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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Watching Dr Oz 9/18/12: Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Find Your Metabolism Type, Eat For Your Metabolism Type, The Audience Takes Over The Dr. Oz Show

The Dr. Oz Show
Airdate: September 18, 2012
Dr. Oz: Has This Doctor Found The Fountain Of Youth?

  • Dr. Joel Fuhrman discusses his food pharmacy and book Eat To Live
  • Determine your metabolism type
  • Eat right for your metabolism
  • Dr. Oz turns the show over to the audience

Dr. Joel Fuhrman talks about his health program that has people turning around their health and losing weight at the same time. Is your metabolism type making you fat? Find out your type and how to eat to support it.

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Dr. Oz: Has This Doctor Found The Fountain Of Youth?

Dr. Joel Fuhrman has sold over a million copies of his book Eat To Live. With his program outlined in Eat To Live, Dr. Fuhrman says people can feel better than ever, they won't get sick, and they can lose a record amount of weight.

His program is called radical and revolutionary. Dr. Fuhrman promises that by using food as medicine you can rid yourself of exhaustion, pain, and pills. Over his career, Dr. Fuhrman has researched food and found all the healthy concerns people complain about, feel that they are destined to live with and die by could be helped by eating the right foods.

Followers of the Dr. Fuhrman program call themselves Fuhrmanites and say that by simply changing their diets they have changed and saved their lives. Everything they needed to succeed was in their fridge.

Jessica was taking 10 medications daily to get rid of acne and to sleep. After Dr. Fuhrman's program she doesn't take a single medication and feels better than she ever did in her life. Heather used to sleep only one hour a day. With Dr. Fuhrman's plan, she got healthy, is able to sleep normally and she just happened to lose 55 pounds at the same time.

The science around food as medicine is compelling, says Dr. Fuhrman. We don't have to fall into the health concern stereotypes of heart issues, high blood pressure, and weight issues. On his plan, people learn to eat food that tastes good and supports their health at the same time.

Dr. Furhman's philosophy around food and medications is that food can eliminate the need for medications by support body processes and riding the need for those medications. He said to think about when if the oil light in your car goes off. At the mechanic, the wire to the flashing oil light is cut and the car is good to go. That, said Dr. Fuhrman, is what medications are for the body. The symptoms are gone but the problem persists and the disease advances.

Dr. Oz asked for clarification that the commonly prescribed medications for high cholesterol, allergies, and pain aren't needed if people eat the right foods.
Dr. Fuhrman argued that people don't need medications that the medications are making health concerns worse. He wants to teach people to prevent disease by getting healthy.

Is Dr. Fuhrman getting negative feedback over telling people they can get off medications and that they don't need the at all?
Many physicians are thanking Dr. Fuhrman for his work. Other doctors have shared the success stories they've seen in patients using the Fuhrman program. This is progressive medicine, said Dr. Fuhrman, it's the way medicine should be practiced.

Dr. Oz: Dr. Fuhrman's Food Pyramid
Dr. Fuhrman has taken the revised food pyramid and flipped it upside down and created his own food pyramid. He has placed at the bottom foods that are nutritionally dense and high in micro-nutrients that also act as cancer protectors, said Dr. Fuhrman.


Dr. Fuhrman explained that the American diet consists of 62% processed oils, sugars, and grains that don't provide any nutrients. Strawberries, for example, have over 700 nutrients, broccoli has over 1,000. Over 20% of the diet comes from animal protein which contains no antioxidants. Vegetables only make up 8% of the diet, so no wonder people get any sleep, gain weight, suffer from dementia and live in a nursing home, said Dr. Fuhrman.

Dr. Fuhrman says we can treat cancer with the scale. If you're over weight, he explained, you're prone to cancer. We cannot separate weight and health. Healthy foods inhibit fat on the body and they also stop cancer in its track, not letting cancer reproduce. It's not a calories in and calories out system.

Who's right for the Fuhrman program? This is nutritional excellence to such a high degree that heart disease and blood pressure can melt away. The program is not just for people who are over weight and sick, it's for anyone who wants to live a pleasurable, healthy life.

Dr. Oz Talks to Fuhrmanites

Dr. Oz talked with two women who attribute their healthy turn-around to following the Fuhrman program.

Adrienne was over weight, exhausted, suffered from high blood pressure and sleep apnea. She took five medications every day and popped ibuprofen like candy and believed she was on track to a short life. Her friend made an appointment for her with Dr. Fuhrman as a gift. He gave her a shopping list and 30 days to get started. She threw out all the junk food and processed foods in her house and started eating healthy. On her next visit to Dr. Fuhrman, she had lost 26. While she stilled weighed 275, she felt amazing despite still being heavy.

Dr. Oz added that many people say to themselves they will feel better after they lost weight however eating better can help people feel better now and they'll just happen to lose weight.

Health and weight are intertwined, said Dr. Fuhrman. Foods that are therapeutic also help people feel better and can reduce cravings are the same foods that help people lose weight. This program, he explained, is changing the biochemistry of the body and people begin to crave healthy foods instead.

Sarah had suffered from migraines her entire life. She would take a handful of pills daily until they stopped working and she began taking shots. Visiting Dr. Fuhrman's website inspired her to change the way she ate. The headaches melted away and her whole world opened up for her. Sarah didn't need to lose weight but she learned that healthy eating could help with the headaches.

Reading through Dr. Fuhrman's book, Eat To Live, Sarah threw out the junk food and bought kale for the first time. She didn't like kale at first but she kept at it and in a month her taste buds adjusted and this is the food she wants to eat now.

Sarah said that never in a million years would she believe that she could get off medications and be migraine-free. Today, she has achieved both through eating the right foods.

Dr. Oz: Dr. Fuhrman's Super Immunity

Dr. Fuhrman has written another book, Super Immunity, where he shares an easy to remember acronym for eating to support the immunity: G-BOMBS. 

Dr. Fuhrman 

Dr. Oz: Dr. Fuhrman's G-BOMBS

Dr. Fuhrman said if the entire population ate based on this formula, everyone would be healthier. He says to used these foods to makes salads and soups.

Dr. Oz said isn't cooking like this going to be too hard and kids won't like it? Adrienne said health is the most important thing to each of use and we must take time to make this work. She said she has a demanding job, she volunteers, and has a rich social life yet she still has time to cook and make these meals. Typically on Sunday she will make a large batch of soup that she can eat all week.

Sarah said she loves to make an avocado, kale, and apple salad. It's easy to make and delicious and helps her to eat a lot of kale.

This method of eating is compelling, exclaimed Dr. Oz. To demonstrate how powerful this food can be, he demonstrated with three cylinders. Each cylinder was filled with foods that totaled 400 calories.

Junk food doesn't keep you full and only filled about 1/10th of the cylinder. Four hundred calories of pasta filled about ¼th of the cylinder and Dr. Oz explained would leave you hungry for more and toxicly addicted to eating more to feel full. Finally, the last cylinder was filled with mixed greens lettuces, filled to overflowing, filled to spilling on to the table. Dr. Oz explained that you could eat greens all day long, they will be less than 400 calories, and you will feel full.

There are great salad dressings and desserts too on the program such as a mango and lemon ice cream!

Dr. Oz said to check out his Pintrest page for the Dr. Fuhrman board that has been published. [I couldn't find anything Dr. Fuhrman on Dr. Oz's Pinterst page but I did find Dr. Fuhrman's Pintrest page. Click here to visit Dr. Fuhrman's Pinterst page.]

Dr. Oz: What is Your Metabolism Type?

What you eat directly effects your body. Food can help rid the body of disease and it can also speed the metabolism. We are each born with an individual metabolism type. The foods that make your friend slim can make you fat, explained Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz brought three sisters on stage. You would think, he said, their metabolism is the same but it's not the case.

The first sister, Sarah, says she craves salty snacks. She says she's easy going however she also get anxious – that's when she goes toward the chips. Consider, said Dr. Oz, that the chips could acutally be the cause of the anxiety? He said she is metabolic body type A.

Sister number two, Jen, goes to ice cream and sweets like they are oxygen. In the middle of the day she gets tired and uses caffeine to help her focus. Type b

Emily, the third both sweet and salty foods. Her favorite snack is chocolate covered popcorn. She says she worries a lot even when she doesn't need too. Dr. Oz said not worry because it could just be the foods she is eating.

The foods you eat are directly related to your personality. Adapting to the cravings will help you adjust to what your body actually needs.

Dr. Oz: Metabolic Type A
Are you stressed and crave potato chips? You may be Metabolic Type A which hold these characteristics:
  • Strong appetite;
  • Crave fatty and salty foods;
  • Feel fatigued and anxiety;
  • Talkative and outgoing.

Dr. Oz: Metabolic Type B
Is sugar your weakness? Do you need caffeine for energy? You could be a Metabolic Type B:
  • Weak appetite;
  • Crave sweets;
  • Ambitious, organized, and stressed;
  • Can be sensitive.

Do both A and B sound like you? You could be a Type C.

Dr. Oz: Metabolic Type C
If you like both sweet and salty foods equally, you could be Metabolic Type C:
  • Unpredictable appetite;
  • Carving for salty foods and sweets;
  • Feels fatigue, anxiety, and nervousness;
  • Suffers from aches and pains;
  • Has a bit of a complaining element.

Still unsure? Or do you want to make sure you chose the right type? Click here to take the Metabolism Quiz on

Dr. Oz: Eat Right For Metabolism Type

Your metabolic type reacts differently to the different foods you eat. Learn to eat for your metabolic type.

Dr. Oz: Eat for Metabolism Type A
Metabolism Type A consists of 50% protein, 30% fats, and 20% carbs. Dr. Oz explained that Type A craves salt because the body wants protein however most A's reach for chips to satisfy that craving. He said to recognize the need for dark protein because dark cuts of meat feed the metabolism. Type A can breakdown this protein efficiently.

Type A can handle some dairy with fat and 2% milk. Sarah had been eating low-fat dairy yet Dr. Oz says to stay away from it as it is higher in sugar.

Starchy carbs, like those salty chips, are harder for Type A to metabolize. Sarah shared that she's scared of eating dark meat because society has told us to stay away. Dr. Oz dark meat is not less healthy in fact, for Type A, dark meat is the best form of animal protein for A's.

Dr. Oz: Eat for Metabolism Type B
For Jen's sweet cravings, her body is asking for healthy carbs but the message comes out as wanting candy. Type B Metabolism should divide their plate into 70% healthy carbs, 20% protein, and 10% fats. Jen says she's been eating more of a Type A diet.

That much bread scares Jen. She's reduced her bread and cereal to nearly nothing over the last 10 years because she's been told they are unhealthy. Dr. Oz said for more, healthy carbs will be the best for the long term. Staying away from healthy carbs has lead her to crave caffeine as well. Type B can break down carbs easily and then use the nutrients for energy.

For protein, Dr. Oz says Type B needs to stick with white animal meat, and lighter colored beans and legumes.

Dr. Oz: Eat for Metabolism Type C
A balanced plate will serve Type C and fulfill cravings at the same time. Dr. Oz said Metabolism Type C should fill their plate with 33% protein, 33% carbs, and 33% fat. Type C gets to eat more fats than A or B and can mix different colors of protein including beans, steak, and white or dark meat.

Eating “real” cheese is exciting for Emily and Dr. Oz said it could help sooth some of the health concerns she's been dealing with.

For each Metabolism Type, Dr. Oz says to remember it's the healthier versions of all these food options.

[The greatest discrepancy I see in all this Metabolism Typing is not accounting for vegetarians and those sensitive to and need to avoid gluten.

Dr. Oz: Turns The Show Over To The Audience

This season is all about you, said Dr. Oz. He loves getting feedback from viewers and he's listening. Today he turns the show over to the audience who serenaded him to a redo of Call Me Maybe...[cringe!]

It's hard to feel right, you're there daily, so Dr. Oz, email me maybe?”

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