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Friday, September 21, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 9/21/12: Dr. Oz's Guilt Free Hour, Healthy Guilty Pleasures, Dr. Oz Rx for Guilty Pleasure, Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien, Dr. Oz's Guily Pleasures

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: September 21, 2012
Dr. Oz's Guilt-Free Hour

    • Take the guilt out of guilty pleasures
    • Pleasures you don't have to feel guilty about
    • Dr. Oz gives you a prescription to relax
    • Lisa Lillien, the Hungry Girl, shares healthy budget-friendly meals
    • Dr. Oz comes clean on his guilty pleasures
    Dr. Oz says to let go of the guilt and indulge your guilty pleasure (minus the guilt, that is). This one simple act could be the best thing you do for your health. Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien shares more of her quick and budget-friendly recipes that keep you looking great.

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    Dr. Oz's Guilt-Free Hour

    For the first time ever, Dr. Oz gives four hard working viewers, all working moms, the day off. He called them each into his office while he called their bosses, their family, their children to say mom is taking the day off. There was confusion, resistance, and jealousy but in the end Dr. Oz got these ladies a little down time. Dr. Oz wants to show viewers how to indulge in guilty pleasures to support your health.

    A mom of a two year old who also works at home shared with Dr. Oz that by the time she gets a break from her child she has work on her business. When she's doing one thing she's thinking about what else needs to get done. Taking time off, she admitted, seems irresponsible when there is so much that needs to be done with her home, family, and work.

    Dr. Oz: Healthy Guilty Pleasures

    Three viewers share their guilty pleasures and Dr. Oz asks the audience to choose the healthiest pleasure of the bunch.

    Marlena, 42 and a mom of 7, admitted that her guilty pleasure is food – doughnuts. Every Saturday Marlene gets her family doughnuts. What her family doesn't know [now they will] is that she gets a few doughnuts for herself and eats them in the car before she gets home. Marlena said she's guilty for indulging in doughnuts because she's on a diet. To date, she has lost 16 pounds and those sugary Saturday treats make her feel guilty. Before getting married and having kids, Marlene said she had more social time with her girlfriends. Today, her down time comes while she drives to the doughnut shop on Saturday.

    Ella, 49, said her guilty pleasure is gossip. She reads a new gossip magazine everyday. When she learns a new juicy detail about a celebrity or even a neighbor, she can't wait to share the news with her friends. Ella said she feels guilty about her gossiping because she was taught not to gossip.

    Adriana, 41, a mom and 5th grade teacher, said her guilty pleasure is watching Jersey Shore with a bowl of pasta and a glass of red wine. Television is an escape for Adriana, the only time she has by herself. She feels guilty for watching television instead of spending time with her family.

    Which guilty pleasure is good for your health and will help you live longer? The audience voted by clapping the loudest for Adriana and her TV marathon.

    Dr. Oz surprised the audience by declaring that all three of the guilty pleasures are good for you. What? Doughnuts, gossip, and marathons of bad television is good for us?

    We all need to take time to for ourselves and we need to feel good about it. Where our pleasures become guilty is when we worry too much about what we are not doing at the time and thinking that what we are doing may not be the healthiest choice. The guilt is more damaging than any of the pleasures, said Dr. Oz.

    Guilt is a wonderful mechanism to keep us from doing something bad however a harmless guilty pleasure that makes us feel good is not something to worry about, explained Dr. Oz.

    A demonstration of a the brain showing the older part of brain or reptilian part in the front of the brain. This is the area of the brain that is working overtime when we feel guilt. He had the ladies pour water on this frontal section of the brain which responded by shrinking. Dr. Oz explained that when we feel guilt this part of the brain is actually getting smaller causing a loss of creativity. He said indulging smartly and in moderation can help positively stimulate the brain. 

    Dr. Oz: Guilty Pleasures You Can Feel Good About

    Dr. Oz Healthy Pleasure: Afternoon Nap
    Joanne works in a pediatric dentist office and she turned in her co-worker Cathy for taking a little snooze in a dental chair at lunch time. Video evidence was provided. Dr. Oz said he loves this guilty pleasure.

    Take an afternoon nap is a natural recharge, great for the heart and blood pressure. How and when you nap is important. The body becomes naturally tired about 8 hours after waking up. The perfect length of time to nap, said Dr. Oz, is 10-20 minutes, anything longer will make you feel even more tired than before the nap. So take that nap and enjoy it. A dry, cool, dark place may be hard to find at work but provides the best condition for a cat nap. Dr. Oz gave both Joanne and Cathy their own Dr. Oz sleep mask to encourage their afternoon guilty pleasure.

    Dr. Oz Healthy Pleasure: Bubble Bath
    Lamar turned in Erin, his wife of 19 years, for taking excessively long bubble baths. She takes a bath up to 4 times a week. As a mom of 4, Erin admitted that it's nearly the only time she's alone.

    Dr. Oz said the warm water of a soothing soak dilates blood vessels supporting healthy blood pressure. The time in the bath is not only soothing but it also allows time to think. Dr. Oz recommended to use baby bubble bath because others can be irritating to women's sensitive reproductive area down there. Dr. Oz and Lamar gave Erin a gift bag of bubble bath.

    [It wasn't specified on the episode but I think Dr. Oz recommended baby bubble bath as they often have fewer scents and colors or use aromatherapy scents instead of artificial fragrance. California Baby has a full line of baby bubble bath including this one that caught my eye: Calming French Lavender. And it comes with a stick to blow bubbles. Fun!
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    Dr. Oz Gives You Prescription to Relax

    Dr. Oz is giving everyone a prescription for a day off, a little me time. Why is it so hard, especially for moms, to get a day off? Working moms have their hands full with work, family, volunteering, kids activities, helping at school.

    Dorothy, who got her day because Dr. Oz called her boss, shared that she took herself out to lunch. She didn't have to share her meal with anyone, wasn't interrupted and spent time doing what she wanted.

    Dr. Oz said a day off doesn't have to involve a big trip, an expensive outing or event but it can be something simple that makes you feel good. Dr. Oz said he wants everyone to take one day off every two months. He's even provided a prescription that he wants viewers to share with their boss, their family, their kids so they understand the need for recharging. 

    A day off can help to lower the of heart concerns, supports healthy blood pressure levels, increases mental capacity, and boosts immunity, said Dr. Oz. Taking time for yourself also supports your ability to be a better spouse, parent and employee.

    Dr. Oz said he wants to hear from viewers about their day off.

    Dr. Oz: Hungry Girls Brings Healthy Ideas to Dinner

    Monique is a working mom with three boys. Her day is over scheduled with a full-time job, getting the kids to and from school, taking the kids to football practice and somewhere in there a healthy dinner needs to be prepared and enjoyed. How do you get the children to broccoli when all they want is macaroni and cheese. Mission impossible?

    Monique's husband, Carlos, thinks he does the family a favor by bringing home take out pizza but that just means one more unhealthy dinner is consumed. Monique feels guilty for being 50 pounds over weight. She wants to give herself and her family a healthy meal but pulling it together at the end of a busy day is overwhelming. She knows a nutritious meal will help the kids be healthy and help them do well in school and will help her be a fit, healthy, hot mom.

    Dr. Oz knew just the person to help this family create fast quick healthy easy. Lisa Lillien, the Hungry Girl, best selling author, host of her own cooking show, and she's connected with millions of followers on her food blog. She does the hard work for you by finding healthy swaps, tests out the recipes, and shares what she's learned.

    Ms. Lillien's biggest secret to healthy meals is to sneak healthy ingredients into your favorite comfort foods. Monique and her family tracked their meals for a week and found that they eat more fried food then they should. We all love fried foods, said Ms. Lillien, the crunch and texture are appealing but it doesn't have to come with a high cost of calories and fat.

    Swap fried foods with a healthier version using a high fiber cereal for the breading and bake instead of frying. Ms. Lillien prefers to use Fiber One cereal for it's texture. The cereal gets blended in a blender until it's a power, then add your favorite seasonings, coat the food and bake.

    The Hungry Girl likes to use her high fiber cereal breading creation for Swap-Corn Shrimp and a healthier version of onion rings. Click here for the Hungry Girl's Swap-Corn Shrimp recipe from Click here for the Hungry Girl's Onion Rings from

    Dr. Oz: Hungry Girl Guilt-Free Onion Chicken Fingers
    Monique's kids love chicken nuggets but she knows it's not the best food for them to be eating. Ms. Lillien has a re-do recipe that brings the calories and fat under control for this family favorite comfort meal.

    1⁄2 cup bran cereal
    1 tbsp onion soup/dip seasoning mix
    1⁄2 tsp dried minced onion
    1⁄2 tsp onion powder
    1⁄3 cup fat-free liquid egg substitute
    10 oz raw boneless skinless chicken breast, cut into 8 long strips
    1⁄8 tsp each salt and black pepper

    Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray a baking sheet with nonstick spray. In a blender or food processor, grind cereal into crumbs. Transfer to a wide bowl and mix in onion soup/dip mix, minced onion, and onion powder. Place egg substitute in another wide bowl. Season chicken with salt and pepper. One at a time, dunk chicken strips in the egg substitute, shake to remove excess, and coat with crumbs. Evenly lay on the baking sheet. Bake for 10 minutes. Flip chicken. Bake until cooked through and crispy, about 8 minutes. Eat!

    The Numbers:
    A typical fried chicken nuggets total 490 calories per serving with 26g of fat.
    The Hungry Girls Guilt-Free Onion Chicken Fingers have only 211 calories and 2.5g of fat.

    Dr. Oz: Hungry Girl Guilt-Free Mega Meaty Meatless Tacos
    Beef used in tacos can be high in saturate fat but the Hungry Girl has created a tempting recipe that swaps beef with readily available meatless soy crumbles that can be found in the frozen section of most any grocery store. Soy crumbles are textured and flavored to taste like beef yet have about 50 calories for ½ cup. Ms. Lillien likes to use soy crumbles in lasagne, tacos, and quesadillas and adds veggies to increase nutrition and bulk up the meal too.

    The Numbers:
    Two beef tacos using a traditional recipe can have as much as 450 calories and 26g of fat.
    The Hungry Girl's Guilt-Free Mega Meaty Meatless Tacos have only 215 calories and 8.5g of fat.

    Dr. Oz: Hungry Girl's Healthy Macaroni and Cheese Expanders

    Dr. Oz asked viewers to share their family favorite comfort meal they would like to see make-over into a healthier version. The overwhelming favorite comfort meal was macaroni and cheese, either from a box or homemade.

    One box of macaroni and cheese typically provides 2.5 servings, however many people eat the entire box for one serving.

    Ms. Lillien says to go with whole grain noodles when making macaroni and cheese and bulk it up with one of her favorite pasta expanders that don't add a lot of calories.

    Dr. Oz: Hungry Girl Pasta Expander #1: Shredded Cabbage
    Ms. Lillien likes to add shredded cabbage, pre-cooked, to any pasta no matter the sauce, from cheese to marinara. Add a few handfuls at the end of cooking just before serving.

    Dr. Oz: Hungry Girl Pasta Expander #2: Cauliflower
    Heat up frozen cauliflower florets then roughly chop and add to any pasta dish just before serving to increase the nutritional value and serving size without bulking up on calories.

    Dr. Oz: Hungry Girl Pasta Expander #3: Butternut Squash
    Ms. Lillien's favorite pasta expander is diced butternut squash which can be found year round in the frozen section. Butternut squash can also be a great swap for potatoes and can will Vitamins A and C as well as potassium and fiber.

    The Numbers:
    A one cup serving of traditional boxed macaroni and cheese has 390 calories and 17g of fat. Dr. Oz said you're likely to be left depressed and wanting more after that small serving size.
    The Hungry Girl's Pasta Expanders allow for a 2 cup serving size to transform to only 354 calories and only 5g of fat. That's twice as much food for less calories and less fat.

    Dr. Oz said that Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien will be appearing again on this season of The Dr. Oz Show. He wants to know what viewers want to see Ms. Lillien make during her future appearances.

    Dr. Oz's Guilty Pleasures

    Dr. Oz says smart indulging can make you happier and may be critically important for your health and well being. Dr. Oz shared his own guilty pleasures.

    Dr. Oz Guilty Pleasure #1: Sports TV
    The competition of televised sports sucks him in and he can watch unusually sports, like darts, poker or table tennis, for hours. [Does the Olympic Committee recognize Poker as a sport, or any other sporting commission? Yeah, I didn't think so.]

    Dr. Oz Guilty Pleasure #2: Ice Cream
    Dr. Oz admits to having a mighty strong sweet tooth. When the need for sweets strikes he loves to reach for pistachio ice cream, it makes him feel like he's simply eating healthy nuts. He recommends to choose a pistachio ice cream that is white instead of green indicating added coloring.

    Dr. Oz Guilty Pleasure #3: Tequila!
    Dr. Oz loves tequila! As a heart surgeon, he said most people would think red wine would top the imbibing list but it's the hard liquor that fires him up. On a Friday night he loves to have a drink of tequila with friends and family.

    He says indulge so I say bottoms up! Happy Friday! Check back tomorrow for the answer to this week's WatchingDrOz quiz.

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