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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 3/22/12: ADD Rx Abuse for Weight Loss, Cheap Rx Alternatives, Worst Allergy Season on Record, Allergy Survival Guide, Hidden Home Allergens

The Dr. Oz Show Airdate: March 22, 2012
The New Underground Craze! The Super-Pill Women Are Popping
  • The “new” diet pill and it's dangerous side-effects
  • Dr. Oz recommends natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals
  • It's the worst allergy season on record, how to survive
  • Allergens are outdoors and they also lurk indoors

Women say this pill gives them more energy, better mental focus, and they are losing weight. What is this magic pill that can make women feel like SuperMom? ADD drugs are the “new” weight-loss drug craze. But beware, those who take it without having ADD are risks dangerous side-effects.


The New Underground Craze! The Super-Pill Women Are Popping

Women across the country are gaining access to ADD drugs, not to treat ADD and not because they have ADD but, to lose weight and for better mental clarity. Adderall and Ritalin are popular ADD drugs that are becoming popular weight-loss drugs. According to Dr. Oz, some women are faking ADD symptoms resulting, in part, for a 750% increase in ADD drug prescriptions over the past 10 years.

People with ADD say that when they take pharmaceuticals they feel more focused and can participate in their lives instead of missing out due to forgetfulness. Deadlines are met, important dates can be remembered all leading to better over-all quality of life. Many patients also experience a loss of appetite and increased metabolism resulting in weight-loss.

This underground use of ADD drugs is reaching epidemic proportions, says Dr. Mike Dow, psychotherapist and author of Diet Rehab: 28 Days to Finally Stop Craving the Foods That Make You Fat. He says wealthy women are using these drugs from weight-loss instead of their intended purpose.

Jackie Warner, fitness expert and author of 10 Pounds in 10 Days: The Secret Celebrity Program for Losing Weight Fast, says there are a large number of celebrities who are getting their hands on these ADD drugs for weight-loss too. It's become a celebrity drug.

Parents are getting a prescription for ADD drugs to their children so they will get higher test scores, says Janet Taylor, psychiatrist. And some parents are taking the drugs meant for their ADD children.

Abuse of ADD drugs is on the rise. Dr. Oz explained that a million more people received a prescription for ADD than was diagnosed. He showed an animation to explain what ADD drugs to a body that does not have ADD.

ADD drugs regulate the connections between neurons in the brain and can change how the body functions. In a person who does not have ADD, these drugs can cause the heart to beat faster and the lungs to work harder. This additional work load causes stress to the blood vessels which can spasm and cut off circulation. The end result is people with ADD taking these drugs greatly increase their risks for arrhythmia, heart attack, and stroke.

Ms. Warner explained that people abusing ADD drugs can go into fits of rage and experience sleeplessness. Compounded sleeplessness, poor sleep for one to two weeks straight, can lead into depression. The body's of people without ADD cannot maintain use of these drugs for the long-term.

When women get off these drugs, having met their goal weight, says Dr. Oz, they most often gain all the weight back.

On an addiction scale of 1 to 10, with heroine being a 10, Dr. Dow places Adderall and Ritalin at a 7 or 8. These drugs flood the brain with feel-good hormones, dopamine, and users build up a tolerance. When the drug runs out, users will become fiends looking more drugs or other drugs to give them the same sensation. They turn to alcohol and cocaine to replicate the same hormonal release in the brain.

Ms. Warner says she works with clients to get them off medications by using exercise to produce those dopamine. She wants less medications and more motivation into fitness to support people through these imbalances.

How do you know if you are ADD? Dr. Oz provided questions to ask, the answers could indicate that someone has ADD.

  • How often do I have trouble remembering details?
  • How often do I get distracted?
  • How often do I start projects and never finish?

Dr. Taylor has written article Why Adderall Abuse In Women Is On The Rise on, that has even more questions to ask if you feel ADD may be effecting your life.

  • How often do I have trouble with the final details of a project?
  • How often do I have difficulty organizing?
  • How often do I have trouble remembering appointments?
  • How often do I delay or avoid challenging tasks?
  • How often do I fidget?
  • How often do I feel like a motor is driving me?

Dr. Dow recommended foods that can help support dopamine levels in the brain: lean protein and leafy greens. He went on to say doing things that make you happy can contribute to a release of feel-good hormones. Put music on when you vacuum. If you're single and someone has caught your eye, take a chance and ask them out.

Read an excerpt from Dr. Dow's book, Diet Rehab, or Ms. Warner's book 10 Pounds in 10 Days on

Cheapest Natural Alternatives to Prescription Drugs

Millions of people are taking pharmaceutical drugs for weight-loss or other health conditions but, Dr. Oz says there could be a natural alternative.

Talk to your doctor before trying these alternatives to pharmaceuticals. Have a conversation and get your doctor involved, that's how information is shared and more people learn. Plus, your doctor would need to discuss how to make a switch from any pharmaceutical.]

It's a $3 billion industry – Big Pharma. We are a medicated nation. Bryce Wylde, alternative medical expert, says there are natural remedies that can be as powerful as prescription. It's a secret that Big Pharma doesn't want people to know about, he says.

Dr. Oz #4 Natural Alternative to Rx for Acid Reflux
To reduce stomach acid naturally, Mr. Wylde recommends drinking apple cider vinegar, 2 teaspoons in 4 ounces of water. Do not use apple cider vinegar if you have an ulcer or esophagitis [yeast infection of the esophagus].
Cost: about $4.00 for 32 ounces.

Dr. Oz #3 Natural Alternative to Rx for Hypothroidism
Not producing enough thyroid hormone can cause weight gain, fatigue, and depression. Mr. Wylde recommends taking 1,500mg of tyrosine twice a day on an empty stomach.
Cost: about $19.00.

Dr. Oz #2 Natural Alternative to Rx for Pain
Pain medications, be it pharmaceutical or over-the-counter, simply mask the symptoms come with many side-effects. Mr. Wylde recommends taking California Poppy. Yes, it is legal in supplement form. Although it is a sister of heroine, California Poppy is a neuron receptor only – meaning that it is not addictive. California Poppy acts as an analgesic, telling the brain there's no pain. Mr. Wylde recommends taking ¾ teaspoon nightly.
Cost: about $7.00.

Dr. Oz expressed his surprise that in having made 500 episodes of his show, this is the first time he has heard of California Poppy for pain. Pharmaceutical companies cannot patent herbals and therefore cannot make money from creating them. Big Pharma wants people to chose pharmaceuticals – that's how they make money.

Dr. Oz #1 Natural Alternative to Rx for High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure and its resulting complications is the most common reason people end up on Dr. Oz's operating table. Medications for high blood pressure are the most prescribed category of pharmaceuticals. Mr. Wylde says an alternative is green, unroasted coffee beans available in supplement form. Coffee houses are working on getting and using green coffee beans in their drink offerings.

Green coffee beans stimulate the nerves and relaxes the arteries. Mr. Wylde recommends taking 200mg once a day of green, unroasted coffee beans.
Cost: about $7.00

[Bryce Wylde has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show two previous times this season. Check out these posts from his appearances.

How To Survive the Worst Allergy Season on Record

It feels like a cold that just won't go away. Weezing, coughing, sneezing, itchy nose, watery and red eyes. Experts are predicting this year to be the worst allergy season on record. After a wet summer and milk winter, Mother Nature is in overdrive and the plants are revving up the pollen.

Dr. Clifford Bassett, MD, Medical Director of Allergy and Asthma Care of New York, says this will be a horrible season for allergy sufferers. He is already seeing seasonal patients earlier than normal because they are feeling the pollen already.

Dr. Oz Worst Allergy Offenders #1: Tree Pollen
Tree pollens wreck havoc with our immune system which reacts with histamine; that's why we sneeze our way through the park these days. Maple, birch, and oak are common tree allergens that elicit the histamine response.

Flowers are also big offenders. Which flower causes the biggest allergy response? Tulip, rose, sunflower, or iris? It's the sunflower! Sunflowers are prolific pollen producers. There are newer hybrid varieties of sunflowers that do not produce as much pollen but still look like a traditional sunflower.

Symptoms of pollen allergy sufferers: sneezing, itchy eyes, nasal congestion.

Dr. Oz Worst Allergy Offenders #2: Mold
Mold is invisible outdoor but 1 out of 10 people are allergic to mold that live both outdoors and indoors. After it rains, wet mold counts go on the rise. Humid areas, such as the South and East, can have high mold counts.

Symptoms of mold allergy sufferers: nasal congestion, post-nasal drip, runny nose.

Allergy Season Survival Guide

Now that you know some of the triggers of allergy symptoms, Dr. Bassett shares quick remedies for allergies.

Dr. Oz Allergy Quick Fixes: Itchy Eyes
  • 80% of those who suffer from allergies have itchy eyes. The solution is simple: wear sunglasses when outdoors. If it's windy or not, sunglasses are 100% effective, says Dr. Bassett, at blocking pollen from entering the eyes. Keeping those sunglasses, or glasses, clean can also help block pollen from getting into the eyes.
  • Dr. Bassett also recommends using baby shampoo mixed with water to clean pollen from around the eye area. Removing pollen from the surrounding skin will reduce the amount that enters the eyes.
  • Using eye drops can also help to reduce pollen. Dr. Bassett recommends using Pataday once daily eye drops.
Dr. Oz Allergy Quick Fixes: Stuffy Nose
  • Nasonex once daily, available by prescription, is recommended by Dr. Bassett to relieve a stuffy nose.
  • Patanase nasal spray, also a prescription, can also help with a stuffy nose.

[Dr. Oz didn't recommend a neti pot to irrigate the nasal passages. I'm surprise. Click here to read more about the use of neti pots from Himalayan Institute, makers of neti pots.]

Dr. Oz Allergy Quick Fixes: Sneezing
  • Saline nasal spray
  • Antihistamine
  • Zyrtec, Dr. Bassett recommends taking it once daily. Careful it is sedating.
  • Claritin, Dr. Bassett also recommends once daily. Claritin is non-sedating.

Dr. Oz Allergy Quick Fixes: Itchy Nose
  • Wear a hat to block pollen. People who excessively scratch their nose will develop a transverse nasal crease – a big wrinkle across the nose.
  • Don't use hair gel or mouse, they both trap pollen onto the hair.
  • Shower at night to rid the hair of pollen before going to bed.
Dr. Bassett also recommends allergy shots for seasonal allergy sufferers. Allergy shots are the only long-term immune therapy for allergies. He says 80-90% of those with allergies can benefit from shots. Most patients will need to start of with frequent shots to build up the immune system and from there would typically need monthly maintenance shots.

Top Hidden Indoor Allergens

Dr. Oz Hidden Allergen #1: Cockroaches
Cockroaches are the biggest cause of indoor allergens! YUCK! If you see 1 cockroach, there are 800 more hiding! [SUPER YUCK!] Cockroaches can cause acute asthma attacks and rashes. They hide in nooks and crannies and even in your blender! Dr. Oz recommends placing bay leaves in cracks in walls - cockroaches stay away from bay. He also recommends to sprinkle boric acid in the back of cabinets. Keep boric acid away from children and pets.

Dr. Oz Hidden Allergen #2: Dust Mites
They are microscopic and everyone has them. Dust mites! Dust mites live off our dead skin cells and especially like to make a home in our pillows where their poop trigger allergy attacks. Dr. Oz recommends using a dust mite pillow cover to block the mites. He also recommends washing pillow cases weekly in hot water, at least 130F and drying on high for at least 45 minutes.

Dr. Oz Hidden Allergen #3: Mold
Mold again! Mold can cause chronic cough, headaches [and any number of other immune responses, sometimes very serious immune responses]. No matter how clean you are, if you live in a humid environment it's hard to keep mold at bay. Toxic chemicals are not necessary, says Dr. Oz. He recommends using simple soap and water while wearing gloves and a respirator. A little elbow grease and some soap will take care of the mold. [There are some molds that require professional remediation with toxic chemicals. It all depends on the type of mold and amount.]

Dr. Oz Hidden Allergen #4: Fruit
Yes, fruit can cause allergy symptoms. If you think about it, fruit is exposed to a huge amount of pollen which sticks to the skin of the fruit. Fruit that is not thoroughly washed can provide more exposure to pollen.
  • Peel off the skin of fruit.
  • Eat dried fruit.
  • Cook fruit before eating to denature pollen proteins.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! What Dr. Oz Can't Live Without

[Should we call this Dr. Oz's Favorite Things!!??]

Dr. Oz Can't Live Without: A Juicer
His Green Drink is famous by now and it's all because of his favorite thing, the juicer. Dr. Oz says a juicer will help to super-charge your fruits and vegetables to boost metabolism. Click here for Dr. Oz's Green Drink recipe.

Dr. Oz Can't Live Without: His Electric Toothbrush
To prevent gum disease and clean teeth better than a manual toothbrush, Dr. Oz recommends an electric tooth brush. Gum disease can increase risks for cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and stroke.

Dr. Oz Can't Live Without: His Yoga Mat
In the morning, Dr. Oz does a yoga routine every morning to stretch his muscles. To relieve stress at night, he does the Cow [Face] Pose which opens up the hip joints and muscles. [Click here to read instructions for the Cow Face Pose from YogaJournal. Dr. Oz did the pose without his arms to his back.]
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