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Friday, March 2, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 3/2/12: 10 Energy Tips, Sleeps Tips, 5-Minute Rituals, 5-Minute Meals, Relaxation in 3-Minutes, 10 Foods for $1 a Serving, Easy Breakfast, Easy Snacks, Easy Happiness, Medicine Cabinet Musts, Quick Stress Busters

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: March 2, 2012
It's Easy: Simple Ways to Get Healthy!

  • 10 tips to boost energy
  • Sleep better tonight with these easy and free tips
  • Bring focus, calm, and gratitude to your day with 5-minute rituals
  • Prepare a meal in 5-minutes!
  • Get relaxed in only 3-minutes
  • Easy tips for breakfast, snacks and happiness
  • Bonus: 10 foods for $1 per serving
  • Medicine cabinet must-have's
  • Quick stress busters

Today's show is all about simple and easy solutions. Getting healthy and staying healthy shouldn't be challenge. Dr. Oz wants to make a healthy lifestyle easy for everyone to achieve.

We're all tired and run-down, right? Many of us are. Dr. Oz has 10 tips to boost energy that can be easily incorporated into a daily routine.

If you're tired, you need more sleep, right? Often times it's a lack of sleep that drains our energy reserves day after day. Dr. Oz has tips to help you sleep better that don't cost a thing and don't take any extra time.



Dr. Oz has put together tips to make getting healthy easy. He calls them no thought solutions for all things we need most: sleep, stress reduction, and healthy meals. All these boosters should be easy to incorporate, says Dr. Oz, and with a little planning they become automatic.

Dr. Oz: 10 Easy-to-Use Energy Boosters

Megan, from the audience drinks a lot of coffee in the morning and early afternoon but by the mid- and late-afternoon she is drained and could fall asleep on her desk.

Dr. Oz explained that caffeine itself is not a problem but drinking too much caffeine causes a big revving up of your body's engine and then the crash happens so that by afternoon you're run down and feel the need to nap on the desk.

Morning Pick-Me-Up

Dr. Oz Energy Booster #1: White Tea
White tea is made from young tea leaves and contains l-theanine that is supportive of stress reduction and cognition. Dr. Oz says to save the coffee for later in the day [late morning or early afternoon].

Dr. Oz Energy Booster #2: Guarana
Instead of reaching for caffeine in the afternoon, try guarana. Guarana contains caffeine [and plays a role in memory functions as well as endurance]. Dr. Oz recommends taking 200-800mg of guarana. He says the caffeine in guarana provides a more gradual and sustained energy.

Immunity Boosters
The next audience member says she carries the germs at her office because she's the one who always gets sick. Dr. Oz explained that the immune system and energy production goes hand-in-hand.

Dr. Oz Energy Booster #3: Chyawanprash
Dr. Oz recommends chyawanprash, a common immunity and energy booster from India. Chyawanprash is from goose berry and is available in jam form. It has powerful antioxidant properties to power the white immunity cells. If chyawanprash is routinely used by billions of people in India then there must be something to it, says Dr. Oz.

Chyawanprash was recommended on the 2/20/12 episode of The Dr. Oz Show as a stree-less snack. Click here to read the full post from that episode, 2/20/12: Belly Blasting Supplements.

Dr. Oz Energy Booster #4: Nasal Spray
Our immune system protects against infection and it also protects the body from allergens. Dr. Oz recommends a nasal spray containing quercetin which works like and antihistamine and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Healthy Food Swaps
The next audience member says she used to be good with food choices and felt great but recently she's been a little lax in the health choices department and it's left her feeling sluggish.

Dr. Oz Energy Booster #5: Dehydration
Drinking water is certainly important for hydration but water-rich foods are also a great source of water and plays a big role in hydrating the body. Water to gives blood the correct consistency and helps to ease the flow circulation making the heart's job easier. Skip the packaged foods and go for fresh. Citrus fruits, pears, bell peppers, and strawberries are all rich in water. Celery is 96% water, in fact.

Dr. Oz Energy Booster #6: Eat the Right Fats
The wrong fats, such as trans fats are hard for the body to digest and use. Trans fats are also inflammatory. The brain uses sugar and fats for power, that's why many of us crave sugar, to fuel the brain. Providing the right fats for the body and the brain can help to reduce those cravings as well as provide the best fuel. Dr. Oz recommends using coconut oil and palm kernel oil – not palm oil, that's different. He likes to add coconut oil to his oatmeal, instead of butter. Use coconut oil anywhere you would use olive oil in cooking and see what you like.

Fatigue Fighting Supplements
Coffee and energy drinks is relied upon by the next audience member. Dr. Oz explains that many energy drinks contain guarana, a form of caffeine. What worries Dr. Oz about energy drinks is that energy drinks typically have several forms of caffeine. It can be hard to determine the total caffeine in an energy drink because of the many names that can be used for caffeine on the ingredients list.

Dr. Oz says these supplements are not for use everyday, all the time, but only when feeling run down until a point energy is felt to return.

Dr. Oz Energy Booster #7: Cordyceps Mushroom Extract
Dr. Oz recommends cordyceps mushroom extract at 3g a day to prevent fatigue. [Last month, Dr. Oz recommended cordyceps, again as an energy booster. Click here to read the full post from 2/23/12: Weird Reasons for Exhauston.]

Dr. Oz Energy Booster #8: L-Carnitine
Dr. Oz recommends L-carnitine as an energy booster at 500mg taken twice daily. He says L-carnitine is fundamental to fighting fatigue.
[Carnitine shuttles fat into the cells for energy. Dr. Oz recommended carnitine for weight-loss in a recent episode. Click here to read that full post from 2/6/12: 5 Meals For Your Body Type.]

Treat Thyroid and Inflammation
Cathy, from the audience says she is always and has been tired told has a thyroid issue. Dr. Oz explains that if the thyroid is enlarged that's a sign the organ is working too hard to produce thyroid hormones. Supporting the thyroid can ease the strain and allow it to better produce hormones that regulate metabolism.

Dr. Oz Energy Booster #9: Eat Complex Carbohydrates
To boost thyroid function, Dr. Oz recommends eating complex carbohydrates such as quinoa, amaranth, and muesli. Complex carbohydrates provide sustained energy whereas simple carbohydrates give a spike of energy and then a crash.

Dr. Oz Energy Booster #10: Black Currant Juice
Dr. Oz says that black currant juice keeps inflammatory chemicals at bay.

Simple and Easy Sleep Tips

Dr. Oz says his tips for a good night's sleep come at no cost and will not take any extra time out of your day. On the other hand, the emotional toll of not falling asleep and not staying asleep is draining.

Mary wakes up in the middle of the night, wide-awake, and when she finally gets back to sleep then wakes up in the morning she's exhausted.

Room Set-up
Dr. Oz showed a picture of a bedroom where on the bed side table sat a wine glass, a plate of cheese and crackers, a lamp, and a digital alarm clock. On the bed sat a cell phone. What's wrong with this picture? Asked Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz Sleep Tip #1: Dinner Curfew
Dr. Oz says no eating two hours before bed. Eating late at night changes the way you digest during sleep. The body has to digest the food while sleeping instead of relaxing. Dr. Oz understand that many people work late and then eat when they get home. He works late as well but takes his dinner to work and eats at 6pm each night and recommends that other late workers do the same.

Dr. Oz Sleep Tip #2: Phone on the Bed
Studies show that radiation from cell phones interfere with deep sleep,a ccording to Dr. Oz. He recommends that phone calls on the cell stop an hour before and keep the cell phone at least 5 feet from your bed.

Dr. Oz Sleep Tip #3: Temperature and Socks
Turn down the temperature and put on socks for a good night sleep. Socks trick the body into thinking it's cool and core body temp can lower for restful sleep.

Dr. Oz Sleep Tip #4: Bath
Take a relaxing bath before bed for better sleep. Add 1cup Epsom salt and 1 cup of baking soda for the perfect relaxing combination in the bath. The Epsom salt helps to relax the muscles and provides a little acidity. The baking soda is alkaline.

5 Rituals in 5 Minutes for a better day

Dr. Oz Ritual #1: Make an Ignore List
There are some things not worth doing if it means adding stress to your life. Dr. Oz recommends making a list of these things you that cause stress yet don't have to be done, could wait until later. The items on the ignore list are things that can distract from what really needs to be done and can help you get on the right track.

Dr. Oz Ritual #2: Pick out an item that gives you purpose before you leave the house
Put on a favorite piece of jewelery or bring a souvenir along for the day to provide positive reinforcement. Dr. Oz says he brings pictures of his kids in wallet and purposely chooses bad pictures because he knows how they will respond to see the photos and it's entertaining for him. He says to bring something that reminds you of positive interactions and takes you to a better place.

Dr. Oz Ritual #3: Turn off your mind for 5 minutes
Clear your mind of inner dialogue to increase focus and calm the mind. Dr. Oz recommends taking five deep breaths. Focusing on the breath takes you to a calm place.

Dr. Oz Ritual #4: Write a gratitude list
small things large things
helps to focus on big picture of life
avoided traffic, coffee order correct, compliment

Dr. Oz Ritual #5: Reflect on the high and low points of each day
Take a moment at the end of each day to reflect on what made you happy that day. Dr. Oz says this activity helps to focus on what you want in the future.

5 Minute Slow-Cooker Meals

The question, What's for dinner?, can stress and can lead to unhealthy choices. Plan ahead with meals that take 5-minutes to prepare and cook on their own in a slow-cooker.

Tanya Steel, editor-in-chief of and, says the secret to cooking stress-free and effortless lies in utilizing the slow-cooker to do all the work for you. She says the slow-cooker is the ideal way to cook with less expensive cuts of meat and can help to save you money.

Ms. Steel says you can begin with a pork shoulder and onions and add on what you like from there. Include your favorite vegetables such as carrots and ginger. Don't forget the spices like pepper and oregano. Cook on low all day, you cannot over cook this dish. Serve on a tortilla and you're good to go.

Start with ground turkey and add canned, or fresh, tomatoes, beans and your favorite spices. Ms. Steel recommends adding chili powder, cocoa powder and cayenne powder. Cook for 6 hours, or longer. She says this meal is also just as good, if not better, as left overs.

Dr. Oz asked Ms. Steel what her favorite slow-cooker recipe is and her answer was salmon poached in white wine. [Ms. Steel did not provide a recipe but I found one at called Easy Delicious Poached Salmon in Crock Pot,]

Simple Steps to Relaxation – Just Breathe!

In 3 minutes, anywhere you are in your day, you can do this techniques for relaxation.

Dr. Oz #1 Step to Relaxation: Morning Elongation Breathing
With morning elongation breathing, Dr. Oz says you can relieve muscle stiffness, stretch the hips and thighs, and open the sinuses.

Reach to the sky with hands up above your head. Take a deep breath. Exhale and bend over with a straight back and reach as far down to your toes as you can go. Inhale and return to standing position, keep that straight back and reach the arms above your head. Repeat several times over 3 minutes.

The key, says Dr. Oz, is not how deep you bend and it's not about touching your toes, but focus to on your breath.

Dr. Oz #2 Step to Relaxation: Afternoon Alertness Breathing
Revitalize and increase your breathing to boost energy without caffeine.

This technique is about inhaling and exhaling rapidly through nose. It's best to blow your nose first. Keep your mouth closed during the breathing. Dr. Oz says that you can build up to three fast breaths in one second. Start out with a 5 second cycle and work up to a 15 second cycle.

You'll be surprised at the effort it takes and the energy you'll feel. Dr. Oz calls this a wind sprint for breathing.

Dr. Oz #3 Step to Relaxation: Unwind at end of day
This is the most important of all the breathing techniques.

This is belly breathing. The key is the feel your breath and focus on breathing with your belly, or diaphragm, and not with your chest.

Put your right hand on your chest and your left hand on your belly button. Breath in through the nose and feel the belly pushing out. Make sure the chest is not moving. Breath out through the mouth and push the belly button back to the spine as the air is forced out of the lungs. Remember, the chest should not be moving.

Dr. Oz says these techniques can change how you oxygenate your body and it can change your habit of turning to caffeine stimulants for energy.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tip: 10 Foods for $1 per serving

  1. Turkey breast
  2. Canned salmon
  3. Rutabaga
  4. Kale
  5. Butternut squash
  6. Eggs
  7. Dry lentils
  8. Dry pearled barley
  9. Garbanzo beans
  10. Beets

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! East Tips for Healthy Meals and Happiness

Increase your nutrition at breakfast to fuel your entire day. These quick ideas can make breakfast fun and they are easy to make.

Dr. Oz: Easy Breakfast #1: Steel Cut Oats
A big batch of steel cut oats made one day can fuel your body for many days. Make a big batch and put it in the refrigerator. Warm up the oats next day adding fresh berries.

Dr. Oz: Easy Breakfast #2: Add Veggies
Increase the nutrition of eggs with some bell peppers.

Dr. Oz: Easy Breakfast #3: Boost Waffles
Give a nutritional boost to waffles with peanut butter or seasonal berries.

Have healthy snacks at the ready and you'll forget about those empty calorie options.

Dr. Oz: Easy Snacks #1: Banana Bites
Slice bananas and add 1 – 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.

Dr. Oz: Easy Breakfast #2: Yummy Yogurt
Take yogurt to the next level by adding granola or raisins or even sliced almonds.

Dr. Oz: Easy Breakfast #3: Creamy Strawberries
For a decadent change, slice strawberries and dip them in whipped cream. [This may be more of a sometimes snacks but is sure looks yummy!]

Increase your happiness with these easy and free techniques.

Dr. Oz: Easy Happiness #1: Calm
Surround yourself with an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Create calm by creating a calm environment.

Dr. Oz: Easy Happiness #2: Meditation Mantra
With both hands over the heart, say this mantra: May I be happy, May I be healthy.

Dr. Oz: Easy Happiness #3: Relaxation
To relax the legs and body, lay on the floor with your rear on the wall and rest legs on the wall. This position allows the blood to flow back through the body and can aid in relaxation, relieve fatigue, and support the lymphatic system.

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! It Takes Two
  • Take 2 baby aspirin to support the heart
  • For a fever, take 2 acetaminophen
  • Two antacids can soothe heart burn
  • 60mg of Vitamin C can help during a cold
  • For allergy season, take a 50mg antihistamine every 4 hours

Dr. Oz Bonus Tips! For Stress
  • Roll your foot on a tennis ball as a massage
  • Clean the clutter to reduce anxiety. Tackle one area at a time
  • Laugh out loud to increase oxygen and banish stress
  • Pet your dog to lower blood pressure and cortisol levels, studies show it works
  • Sing a song – have a car concert or sing in the shower
  • Chew on sugarless gum fell less tense increase mental performance
  • Write your feelings and stresses in a diary to combat stress
  • Acupressure – squeeze the soft area between the index finger and thumb, press hard
  • Brush your hair to massage the scalp and provide relaxation
  • Eat some dark chocolate to release endorphins, a feel good hormone

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