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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 3/10/12 Quiz: Cooking Oil

Last week talked about a new “miracle” oil for cooking. Name that oil!

A. Macadamia nut oil
B. Rice bran oil
C. Wheat bran oil
D. Grapeseed oil

The Answer:
B. Rice bran oil

Your Answers:
A. Macadamia nut oil - 15%
B. Rice bran oil - 44%
C. Wheat bran oil - 5%
D. Grapeseed oil - 34%



Rice Bran Oil

Dr. Oz Busts the Myth: Eating Fat Will Make You Fat

Dr. Oz says that rice bran oil could be healthiest oil in the world and could help you lose weight. He says rice bran oil could be the new miracle oil.

Rice bran oil is taken from the most nutritious part of the bran and contains both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that the body needs to lose weight. Dr. Oz says you can incorporate rice bran oil into your everyday cooking and to prove it, he asked three viewers to try it in their recipes.

Containing gamma oryzanol, rice bran oil convinces cells to burn sugar so it doesn't turn into fat and go to the hips. Rice bran oil can reduce the absorption of cholesterol which can play a role in healthy LDL cholesterol levels. It also has omega-6 decrease appetite right kind of omega 6 helpful balance out with omega-3 but those are hard to cook with.

The first woman shared her marinated chicken made with oranges. She previously used olive oil and says using the rice bran oil was easy to use and delicious. Dr. Oz agreed that the dish was delicious.

Vegetable chicken stir fry was up next. The chef said the rice bran oil was lighter that olive oil and she loved. Dr. Oz says the dish was excellent.

The final creating was chocolate cake. She usually uses butter and was concerned that her son, the picky eater, would notice the change. He didn't and she is going to use rice bran oil more often. Dr. Oz said the cake smelled really good and tastes very good as well.

Dr. Oz says that rice bran oil is available at natural food stores and online for about $8 and he says to look for a cold-pressed for fewer impurities.

Macadamia Nut Oil
During the 1/31/12 episode, 99 Diet Foods, Dr. Oz discussed the five cooking oils he recommends for heart health. Those five oils are olive oil, canola oil, macadamia nut oil, walnut oil, and toasted sesame oil.

In that segment, Dr. Oz recommend using macadamia nut oil in baking. He says it's high in monounsaturated fats, but not fattening, and has a buttery flavor. Mac nut oil has four times the Vitamin E as olive oil.
Cost: about $8 available in health food stores and online.

I tried to buy some at my local natural food store but the shelf had been cleared out immediately after this episode aired. Apparently everyone wants to try it because I was shopping there today and the shelf had been cleared out again!

Wheat Bran Oil
Used as a supplement and in beauty products, wheat bran oil is not used for cooking. Wheat bran oil is high in Vitamin E which makes it great for supporting the from the inside as well as the outside. In supplement form, wheat bran oil is often recommended to support heart health however the top supplement oil for heart health remains omegas from fish or algea.

Grapeseed oil
Grapeseed oil can be found in the cooking oil section of a grocery store as well as in the healthy and beauty department. With a high smoke point, grapeseed oil is often used in high heat cooking such as stir fry. Grapeseed oil does not impart flavor to food but can withstand extremely high temperatures.

In the beauty department, grapeseed oil is nourishing to the skin. It is often used as a massage oil. Grapeseed oil does not have a scent and can be used straight or with aromatherapy oils added.


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