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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Watching Dr Oz Quiz 5/27/12: Oil Replacers

Which flavor booster was recommended last week on The Dr. Oz Show to replace butter and oil in cooking?

A. Spray oil
B. Chicken stock
C. Water
D. Lard



The Answer:
B. Chicken stock

Your Answers:
A. Spray oil - 16%
B. Chicken stock - 76%
C. Water - 5%
D. Lard - 1%

The Answer: Chicken Stock
Sari Greaves, RN, CDN, Nutrition Director at Step Ahead Weight Loss Center, joined Dr. Oz on the 5/17/12 episode, Weird or Worried, to provide flavor recommendations that can help save hundreds of calories every day.

Ms. Greaves said she wants people to have a stash of reduced-sodium chicken stock in the pantry at all times. Chicken stock provides sensational taste that's skinny on the waist. When cooking swap out the oil for a small amount of chicken stock, the key is to gradually add the stock to the pan and only use the amount needed to keep the food moist while cooking. Swapping oil and butter for chicken stock can save about 100 calories.

Spray Oil
Dr. Oz has mentioned using spray oil to help reduce over-all calories. Instead of pouring oil into a pan to cook, spray in a small amount to save a heaping quantity of calories.

Using water to cook food in a pan instead oil is another great way to reduce calories. Oil does bring a certain amount of flavor to foods when cooking so when water is used you may want to add a little more spice. Spices are a wonderful way to increase flavor without increasing calories. I've tried this cooking method before and found that it did take some getting used to, flavor-wise. Watch the pan carefully when using water so you can add more when needed to prevent burning of the food.

Lard is pure animal fat. If your focus is cutting calories then lard may not be the best option for cooking food.


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