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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 3/21/12: 4 Body Pains You Shouldn't Ignore, Miracle Supplements for Pain, Outrageous Therapies, Bargains at Big Box Stores, Take-Out Fake-Out Meals

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: March 21, 2012
Dr. Oz: Top 4 body Pains You Should Not Ignore

  • Dr. Oz Stop Light Guide to top body pains that could be a sign of serious issues
  • Top supplements for pain management
  • Outrageous therapies are they worth it or just weird
  • Tips on finding bargains at the big box stores
  • Viewers make their own take-out fake-out meals

Is a sharp pain or dull ache that won't go away reason for concern? When should you worry about body pains? When should you go to the doctor? Pain, says Dr. Oz, is the body's way of telling us something is off. Today, he shares tips on when not to worry and when to go to the doctor.


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Dr. Oz Top Body Pains #1: Jaw Pain

Jaw pain could be a sign of a heart attack especially in women, says Dr. Oz. He explained that the pain moves from the upper jaw to the lower jaw and is hard to pinpoint. This is a common pain, 43% of The Dr. Oz Show audience said they have experienced jaw pain. When should you worry about jaw pain?

With a demonstration of nerves in the body, Dr. Oz explained that the heart does not have any nerves. When a heart attack occurs, the nervous system goes haywire and can cause pain sensations that many don't readily associate with a heart attack.

With a street light analogy, Dr. Oz described when one should and should not worry about jaw pain.

Dr. Oz Jaw Pain Green Light – Moving the jaw increases pain. Dr. Oz this pain is not the sign of heart problems.

Dr. Oz Jaw Pain Yellow Light – Jaw pain is experienced in the morning. When pain occurs at a specific time, particularly in the morning, it can be a signal as to what is happening the in the body. In the morning, both blood pressure and heart attack rates rise because the blood is thicker at this time of day. When this pain is felt, Dr. Oz says it's time to talk to a doctor.

Dr. Oz Jaw Pain Red Light – Pain increases with exertion. Pain in the left arm. Shortness of breath with nausea and/or vomiting. Dr. Oz said if you remember one thing from this body pain, remember the shortness of breath. This is the most important key to a heart attack and a sign to get help right away.

Dr. Oz Top Body Pains #2: Leg Pain

A dull, aching pain in the calf with new varicose veins developing could be a sign of Deep Vein Thrombosis, or DVT. 77% of the audience says they have experienced this type of leg pain.

Dr. Oz showed an animation of blood irregularly flowing through the calf, such as when a person sits for a long period of time. This irregular blood flow can cause blood clots to form in the veins of the calf muscle. Over time, a blood clot in the leg can break free and circulate through the body, often ending up in the lungs where it can cause tissue damage.

With a tissue sample, the first time, Dr. Oz showed a blood clot that traveled from the leg and into the lungs. A sedentary lifestyle can contribute to the risks of these blood clots. This patient ignored the pain in the leg which was a sign of the clot and vein breaking free and traveling to the lung where it damaged and shut down the lung. Dr. Oz says, it's a serious issue.

When to worry about leg pain?

Dr. Oz Leg Pain Green Light: Ankles swell from activity. If there is a cause for the swelling and the swelling goes down then soon there's not much concern, says Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz Leg Pain Yellow Light: Sedentary lifestyle, having traveled recently. In the hospital, Dr. Oz explained that patients are moved every two hours to reduce the risk of blood clots developing.

Dr. Oz Leg Pain Red Light: The leg is red and warm. Pain felt when the calf muscle is squeezed. The keys are pain and heat on the leg is cause for worry.

Dr. Oz Top Body Pains #3: Abdominal Pain

This abdominal pain lies in the upper right quadrant from the belly button. Find the belly button, the go up and to the right and that's where this pain will center. Dr. Oz explained that this type of abdominal pain is associated with gallstones and that over 70% of his audience has experienced the pain at some time.

Alena, the audience assistant, shared that she feels this abdominal pain after eating nearly every meal and especially after eating a greasy fast-food meal. These are all common concerns with abdominal pain and gallstones.

Dr. Oz conducted a demonstration of how bile is released from the liver where it is stored in the gall bladder. When we eat, the gall bladder sends bile through the bile duct to the stomach to digest the food. Gallstones can crop up and most will go through the gall bladder, through the duct, and into the stomach where it is passed through the digestive tract. When gallstones are too big to pass, they become stuck. Bile will back up in the gall bladder which will squeeze to try and remove the stone; that's where people often begin to feel pain from the stones. The gall bladder can swell and eventually rupture without treatment allowing bile to enter the body causing infections.

When should you be concerned about abdominal pain?

Dr. Oz Abdominal Pain Green Light: Pain is relieved with antacids, peeing or pooping. Dr. Oz recommends giving antacids a try to test how the pain responds.

Dr. Oz Abdominal Pain Yellow Light: Changing positions doesn't help relieve the pain.

Dr. Oz Abdominal Pain Red Light: Occurs within 20-30 minutes of eating, every time, and when eating fatty foods.

Dr. Oz Top Body Pain #4: Tingling in Fingers or Toes

The tingling can start in the fingers or toes and moves up to the arms or legs. Over 70% of the audience has experienced this type of pain.

Dr. Oz explained that tingling can be caused by nerve damage, typing, diabetes and can cut off the blood circulation to that area. When is it time to worry about tingling pain?

Dr. Oz Tingling Pain Green Light: Tingling pain goes away within a reasonable amount of time.

Dr. Oz Tingling Pain Yellow Light: Pain persists over several days.

Dr. Oz Tingling Pain Red Light: Muscle weakness develops in area. Damage to the nerve can cause a problem with messages being sent from the nerves to the muscles.

Nerve damage can be a sign of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or other neurological disorders. Getting to a doctor early can allow for treatments to get ahead of the problem.

Dr. Oz Miracle Solutions for Pain

Dr. Russell Greenfield, [is the director of Greenfield Integrative Healthcare, PLLC and President of Greenfield Consulting, LLC] joined Dr. Oz to discuss over-the-counter remedies for pain.

Dr. Oz Solution for Pain #1: Zyflamend by New Chapter
Dr. Oz said this supplement was new to him but he would recommend it for chronic back pain. Zyflamend by New Chapter is a blend of anti-inflammatory herbs and spices, says Dr. Greenfield, with good research behind it. Zyflamend contains components that also support the body through the stress associated with pain. [I believe Dr. Greenfield is referring to holy basil which is in Zyflamend.] Dr. Greenfield recommends taking Zyflamend once a day for pain support and it should be taken with food.
Cost: about $35.00.

New Chapter Zyflamend 120 Soft Gels - $32.99
from: Best Price Nutrition

[New Chapter has been an innovative company in the world of herbal supplements and organic supplements. This week it was announced that New Chapter has been bought out by Procter & Gamble so I wonder what that change in ownership will mean for the company's original mission and the products. Time will tell.]

Dr. Oz Solution for Pain #2: Butterbur
Dr. Oz says that butterbur is great for support of allergies as well as migraine pain. In one study, says Dr. Greenfield, participants reported a 48% drop in migraines while taking butterbur. He explained that butterbur lessens the irritants that cause migraine headaches and can also be helpful in dealing with pain from allergy related headaches. Dr. Greenfield recommends taking 75mg of butterbur twice daily and work up to 100mg twice daily.

Dr. Oz Solution for Pain #3: Bromelain
Enzymes from the pineapple plant, bromelain is supportive of sinus issues from congestion to pain to infection, says Dr. Greenfield. The German Commission E recommends bromelain for cases of sinus infections. Dr. Greenfield recommends taking 200mg of bromelain twice a day for 4-6 days. 

Country Life Bromelain 500mg 30 Tabs - $6.99
from: Best Price Nutrition

Dr. Oz Alternative Treatments: Outrageous or Weird?

Many alternative treatments can seem outrageous or just plain weird. Dr. Oz says it may be worth checking them out because some may really work.

Would you try bee sting treatments for pain? Or like snake venom facials which actress Debra Messing is reported to have used. What about gem therapy for moods? Uma Thurman has tried that. How about fish in a foot spa?

Dr. Oz Alternative Treatment #1: Fire Cupping
Henry McCann, DAOM, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M., (NCCAOM) North Jersey Center for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, joined Dr. Oz to demonstrate the Fire Cupping on an audience member.

Using a cotton ball, lit on fire to heat a glass cup, Dr. McCann showed how the cup will create a vacuum when set onto the skin – in this case, the assistant's back. Fire Cupping alters the circulation and has often been used to treat pain and in particular back pain. There are side-effects to Fire Cupping such as bruising where the cup is placed on the skin.

Dr. Oz recommends seeking out an licensed acupuncturist if you're interested in this treatment. He says he would recommend Fire Cupping for lower back pain.

Dr. Oz Alternative Treatment #2: Urine Therapy
That's right – urine therapy. Dr. Oz asked Kesha, an audience member to provide a urine sample, which he smelled, and asked if she would be willing to drink the urine or use it as a facial. Really. Kesha was rightly shocked and said she wouldn't want to do either. [She looked at Dr. Oz like he was crazy and for a moment I thought the show was jumping into the Twilight Zone!]

Dr. Oz says that urine therapy has been promoted as a way to support digestive troubles. It doesn't work. Drinking urine would dehydrate the body and would not help the digestive system, says Dr. Oz. Putting urine on the face would be [gross] dehydrating to the skin and would likely cause a rash. Don't do it!

Dr. Oz Alternative Treatment #3: Leech Therapy
Yes, that treatment made popular in the Dark Ages is back and this time, Dr. Oz says, Leech Therapy can actually support the body with joint pain. He showed a tank of squirmy, eel-like, slithering creatures. Dr. Oz caught a leech and put it on his finger; he said it hurt!

When a leech comes in contact with warm skin it attaches on by a suction cup. The leech will inject it's saliva into the skin. The saliva is reported to reduce inflammation and cause a numbing effect much like morphine. Dr. Oz says leeches are used in hospitals today to suck the swelling out of tissues.

Dr. Oz Alternative Treatment #4: Russian Steam Bath
This is a do-it-yourself, at-home treatment that can be used to relieve congestion and provide relaxation. An audience member was perched on a chair, wrapped up like a mummy and said that she felt very relaxed!

Dr. Oz showed that she was wrapped in two sheets and a blanket while sitting over a batter-powered water kettle that was boiling away. He explained that this is an easy way to make your own at-home spa treatment and it doesn't cost anything [– as long as you have a batter-operated water kettle. Just be careful if you try this.]

Dr. Oz Outrageous Big Box Health Bargains

Andrea Woroch, consumer expert, joined Dr. Oz to share where you can save at the big box stores and where you might be paying too much.

Ms. Woroch says that not all bulk items are a good buy. Break down the cost per unit on this big package items and compare that price to standard size options. You may find that the big value box does not provide any value at all.

Dr. Oz Health Bargains in the Pharmacy: Multivitamins
Ms. Woroch says to get that large, 250 count multivitamin at the box store. She says that size will often cost around $20. At a standard drug store, a 50 count multivitamin can cost about $10 so you will see a significant savings. Dr. Oz recommended getting a multivitamin that provides the lowest dose, one that does not go over the recommended daily allowances.

Dr. Oz Health Bargains in the Pharmacy: Ibuprofen
Skip the big bottle of Ibuprofen, says Ms. Woroch, because the product will often have a one year shelf life; it will expire before most people will use it up. Instead, Ms. Woroch recommends buying a generic brand of Ibuprofen as needed.

Dr. Oz Health Bargains in the Grocery: Organic, Antibiotic-free Chicken
The big box stores will often have a better price on organic, antibiotic-free chicken when compared to the supermarket. Ms. Woroch compared prices and found the big box organic chicken came in at $4.99/pound while supermarket can charge as much as $8.99/pound. An average American family of four will eat chicken twice a week, a $4.00/pound savings is significant.

Dr. Oz Health Bargains in the Grocery: Frozen Foods
Ms. Woroch says there is not bargain in the big value size bags of frozen foods such as vegetables. When the package is opened, the food is exposed to air and freezer burn will set in ruining the food.

Dr. Oz Heath Bargains in Cosmetics: Shampoo and Lotion
Outrageous savings can be found at the big box stores, says Ms. Woroch, on cosmetics items such as shampoos and body lotions. A 40 ounce shampoo at the big box could sell for $6.00 while a 12 ounce bottle at the supermarket will run about $4.00. The same savings can be found on large bottles of body lotion at box stores.

Dr. Oz Heath Bargains in Cosmetics: Toothpaste and Toothbrushes
Don't put the toothpaste or toothbrushes in the cart at the big box stores because you won't save any money. That large multi-pack of toothpaste may cost more per tube than if purchased at a supermarket. Many dollar stores will carry name brand toothbrushes too.

Dr. Oz Outrageously Healthy Take-Out Fake-Out Meals

Love to order take-out meals but don't love the calories and fat that come along? Dr. Oz challenged viewers to come up with their own recipe for their favorite take-out meals. The goal was to create a dish that was healthier without skimping on flavor. Two recipes were chosen and their creators were invited to The Dr. Oz Show for a take-out fake-out cook-off.

Fake-Out Shrimp Fried “Rice”
Lisa created her own version of shrimp fried rice but used quinoa instead. Ponzu sauce was the big secret to Lisa's success with this dish. The Ponzu provides the flavor for the quinoa and vegetables while keeping the calories low.

The Numbers: traditional shrimp fried rice packs a whopping 1,000 calories!
Lisa's fake-out version skimmed it down to 360 calories; a savings of 640 calories.

Click here for Lisa's Fake-Out Shrimp Fried “Rice” recipe from

Fake-Out Meatball Parm
Natasha gave her favorite weekend guilty pleasure a make-over and reduced the calories. She used ground chicken instead of beef, whole wheat noodles, and lots of spinach.

The Numbers: traditional meatball parm packs 970 calories per serving.
Natasha's fake-out version comes in at 490 calories; a savings of 480 calories.

Click here for Natasha's Fake-Out Meatball Parm from

The winner: Dr. Oz awarded Lisa the Golden Take-Out Fake-Out Trophy for creating a recipe that cut out the most calories. Both recipes were wonderful, he said, but Lisa's cut out more and therefore she gets the trophy.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! More Big Box Bargains

Dr. Oz Big Box Bargain #1: Canned Salmon
Buying canned salmon in bulk at the box stores can provide a great savings from single cans at the supermarket. Salmon contains omega-3's, protein, and lots of vitamins. Enjoy the salmon on salads and in spreads.

Dr. Oz Big Box Bargain #2: Pearled Barley
Pearled barley in bulk can have a 1 year shelf-life, says Dr. Oz. Breaking down the price, bulk pearled barley can come in around $0.10/pound. Enjoy pearled barley on salads, in soups, in place of rice.

Dr. Oz Big Box Bargain #3: Organic Coffee
Buying coffee in bulk from the box stores can provide great savings, says Dr. Oz. Coffee provides antioxidants and can lower the risks of diabetes, heart disease and stroke. At the box stores, organic coffee can cost around $8.00/pound compared to $20.00/pound at other stores. 

Photo credit: Salvatore Vuono


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