Popped Popcorn
Another super snack recommended on The Dr. Oz Show is air-popped popcorn. Popcorn is high in fiber to help keep you full and if you stay away from butter and oils, it can be a low-calorie snack too.

Dr. Oz Greatest Tips #24: Tart Cherries
Tart cherries are another great snack that will provide antioxidants.

Dr. Oz Greatest Tips #25: Avocados
To help support the memory, incorporate a serving of avocados into the diet. The healthy fats in avocados help to feed the brain as well as the rest of the body.

Dr. Oz Greatest Tips #26: Omega-3 Supplement
Another source of healthy fats to support brain and memory function is omega-3 supplements. Dr. Oz recommends taking 1,000mg of omega-3's daily to boost brain power.

Dr. Oz Greatest Tips #27: Rhodiola
Dr. Oz likes rhodiola for its ability to boost libido and support mood. He recommends 20 drops of rhodiola to 8 oz water. [Rhodiola is also available in pill form.]
Dr. Oz Greatest Tips #28: Colors to Boost Mood
If you need a mood boost, Dr. Oz recommends wearing red or yellow. Seeing these colors creates chemical changes in the body to improve mood.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! For Meditation

Dr. Oz Greatest Tips #29: Sony W Series Walkman MP3 Player
Dr. Oz recommends and practices meditation everyday. Did you know that you can meditate to music and still gain the benefits? He recommends using the Sony W Series Walkman MP3 Player a cordless, rechargeable MP3 player that is one-piece construction making it easy to take along on trips too.
Cost for the Sony W Series Walkman MP3 Player: $69.99.

[Note: When this episode originally aired, Dr. Oz gave away a trip and products. Those contests have ended and are no longer listed on Dr. Oz's website.]

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    Barbara Cook

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  5. On Dr Oz's May 1st 2012 show he recommended a powder for weight loss that boosted metabolism. It began with the letter s. Does anyone know the full name? Please post the answer. Thank you.

  6. Spirulina was recommended on the 4/30/12 episode to support the metabolism. Spirulina, a blue-green algae, comes in caps, tablets, and powder. Does that sound like what you're looking for?

  7. I'm so glad I found your site. Whenever i go to Dr Oz's site i can never find what I'm looking for. It just has a clip of the show. I can't find the actual tips that were shared. Now I have them. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for posting Tanya. I'm glad you found WatchingDrOz and found the information useful!

  8. Hi! I am a true Dr. Oz watcher and when I saw this episode, I was excited about the free products! Now, that I was told to come back on here, regardless that the show aired previously. Now, I come to find those products are no longer available. For someone like me who has fibromalgia, they would of been great. I'm very disappointed.

  9. Thanks for posting Judy. I hear your frustration around the giveaways not being available when an episode airs as a repeat. It would have been great if the products were still available.

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