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Monday, December 10, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 12/10/12: Randy Jackson's Health Secret, Hungry Girl Lisa Lillian Holiday Recipes, Hungry Girl Holiday Cocktails, Dance Off Holiday Pounds

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: December 10, 2012
Dr. Oz: Randy Jackson's Shocking Health Secret

  • Randy Jackson talks about his struggle with weight and diabetes
  • Hungry Girl Lisa Lillian makes naughty holiday foods nice again!
  • Hungry Girl mixes up skinny cocktails for the holidays
  • Stay healthy this holiday with Stepp Stewart dance moves

Randy Jackson talks to Dr. Oz about his addiction to food and how receiving a diagnosis of diabetes changed his life. Hungry Girl Lisa Lillian is back with tips for your holiday treats and skinny cocktails to top them off.

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Dr. Oz: Randy Jackson's Shocking Health Secret

Randy Jackson, of American Idol fame, talks to Dr. Oz about his health secret and how he overcame tremendous challenges with weight and diabetes. Food was comfort for Mr. Jackson. One day in 2004, at 355 pounds, Mr. Jackson was tremendously thirsty, sweating profusely with flu-like symptoms. A trip to the emergency room resulted in the diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes.

What is your relationship with food?
Mr. Jackson said he grew up with a lifestyle that surrounded salty, fat-filled foods that gave him comfort but also led him to weight issues. With a sedentary lifestyle working in an office, he found himself gaining weight and eventually reached 355 pounds.

To overcome his addiction to food he had to change his perspective of food and the role it played in his life. He had to learn that food was for nourishment instead of a hobby.

Learning he had become diabetic with Type 2 Diabetes, hit him like a ton of bricks. Mr. Jackson's doctor had been telling him for five years that he needed to exercise and eat better but the words were lost on him until he found himself in the hospital. In the emergency room, his blood sugar level was over 500 and Dr. Oz said that was a toxic number that could have taken his life right then and there.

Once Mr. Jackson was able to understand and accept his diagnosis of diabetes, he started researching and talking to people. He turned to bariatric surgery to jump start his weight loss and to get a handle on his health issues. Bariatric surgery, Mr. Jackson said, is not a cure for weight loss or for diabetes. He started loosing weight rapidly and eventually told people he had the surgery. Ten years after surgery, Mr. Jackson is 120 pounds lighter.

Two “women” rushed the stage Michael Strahan and Jimmy Fallon as excited fans of Randy Jackson! Dr. Oz said they were there to prove that Mr. Jackson had lost so much weight that two “women” could lift him up. Mr. Strahan and Mr. Fallon did just that and together they picked him up.

Bariatric surgery is not for everyone and for the surgery to be successful a new releationship with food needs to be created. Mr. Jackson said he never misses a meal and he focuses his food on healthy, low-sugar options. Exercise was also a key to his success but Mr. Jackson didn't want to put the label of exercise on activity. Instead, he has found activities and movement that he loves and wants to do. Today he plays tennis four times a week and he loves dancing.

Mr. Jackson has teamed up with Journey for Control to create a diabetes support organization Taking Diabetes To Heart. The website features recipes, tips on talking to your doctor, knowing your health number, encourage people to work with their doctor to create a health plan that fits your individual needs.

Bariatric surgery has helped thousands of people around the world and it's still controversial, it's not right for everyone. Dr. Oz has put together a guide to understand bariatric surgery. Click here to read more about bariatric surgery

Dr. Oz: Hungry Girls Turns Naughty Foods Nice!

Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien, best selling author and host of her own cooking show, is back and this time around she's turning naughty holiday foods into healthier nice options. Ms. Lillien said it's all about finding healthy swaps for your favorite foods. There's always a way to put a health spin on a high-calorie and indulgent holiday food and the Hungry Girl has it all figured out.

Dr. Oz: Hungry Girl Takes Naughty French Toast and Makes It Nice
Did you know that French toast is higher in fat and calories than pancakes? The secret to Hungry Girl's Apple & Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast Nuggets is light hot dog buns that have 80 calories and 4g of fiber. Stuffed with reduced fat cream cheese, apples, and cinnamon. Use a little butter in the pan and a little cooking spray so you get the butter flavor while keeping the calories low.

The Numbers:
Traditional French toast has a whopping 727 calories per serving.
Hungry Girl's Apple & Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast Nuggets recipe is lighted up to only 254 calories per serving.

Dr. Oz: Hungry Girl Makes Naughty Jalapeno Poppers and Makes It Nice
Jalapeno Poppers are a holiday favorite but they are no friend to the waist line. Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien has lightened up this holiday favorite with one of her favorite recipe helpers and calls it Hungry Girl's Big Blue Buffalo Jala' Poppers. Instead of bread crumbs, high fiber breakfast cereal ground up in a coffee grinder to give a texture similar to bread crumbs and add spices to the cereal. Hungry Girl's favorite Laughing Cow creamy Swiss cheese and blue cheese give this dish both creaminess and flavor.

The Numbers:
Traditional Jalapeno Poppers have about 816 calories per serving.
Hungry Girl's Big Blue Buffalo Jala' Poppers have only 106 calories for three poppers.

Dr. Oz: Hungry Girl Takes Naughty Cheeseburger Quesadilla and Makes It Nice
The secret to Hungry Girl's Cheeseburger Quesadilla is high fiber tortillas that provide half a days fiber with 100 calories, or less. Top with a vegetarian tofu burger patty and fill with pickles and onions. Ms. Lillian says this recipe will beat your fast food cravings with a healthy meal.

The Numbers:
A traditional Cheeseburger Quesadilla has a shocking 1440 calories per serving.
Hungry Girl's Cheeseburger Quesadilla have only 270 calories per serving ! That's like saving nearly a whole day's worth of calories!

Dr. Oz: Hungry Girl Puts a Skinny Twist on Holiday Cocktails

Cocktails are one way to celebrate the holiday's but all those drinks can pack a huge caloric punch. Did you know that tonic water, often used as a cocktail ingredient, has as much sugar and calories as regular soda? Go for calorie-free or low-calorie club soda instead. Drinks with heavy cream sure taste great but can make it hard to fit in that classic little black dress. Ms. Lillien has some tips to lighten holiday cocktails, including the creamy ones.

Dr. Oz: HG-ified Egg Nog
One cup of egg nog typically has about 420 calories and 20g of fat! Who drinks just one cup? The secret to a skinny egg nog that is just as flavorful as it's calorie-rich cousin is instant vanilla pudding mix. You'll get all the creamy goodness of traditional egg nog without all the calories. Mix light vanilla soy milk, whole box of vanilla pudding mix, with a low-calorie sweetener and vodka and you have Hungry Girl's Spiked No-Nonsense Nog.

Four sisters from the audience were invited to try the Hungry Girl's Nice egg nog and they proclaimed it to be “like Christmas in a glass!” Dr. Oz said he can't tell the difference from traditional egg nog.

The Numbers:
Remember that traditional egg nog has 420 calories and 20g of fat per cup.
Hungry Girl's Spiked No-Nonsense Nog has only 155 calories 1.5g of fat.

Dr. Oz: HG-ified Mirandarita
Hungry Girl has put her low-calorie talents to work on Miranda Lambert's favorite margarita to create HG-ified Mirandarita.

1 packet raspberry lemonade mix (from 2 serving packet)
3 oz water
3 oz light rum
Juice of 1 lime
4 oz club soda

Dr. Oz: HG-ified Moscow Mule
Oprah loves the cocktail Moscow Mule. Ms. Lillian admits that she hadn't heard of this drink until recently but it has become her favorite, her version that is HG-ified Moscow Mule.

5 to 8 ice cubes
1 oz vodka
1 no-calorie natural sweetener packet (like Truvia or Nectresse)
1/2 lime, plus 1 slice lime
4 oz zero-calorie stevia-sweetened ginger ale (like the kind by Blue Sky Free or Zevia)
1 sprig fresh mint

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Dr. Oz: Food Experts Give Holiday Safety Tips

Dr. Oz has assembled a panel of three food experts to answer viewer questions about food safety during the holidays.

Dr. Oz Food Safety: Is it OK to cut mold off food and eat the food?
The panel gave this question three OK's.
Chef Aaron McCargo, Jr. host of Big Daddy's House on the Food Network explained that this won't work on soft foods soft cheese don't but it's great for hard cheeses. Dip your knife in flour for a cleaner, easier cut and cut off the mold and then one inch of cheese.

Dr. Oz explained that some mold grows like a tree with a blob on top and veins of bacteria that grow through the food. For cheese, Dr. Oz said cut off the mold and at least one inch and you're good because the type of mold that grows on cheese does not have those bacteria roots. Bread, yogurt, and soft cheeses will grow bacteria with roots so those foods have to go right in the trash if they develop mold.

Dr. Oz Food Safety: Is it OK to eat raw cookie dough?
Two panelists voted OK and one was undecided until she provided an explanation.
Eating raw egg poses a risk of salmonella but only 1 in 20,000 eggs will have salmonella, said Frances Largeman-Roth, food expert. Chances are low you'll get sick from licking the spoon when making cookies, so she gave it an OK. However, pregnant women and children shouldn't taste the cookie doug until the cookies come fully cooked out of the oven.

Dr. Oz Food Safety: Is it OK to leave food out, buffet-style, for three to four hours?
All three panelists said it's NOT OK to leave food out for three to four hours. Seamus Mullen,
restauranteur and author of Food Hero, says you only have about 2 hours
listeria every 20 minutes will double may take weeks and up to 2 months to get sick
more than 2 hours throw it out and if in doubt throw it out

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Dr. Oz: Dancing Off The Holiday Pounds

Stepp Stewart, choreographer, says while you're enjoying the holiday be sure to kick up your heels and dance to burn off those indulgent holiday calories. It's a great time to get busy on the dance floor, have fun and get in your exercise too.

Mr. Stewart shared three dance moves that can keep you toned this holiday season. [I didn't find a clip of the routine on but I did find a whole list of dance moves by Mr. Stewart which he has shared with Dr. Oz over the years. Click here to see all the dancing segments from Stepp Stewart on The Dr. Oz Show.]

Dr. Oz: Ugly Sweaters to Stand Up For Cancer

Ugly holiday sweaters are becoming the “In” thing these days, people are even hosting Ugly Sweater Parties! Dr. Oz said you can look bad and do something beautiful for cancer. Stand Up To Cancer has teamed up with to create Hey Cancer! It's Going To Get Ugly! Visit the sites to learn how you can help.

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