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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 9/26/12: Audience Overshares, Accidental Overshares Online, Overshares Get Too Sexy, Viral Overshares, Oversharing Kids

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: September 26, 2012
Dr. Oz: The Craziest “No Shame” Overshares Of All Time!

  • Oh No! Oversharing!
  • Accidental online overshares
  • She's too sexy in that Tweet!
  • The funniest overshares that have gone viral
  • When kids overshare

Viewers of The Dr. Oz Show have no shame on this episode of crazy overshares! From sharing embarrassing moments, sexy moments, awkward moments these people have no hesitation to share what happened and how it happened.

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Dr. Oz: The Craziest “No Shame” Overshares Of All Time!

Dr. Oz said there's a crazy trend going on these days where people are oversharing online. With so many social networks available at our finger tips at any time of the day of night it's no wonder people are sharing more than ever these days. Is it healthy?

Researchers say that sharing intimate details about ourselves provides the brain with the same stimulation and feeling of satisfaction that we get when we eat our favorite food, have sex, or think about money [in a good way, not thinking about bills and debt].

All this oversharing, say those researchers, actually benefit our brain and our bodies. But do we really need to know what your child's diaper looks like or get the details on those anal surgeries? Overshare!

Dr. Oz Audience Overshare #1: Bathroom Destroyer
Stacey shared that her husband took out for a romantic dinner and in the middle of the meal she began experiencing cramps and sweating and had to run to the bathroom. She's doesn't like using public bathrooms but it was an emergency.

[Here comes the oversharing:] She filled and clogged the automatic toilet which responded by overflowing. So she went to another stall. On the way to the movie theater after dinner, she had go again so her found a fast food restaurant for her to run in to. The bathroom was dirty so Stacey squatted and overshared that not a drop made it into the toilet.

She has shared the story with everyone. What did they audience think, should she have shared or should she have kept it to herself? Over half the audience said yes, this is a story worthy of sharing. [What? No thanks. My life would have still been complete without hearing this story.]

Dr. Oz agreed that Stacey should share her bathroom destruction story, after all he recommends looking at your poop before flushing so why not talk about your poop with the world? [Oy! I'm rolling my eyes right now. Really? Not a share-worthy story in my opinion.]

Dr. Oz Audience Overshare #2: Do I Smell?
The next woman shared that she sweats heavily and worries that people around her can smell her body odor. Not uncommon, right? She likes to ask friends to check her smell, frequently. Her odor, she thinks, is from eating lots of onion and garlic.
Audience survey says: it's OK to overshare about body odor.

Dr. Oz Audience Overshare #3: You Got Stuck Where?
Marie tired to give herself a bikini hot wax. By herself. The wax was applied a bit too down low and when Marie tried to pull off the wax strip only half came off. Trying to get errant strip portion off, her hand stuck on her crotch. The circumstance was so funny, Marie laughed so hard she sat down. On the toilet seat. Her wax covered tush got stuck on the toilet seat. She didn't want to call her kids to help so she called her sister and her best friend. Her sister suggested to try everything in her medicine cabinet to unstick her waxed behind. Marie ended up using a razor and the stick she used for the wax to scrap herself off the toilet seat.

The audience says don't share that story. [So the poop all over two public bathrooms is approved for sharing but getting stuck to a toilet seat because of over waxing is inappropriate? I'm just not understanding this audience's logic.]

Dr. Oz: Name that Celebrity Tweet
Who tweeted, “Serves me right for not wearing a bra today”?
It was actress Lisa Rena.

Dr. Oz: Viewer Accidental Overshares

What happens when you're caught in the moment and accidentally overshare online?
Dr. Oz: When Mom Gets Jiggy
She was caught up in the joy of having a great relationship with her husband and shared it online. With a little too much imagery. Ann posted on Facebook, “My husband and I are the original Flintstones – we like to made the bed rock.”

Her Daughter is friends with her on Facebook and saw the post. She said it was the worst thing ever to see about her mom online, she doesn't want to know about that and neither does anyone else.
Why oh why can't her mom post about knitting or recipes. Her says in hind site it would have been better to saying more along the lines of spice in the marriage without strong visuals innuendos.

Dr. Oz: Check the “To” Before You Send
Beline shared that she sent an explicit text to her boyfriend who had been out of town and was on his way back home. The text detailed what she wanted to do with her boyfriend when he got home. Instead of sending the text to her boyfriend it went out to her Aunt Pearl. That's Pastor Aunt Pearl. Aunt Pearl was good humored, if extremely embarrassed, and hoped that her niece would finally get a ring on her finger after all that...activity.

Dr. Oz: Viewers Overshare About Their Sex Lives

Adults think about sex at least every hour and this woman takes to Twitter to share what she's thinking, when she's thinking it. She has no hesitation to share her most intimate thoughts with the online world.

Dr. Oz brought out three hunky men wearing tanks top emblazoned with her Tweets. [I think she was trying to get their numbers and call them...definitely.]

On a stressful day, she Tweeted “I need sex chocolate or vodka, seriously!” She went for the chocolate, dark chocolate that is because she's trying to be healthy, because she didn't have access to the other two wishes at the time.

To her Tweet, “I'm horny, parched even” she got a lot of offers.

Dr. Oz seemed to appreciate this Tweet the most, “I do have nice thighs.” She shared that she has lost 140 pounds in the last year and was happy to fit in to pants that are half the size she used to wear. She's proud of her new body and isn't afraid to share her pride online.

Dr. Oz: Celebrity Tweets
Who Tweeted, “OMG [child's name] just peed and pooed on us while changing the diaper?
Jessica Alba, Tori Spelling, or Snookie? New mom Snookie was responsible for this overshare Tweet.

Dr. Oz: Funniest (And Not Funny) Overshares

Viewers share their funniest overshares, some have which become online viral sensations.

Dr. Oz: The Oklahoma Oversharer
Heather's two kids [not me, not my kids!] said their mom overshares every little detail of their lives. Why? It's better to laugh about it, than to drink about it says Heather. [I'm all for that but I wouldn't turn down a glass of red wine right now!]

Drawing the line at sharing about her sex life, Heather batted her eyelashes at Dr. Oz and said she's certainly a happy woman, she does overshare about her bladder waking her up and peeing in the shower. In one post, Heather said she would have loved to have Depends one morning as she would have slept 10 more hours if it weren't for her bladder.

Heather was happy to tell her followers that she pee's in the shower. One day she went bare foot in the yard and got dirt all over her feet. She went into the shower, fully clothed, to wash her feet and she peed her pants while there as her body was so accustomed to peeing in there. Yes, she posted that too.

Everything that happens in her life is fodder for her blog, Tweets, and posts. Everything. When she picked up her daughter after school, her daughter said she's never using her mom's hair tie again, it was awful and didn't hold her ponytail. It wasn't a hair tie. Her daughter somehow got a hold of her leopard print thong and thought it was a hair tie. Yup, that was shared too with photographic evidence.

Heather's hairdresser says she overshares all the time, the worst being showing a photo of her daughter's poop. [If that isn't crossing the line into uber overshare delving into instability then I'm lost in this strange show.] In fact, women from all over Oklahoma, Heather's home state, follow her online conversation.

Heather said she knows her friends love her and she feels she's in an online community spending more time in front of her computer screen than on her porch. [Well, maybe the porch is a better platform. At least it would spare the hairdresser from embarrassment.]

Dr. Oz: Domestic Diva Overshares
Susan McLean, The Domestic Diva, struts her stuff on YouTube in hot pink jumpsuit holding a glass of wine to show women how to get their daily exercise while cleaning at the same time. Vacuuming in a leopard print leotard, over the head arm raises with the laundry basket, sweeping the kitchen wearing roller skates? It's all there. On YouTube.

Motherhood is difficult and instead of crying, Ms. McLean, says she wants to laugh. Her three kids are ages 7, 5, and 3 and aren't really effected by her online overshares. Her 7 year old, however, did share with his teacher that his mom makes movies for the internet and rumors flew around the small town about the topic for her “movies”.

Ms. McLean said she loves to postulate about her life and body as a mom. The same words that described her body before still work just for different areas. Ten years ago, she said, long and lean described her legs and today it describes her breasts.

Dr. Oz said he loves the women's humor and thinks they are adorable by saying what other people are thinking and laughing about it. If laughing and oversharing online gets you through your challenging life instead of being depressed or drinking then more power to you, he said.

Dr. Oz: Mom, You've Crossed The Line
Sabrina said her mom overshares about her on Facebook all the time and it drives her crazy. Yesterday her mom posted a picture picture of her sleeping. Sabrina tried to unfriend her mom because of all the awkward pictures her mom posts but her mom got mad and wouldn't let her.

Dawn, the mom, was surprised and upset that her daughter has called her out on her obsession of oversharing. She admits to being a Facebook-aholic but doesn't care if people think she is oversharing. They can unfriend her, accept her daughter, if they don't like what she posts.

Dr. Oz wanted to get the mom and daughter to lay down some ground rules.
  • Bathroom stories – those are alright, says Sabrina, as long as her mom only talks about herself.”
  • Rants about her kids – Sabrina doesn't want the world to hear their problems and arguments, Dawn agreed to not share family/child rants.
  • Posting photos – Sabrina says it's fine if her mom posts pictures of herself but not of her. Mom agreed.

Dr. Oz Celebrity Tweets
Who Tweeted: “It's not sad or unhealthy to be bbq-ing steak alone at midnight, right?”
Actor and comedian Seth Rogan.

Dr. Oz: When Kids Overshare About Parents

Kristy said her four-year-old keeps telling her teacher that her mom is pregnant. Mom said she is definitely not pregnant.

Annemarie says her child patted another kid on the backside because he sees his dad do it to his mom all the time. [Well, that's just completely inappropriate all the way around.]

A mom and her two children were invited onto the Dr. Oz stage. Mom said she always tells her kids if they have something on their mind then they should be comfortable talking to them. The kids have taken it to mean they can tell anyone about anything. Mom is a photographer and her daughter showed her teacher some pictures taken by her mom and of her mom. The teacher said her mom was pretty to which the daughter said not in the morning. Her mom is a hot mess in the morning with curlers and no make-up.

Her son is not allowed to answer the phone after telling his dad's friend that he couldn't come to the phone because he was pooping. [Those are just live and learn situations. And a good reason to brush up on phone etiquette with the children.]

Edie said her 11 year old daughter, Sydney, overshares about what her mom does in the bathroom. Everyone who comes to their house compliments mom on how clean the bathroom is. Sydney overshared that it's clean because her mom cleans the bathroom naked. Mom says Sydney should have kept that secret at home instead of telling her entire school.

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