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Monday, July 16, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 7/16/12 Repeat: Fat-urday the Day to Cheat on Your Diet, Fat-urday Cheat Plan, Fat-urday Meal Plan, Snack Cheats, Cheats to Look Younger, Jeans to Look Slimmer, Guilt-Free Cocktails

The Dr. Oz Show
Original Airdate: February 3, 2012
Dr. Oz's Fat-urday: The Day to Cheat on Your Diet

  • Dr. Oz gives viewers permission to cheat on their diets
  • The Fat-urday Cheat Plan Rules to lose weight and eat favorite foods
  • Fat-urday meal plan
  • Cheat on your favorite cheat foods with snack recommendations from Dr. Oz
  • Cheat your age and look younger
  • The right jeans can help you look as much as 10 pounds smaller
  • Guilt-free cocktails

Dr. Oz has a new word, created just for viewers, to give you permission to cheat on your diet: Fat-urday. He says people who cheat on their diet lose more weight. Too good to be true? Maybe, but read what Dr. Oz has to say about deprivation and cheating while losing weight and make your own choices.

Today's Dr. Oz Show is a repeat from February 3, 2012.


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