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Friday, March 23, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 3/23/12: Psychic Char Margolis, 3 Ways to Awaken Intuition, 3 Ways to Lower LDL by 30 Pts., Kitchen Gadgets to Cut Fat, Chicken Pot Pie Re-do, 3 Ways to Cut Carbs

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: March 23, 2012
Medium vs. Medicine: What Really Happens When You Die?
  • Psychic Char Margolis gives readings and insights into the afterlife
  • Ms. Margolis shares how everyone can tap into their own intuition
  • These supplements and foods could help reduce cholesterol by 30 points
  • Innovative kitchen gadgets could help you cut the fat in the kitchen
  • Chicken Pot Pie gets a make-over from a Food Network Chef
  • Dr. Oz has 3 ways to cut carbs instantly

Is death the end or just the beginning? Ticket requests for today's show was so great, Dr. Oz added chairs on the stage to accommodate a larger audience. It's the toughest question a doctor has to face: What happens when you die? Mediums say they know what happens. Char Margolis, intuitive-Medium, joins Dr. Oz today to talk about intuition and the spirit.


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Dr. Oz - Medium Vs. Medicine

Starting at age 8, she has seen spirits. Intuitive-Medium Char Margolis believes the spirit world exists and that spirits try to communicate with the living. That flickering light bulb, a phone rings but no one is on the other end, a cold chill. Ms. Margolis says these could the signs that a spirit is trying to talk.

Every person has intuition, or a 6th sense. We all have an energy print, says Ms. Margolis, and when we die our ethereal body goes to another plane of existence with different neighborhoods.

His study of medicine leaves him with few answers to what happens when we die but, Dr. Oz says he, and science, recognizes that Mediums are able use their brains differently when channeling. Dr. Oz showed an animation of a normal brain in thought. Much of the brain showed up as red spots especially the frontal cortex, the part of our mind that processes thoughts of spirituality.

When a psychic is doing a reading their brain looks different. Many areas there were red in the normal brain looked dimmer in the psychic's brain. Dr. Oz says he can't explain why there is a difference only that there is a difference.

Science believes in what can be seen and felt, says Ms. Margolis. We have a biological body, why can't we have a spiritual body as well?

When a person dies, what happens to their soul? Asked Dr. Oz. How fast does their soul leave their body. Everyone is different, explained Mr. Margolis. Most people see a white light and are greeted by someone they love – a guardian angel or spirit guide.

Ghosts are real, says Ms. Margolis, they are all around us. She saw her first spirit at age 8; it was at the foot of her bed. It wasn't until later in life that she understood the spirit world and learned to communicate. Dr. Oz asked if there were any ghosts around him.

Ms. Margolis said there was someone next to Dr. Oz with a first name starting in “M” or “A”. The first name was like Dr. Oz's first name. She said there was someone who passed with the same name but not you. Dr. Oz said that he has the same name as his grandfather, who is dead. Who is Sunny? She asked. Sunny or Sun? Dr. Oz's grandmother's name is Suna.

Are you ignoring something about your mouth or a dental issue? Ms. Margolis asked. Yes, Dr. Oz said he has been told wear a mouth guard but can't stand it. [This information was on a recent episode – 3/8/12: Bonus Tips! Dental Health.] She explained that spirits will provide personal information to validate that they are real.

Dr. Oz asked if Ms. Margolis could conduct a reading of a person in the audience. His staff had chosen someone from the audience in advance who would have, according to Dr. Oz, an interesting story. He called the name of a young, blond woman, Maria.

Ms. Marglois started rubbing her hands together then began by asking Maria to keep an open mind about both the living and the dead. Ms. Margolis could see the spirit of Maria's husband, who died unexpectedly. Maria's husband wanted her to know he was connected with her and their children.

Maria shared that her husband has visited her in dreams. Spirits will communicate with the living through dreams, says Ms. Margolis. He showed Ms. Margolis his shirt and his keys. Maria says she sleeps in his shirt and that he had a key chain full of keys. She would know him by the jingling of his keys.

Was there a child that didn't make it? Yes, Maria says she had a miscarriage. Her husband was showing Ms. Margolis that he was with the baby.

Maria was crying and was overwhelmed with the accuracy of the information. After the segment, Maria was interviewed and said she had never told anyone about some of the information Ms. Margolis relayed from her husband. Maria felt comforted by the exchange, saying it gave her a sense of closure.

Next, Dr. Oz asked Ms. Margolis to read from anyone from the audience. She chose a woman and asked if she had thought before coming to the show that she would like to hear from her dad because he was the only man in her life who had loved her. The woman in the audience said yes, she did. Her father Mannie wanted her to know that she was still his little girl and that she couldn't fix her brother. Ms. Margolis said there was something about drugs or alcohol and that the father was saying the brother has to figure it out on his own – God helps those who help themselves, she said.

After the segment, the woman from the audience said Ms. Margolis was 115% accurate.

Dr. Oz: 3 Ways to Awaken Intuition To Get The Love You Need

Love is the one thing that connects all together eternally. Ms. Marglois believes that we should all tell our loved ones how we feel about them and to resolve issues while they are living. Waiting until they have passed can cause pain. Holding that pain through life will cause illness, she says.

In the hospital, Dr. Oz shared that the greatest pain he sees from loved ones is when they miss the opportunity to say something important before someone dies.

We all have the power of intuition and can manifest the love we need into our lives, says Ms. Marglois. She has a three step plan to help people define and bring that love into their lives.

Dr. Oz Awaken Love Intuition Step 1: Visualize What Love “Looks” Like
Be careful what you wish for, says Mr. Margolis. If you say you want tall, dark, and handsome you could get any type of person. Add to that visualization, someone who is compassionate, loving, able to communicate.

Dr. Oz Awaken Love Intuition Step 2: Use Your Intuitive Radar
Be open to opportunities so that you can recognize it when it shows up.

Dr. Oz Awaken Love Intuition Step 3: Be Confident & Act Upon It
If tall, dark and handsome who is also compassionate and loving shows up, Ms. Margolis says you have to be confident and ready to act upon the opportunity when it arrives.

Dr. Oz shared that his wife believes couples are married eternally and that the relationship goes on into the afterlife. Ms. Margolis agreed that people in our lives show up because there are issues we have to work on in life with those people. The goal is to elevate to our wisest self in this life, says Ms. Margolis.

To learn more about visualizing and bringing love into your life, Char Margolis has a new book called Love Karma: Use Your Intuition to Find, Create, and Nurture Love in Your Life.

Dr. Oz: 3 Ways to Lower Cholesterol 30 Points

Dr. Neal Barnard, founder and President of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and author of the 21-Day Weight-Loss Kick Start: Boost Metabolism, Lower Cholesterol, And Dramatically Improve Your Health, says that by using the right supplements and foods people can change their cholesterol levels.

Dr. Oz: Lower Cholesterol 30 Points #1 – Red Yeast Rice
Drug companies don't want people to know about this powerful cholesterol lowering supplement, says Dr. Barnard. Fermented rice has been used in China since 800AD to support health. Red Yeast Rice is a natural statin that is found in food and it's the same thing that is in pharmaceuticals to lower cholesterol, says Dr. Barnard. He recommends taking 1,200mg of Red Yeast Rice daily with food and to give it 6 weeks before it can start to change cholesterol numbers.

Dr. Oz: Lower Cholesterol 30 Points #2 – Oyster Mushroom
Oyster mushrooms are another natural statin. Eating oyster mushrooms allows the liver to turn down the production of cholesterol and it helps the body to get rid of cholesterol. Dr. Barnard recommends eating ½ cup of oyster mushrooms daily and allow 6 weeks for results. He says to add oyster mushrooms to salads or to sautee as a topping for pasta. Eat them cooked or fresh.

Dr. Oz: Lower Cholesterol 30 Points #3: Combine the Right Foods
Dr. Barnard has brought together several foods that, together, will support the lowering of cholesterol in different ways. These foods can be eaten together or separately within a 12 hour period. Dr. Barnard says that within 4 weeks, people could see a change in their LDL cholesterol levels.

  • Okra contains a soluble fiber that grabs and flushes out cholesterol. Dr. Oz says to eat 1 ounce of okra daily.
  • Tofu tells the liver to lower cholesterol production. Dr. Oz says to eat 2 ounces of tofu daily.
  • Almonds contain sterols that prevents cholesterol from passing through the intestines and into the blood. Dr. Oz says to eat 1 ounce of almonds daily.
  • Benecol Spread stops the absorption of cholesterol. Dr. Oz recommends using 1 pat daily.

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Dr. Oz Kitchen Gadgets to Cut Fat

Fat in food makes them taste great but too much fat is a bad thing. Cut the fat without cutting the flavor with these gadget ideas from Bahar Takhtehcian, editor with Shape Magazine.

Dr. Oz Gadget #1: Handy Gourmet Fat Magnet
The Handy Gourmet Fat Magnet skims fat off of soup, stews, and gravy. Freeze the Fat Magnet for 2½ hours. The Fat Magnet will solidify fat off the top of liquids, capture it and you just scrape it off.
Cost: about $15.00.

Dr. Oz Gadget #2: Healthy Meatloaf Baker
Cut the fat from meatloaf with the Healthy Meatloaf Baker. This sideless pan has straining holes to allow the fat to settle at the bottom of the pan and away from food. The non-stick surface is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
Cost: about $15.00.

Dr. Oz Gadget #3: Dip Plate Clips
Addicted to dips? Keep your portion size under control with these Dip Plate Clips. Serve up your portion and clip it to the plate. Available at K-Mart.
Cost: about $8.00 per four-pack

Dr. Oz Gadget #4: Bluapple
American's throw away over $600 of produce each year. Ms. Takhtehcian says to use the Blueapple to keep produce fresher, longer. Ripening fruit gives off ethylene gas. The Bluapple absorbs the ethylene and slows down the ripening process to keep produce fresher three times loner. Each Bluapple will last 3 months. Inside the little Bluapple is volcanic ash which can be sprinkled onto plants when your done with it.
Cost: about $10 per two-pack

Dr. Oz Chicken Pot Pie Make-Over

Food Network Chef Alex Guamaschelli took up Dr. Oz's cooking challenge and has cut the fat from the best comfort food ever – chicken pot pie.

Chef Guamaschelli took out the pie crust and used a biscuit recipe without butter or shortening. These biscuits get their flavor, and a little fat, from cream and honey instead. Put the biscuits only on the top of the pie to cut the calories. Bubbling under the biscuit is celery, carrots, mushrooms and fennel.

How did she do? Traditional chicken pot pie comes in with 1,020 calories and a staggering 62g of fat. Chef Guamaschelli's re-do has 860 calories and only 12g of fat.

Well, that's a big drop in the fat grams but the calories didn't go down very much, right? Right. Dr. Oz says chicken pot pie is a sometimes food to enjoy while keeping the calories in mind.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! 3 Ways to Cut Carbs Instantly

Dr. Oz shares three swaps to cut the carbs from your diet instantly.

Dr. Oz Carb Swap #1: Parm Chips
Skip the high carb, high calorie, high fat potato chips by swapping for aged Parmesan mini chips. These cheese chips have zero carbs and only 80 calories per serving.

Dr. Oz Carb Cut #2: Coconut Flour
Coconut flour has the highest amount of fiber of any flour which will help you feel fuller longer. [For recipes and how to use coconut flour check out this book I found on Amazon – Cooking with Coconut Flour by Bruce Fife.]

Dr. Oz Carb Cut #3: Kelp Noodles
Love the pasta but can't stand the carbs? Try kelp noodles, says Dr. Oz. Kelp noodles contain only 1g of carbs and support metabolism and thyroid function.

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