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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 3/8/12: Health Confessions, Easy Fix for Bad Health Habits, Cheap Health Foods, Health Food Scams, Jorge Cruise 5-Minute Workout, Dr. Oz's Health Confession, Dental Health

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: March 8, 2012
What's Your Health Confession?

  • Viewers share their health confessions
  • Easy solutions for your bad health habits
  • Eat healthy for under $1.00 per serving
  • Know the signs to avoid health food scams
  • Start a new exercise habit today with Jorge Cruise
  • Dr. Oz makes his own health confession

We've seen the embarrassing questions asked of Dr. Oz on previous shows but, says Dr. Oz, nothing comes close to today's health confessions. Most folks have a health confession that they keep to themselves, don't share with their doctor, don't share with their friends or family. It's time to bring these confessions out into the open, says Dr. Oz. You may just find you're not alone with your health confession and the health concern may turn out to be something completely normal.


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Dr. Oz: What's Your Health Confession?

Confession: She experiences anal leakage.
Dr. Oz explains that anal leakage is completely normal, more normal than many would think. One in five people experience anal leakage at some point in their lives. That means 20% of population has this same issue.

With a demonstration, Dr. Oz showed that when we eat and that food is digested and processed into feces, the feces is stored in the rectum until the body is ready to release. The rectum will hold about one and a half cups of feces until it sends a message to the brain that it's time to go to the bathroom. We all know what happens from there.

There are two reasons anal leakage can occur. According to Dr. Oz, damage to the nerve that sends the message from the rectum to the brain can cause leakage. Trauma to the anal muscles, often during childbirth, can also be to blame for the problem. When there is damage to the nerves or muscles, feces will continue to collect in the rectum but the message to go won't come. Instead, the rectum and anal muscles become overwhelmed by storing the built up feces and at some point won't be able to hold it in.

Dr. Oz's Solution for Anal Leakage #1: Eat 2g of fiber at every meal.
Eating more fiber will bulk up the poop without increase the amount. Bulkier poop can help to get the message sent to the brain faster.

Dr. Oz's Solution for Anal Leakage #2: Train the rectum.
Train the rectum the same way you would potty train children, says Dr. Oz. We typically go poop at the same time of day. Thirty minutes before that magic time, go to the bathroom or, go to the bathroom 30 minutes after a meal. Give your the body the chance to empty the rectum and get on a more structured schedule.

Confession: Candace says she experiences an orgasm during sleep.
If it's been a few days since having sex, says Dr. Oz, it's completely normal for a woman to experience an orgasm during sleep. But Candace's husband says it's an after-shock of their love-making - he says' he's an earthquake!

Actually, says Dr. Oz, 40% of women experience this. He showed a demonstration of a flame going up a fuse representing the message that a clitoris/vagina will send to the brain during foreplay or making love. Once the brain gets the message that the experience is enjoyable, it will send another flame down the fuse back to the clitoris say it's time to have an orgasm which starts the fireworks.

If it's been a few days, or a while, since having sex the neurotransmitters in the brain will send signals to the uterus and the woman can experience an orgasm even though there's been no physical stimulation. A woman having an orgasm in her sleep is simply a sign that the brain is raring to go with some more sex.

Dr. Oz's Solution for Orgasm During Sleep: Have more fun during waking hours.

Confession: Darlene uses her husbands razor to shave her legs, bikini line and beyond.
Dr. Oz says he suspects this happens in his house too. He showed a demonstration of basic shaving where the razor will simply cut the hair but sometimes the skin is nicked and your flora gets on the razor. When your partner uses the same razor to shave, their skin could be nicked as well and all that flora from you gets into the cut on their skin causing inflammation.

Dr. Oz's Solution to Borrowing Your Partner's Razor: Rubbing alcohol.
Pour rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle. After using a razor, spray the razor with the rubbing alcohol to provide immediate sterilization.

Confession: Kelly has two vagina’s, two cervices and two uterus’s.
Surprisingly, 5% of all women are born with some type of doubling of reproductive organs and they don't even know it. Dr. Oz showed an animation of how this happens. When a baby is formed in the uterus, all the messages on how to put together the body comes in pairs. The reproductive organs comes in pairs as well. During formation two ovaries, two uterus's and two cervices will come into place in the baby.

The body will keep the two ovaries and get rid of one uterus and one cervix. Sometimes, the duplicate organs do not get deleted and women will have two of something or in Kelly's case will have two of everything.

Women who have two reproductive organs may experience a heavy period or a longer than normal period. All the organs may function normally, even though there's two. If a woman is having trouble conceiving or experiences other issues then the duplication may be a problem.

Often women have no issues with duplicate organs. Kelly shared that she has two little boys and her doctor believes that each child was developed in different uterus

Dr. Oz: Easy Solutions To Your Worst Health Habits

Feeling addicted to salt, caffeine, or butter. Dr. Oz has solutions for your bad health habits.
bad habits solutions.

Dr. Oz Worst Health Habit #1: Caffeine Addiction
Becky drinks a cup of coffee within 30 minutes of waking up and keeps drinking coffee throughout the day. Dr. Oz recommends drinking Teecchino instead, a caffeine-free grain-based coffee alternative. He says it tastes just like coffee but with a hit of roasted grains, fruits, and nuts. Teecchino stimulates the metabolism and gives that energized feeling of caffeine without the stimulant drawbacks. Use Teecchino to ween from coffee by alternating between the two and reduce the amount of coffee.
Cost: about $10.00

Dr. Oz Worst Health Habit #2: Salt Addiction
The next audience member says she loves salt, has it on everything and gets cravings so bad they wake her up at night. Dr. Oz recommends using Sour Salt instead. Sour Salt is a citric acid based product that provides an impactful flavor without all the sodium. Reducing sodium intake can support healthy blood pressure levels. Dr. Oz says that Sour Salt is available from several brands.
Cost: $5.00

Dr. Oz Worst Health Habit #3: Butter Addiction
Do you put butter on everything? Dr. Oz says we don't have taste buds that register the flavor of butter. Craving butter is a mental craving not a physical. He recommends using Melt Organic Spread which contains healthy oils, like flax, that can help support heart health.
Cost: $8.00

Dr. Oz Worst Health Habit #4: Over Indulgence in Alcohol
Alcohol has a benefit when used in the right amount but for many, alcohol can upset sleep patterns and cause health problems. Keeping usage in moderation, one drink a day, is the best for health benefits. Instead of reaching for a night cap, Dr. Oz has put together a non-alcohol beverage that can provide the relaxing qualities that people seek from an evening glass of wine.

Lavender Bellini
¼ cup sparkling apple cider, chilled
¼ cup peach nectar
2 tablespoon of lemon juice
Sprig of dried lavender
1 drop of lavender essential oil

The lavender provides calming and relaxation while the apple cider and peach juice contain free radicals.

Five Cheapest Health Foods Under $1

Dr. Mark Hyman, MD, functional medicine expert [and author of The Blood Sugar Solution: The UltraHealthy Program for Losing Weight, Preventing Disease, and Feeling Great Now!], joins Dr. Oz to talk about eating healthy foods that don't cost a lot of money.

Dr. Hyman says we all know that healthy foods are better for you but many don't realize you can eat well for less with a little know how.

Dr. Oz Cheap Health Food #1: Adzuki Beans
Adzuki beans have a nutty, sweet flavor that Dr. Hyman says is delicious. Containing more fiber that pinto or black beans per serving, at 17g of protein, adzuki beans are a great healthy option. Dr. Hyman says to buy canned food at the supermarket on Wednesday because that's the day national stores have double ad days – the new ad and the old ad are both active – and you can often find great deals.
Cost: $2.00 a can or $0.57 per serving.

Dr. Oz Cheap Health Food #2: Daikon
Daikon is a white radish from Japan, it looks like a big white carrot. A cruciferous vegetable high in Vitamin C and folate, daikon helps to reduce cancer risks and provides mild detoxification. Use daikon in stir-fry, soups, or grated in salad.
Cost: $1.29 per pound or $0.13 per serving.

Dr. Oz Cheap Health Food #3: Black Rice
Black rice is rice but different. It's also known as the Emperors rice because it was reserved only for him. The color is dark, like blueberries. In fact, black rice has more antioxidants than blueberries with less sugar and more fiber. Dr. Hyman recommends black rice in his book, The Blood Sugar Solution, because of it's blood sugar balancing properties.
Cost: $4.49 or $0.49 serving.

Dr. Oz Cheap Health Food #4: Canned Pink Salmon
Canned pink salmon, or any canned salmon, contains beneficial omega-3 fatty acids; four times as much omega's as tuna without the mercury. Canned salmon can always be kept in the pantry. Put canned salmon on top of black rice, adzuki with shredded daikon, says Dr. Hyman, and you've got an inexpensive and healthy foods.

Canned salmon, or any canned fish, is packed at the shore right after the fish is caught. For people who don't have access to fresh fish or who don't like the high price or amount you have to buy, canned fish is a great option.
Cost: $3.59 or $0.50 per serving.

Dr. Oz Cheap Health Food #5: Dark Meat Chicken
Dark meat chicken is a less expensive cut of chicken which is also rich in nutrients such as iron, zinc, and B Vitamins. Dark meat is also juicy and delicious.
Cost: $2.99 per pound or $0.75 per serving.

[Dr. Hyman has appeared on two previous episodes of The Dr. Oz Show this year. Click the links to read the full posts from Dr. Hyman's previous appearances.

Biggest Health Food Scams

Lisa Lee Freeman, editor-in-chief of ShopSmartMagazine says food labels lie! Ignore the front of the label and beware of the ingredients on foods. She says the word “natural” has no meaning for packaged goods and the pretty pictures on the label are no guarantee of what's in the box.

[“Natural” has meaning in the world of meat regulations however for packaged foods there are no guidelines nor regulations for the use of the word.]

Dr. Oz: Health Food Scam #1: Blueberries Could Be Fake
Buying blueberries in the produce section you certainly know what you're getting but when it comes to packaged cereal and other products the blueberries may be manufactured made up of oils, starches and sugars. Don't pay attention to the front of the box, says Ms. Freeman. Look at the ingredients.

According to Ms. Freemen, these are signs on the label that the blueberries could be fake:
  • If the list of ingredients is long, or
  • There are no blueberries listed, or
  • Blueberries appear at the bottom, or
  • Blueberries don't appear on the ingredients at all, or
  • Artificial dyes, such as Red #40, Blue #1 or Blue #2.

Dr. Oz: Health Food Scam #2: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Ms. Freeman says a recent study determined that as much as two-thirds of oils labeled as extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) are not what they appear.

Sure signs of real EVOO are a dark container, the product is organic, the olives are sourced from a single country. Sniffing true EVOO should yield the scent of fresh olives.

Olives sourced from multiple countries is a sign the EVOO could be a fake. If the oil yields a chemical odor or no odor at all, it's probably not the real deal.

Dr. Oz: Health Food Scam #3: Honey
No all honey may be as good as you think. Ms. Freeman says a study showed that many honey products on the market are ultra-filtered which removes the beneficial pollen.

Look for a product that lists only honey as the ingredient. A product that lists other sweeteners is not true honey.

Dr. Oz says he gets his honey at the farmers market.

[Ms. Freeman appeared one other episode of The Dr. Oz Show this season. Click the link to read the full post.

Step 6 In Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation: Start New Fitness Habits Today

Mr. Cruise says a 5 minute workout may be more effective than 30 minutes at the gym. Getting to the gym and maintaining the commitment is harder can be harder to achieve then simply completing a short workout on a consistent basis.

Mr. Cruise has put together a 5 minute workout that targets the waist, butt, shoulder, chest, and thigh areas. Modify the workout to suit your level and get started today.

Click here for the printable version of Jorge Cruise's 5 Minute Workout to Reshape Your Body from

[Click the link to read the full Watching Dr Oz post from Mr. Cruise's previous visit to The Dr. Oz Show.

Dr. Oz announced that is giving away 5,000 water bottles to people who sign up for Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation Million Dollar You. Click here to sign up for Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tip! Dr. Oz Has a Health Confession!

Dr. Oz confessed that he doesn't listen to his dentist. Gasp! He shared that his dentist recommended a mouth guard to protect his teeth from his nocturnal teeth grinding. Dr. Oz can't stand wearing the mouth guard so he found some alternatives to support the health of his jaw and teeth.

Dr. Oz Dental Tip #1: Magnesium
Dr. Oz recommends taking 400mg of magnesium twice a day to relax the jaw muscles and reduce teeth grinding.

Dr. Oz Dental Tip #2: Stick a cork in it
Dr. Oz recommended putting a wine bottle cork in the mouth to stretch the jaw muscles. Really. He says to put the cork vertically in the front of the mouth to provide a gentle stretch. Don't bite down on it.

Dr. Oz Dental Tip #3: Water Flosser
Use a Water Fosser instead of dental floss to reduce gum bleeding and provide a more targeted cleaning of hard to reach areas that even dental floss can't touch.

Dr. Oz Dental Tip #4: Go for diamonds
Dr. Oz recommends using s diamond shaped bristle headed tooth brush as an easy way to get to hard to reach areas.

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