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Friday, December 7, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 12/7/12: How Healthy Are You? Quiz, Pain Intensity Scale, Pains You Should Never Ignore, Grocery Rip-Offs, Pharmacy Rip-Offs, Bonus Pain Tips

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: December 7, 2012
Dr. Oz's Ultimate “How Healthy Are You?” Quiz

  • How healthy are you? Dr. Oz has 20 questions to figure out where you're at.
  • How much pain is too much pain? Dr. Oz has a pain intensity scale for you.
  • There's pain and then there's pain, Dr. Oz discusses three pains you should never ignore.
  • Learn where to save at the grocery store to get more bang for your buck.
  • When are generic products the best bet in the pharmacy and when should you go for brand names?

How healthy are you? Dr. Oz has a 20 question quiz that's as easy as yes or no. Grab a pen and paper and find out where you stand.

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Dr. Oz's Ultimate “How Healthy Are You?” Quiz

Answer yes or no to the following questions to determine “How healthy are you?”. All “Yes” answers yield one point and all “No” answers are zero points.

Dr. Oz: Health Quiz Question #1: Do you take a multivitamin and omega-3 supplement everyday?
It's important to take both a multivitamin and an omega-3 supplement daily. Omega-3's are important for heart and brain health. Taking a daily multivitamin can ensure that you're getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals for optimal health. Dr. Oz says he wants everyone taking both.

Dr. Oz: Health Quiz Question #2:Have you gained fewer than three pounds this year?
We all know that our metabolism slows as we age and this slowing can lead to a few extra pounds to creep up on the waistline. By not gaining more than three pounds over the course of a year you are staying on track with your metabolism and eating the right amount of food for your individual needs.

Dr. Oz: Health Quiz Question #3: Do you take fewer than three pain relieving pills in a week?
Pain relievers can be a great tool to ease aches and pains but taking them more than three times in a week could be a red flag that there is an serious underlying health concern that needs medical attention. Pain medications also take a toll on the liver and the kidney's and over time can cause damage to these vital organs.

Dr. Oz: Health Quiz Question #4: Do you eat red meat fewer than three times per week?
People who eat red meat more than three times per week tend to have higher cholesterol levels and a shorter lifespan. Keeping red meat to three, or fewer, times per week can help to keep cholesterol and saturated fat intake to a minimum.

Dr. Oz: Health Quiz Question #5: Do you go outside for up to 15 minutes a day without sun screen?
Soaking in those sun rays for a small amount each day encourages the body to store enough natural Vitamin D to support strong bones and a quick mind. While sun screen is recommended to protect from skin cancer, it's also important to get Vitamin D from this natural choice. If you're going to be out in the sun more than 15 minutes than slather on the sun screen.

Dr. Oz: Health Quiz Question #6: Do you have breakfast within two hours of waking up?
Eating breakfast in the morning can contribute to eating fewer calories throughout the day. Studies show that eating breakfast within two hour of waking up, and ideally within in 30 minutes of waking, supports healthy blood sugar levels and revs up the metabolism all day.

Dr. Oz: Health Quiz Question #7: Do you get “me” time for at least five minutes a day?
Having some time to yourself each day, even for a seeming short five minutes, can lead to lower stress levels and help restore energy levels. Take care of you and your less likely to suffer from burnout.

Dr. Oz: Health Quiz Question #8: Do you resolve family conflicts before going to bed?
Going to bed angry or with problems on your mind it doesn't encourage a good night's rest. Resolving issues and getting a better sense of an on-going issue before going to bed can help slow down the mental chatter and worries that may otherwise keep you awake.

Dr. Oz: Health Quiz Question #9: Do you know at least four phone numbers by heart?
How are your memory skills? With all our electronic gadgetry, many people are not memorizing as much information as compared to a few decades ago. Challenge your mind and avoid the auto dial button by memorizing at least four phone numbers. Brain games and puzzles are a great way to keep the mind active and the memory strong as we age.

Dr. Oz: Health Quiz Question #10: Are you having sex more than two times per week?
Of course Dr. Oz was going to talk about sex. There's probably a poop question in our near future of this quiz! The national average for having sex is 1.2 times per week, round it up to 2, and the number is much higher if you're married. Sex is a great exercise for the heart and it supports circulation. Being intimate with your partner (or friend with benefits?) can help release stress reducing hormones contributing to relaxation.

Dr. Oz: Health Quiz Question #11: Do you open your curtains in the morning?
Can boosting energy levels be as simple as opening the curtains in the morning? Studies suggest that letting in natural light to your living space can encourage higher energy levels even if it's a cloudy day. At night, a dark room is important for sleep but once you're awake open those shades. Natural light resets the body clock and will you help fall asleep faster that night because your natural sleep rhythms are in balance.

Dr. Oz: Health Quiz Question #12: Do you skip the bread and butter when eating out?
Snacking on that warm, fresh bread may be enjoyable but did you know that little appetizer could add as much as, or perhaps even more, 300 calories to your meal? Tell your server to skip the bread, don't even let it on the table, and you'll be thankful come resolution-January that you don't have those extra pounds to shed.

Dr. Oz: Health Quiz Question #13: Do you know where all your moles are?
Know where your moles are located and check them at least once a month. Don't forget to check for moles on your back, neck, and the tops of the ears.

[Here's a mole-checking guide discussed on the 9/20/11 episode of The Dr. Oz Show: 5 Fast Moving Cancers.

Use a #2 pencil as a guide to go through the A, B, C, D, and E's to evaluate the health of a mole.

A – Asymmetrical. If the mole was folded in half and the parts don't match then it is asymmetrical and of potential concern for skin cancer.
B – Border defined. The border of the mole should be clearly defined.
C – Color should be brown and consistent
D – Diameter. Take the eraser of the pencil and place it on the mole. The eraser should be able to cover up the entire mole.
E – Evolution. Watch for changes in moles. Dr. Oz suggests that every year on your birthday to put on your birthday suit and check moles. If you have concerns about any moles, take a digital photo once a month for 3 months and include something like a dime as a reference point. If changes have occurred, the call your dermatologist.]

Dr. Oz: Health Quiz Question #14: Do you season your food with spices other than salt?
Spices can not only provide flavor they can also bring healing antioxidants to the table. Oregano, cumin, and curry all contain high amounts of powerful antioxidants to support the immune system, healthy inflammation, and heart heart. Cinnamon can be added to tea, coffee, and oatmeal to provide support to blood sugar levels.

Dr. Oz: Health Quiz Question #15: Do you take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible?
Sneak exercise into your daily routine by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking a little further from the store and walk, take the shopping cart back to the store after loading up the car. Adding just two flights of stairs to your daily routine can help to burn off as much as six pounds in one year.

Dr. Oz: Health Quiz Question #16: Do you have your last caffeinated drink before 3pm?
Drinking caffeine too late in the day may give a burst of energy but it can also keep you awake and counting sheep at bedtime. For many people, having their last caffeinated beverage before 3pm works well and others find they need to have their last cup of high-octane by 12pm. For those who drink caffeine late at night, if asked, they will say the drink doesn't interrupt sleep but scientifically speaking it does. A majority of the population needs at least seven hours of sleep for optimal health.

Dr. Oz: Health Quiz Question #17: Do you have a perfect S-shaped poop at least three times per week?
See, I knew poop was going to be discussed sooner or later. It wouldn't be a Dr. Oz health quiz without a mention of poop! S-shaped poop is the ideal poop shape as it is reflects good intestinal health and digestion. The s-shape comes from the natural shape of the rectum. If poop is too hard it could indicate dehydration and watery poop is a sign of material moving through the intestinal tract too quickly and not allowing for proper digestion.

Dr. Oz: Health Quiz Question #18: Do you watch TV or movies that make you laugh at least twice per week?
Laughter is the best medicine and it's one of the funnest ways of reducing stress. Watching a funny TV show or a comedy flick and laughing will contribute to lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone implicated in a whole host of health concerns including storing fat around the mid section and increasing risks of diabetes.

Dr. Oz: Health Quiz Question #19: Do you know the date of your last menstrual cycle?
Being in tune with your body can help you spot changes that indicate a health concern. When was the last date of your menstrual cycle? Knowing when your normal cycle occurs enables you to discover if your cycle is normal or out of balance. A long menstrual cycle, missed cycles, and spotting between cycles are all indicators or a hormonal imbalance and a sign that it's time to talk to a health care provider. Women have already gone through menopause should be concerned if any bleeding is detected, talk to your doctor immediately.

Dr. Oz: Health Quiz Question #20: Do you watch The Dr. Oz Show at least three times per week?
Reading health magazines, checking in with health blogs, and watching Dr. Oz are all ways to keep up on the latest health information and some of the best ways to be in touch with your own health. Dr. Oz has shared many success stories from fans who were enlightened about a possible health concern from watching that show and because of the information were able to improve and even save their own lives.

Dr. Oz: What's your health score?
Add up your score, one point for each yes answer and zero points for each no answer.

You get an A if you scored 15 - 20! Yay!
You got a B with a score of 11 – 14. Pretty good!
You're average with a C if your score is 5 – 10. You could be doing better.
If your score is 4 or less then you've got a lot of work to do. It's a good idea to schedule a regular check-up with your doctor, perhaps even bring this quiz with your doctor, and start a conversation about where you are at right now with your health and what you need to do to support your health going forward.

Dr. Oz: How Much Pain Is Too Much?

Some people have a high tolerance for pain and others really feel every little bump and bruise. Dr. Oz has created a pain intensity scale to help you keep track of and access your pain. It's also great to know where you are on the pain intensity scale when working with your doctor on issues that involve pain.

Dr. Oz: Pain Intensity Scale
0 – No pain
2 – Mild pain
4 - Discomforting
6 - Distressing
8 - Intense
10 – Worst pain possible

A paper cut would be in the 0 to 1 range. Menstrual cramps could range quite widely depending on the person and the cycle but the average would be between discomforting and distressing.

Dr. Oz Pains You Shouldn't Ignore #1: Leg Pain
Pains that register a 10 is something you're not going to ignore. But a pain that registers low on the scale but is consistent and maybe even constant is something that you will want to investigate. Pains in the leg that may be between a 1 and 2 on the scale yet is going on for weeks or months could be a sign of a health concern.

Dr. Oz explained that mild leg pain could be a sign of deep vein thrombosis when blood in the leg veins thicken and a blood clot or very sticky blood develops. That blood clot could dislodge and if it traveles to the heart this health concern could change to a serious and life threatening pulminary embalism.

One way to check leg health at home is to gently squeeze the area of the leg that is experiencing mild pain and if the pain worsens they it could be an indication of deep vein thrombosis. Talk to your doctor about managing this concern so that it doesn't develop into a life threatening condition.

Dr. Oz Pains You Shouldn't Ignore #2: Lower Back Pain
Lower back pain is a common complaint and often it's attributed to lifting incorrectly, over doing the yard work, sleeping wrong. When is lower back pain something more than over activity? Dr. Oz says it's important to first determine where the back pain registers for you on the pain intensity scale. Often women feel that the people in their life don't care if they are in pain or they have a high pain threshold.

Can you target your pain with one finger? That's a sign of over activity. But if that pain gets worse and/or if the pain site expands then it could be a sign of a kidney stone.

The kidneys are responsible for cleansing fluid in the body and sending out what we don't need or what could be harmful out of the body through the urine. A kidney stone can develop in one or the other of the kidneys blocking urine and causing pain on one side of the back or the others.

Dr. Oz Pains You Shouldn't Ignore #3: Abdominal and Menstrual Pain
That monthly cycle can bring with it lots of discomfort and sometimes pain. Dr. Oz talked to a woman in the audience who said her menstrual cramps can range from a 2 to a 10 on the pain intensity scale. That's not normal. Menstrual cramp pain should be about the same each month and that pain should lessen as you age – gee, finally good news about aging!

Endometriosis may cause a fluctuation in monthly menstrual cramp pain. During menstruation, endometrial cells are flushed out yet when things are out of balance those cells could travel up to the abdomen resulting in pain.

Print out a copy of Dr. Oz's pain intensity scale by clicking here. Monitor your pain and if you see that the pain worsens or is continual it's time to talk to a doctor. Bring the scale and explain how long the pain has been experienced and how it's changed. This information is a huge key for you and your doctor in determining what is going on and how to manage it.

Dr. Oz: Biggest Grocery Store Rip-Offs

Can you spot a rip-off and a good deal? Lisa Lee Freeman, editor of Consumer Reports Shop Smart magazine joins Dr. Oz to shed light on how to save money at the grocery store.

Dr. Oz: Grocery Store Rip-Off #1: Dairy With Added Omega's
Walk the dairy section of your grocery store and you'll notice more and more products labeled as “added omega-3's”. Omega-3's are great for our health but the type of omega-3's in these products may not be the right type for your body and they will come with a higher price tag.

Ms. Freeman said it's better to get your omega-3's from fish or supplements. Packaged cheese, butter sub, cereal can be labeled as rich in omega but are not going contain the right DHA omega-3's.

How much can the sticker price differ between omega-3 dairy products and just plain dairy? Dr. Oz sent his team to the grocery store and they found that milk with omega-3's cost $4.49 and milk without the omega's cost $2.09. Eggs labeled as containing omega's cost $3.79 and the plain eggs cost $2.99.

Dr. Oz explained that when you eat the right foods rich in the DHA form of omega-3's, from fish or from vitamins, those DHA omega's go through the body and ends up in the brain and the heart for optimal functioning. The omega's from those dairy products and eggs are the ALA form which needs to go through a conversion in the body before it becomes DHA. If your body doesn't convert the omega's efficiently, either from aging or other health concerns, then you will not receive those healthy DHA fats.

Dr. Oz: Grocery Store Rip-Off #2: Fake Fruit
Packaged pancake mix labeled as containing blueberries may not contain the amount of fruit you think and it may not contain any fruit at all just natural or artificial flavors. A drink labeled as a fresh fruit smoothie may not fresh fruit but could have high-sugar sorbet instead. Labeling a product with fruit makes it more appealing to customers and using artificial ingredients or non-fruit ingredients that may give the same flavor will allow manufactures save money thus maximizing profit. Read food labels to know what you're getting. If you would like to add fresh fruit to your pancakes, cereal, or yogurt then buy in season or go for frozen which is the next best thing. Look for sales on frozen fruit during the off-season to save money and store in the freezer.

Dr. Oz: Biggest Pharmacy Rip-Offs

Suzy Cohen, Rph, syndicated columnist, says consumers need to beware of drug muggers at the pharmacy, also known as s drug nutrient deception where a pharmaceutical or over-the-counter product robs the body of essential nutrients resulting in long-term health concerns. She explained that birth control pills and menopause medications can rob the body of important nutrients that support the health of they thyroid with a resulting possibility of thyroid-related health concerns later down the road.

Dr. Oz Pharmacy Rip-Offs #1: Multi-Tasking Products
Target your symptoms with a single ingredient product instead of throwing a variety ingredients that your body may not need. As discussed previously on The Dr. Oz Show, if you have a dry cough then go for a product that has only DM instead of a cold, cough, congestion, runny nose combination product.

For pain, Ms. Cohen recommends reaching for ibuprofen or acetaminophen. She said a runny nose does best with a simple anti-histamine while a stuffy nose should be treated with a pseudoephedrine product.

Dr. Oz Pharmacy Rip-Offs #2: Travel Sizes
Save money by skipping on the travel-size products because you're only paying for convenience. Instead, buy an empty bottle and fill it with your favorite product for only pennies instead of dollars per bottle.

Dr. Oz Pharmacy Rip-Offs #3: Rx without Insurance
If you don't have insurance or a co-pay for medications try an over-the-counter version that may be in lower dosage and can save hundreds of dollars. Talk to your doctor and pharmacist and see if there is a lower priced option that will better fit your budget.

Dr. Oz Pharmacy Rip-Offs #4: Generic vs. Brand Name Products
Generic products, by law, will contain the same active ingredients at half the price than the same brand name product.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips For Pain

Dr. Oz Beat Pain #1: Eat Anti-Inflammatory Foods
Swiss chard is high in Vitamin C which plays a role in reducing inflammation. Swiss chard also contains a compound called sulfa which is required by the body to make antioxidants. Steam chard for 2-3 minutes to keep in nutrients. Eat 1/2 cup of Swiss chard daily for healthy inflammation levels.

Dr. Oz Beat Pain #2: Tart Cherry
Eat or drink tart cherry daily to reduce inflammation. Tart cherry is also available in many areas in the frozen department of grocery stores and can easily be added to yogurt or cheese for a sweet dessert.

Dr. Oz Beat Pain #3: Almond Milk
Almond milk is high in Vitamin E and omega-3's both of which support healthy levels of inflammation in the body. Dr. Oz says to drink two cups daily for pain by replacing it with cow's milk for cereal and coffee.

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