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Monday, July 9, 2012

Watching Dr Oz Quiz 7/7/12: Fast Food Burgers

How many calories should a fast food burger be limited to as recommended by Dr. Oz on an episode that aired last week?

A. 400 calories
B. 250 calories
C. 500 calories
D. 300 calories



I have been committed to providing the answer to the weekly Watching Dr Oz Quiz on Saturday. This week I wasn't able to honor that commitment. Today, I am restoring my integrity by apologizing for not following through and unveiling, yes you guessed it this week's Watching Dr Oz Quiz. Enjoy!

The Answer:
500 calories

Your Answers:
A. 400 calories -15%
B. 250 calories -36%
C. 500 calories -8%
D. 300 calories -39%

We all want a quick meal once in a while. The average American eats about 150 burgers in a year, about 3 per week. And the average American eats a fast food meal 3-4 times per week. [That's a lot of fried food and questionable ingredients. I'm proud to say I'm not in that average!]

On the March 22, 2012 episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz said that a fast food meal may be easy and it may be low-cost but it certainly is not healthy. But don't fret, there are healthier fast food burger options out there. To find them, Dr. Oz wants people to follow his rules for eating fast food.

Dr. Oz's Fast Food Rules
  • Keep it under 500 calories
  • No trans fats allowed
  • Hold the mayo – it can add about 80 calories or more

Where can you find fast food meals the fit the Dr. Oz Rules? Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Burger King, Carl's Jr., and Buffalo Wild Wings all have meals that are under 500 calories and no trans fats.


Each week a new quiz is posted on Watching Dr Oz to test your knowledge of the information shared
on The Dr. Oz Show the previous week. Answers are provided each Saturday. Cast your vote every week and check back every Saturday to see how you did!

Photo credit: Grant Cochrane

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