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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 12/11/12: Heart Health Special! Could Cholesterol Be Good For You?, Dr Oz Food Prescription, New Heart Health Test, First-Ever Viewer Showdown!

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: December 11, 2012
Dr. Oz: The Doctors Who Say Everything You Know About Cholesterol Is Wrong

  • Could cholesterol be good for you?
  • Dr. Oz's food prescription for heart health
  • The one heart health test Dr. Oz wants everyone to take
  • Fans showdown for a purple glove trophy and a column on

Could everything you know about cholesterol and it's connection to heart health and overall health be wrong? Dr. Oz talks with doctors who discuss a controversial idea that high cholesterol may actually be good for you.

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Dr. Oz: The Doctors Who Say Everything You Know About Cholesterol Is Wrong

Dr. Oz calls today's show a game changer about what we know about cholesterol. Clogged arteries, heart disease, and overall health may not have anything to do with cholesterol. Two controversial doctors say that there are no negative health implications connected with cholesterol and that people who have high cholesterol may actually help you live longer. They say that cholesterol will not harm you.

Dr. Stephen Sinatra, is a cardiologist and author of several books including his newest co-authored with today's second guest Dr. Jonny Bowden The Great Cholesterol Myth. Dr. Sinatra says that we're off the mark and that cholesterol doesn't cause heart disease it's something else.

Dr. Jonny Bowden calls himself the rogue nutritionist and he's also an expert on heart health. Dr. Bowden says that lowering cholesterol is not necessary to achieve heart health. We've got it wrong.

Dr. Oz: The Big Cholesterol-Health Mistake
The number one health mistake being made today is believing that cholesterol causes heart attacks, say Drs. Sinatra and Bowden.

Dr. Sinatra explained that half of the people walking around with low cholesterol also have heart disease and half of the people with high cholesterol don't have heart disease. The logic that heart disease follows the rise in cholesterol is flawed.

Cholesterol is necessary for the utilization of Vitamin D, to moisturize the skin, for brain functioning and on and on. Dr. Sinatra says that higher cholesterol levels can actually help reduce the risks of many health concerns including the risk for stroke.

The Farmingham Study conducted in Europe is the best study on the connection between cholesterol and health and the study showed that the people with higher cholesterol levels live the longest, says Dr. Bowden.

Why, then, were we, including all three doctors on the stage, were taught that high cholesterol equals heart disease?

Dr. Bowden says that idea is based on studies conducted in the 1960's and 1970's and those studies do not stand up to today's research standards, in fact they would never be accepted today.

Dr. Oz: What is Cholesterol
Dr. Oz said this new information about cholesterol is vitally important and is the basis of the what the cholesterol debate comes down to. He showed a container of cholesterol goopy, thick, yellow stuff. There are two forms of cholesterol HGL and LDL, Dr. Oz explained.

HGL cholesterol is considered the healthy form of cholesterol. HGL cholesterol has a protective case around the its cells. These healthy HGL cells do not cause harm to the arteries and blood vessels as they travel through the body.

The lousy LDL cholesterol cells do not have that protective layer and their cells can break open while traveling throughout he circulatory system leaving the goopy cholesterol stuck to the tissues of the blood vessels.

Heart disease is caused by inflammation combined with high levels of sugar in the blood, said Dr. Sinatra. Dr. Oz explained that the medical community has been saying for years that people need to know their cholesterol levels by having regular checks. We live and die by this number, or so we were taught. Cholesterol levels have been used to promote pharmaceuticals that say can lower cholesterol levels.

Dr. Sinatra said that statin drugs can indeed lower cholesterol but they can also cause more damage than good. Statins are good for middle aged men with high levels of LDL cholesterol and who have cardiac disease, he explained. Everyone else should stay away from statins. Dr. Sinatra said he doesn't prescribe statins as a general rule to his patients.

Women in particular need to be extremely cautious of statin drugs. Dr. Bowden said that women taking statins have a 48% increase in their rate of diabetes and they also have a higher risk of cancer. Dr. Sinatra said only 1% of women that he treats in his practice are on statins and they each have special circumstances and concerns that make statins an option. He doesn't like that many doctors use statins as a general prophylactic measure for heart health when they should be focusing on other factors to determine heart health.

Dr. Bowden said statins also have huge health implications for children and that people under age 26 should not take statins. The brain, he explained is not fully developed until age 25 and the still developing body requires cholesterol for hormone production and brain health.

Statins bring with them many side-effects including, but not limited to, memory loss sexual disfunction, liver problems, and higher risks of cancer. As many as 60% of doctors who prescribe statin drugs are believed to be under reporting or not report complications from statins because they don't believe the drugs could cause any health risks or concerns.

Dr. Bowden says that keeping the heart healthy does not mean that cholesterol levels need to be lowered. Lowering levels of inflammation throughout the body is much more important to heart health. He recommend fish oil supplements, regular exposure to sunshine, and regular exercise are keys to keeping the heart healthy.

Dr. Oz: Food Prescription for Heart Health

All three doctors, Oz, Sinatra and Bowden, stated they have previously told heart patients that they need to avoid fats and cholesterol in their diet. Today, Dr. Sinatra and Dr. Bowden say they understand that cutting out sugar and foods that promote inflammation in the body is the key to heart health. Eating butter and burgers, say Drs. Sinatra and Bowden, don't cause heart disease in fact they may complement your health. There are bad fats that should be avoided and those are trans-fats and hydrogenated oils.

Dr. Oz's Prescription for Heart Health In The Protein Aisle
Dr. Bowden recommends sardines and grass-fed meats in the protein aisle for heart health and to support healthy inflammation. Both sardines and grass-fed meats are full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, the most powerful anti-inflammatory nutrient. Grass-fed meats may not be available in all areas so go for organic or get in touch with a local rancher – location dependent, certainly.

Dr. Oz's Prescription for Heart Health In The Beverage Aisle
Pomegranate juice is high in antioxidants and can play a role in managing healthy inflammation levels.

Dr. Oz's Prescription for Heart Health In The Spice Aisle
Turmeric is the best things since steamed Brussels sprouts [they didn't say that, I just threw it in there] but the good doctors love turmeric. Dr. Oz has discussed and recommended turmeric on oh so many episodes. The active component in turmeric is curcumin which is great for liver support, heart health, and it's high in antioxidants. Sprinkle a little turmeric on just about everything from eggs to steak to chicken.

Garlic is another great spice to help cut heart disease risks and also can be added so, so many foods.

Dr. Oz's Prescription for Heart Health In The Produce Aisle
Dr. Bowden says vegetables are considered free foods – you don't have to count calories or watch fats when you're munching on veggies. There are over 4,000 plant chemicals in vegetables that are anti-inflammatory. They are also full of antioxidants and flavonoids.
Berries and cherries and apples! Oh My! Fruits are a wealth of antioxidants and flavonoids. Apples are the greatest source of quercetin on the planet. They are also high in fiber and a great anti-inflammatory food.

Dr. Oz The One Heart Health Test You Must Take

There is a cutting-edge new test that can provide a better picture of heart health as well as an indicator of levels of bad cholesterol. It's called the Particle Sized Test and specifically measures bad cholesterol.

Dr. Sinatra said the size of the LDL cholesterol particle is important. There are three different sizes of LDL cholesterol particles: the big, medium, and small. It's the smallest particles of LDL cholesterol that can get stuck on the artery walls and then they lodge into the tissues of the artery and these are the particles that can lead to high levels of inflammation.

Dr. Sinatra said the Particle Sized Test can cost from $10 to $100 and is covered by most insurance companies.

Dr. Oz said his final thoughts on the cholesterol issue is that if you don't have heart issues or heart health concerns and a doctor wants you on statin drugs you should push back and ask for this test. If the Particle Size Test comes back high then you and your doctor can make an informed decision on how to proceed. Sugars, Dr. Oz said, are the worst offenders for heart health and not fats but it's still important to eat the right types of fat and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Oz: Viewer Showdown

Hardcore fans of The Dr. Oz Show go head-to-head and put their Dr. Oz knowledge to the test. How much have you learned from The Dr. Oz Show? Three teams of fans were chosen from hundreds of submissions and they are going to test their knowledge of the Dr. Oz Show. The prize: a purple glove trophy and the winning team will earn a health column on

Team One is the Energy Boosters. Cathy and Maria have doubled their energy by utilizing the information they saw on The Dr. Oz Show. Before, Maria was lethargic and Cathy didn't have enough energy to get through her day. They both say their energy is over the top now by using the tips from the Show.

Maria's favorite energy boosters is Cucumber Mint Water from the 3/27/12 episode Miracle Spa Potions. Cathy and Maria mix up lemons, mint and cucumbers then top it off with ginger and let the water sit in the fridge. Steep the energy water overnight and then sip it all day.

Cathy likes to drink apple cider vinegar twice a day, in the morning and the afternoon. Dr. Oz said apple cider vinegar helps the body break down fat for energy and if it's too strong straight then mix with water. It's also great as a hot drink with honey.

Weight Loss Wonders is team number two made up of a married couple who together lost 250 pounds by using the information they learned on the show. Liz said her life has completely changed since losing weight, she has more energy, she's healthy and happy. Liz corrected Dr. Oz, saying that she and Dan have lost 275 pounds. Liz, though, has gained a little weight back...she's pregnant!

Dan said he and Liz had to do this as a team. There is so much involved with losing so much weight, it's a lifestyle change and you need to have a team.

Portion control was the key to Dan and Liz's success. In their kitchen they keep tools to help them create portion sizes that fit their weight loss and management goals. A tennis ball is the size of a serving of pasta, a deck of cards is the average serving size for meat, and dice is used to measure out portions of cheese. Dr. Oz explained that portion control allows the hormones and the appetite to get in sync.

The Road Testers team is Dorothy and Eileen and they test everything on the program and everything has worked for them. Dorothy say she's healthier, has more energy, and she feels she even looks healthier since the Road Testers began.

Their favorite Dr. Oz tip is adding fresh ground cinnamon and nutmeg to their body wash. Dr. Oz explained that the spices soften the fine lines and wrinkles on the skin, makes the skin glow, lightens age spots, and plumps the skin.

Dr. Oz Viewer Showdown: Best Belly Blasting Secrets
On the 9/12/11 episode, Dr. Oz tackled one of the biggest body complaints women have after age 40: belly fat. On that episode, Dr. Oz recommended making a belly band make from a piece of ribbon that could be used to measure progress while working to get that belly back to a healthier size. What was the maximum belly size for women did Dr. Oz recommend?
A. 29 inches
B. 32 inches
C. 40 inches

The Road Testers buzzed in first and said 32 inches. Correct! Dr. Oz said when the belly measures more than 32 inches there is a concern that the amount of belly fat could be causing harm to the organs.

Dr. Oz Viewer Showdown: That's Awkward
On a show that aired on 2/14/12: Awkward Questions, a woman asked about body odor. What is a secret cause of body odor in women?
Fatty diet

Road Testers beat the buzzer again and said Stress is one cause of body odor in women. Correct!
Dr. Oz explained that under stress, the brain triggers a release of adrenaline that causes an extra smelly body odor.

Dr. Oz Viewer Showdown: Jump-Start Hour
On the 2/13/12: Jump-Start Hour episode Dr. Oz featured tips to super charge your health. A cold shower was recommended to super charge what?
A. Metabolism
B. Energy
C. Mood

The Weight Wonders buzzed in and said it was to boost energy. Incorrect. The Energy Boosters jumped in and answered A. Metabolism. Correct! Dr. Oz explained that special fat areas around the neck will burn more energy and thus raise the metabolism when exposed to a five minute cold shower.

Dr. Oz Viewer Showdown: Biggest Anti-aging Show Ever
On the 10/5/11: Anti-Aging show, Dr. Oz discussed a berry that had 30% more antioxidants than blue berries. Name that berry!
A. Schizandra berry
B. Goose berry
C. Lignon berry

The Weight Loss Wonders take this question with the correct answer of Lignon Berry!

That's the end of round one and the Road Testers automatically go on to round two with the highest score. A tie breaker between the Weight Loss Wonders and Energy Boosters. Each team was asked how many hours of The Dr. Oz Show have been recorded to date?

The Energy Boosters answered 400 and the Weight Loss Wonders 480. The answer was 554 hours tapped!The Weight Loss Wonders move to the second round.

Dr. Oz: Second Round Viewer Showdown

Round Two of the Viewer Showdown features best disease fighting foods. Each team had a shelf of foods to choose from to answer each question.

Dr. Oz Viewer Showdown: Best Food To Reduce Cancer Risks
What is Dr. Oz's favorite food to reduce the risks of cancer? The Weight Loss Wonders chose brown rice and the Road Testers went with Brussels sprouts.

Brussels sprouts is correct! All green veggies and veggies from the cruciferous family are full of cancer fighting antioxidants, explained Dr. Oz who recommended eating two servings per week.

Dr. Oz Viewer Showdown: Best Food To Support Healthy Blood Pressure
What is Dr. Oz's favorite item to support healthy blood pressure levels? Both teams chose hibiscus tea and they are both correct.

Dr. Oz recommends drinking hibiscus tea three times a day which can be as effective at support healthy blood pressure levels as some hypertension drugs.

Dr. Oz asked each team what they would write about if they won the column on The Road Testers said they would focus on continuing to test products mentioned on The Dr. Oz Show and would also put their own spin in them. The Weight Loss Wonders said they would focus on quick and easy diet tips that have helped them and they would also include their own tips on raising a healthy baby.

Dr. Oz Viewer Showdown: Best Food To Fight Belly Fat
What is Dr. Oz's favorite food that can fight that dangerous belly fat? Both teams, again, picked the same item: golden berries and they were both correct.

The Road Testers received the highest score and were awarded the purple glove trophy and they get to write a column on Congratulations Road Testers!

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