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Monday, March 19, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 3/19/12: Hungry Girl's Plan, Hungry Girl's Cooking School, Constipation, Acid Reflux and Cancer Risk, No More Belly Bloat, Hungry Girl Snacks

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: March 19, 2012
The Hungry Girl's Plan: Eat Twice As Much And Lose 10 Pounds This Month

  • The Hungry Girl shows Dr. Oz how to eat more and lose weight
  • Lisa Lillien, Hungry Girl, cooks up Pan Fried Chicken Parm
  • Constipation solutions
  • Acid reflux and cancer risks
  • Solutions for a bloated belly
  • Bonus Tips: Hungry Girl packaged snacks and meals

Eat twice as much and still lose weight? Too good to be true? Lisa Lillien, the Hungry Girl, has helped women across the country eat more and lose hundreds of pounds. Today, she shows Dr. Oz viewers how to eat more, eat healthy, and eat to lose weight.


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She's not a chef and she's not a nutritionist. She's a Hungry Girl who is passionate about food.

Lisa Lillien is the author of, host of Hungry Girl on the Cooking Channel, and author of several New York Times best-selling books. With a million visitors to her website, she's got something interesting and gives readers something of great value. She says you can love food and not be over weight.

By researching foods she finds at the grocery store and talking with experts, she's created ways to bulk up your food for satisfying meals that are nutritious and can help you lose weight.

Ms. Lillien says you can eat the foods you love and still fit into your favorite pants. Thinking about food all the time, she plans ahead and writes down her meal plans.

Dr. Oz: The Hungry Girl's The Hungry Girl's Pasta Expanders

A normal serving size of pasta is just way too small for the Hungry Girl. Bulk up pasta meals with vegetables for a more satisfying meal while increasing the amount of veggies you eat in a day.

Dr. Oz: Hungry Girl Mega Mac & Cheese
The Hungry Girl takes Mac & Cheese and reimagines it so she can eat more without expanding at the middle. Bulk up Mac & Cheese with cauliflower and use light sour cream with Laughing Cow cheese slices.

Standard Mac & Cheese: 410 calories
Hungry Girl's Mega Mac & Cheese: 198 calories

Dr. Oz says, you're not on a diet, you're enjoying life.

Dr. Oz: Hungry Girl's EZ Cheesy Lasagna for Two
Only one noodle in this dish, the Hungry Girl cuts calories but keeps the flavor. Layer with eggplant and tomato sauce with ricotta and top the dish with mozzarella cheese. Increase the veggie count by adding some to the ricotta cheese.

Traditional Lasagna has 850 calories and lots of fat.
Hungry Girl's EZ Cheesy Lasagna has only 250 calories and much less fat.

[The Hungry Girl has another recipe for lasagna with no noodle lasagna coming it at, an even further reduced, 238 calories per serving. Click here for Hungry Girl's all veggie lasagna.

Dr. Oz: The Hungry Girl's Frozen Food Mega Meals

Frozen meals can be a quick and easy way to get dinner on the table but while they are tasty, the amount of food can be disappointing. Ms. Lillien says to add stuff to your frozen meal – and by stuff she means healthy veggies that won't set your calories off course.

Dr. Oz: The Hungry Girl's Frozen Meal Bulk Up
Steam a bag of frozen veggies and top with your cooked low-calorie frozen meal. With a lot of sauce, these frozen meals pack flavor but lack the satisfaction of eating a hearty portion. A bag of frozen veggies will add about 60 calories to your meal but all the calories are from veggies!

Dr. Oz: The Hungry Girl's Whopper Stopper
Fun names for food make the food even more fun to eat. Instead of fast-food Whopper, make your own burger at home and skip all the fat and calories.

Ms. Lillien recommends using a Boca Burger meatless patty and top with thick slices of tomato, onions, lettuce, low-calories mayo and other condiments. Use high fiber, whole grain bun and, she says, you've got a satisfying burger without deprivation. Dr. Oz gave it a try and said it tasted great.

A Whopper comes in at a whopping 670 calories, and that doesn't include the fries and soda!
The Hungry Girl's Whopper Stopper has only 220 calories!

[You could probably whip up some sweet potato fries to go with the burger if you needed that burger-french fry comb. Baked, of course.]

Dr. Oz: The Hungry Girl's Super Size Sweets

Dessert anyone? Satisfy the sweet tooth with the Hungry Girl's take on sweet treats.

Dr. Oz: The Hungry Girl's Red Hot Apple Pie in a Mug
Slice up a Fuji apple and put into a coffee mug with a small handful of red hots, which only count for about 30 calories, and stick it in the microwave. The red hots melt and get gooey on the apples. Sprinkle some graham cracker crumbs on top and you've created a low-calorie yet satisfying treat.

[In my case, I'd go for the oven but I wouldn't use the red hots that contain Red Dye #no-way-in-my-house, and go for some honey and real cinnamon, cloves, ginger and allspice.]

Dr. Oz called it a celebration of food!

A slice of traditional apple pie: 490 calories.
Hungry Girl's Red Hot Apple Pie in a Mug: 135 calories per mug.

Dr. Oz: The Hungry Girl's Club Soda Chocolate Cake
What? Club soda in a chocolate cake. Instead of adding butter and oil to boxed cake mix, Ms. Lillien says to ditch the butter and go for a 12 ounce of club soda. Ignore the ingredients recommended on the box of cake mix and simply add the club soda – it's that simple. Bake according to directions, of course.

Box cake made to the recipe on the box: 290 calories per slice.
Hungry Girl's Club Soda Chocolate Cake: only 171 calories.

Dr. Oz: Hungry Girl's Cooking School

Can't cook? Lisa Lillien, the Hungry Girl, says don't be afraid because her recipes will help you feel like a chef. Dr. Oz invited four women from the audience to learn to cook Pan Fried Chicken Parm with Lisa Lillien.

Ms. Lillien's secret ingredient is Fiber One breakfast cereal! It's magic in a box, she says. Put the cereal in a blender or coffee grinder and you've got a high fiber bread crumb base. The Hungry Girl adds spices to enhance the flavor. Chicken breast is in egg, or egg substitute to keep the fat down, then coated with the spiced breakfast cereal.

For the sauce use, tomato sauce, check the label to make sure there's no fat added to that sauce, and part-skin mozzarella cheese. Cover and let the cheese melt. Serve with salad and you're good to go.

Traditional Chicken Parm weighs in at 1,000 calories.
Hungry Girl's Pan Fried Chicken Parm is only 258 calories per serving

Dr. Oz Constipation Solutions

No one wants to live with it. Pushing and straining on the toilet. Intestines feel like they are tied up. Pressure and cramping. Oh, it was colorful; all those explanations of their sufferings in the bathroom.

Dr. Oz's audience assistant for this segment says she doesn't remember a time when she wasn't constipated! In a good week, she says she'll have a bowel movement once. Once! She says it always feels like there's a brick in her stomach. Dr. Oz explained to her that it's actually more like 60 pounds or bricks, or greater.

Dr. Oz says a human has the ability to produce 160 pounds of poop each year. The average person, even a healthy person, produces more in the area of 80 pounds of poop per year. Dr. Oz's assistant today produces only about 18 pounds per year. Where's the rest of the poop?

With and animation, Dr. Oz showed food going through the intestines where water and nutrients are and the remains will be excreted as poop. The longer the material sits in the intestines, the more water that comes out and the poop turns into little rocks.

All the remaining average pounds of poop that is not coming out is staying in her system and that creates a toxic environment.

Dr. Oz Constipation Checklist: How do you know you're constipated?
  1. Fewer than three stools per week.
  2. Painful hard stools.
  3. Pushing more than pooping.

Dr. Oz Constipation Solution: Oil up your intestines
To lubricate the intestines, Dr. Oz recommends taking a shot of sesame oil once a day until regularity is established.

[By a shot, he really means a shot. Dr. Oz showed the sesame oil in a shot glass which would make the serving size in the neighborhood of 2 ounces. If drinking the oil straight makes your stomach turn, perhaps add the oil to yogurt, cooked oatmeal before serving, or add to a fiber shake.]

Dr. Oz Constipation Solution: Breakfast bar
He says these taste good and recommends eating them every day. Dr. Oz says people who experience constipation need fiber to bulk up their poop and contribute to more efficient elimination.

1 teaspoon psyllium fiber
¼ cup raspberries
¼ cup oat bran
1 tablespoon pumpkin seeds
Applesauce to bind ingredients together

Mix together the ingredients and shape together into a bar, or any other preferred shape. There's no cooking required. Refrigerate and eat every morning.

Dr. Oz Constipation Solution: Yoga for the bowels
Help the intestines do their job with the Wind Relieving Yoga Pose.

Lay on your back, grab the right knee and pull it to the chest. Wiggle, or rotate, the leg around to relive gas in the digestive tract. Switch legs. Dr. Oz says this pose will help to relieve constipation.

Acid Reflux: The Cancer Risk You May Not Know You Have

If your chest feels like it's on fire every time you eat, mouth tastes sour, excessive belching, and the stomach is protesting, Dr. Oz says you may have acid reflux. If left untreated, acid reflux can erode the esophagus and increase your risk of cancer.

Dr. Oz explained that acid reflux occurs when acid from the stomach goes up and out of the stomach into the esophagus and can travel all the way up to the throat.

Common symptoms of acid reflux is burning in the chest and stomach but it doesn't stop there; burping, upset stomach and a hoarse voice can all be signs of acid creeping up where it shouldn't be. When acid reaches the throat it can get into the wind pipe causing damage to the vocal cords.

Dr. Oz Acid Reflux Solutions: Avoid acidic foods
Foods that contribute to acid reflux: alcohol, tomatoes, and citrus fruits.

Caffeinated foods loosen the sphincter between the stomach and esophagus: coffee, soda, and chocolate.

Spicy foods also loosen the sphincter allowing acid to travel up the esophagus.

Fatty foods slows the transit of food through the digestive tract allowing more acid to develop and cause irritation.

Dr. Oz Acid Reflux Solutions: Loosen up the waist line
Tight clothes around the belly pushes on the stomach and can force acid into the esophagus.

Dr. Oz Acid Reflux Solutions: Acid blockers
Dr. Oz recommends using over-the-counter acid blockers and antacids to help relieve the discomfort of acid reflux. He says he likes products that contain aluminum hydroxide and magnesium.

A more natural approach would be drinking a sip of aloe vera juice. Dr. Oz says this is an old remedy and is effective.

Dr. Oz Acid Reflux Solutions: Chew gum
Gum stimulates saliva in the mouth, which is alkaline, and can help to off-set and reduce acid from the stomach. Stay away from mint flavored gum which will make acid worse. Dr. Oz recommends chewing gum 30 minutes after a meal.

[For more information on esophageal cancer from Dr. Oz, check out these previous episodes of The Dr. Oz Show:

The Fastest Remedies to Stop Your Belly Bloat

Belly hanging over the pants? Muffin top driving you crazy? Dr. Oz has solutions to deflate belly bloat.

Dairy, salty foods, and carbohydrates can all make the belly become bloated. To demonstrate, Dr. Oz and his audience assistant poured dairy, salt, and carbs into a tube that represents the esophagus. When Dr. Oz released the foods into the balloon of a stomach the balloon grew bigger and bigger. When this happens in your body pressure on the intestines increases to an uncomfortable level.

Dr. Oz #1 Flat Belly Solution: Spike Salt-Free Magic
Spike Salt-Free Magic [made by the Gayelord Hauser brand] is an alternative to salt with alternative to salt.

Dr. Oz #2 Flat Belly Solution: Dandelion Tea
Dandelion tea stimulates bile production and washes away fats, it also stimulates the intestines to work. It's a Mild diuretic and Dr. Oz says it can help you poop too. Dr. Oz recommends drinking 1 cup a day at the time when you normally feel bloated.
Dr. Oz #3 Flat Belly Solution: White Bean Hummus
White beans soak up water in the intestines and they also contain lots of protein and fiber.

Dr. Oz #4 Flat Belly Solution: Belly Massage
Start at the right hip and move the fingers in a circular motion working up toward the rib cage. Move across the rib cage over to the left side and down to the left hip. That's the area where the intestines live.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! Hungry Girl Packaged Foods to Eat All Day

Dr. Oz Hungry Girl's Snack Tip: Vitalicious VitaTops
Vitalicious VitaTops are simply muffin tops but, they are made with whole grains, 15 vitamins and minerals, fiber, and protein. [Each VitaTop is only 100 calories.]

Dr. Oz Hungry Girl's Lunch Tip: Evol Mini Burritos
Evol Mini Burritos may be small but they are full of flavor. Dr. Oz says these are great for lunch and they come in three flavors: Chicken Bean & Rice, Shredded Beef, Bean & Cheddar. [These little burritos have between 170-180 calories and 7-8g of protein. Eat one with a small salad or piece of fruit, or have two.]

Dr. Oz Hungry Girl's Snack Tip: LesserEvil Veggie Krinkle Sticks
LesserEvil Veggie Krinkle Sticks are made with 4 veggies and 7 whole grains and no preservatives. They are baked, not fried.

Dr. Oz Hungry Girl's Dinner Tip: Amy's Kitchen Cheese Pizza Toaster Pops
Amy's Kitchen Cheese Pizza Toaster Pops have less than 200 calories. Dr. Oz recommends pairing the pops with a salad or soup or have two for dinner.

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