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Monday, March 5, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 3/5/12: The Lazy Girls Guide to Health, Lazy Girl Health Check, Organic Food Must-Have's, Health Dinner for 4 – Only $10, Bonus! More Energy Without Moving

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: March 5, 2012
The Lazy Girl's Guide to Health

  • Lazy Girls can be healthy too with these tips from Dr. Oz
  • Check your health with these quick self-tests
  • Most important foods to get organic
  • Feed your family a health meal for only $10.00
  • Get more energy with less effort

Life can be hectic and we often let life get in the way of putting forth the time and effort to be healthy. Or it could you're just lazy, says Dr. Oz. Lazy girls can be healthy too with these no-effort, easy health tips from Dr. Oz.


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Dr. Oz Lazy Girl's Guide to Health

Many want to get healthy but what they really want to know is what's the least they can do to be healthy? Dr. Oz says he gets it. He's talked to experts around the country to figure out the best, easiest, quickest ways to be healthy.

Across the country, women shared how little they really do to be healthy. From wearing pajamas all day, eating chips on the couch, eating pizza every night, the women shared how little they do. He invited these women to The Dr. Oz Show studios to show them easy ways to support their health.

If it's a matter of little time or a lazy lifestyle, Dr. Oz says anyone can work toward better health with these simple ideas.

Dr. Oz Lazy Girl's Guide to Health Step 1: Sleep More to Protect Your Heart
Not getting enough sleep could cause more then just some dark circles under the eyes. Studies show that people who are unable to stay asleep have a 30% increased risk of heart attack. Falling asleep and staying asleep is the key. Not getting enough sleep regularly can increase the risk of a heart attack. Stress can keep you awake at night and not sleeping can raise stress levels. Insomnia is a common problem with one in three people struggling to get enough sleep each night. Experiencing stress causes the body to release cortisol the stress hormone. High levels of cortisol increase blood pressure and causes a high burden on the heart.

Insomnia, and a lack of a full night's rest, leads to more cortisol – the stress hormone which can also lead to more belly fat. More stress also translates to high blood pressure as well. Over time, excess stress and strain on the cardiovascular system can lead to damage to the arteries, increased risk of an aneurysm and heart failure.

To combat those sleepless nights, Dr. Oz recommends taking wild lettuce extract, 30mg before sleep. It's also called lettuce opium for it's ability to calm and sedate in animal studies.

From “Because of some possible contraindications, consult with your doctor before taking wild lettuce extract. Do not use wild lettuce extract if:
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You have prostate enlargement (BPH).
  • You have an eye condition called narrow-angle glaucoma.
  • You are allergic to ragweed, marigolds, daisies or related herbs.
  • You are scheduled for surgery in the next two weeks.”

Dr. Oz Lazy Girl's Guide to Health Step 2: Order In and Eat Right
A lazy girl can order take-out, or eat out, and still eat right if you follow Dr. Oz's four rules of restaurant food:

  • Stay under 500 cal
  • Keep it low-carb
  • Get 30g or more of protein
  • Make veggies the greatest portion of the meal

Choose from pizza, Mexican or Chinese and stay healthy at the same time, says Dr. Oz.

Lazy Girl's Restaurant Pizza
Order a pizza with chicken and cheese while opting for a whole grain crust. Dr. Oz says this pizza will be about 436 calories with 38g of protein. No serving size was provided. [Of course, if you eat lots and lots, or the whole pie, the calorie count will surly increase and the health value will go down due to the sheer number of calories.

Lazy Girl's Restaurant Mexican Black Bean Burrito
The burrito brought out to the Lazy Girl's featured brown rice, cheese and guacamole with only 496 calories and 30g of protein.

Lazy Girl's Restaurant Chinese
Order the Beef and Oyster Sauce the next time you're at a Chinese restaurant and, according to Dr. Oz, you'll be consuming only 357 calories with 30g of protein.

[Read about more healthy restaurant meals recommended by Dr. Oz on 2/6/12: 5 Meals For Your Body Type.]

Dr. Oz Lazy Girl's Guide to Health 3: Indulge in Chocolate
Dr. Oz explains that dark chocolate has been related to lowered blood pressure and cholesterol and has been shown to improve blood flow to the brain. New studies are showing that having cocoa, raw cocoa power, can support the intestinal system and may reduce risks of colon cancer.

Apoptosis, or programed cell death, is when the body turns off a cell, and in particular when the body turns off a cancer cell. When the body wants bad cells to die but can't do anything about it, unwanted cells can proliferate.

Dr. Oz says that cocoa flavonoids turns off unwanted cells, controls the apoptosis, to decimate cancer cells that other wise could aggregate and grow through the colon walls.

There are several forms of chocolate to indulge in with the most fun being a chocolate bar but only eat about 1/5th a bar per serving. Dr. Oz says the smart way to enjoy your dose of flavonoids is in a bar getting 20g per serving of a 70% cocoa.

In the supplement form, Dr. Oz recommends Resverage's CocoaWell™ Maximum Potency Organic Cocoa contains flavonoids and equals 8 chocolate bars simple. Dr. Oz calls this supplement the straight forward way to get the benefit of cocoa flavonoids.

Dr. Oz Lazy Girl's Guide to Health 4: Burn Calories Without Exercise
Dr. Oz says you don't have to do any exercise that you don't want to do in his Lazy Girl's exercise tips.

He says that standing will allow the body to burn 50 extra calories per hour. When you have the chance to get up from your desk, do it.

Dr. Oz's ultimate tip to get exercise is to start going to the bathroom in someone else's toilet. What? Yes, that is what he said. He's playing off of people's phobias of not touching your tush on someone else's or a public restroom. Squatting over the toilet can add up to 10 minutes a day with 140 extra calories burned off.

Dr. Oz Lazy Girl Self-Health Tests

What color is your tongue? You could be ignoring important health clues from your body when something is off health-wise.

Dr. Oz Lazy Girl's Health Test 1: Check Your Tongue
Stick your tongue out and say “ahhhh”. Dr. Oz says to look for white, yellow, or orange coating on the tongue which could reflect acid reflux. Signs of acid reflux starts as a thin yellow stripe meaning that acid has come up and changed the look of the tongue.

Dr. Oz showed an animation of how acid stuck in the stomach comes up through the esophagus when a person lays down for sleep. The acid gets into the wind pipe and onto the tongue. A majority of people who have reflux don't know they have it and it most often happens during sleep.

For most people the acid signs on the tongue don't hurt but should be checked out by a doctor. Other signs of acid reflux during night is waking up with a hoarse voice and/or a swollen tongue.

Dr. Oz Lazy Girl's Health Test 2: Check Your Nails
Take a good look at your finger nails, no polish. If there are horizontal white stripes on several nails it could be a sign of liver disease. If only one nail has a strip it could have been from a trauma. Many nails is when there could be reason for concern. The stripes could be an indication that the body can't process protein through the liver. Dr. Oz says if white stripes are present on the nails then it's wise to get a urine protein test.

Dr. Oz Lazy Girl's Health Test 3: Check Your Eyelids
Pull down the bottom of the eye lid and look for little bumps that look similar to cobblestones and could be an indication of allergies. The most common allergens are pet dander, dust mites, and mold. Feeling congested in the morning is also a sign of allergies. What can you do about it? Dr. Oz recommends getting a HEPA air filter, be careful about pets, get pets off your bed and get them out of the bedroom.

Dr. Oz Lazy Girl's Health Test 4: Check Your Elbows and Knees
A red rash on the elbows and forearms that is itchy and blistery could be a sign of celiac disease where gluten is causing an auto-immune response. From 10-15% of people with celiac disease get this rash.

[Read more about gluten-free recipes and living by reading this recent post on The Dr. Oz Show from 1/19/12: Can Gluten Cause Weight Gain?]

Is Organic Food Still Safe?

Dr. Oz says that recent studies have shown elevated arsenic levels in brown rice syrup. Organic food choices can be a drain to the pocket book, costing as much as 50% for organic options. Dr. Oz asks, with a high cost and concerns over safety, it is still wise to spend more on organic?

What is in organic foods, asks Dr. Oz, and why are high levels of arsenic showing up? And it's not just arsenic, he says, there have 50 recalls of organic foods recently from salmonella in peanut butter to e. coli in beef.

says that brown rice syrup sugar is fractionated from rice. Brown rice syrup is a liquid sweetener that is used in a manner similar to how high fructose corn syrup is used. She explained that a study looked at brown rice syrup and products made from brown rice syrup that showed varying level of arsenic.

Dr. Oz shared that the was startled to learn that arsenic could in organic products. Dr. Rangan says that aresenic isn't getting into organic foods any more than conventional foods. There are high arsenic levels in our soil, the water, and in fertilizers that get into our food supply. Dr. Rangan says we should be concerned about this issue whether it's organic foods or non-organic foods.

Foods that can contain higher levels or arsenic, organic or non, are rice, grapes – wine and grape juice, apple and pear juice, According to Dr. Rangan these crops tend to soak up more arsenic into the plant if it is present in the soil.

Dr. Rangan believes there should be federal standards in place for arsenic levels in food, both organic and conventional. Brown rice syrup is imported from all over the world and standards should be put into the place to ensure food safety. Dr. Rangan went on to say that it's also important to ask where are these foods being grown to reach high levels of arsenic.

There are still lots of benefits of eating organic and reducing the amount of pesticides that children are exposed to. When it comes to brown rice syrup, take a look at products in your house and take note of the amount of syrup they contain and moderate those foods until the government sets a stand. Dr. Rangan says that for meat, dairy, and produce it's still valuable to get organic.

Dr. Oz Most Important Foods to Buy Organic

We know organic is better but it's not always better for our budget. There are some foods that Dr. Oz recommends to always get organic. Spend a little more money to get better quality. Organic may cost a little more and may not be as “pretty” as conventional but these choices make them worth the cost and effort. The greater the demand for organic products will result in greater production and eventual price reductions, says Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz Organic Must-Haves - Root Vegetable: Potatoes
There is a double benefit to buying organic potatoes, says Dr. Oz. Potatoes grow on vines and conventional potatoes get sprayed from above with pesticides and the soil is treated with fungicides. If you can't buy organic potatoes then opt for sweet potatoes which have fewer pesticides applied.

Dr. Oz Organic Must-Haves - Produce: Peppers and Celery
Both peppers and celery react to pesticides the same way. Peppers and celery are thin skinned and absorb up the chemicals. Those chemicals can't be scrubbed or peeled away.

Dr. Oz Organic Must-Haves - Leafy Greens: Lettuce, Spinach and Collard Greens
Leafy greens hold onto the chemicals applied and bugs like to get inside the leafy plants and therefore more pesticides are applied on a conventional crop. Organic growers will use traps to get those pesky bugs.

Dr. Oz Organic Must-Haves - Dairy Products: Yogurt, Butter, Cheese and Ice-Cream
Got organic milk? Many shoppers make it a point to always buy organic milk but do not take the same considerations to products made from milk: yogurt, butter, cheese, and ice cream. If the cow is eating non-organic feed then those pesticides are getting into the cow and going into the non-organic dairy products.

Dr. Oz says we have an opportunity to vote with your pocket book three times a day with the foods we eat.

[The Environmental Working Group (EWG)puts together a list of 12 produce items that they recommend should always be purchased organic. It's called the Dirty Dozen. These are foods most likely to have a high concentration of pesticides and other chemicals due factors such as how the plants pulls nutriets from the soil, thin skin that can absorb more chemicals when applied, or crops that tend to have a high level of pesticdes applied.

On the other side of the Dirty Dozen is the Clean 15. EWG compiles a list of 15 produce items that, even when grown conventionally, can have a lower amount of chemicals present in the food due to the same factors listed above for the Dirty Dozen.

Click here to see the full list of products ranked on both the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 lists from EWG.

Click here to print a PDF of the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 that can be cut and folded into a small guide that is easy to carry with you when shopping.]

Healthiest Dinner for Only $10

There are many excuses to not eating healthy and two of the most common are that it costs too much and the ingredients are too hard to find. Chef Michelle Bernstein, owner of the restaurants Michy's and SRA. Martinez, and the woman who beat Bobby Flay on the Food Network's Iron Chef shows Dr. Oz and viewers how to make a $10.00 healthy dinner for four.

Chef Bernstein says to use cheaper cuts of meat along with fillers, such quinoa and farro, and lots of vegetables to create healthy meals and stay under $10.00.
filler quinoa and farro and add lots of veggies

Yogurt is the tenderizer in this marinated chicken recipe. The acid in yogurt tenderizes the chicken and gets moisture into the meat. A marinade should soak with meat for at least 2 hours with the ideal being overnight. Get meat marinating before going to work in the morning and it will be ready to cook when you get home.

Tabouli is a Middle Easter salad typically made with bulgar wheat. Chef Bernstein changes it up and increases the nutrition by using quinoa instead. Amaranth and cos cos could also be used to make the tabouli.

Basing calculations on a family of four, this meal came out to a mere $9.28 all told.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! Increase Energy Without Moving

Daphne Oz, star of The Chew and daughter to Dr. Oz, joins him on stage to talk about easy energy boosters.

Dr. Oz Energy Booster #1: Whole Grains
Add whole grains to stretch a meal. Grains such as kamut, quinoa, cos cos, and amaranth can be an inexpensive way to fill out a meal with nutrition.

Dr. Oz Energy Booster #2: Kukicha Twig Tea
Boost your energy with Kukicha Twig Tea made from the stems and twigs of the same plant that we get green tea. It's low in caffeine and has a delicious nutty flavor.

Dr. Oz Energy Booster #3: Cupuacu
Dr. Oz recommends taking Cupuacu powder or supplement which is rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants an is utilized as an anti-aging supplement for the skin. Companies are beginning to put it in beauty products including soap, says Dr. Oz. You can try the powder in a shake or opt for the pill form.

Dr. Oz Energy Booster #4: Organic Coffee
Non-organic coffee, says Dr. Oz, comes from countries with less stringent regulations regarding pesticides. Buy organic and keep the pesticide exposure down. [Go a step further and opt for fair trade coffee that provides support for many indigenous populations.]

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