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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Watching Dr Oz Quiz 7/21/12: Organic Foods

Which of these foods is the most important to buy organic according to an episode of The Dr. Oz Show that aired last week?

A. Potatoes
B. Watermelon
C. Avocado
D. Onions



The Answer:
A. Potatoes

Your Answers:
A. Potatoes - 54%
B. Watermelon - 9%
C. Avocado - 23%
D. Onions - 12%

Well done WatchingDrOz readers!

We know organic is better but it's not always better for our budget. There are some foods that Dr. Oz recommends to always get organic. Spend a little more money to get better quality. Organic may cost a little more and may not be as “pretty” as conventional but these choices make them worth the cost and effort. The greater the demand for organic products will result in greater production and eventual price reductions, says Dr. Oz.

On the Lazy Girl's Guide on The Dr. Oz Show that aired on 3/5/12, and re-run on 7/11/12, Dr. Oz provided a list of several foods that he recommends to always buy organic.

The first organic must-have mentioned on this episode is potatoes. There is a double benefit to buying organic potatoes, says Dr. Oz. Potatoes grow on vines and conventional potatoes get sprayed from above with pesticides and the soil is treated with fungicides. If you can't buy organic potatoes then opt for sweet potatoes which have fewer pesticides applied.

He also recommended some other organic must-have's: peppers, celery, lettuce, spinach, collard greens, as well as dairy products such as yogurt, butter, cheese and ice cream.

The other items on this week's Watching Dr Oz Quiz, watermelon, avocado, and onions, I found on the Clean 15 list compiled by The Environmental Working Group (EWG). The EWG puts together a list of 12 produce items that they recommend should always be purchased organic, called the Dirty Dozen.

The Dirty Dozen are foods most likely to have a high concentration of pesticides and other chemicals due factors such as how the plants pulls nutrients from the soil, thin skin that can absorb more chemicals when applied, or crops that tend to have a high level of pesticides applied.

On the other side of the Dirty Dozen is the Clean 15. EWG compiles a list of 15 produce items that, even when grown conventionally, can have a lower amount of chemicals present in the food due to the same factors listed above for the Dirty Dozen.

Click here to see the full list of products ranked on both the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 lists from EWG.
Click here to print a PDF of the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 that can be cut and folded into a small guide that is easy to carry with you when shopping.


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Photo credit: David Castillo

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